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Initial Thoughts on Apple’s New iPad?

We just spent the last hour and a half following Apple’s latest event, one that introduced the new iPad. We put ourselves through painful situations like this because even though they may not interest us on a personal level, some of what happens does affect the future of the Android platform. Whether you believe it or not, Apple does innovate from time to time, so keeping an eye on their happenings just makes sense. So what did we see? More importantly, what did you see? Initial thoughts? 

Name:  First off, let’s just get this out of the way. It’s called the “iPad.” It’s not the iPad 3 or iPad HD or any variation or combo of any of the rumors that Apple blogs led you to believe. Just like the iPod Touch and Nano and almost every single product that Apple makes besides the iPhone, it’s simply the “new” version. And this is me talking to the Apple kids of the world, “Stop freaking out about something so ridiculous.”

Retina Display:  The biggest piece to this new iPad is clearly the retina display. Even with Asus announcing a higher resolution Transformer at 1920×1200, it doesn’t quite match the 2048×1536 resolution (264 ppi) on the iPad. Certainly there are Android manufacturers out there looking to equal it or produce higher pixel density, but for now, it’s time to play catch-up.

Processor:  Apple’s new A5X is essentially the same processor that is in the iPhone 4S, but they pumped the GPU up to quad-core status. So no, this is not a quad-core processor as was rumored, it’s still just a dual-core SoC. It does have a ridiculously powerful GPU on it though, which means gaming on the iPad will be unlike any other device. Currently the Tegra 3 has the only GPU that can come close, so we’ll have to wait and see how benchmarks play out once this new iPad is released.

LTE and Battery Life:  Since we knew the processor and screen were going to get bumps, the other thing we were actually paying attention too was the 4G LTE announcement for this new iPad. And not because 4G LTE is new (like the Apple media I listened to during the event seemed to think), but because LTE is the killer of all batteries. We wanted to see if Apple had come up with some miracle way to extend the life of an LTE device. They list a 9 hour life using cellular data, which doesn’t necessarily scream “this thing lasts forever!” if we look at the spec sheet. With it’s 42.5-watt-hour battery, we are talking PC-grade battery here. From what I can gather, Apple didn’t find a miracle LTE cure, they just found a way to put a massive battery into this new iPad. The previous iPad2 had a 25-watt-hour battery for comparison sake.

Price:  They managed to keep the pricing at $499 for the 16GB WiFi model with LTE variants starting at $629.

Camera:  They put a really nice 5MP camera in the back, something that no one on a tablet uses.

And that’s pretty much your new iPad.

It’s easy to crown this the new champ of tablets since it’s from Apple and no other tablet manufacturer other than Amazon has even made a dent in the market. But what we as Android fans should take away, is that…well, I don’t know. Android tablets are something we will all mostly favor, but it’s going to take a monumental push from Google if they are going to try and top this one. I hate to continue to rag on the Android tablet market, but it has failed so miserably up until now that maybe Google is the only one that can save it. Let’s just hope they use better marketing techniques and support than they did for the Galaxy Nexus if they do take on this market.

What did you come away with?

  • me

    I want a Samsung 7 series tab…for an ipad 3 price…

  • i hate apple, but i have to admit this wasnt what i expected. i didnt thin theyd pull out all the stops. would have loved to see  a quad core processor though, dont understand why they didnt do it lol.

  • richlizard24

    I’m surprised you didn’t have a liveblog on the iPad keynote Kellex, seeing as how much you are obsessed with Apple.  

  • I’ll bet that the 5 mega camera on it is about 100 times better than the 5 mega camera on my galaxy nexus

    • Dain Laguna

      it probably is. but your phones prowess lays elsewhere 😉

  • Donald Galyen

    I’m sick and tired of hearing about apple’s freaking screen resolutions! The only reason to increase resolution is when you increase size! When you’re staring at a flipping tiny screen, there’s no need for 720p resolution on a <5" screen. If you're that concerned with watching HD content on your phone you have problems. I have a 42" 1080p tv being shipped to my new house, and a 19" 720p tv I brought in the car. I'm not bitching because I lost some quality, I'm bitching because I can't see my friggin' wide receiver burn the db deep, because the screen is tiny and my nose is pressed up against it. It's the same for phones and tablets.

    Breathe. Now go back to work. Good Drew.

  • Meh to all tablets. After having the original Xoom, having friends who let me play with their iPad 2s any time I want, and currently owning the Galaxy Tab 10.1 LTE, I am unconvinced about the need/want for a tablet. I honestly believe Apple created a huge market out of a product no one ever needed, and most weren’t sure they even wanted. Their success with the iPad is insanely mind-boggling, and is pure trickery. I have to hand it to them – they have the most amazing marketing team ever devices.

    The only thing tablets seem to be good for are 1) reading, 2) video watching, and 3) game playing. As for productivity, I am so much more productive with mouse and keyboard on my laptop or at my desktop station with my laptop plugged in. Hell, I’m even more productive on my Galaxy Nexus smartphone than I am on any tablet. I can’t get any real work done on a tablet, whether it’s on an iPad 2 or my Galaxy Tab.I’m firmly convinced the best option is an e-ink display tablet (Kindle… the basic one) for reading books and giving your eyes a rest from the harsh screens of modern day displays (monitors, laptop screens, tablet screens, and smartphone screens) – they’re beautiful, but they aren’t “easy” on the eyes by any means. Additionally, an ultrabook is a great replacement for a laptop and everything else. Finally, carrying a smartphone seems to work well.My current wishlist is: the next Nexus running Jellybean, the 2013 version of the Samsung Series 9 ultrabook (they don’t call it an ultrabook, but that’s essentially what it is), and if I have a lot of reading to do, a kindle with a classic e-ink display – perfect to take to the beach on weekends or to read outside in the sun or shade, or for reading in bed, etc. There is no room for a tablet, really. It just seems silly.

  • Gmars1284

    my thoughts? Apple and icrap sucks. those are my thoughts. period

  • Norgeloki

    I disagree with your statement about the back camera. My daughter’s track coach uses his iPad to review their high jump/triple jump technique with the jumpers between attempts. It is easier to critique on a tablet than a phone.

  • I think this will be a perfect present for the wife, and me too

  • schwinn8

    I would have been impressed if they released the tactile-tech that was rumored to be on here. I didn’t believe it would be, but would have been excited to see it was there. Of course, the rumor was wrong. Beyond that, there is nothing really new here, but as everyone knows, the iLemmings will buy it anyway because it’s new. These buyers may complain to me saying that I’m just jealous, but the facts are:
    1) These same people were complaining to Android users because there were “no apps” for Android… well, there are “no apps” for the new high-res screen, yet they will buy it. Hypocrisy #1.
    2) “Fragmentation” arguments… ’nuff said. Hypocrisy #2.

    Anyway, back to the story here… they finally put a 5MP camera on the device. Again, on par with my OG Droid. How lame. And though the article says people on tablets don’t use the camera, it’s sad to see how many iLemmings actually do… it’s just so ridiculous.

    Bottom line, nothing new to see here, really. It’s too bad, because Apple really had some innovations … but as always, they are falling behind now, and this is the first sign of the lack of innovation that I expect to see here. It’s not their fault… it’s bound to happen…

    That being said, Android makers have a lot of catching up to do from the “quality” standpoint. There are certainly decent products out there, but they are hard to find or very expensive… maybe not as much as an iPad, but close enough to make one major Android advantage fade away. As more mfgs improve quality, others will follow, and costs will come down quickly. That being said, even my ancient Viewsonic GTablet is an excellent device. Sure, the screen isn’t as nice as an iPad (viewing angles), but straight-on, it’s just fine… and still performs as well as the iPad otherwise.

  • Chris G

    Ok.  A couple of things.

    First off, I have a Transformer Prime.  I don’t need Asus or Android to best Apple to the masses.  I just need it to be available to me with the product I want at the time I want it.  
    Of course I expect this ipad to be better than my TFP.  I got my TFP before Christmas.  This hasn’t even come out yet.  It is is not an improvement, Crapple really is that.  

    Without a proper keyboard dock, a tablet is of very little use to me.  Sorry Crapple, but bluetooth keyboards in a case are not permitted for use in the air.  So that is not a proper solution.

    The display.  Sure I would like a nice display, but not at the cost of battery life.  Yes I know most planes allow for power ports these days but many long haul are still only in Business and First.  Nice when you get it, but I certainly don’t fly up front all the time.  Nothing worse than Qantas for 18 hours from Dallas to Brisbane in the back of the plane because it had to stop in Noumea for an unscheduled fuel stop when you have limited battery life.

    Over all, apple products have their place.  My mother in law is a perfect example.  She’s the type of person that iOS is perfect for.  

    When I followed the blog during the event yesterday I kept thinking, decent hardware.  Can I wipe iOS off and put ICS on this thing?

  • CrowdFinch

    Wow! very nice information i get! Thanks a lot for enjoying this beauty article with me.

  • “Name one other device on the market that has anything close to the resolution in this iPad.”

    Firstly, the new iPad isn’t on the market yet (I know, it’s a technicality but it’s fact). The Transformer Prime TF700T was shown at CES in January with a 1920×1200 res and again at MWC rebranded as the Transformer Pad Infinity… launching within the next 3 months. Also the Huawei MediaPad 10 FHD has the same resolution also rumored to launch in Q2. I’m sure there will be plenty more by the end of Q2 as well. Apple will only be ‘ahead’ (with their ridiculous 4×3 aspect ratio – retard resolution… don’t hate on opinions, but content isn’t designed for 4×3. Watching native 1080p video will have tons of wasted space) for probably 2 months even though these other manufacturers announced their devices months before Apple did.

    “Name one Android camera that rivals in clarity to any of Apple’s current line of integrated cameras.”

    ANY Samsung device running Samsung’s camera software (so not the Nexuses.) My Omnia from early 2009 took some amazing pictures that could rival the iPhone 4 camera’s quality at times with it’s 5MP sensor. The GS and GSII devices take FANTASTIC pictures.

    “Name one of the many Android manufacturers who have a killer productivity suite and a way of editing photos and movies as seamlessly as Apple.”

    Android manufacturers make hardware, not software, but they do have the great Adobe touch apps for tablets. Video editing? Apple wins, but this stuff is meant to be done on a high-powered computer so I’d have to say this argument is pointless. Anyone who knows what they’re doing or really cares will use a real computer and not a tablet (for the foreseeable future at least.)

    • Michael Scrip

      Don’t forget….

      This is the 3rd iPad with a 4:3 screen ratio.

      Maybe people aren’t watching movies on them as much as you think?

    • Dain Laguna

      samsungs cameras are decent, but even in comparisons in controlled environments by the likes of cnet and engadget, show the consistency in apples camera superiority.

      and you still didnt list a tablet with a better resolution, or even one thats on par

  • thereasoner

    I would still take the newest Prime coming out. The resolution is so close you won’t be able to see a difference over the fake ( sub 300ppi ) retina screen in this new ipad. You also get SD card support and HDMI, with the ipad your left to buying expensive periphials.Also i prefer the aspect ratio on most Andriod tabs, it’s just much better for video and just as good for everything eles. Not to mention the fact that much of the web browsing i do( tech, science and automotive sites )is full of flash based video that i want to see. Apples ipad with out flash can’t give me the same kind of web browsing experience that i get on my desktop but my Andriod tablet can.

  • nicotinic

    One Tab to rule them all!…
    Impressive! I’m a fandroid but this thing is not only a monster it’s a scary monster. One cannot simply pretend that this thing is not full-on beast mode. If one does then one is delusional.

  • SurgicalTech

    so the only thing is a higher res screen? *omg its the best thing ever! appler rules!*

    • tonicboy

      What exactly is left to add to tablets?  Better specs for screen, resolution, camera, broadband radios, cpu & gpu isn’t enough?  If you say yes then save your ridicule for the Transformer Pad Infinity as well, which differs from the original Transformer Pad only by… 
      screen, resolution, camera, broadband radios, cpu & gpu.

      • Chris G

        Not 100%.  From the TF101 to the TF700, you have the body design change of the TF201 that was a major improvement in my opinion.

        To me the added weight of the new ipad is not good.  We’re starting to creep back into the “why don’t i buy a cheap laptop” territory. 

        For disclosure.  I have a TF201 and have used an ipad2.  All other experience is just in store.

        • tonicboy

          Body changes are subjective.  Some people will like them, some won’t.  The fact that the iPad hasn’t change can hardly be considered a knock on it.  The “added” weight (a whole 50gm, whoop-de-doo) brings with it a battery that’s almost double the capacity.  I’d say that’s 50gm extremely well spent.

  • I always go for Android phones, but Apple def gets my money when it comes to tablets.

  • MrEnglish

    Pre-ordered mine and am anxiously waiting. I was looking forward to 3 things, the camera, the 4g, and the screen. Mostly for work. I don’t know if it’s earth shattering, I don’t know if it’s really “worth” it, other than to me and those like me, but just damn, that screen is going to rock. It’s already replaced over 40 law books, notebook, file carrier, and briefcase and it’s about to replace my camera too. These guys know how to raise the bar in both software and hardware. Looks to me like I’m going Android (cuz my Gnex rocks a$$) for phone and Apple for everything else. At least for now.

  • Lane252

    Punctuate a lemon bro, a lemon…you try being proper while doing 65mph in traffic with swype im just surprised i didnt misspell anything

    • HolyGrail

      Well then don’t post then. Wait until you can post safely, without puting people at risk.

  • Lane252

    uhm really? have you seen the Asus Prime???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    lmbo Guess not

  • Lane252

    Bet the GNSIII has more power than it

  • Lane252

    SO WHAT YOUR TELLING ME ISSSS, first is that it has a pretty screen (apples always done pretty screens especially since they are manufactured by samsung) —-secondly to save battery they just made it bigger (everyones done that)—third also to go along with the battery life saving technique they dont give it a quadcore processor they just rev the GPU in a dual core — intel i3 2nd gen aka intel i5 first gen anyone? so they take a page from intel in pumping a GPU big deal, its just a tactic to CUT CORNERS—- 4th and HERES The KICKER, its not open source – there is no expandable memory – no extra ports for connectivity – all that power and no true multi-tasking (and i use power lightly) – they still have taxes on their apps, their apps still cost more than androids – there is no real updates for firmware so whats the BIG DEAL about such little changes?

    • HolyGrail

      Stop spamming posts.

      • Lane252

        dude shut the Funk UP dude… you are the whinnist human being i know you find error in everything just shut the f**k up kid. you dont have positive things to say just stop talking. go spam your correction ish on some other form, we dont want nor do we need you here.

        • HolyGrail

          Says the person, who clearly can’t say anything positive without reverting to derogatory insults.

  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • HolyGrail

    Android = Best phones
    Apple = Best tablets

    • Michael Scrip

      “Android = Best phones”

      Android = a lot of phones for sure. Lots of choice.

      But there are a lot of stinkers out there too. Don’t all those crappy Android phones weight against Android as a whole?

  • Lane252

    is that it has a pretty screen (apples always done pretty screens especially since they are manufactured by samsung)secondly to save battery they just made it bigger (everyones done that)thirdalso to go along with the battery life saving technique they dont give it a quadcore processor they just rev the GPU in a dual core — intel i3 2nd gen aka intel i5 first gen anyone? so they take a page from intel in pumping a GPU big deal, its just a tactic to CUT CORNERS 4th and HERES The KICKERits not open source – there is no expandable memory – no extra ports for connectivity – all that power and no true multi-tasking (and i use power lightly) – they still have taxes on their apps, their apps still cost more than androids – there is no real updates for firmware or software…so whats the BIG deal about such little Changes?

    • HolyGrail

      ^^^ Please learn to write properly. ^^^

      • Lane252

        are you kidding me? right now… you can read it, if not you would have not replied to it….the fact still stands on what i said…i did that from my phone while driving so please don’t critique what i say because some of the words run together please 

        • HolyGrail

          No one want’s to read a wall of text, without punctuation.

        • kuroma

          While driving – you jackoff???

        • Dain Laguna

          then the issue here is the fact that you are texting while driving. douche.

  • HolyGrail

    So let me get this right. Apple ( the ones that created the term Retina Display ), don’t know what it is?

    • DroidDoesnt

      Exactly….fandroids act like the term retina display was a common term

  • Owlcityhootowl

    i hate apple, BUT come on people!
    everyone knows apple is the best company of the world!

  • ddevito

    With all the iSheep in tow here today why don’t you rename the site iSheep-iFan-Trolls-Life.com?  :p

  • Daniel Simpson

    This update to the iPad 3 is huge.  2048×1536 is a huge increase over 1920×1200.  4x the power of Tegra 3 GPU is also huge (if true).  Please don’t be just another stupid blogger or android fanboy that makes general observations about stuff they don’t know about and refuses to acknowledge the amazing hardware they’re including in the new iPad.

    Please don’t call me an Apple fanboy either. I’ve owned the Droid, Droid X, and now the Galaxy Nexus, and I’ll never own an Apple product, but to act like Apple isn’t innovating and leading the tablet market is just ignorant.

    • J in Denver

      Scaling up the features of a device is not “innovating”.  There were many smart phones on the market prior to the iPhone, a few capacitive touch smart phones in development at the same time as the iPhone and based on filed patents and memos Android development began before iOS.  The iPad is essentially just a big iPhone and the new iTV is just a big iPad.  Apple’s only real ace in the hole has been iTunes and even that was just an improvement of Windows Media Player.

  • Anjanette

    I love Android but hate Samsung and I have to say that I bet Samsung was writing copy notes while Apple was announcing the iPad 3 xD

    • DroidDoesnt

      Of course they were….it’s what they do best 🙂

  • Jon

    One thing I noticed is that Apple finally added a sharing button on some apps, like Android has had forever. That was a huge usability fail in previous versions. You could only send via email or SMS and that was basically it. 

    They are finally jumping on the share bandwagon and allowing things to be shared with more apps. These are the little ways that Android development has made iOS better. Just like the way folders work in ICS is one of the ways iOS development has made Android better. 

    I’m glad both platforms get to slug it out. I loved my iPad for a time, but kept running into constant problems, constant force closing being chief among them. As they have worked out these issues, the iPad has become a hell of a product. 

    • ddevito

      iOS has its strengths, but data sharing is last on its list. It doesn’t even sniff Android’s jock in that department.

      But I like your post otherwise. Cheers

    • tonicboy

      I loved my iPad for a time, but kept running into constant problems, constant force closing being chief among them.”  It’s funny that you call this out as a weakness of iOS, because it is by far the biggest gripe I have with Android.  Apps Force Close constantly.  Like, a dozen times a day.  In the year or so that I owned an iPhone, I had about a dozen app crashes.  Well, not counting jailbreak apps which are generally buggier and less stable but hey that’s what you get for using hacky software.

  • tech247

    The Ipad 2 at $399 is a death nail for other manufacturers. The better be prepared to occupy the $299 slot or its game over….

    • ddevito

      Despite the lead, tablets are very new. There’s plenty of time to play catch up. And you also have it backwards. Apple’s playing DOWN to the Amazon game (and other cheap tablets) by keeping the iPad 2 around.

      Nexus $199 tablet tickle your fancy?  🙂

  • Mr_Vault

    Exact same old boring IOS except now it comes in a prettier package. Meh…. nothing that uses iTunes is worth the hassle.

  • MrWicket

    2K resolution is a win. everything else is just finally up to Android so meh, I’m still gunning for a Android Tablet when I can spare the cash

  • thajack

    I phone isn’t just the “iPhone”. It’s the iPhone, the iPhone 3G the iPhone 3G S, the iPhone 4. That’s how Apple referred to them. So saying they are just “new” is not entirely accurate.

    • Tim242

      If the next iPhone is numbered, it will be iPhone 6. I have a feeling they will drop the numbering, though.

  • you aren’t going to notice the difference in the screen quality vs. the ASUS infinity on a screen of that size. Now if we were talking HD TV’s here we would. I’m not impressed with Apple anymore. 

  • Adam

    It’s amazing. I’m waiting for an android tablet that can match iPad performance. Even though you can do more with android, it seems that what ios can do they do 100x better than android. I’m just glad we don’t have to choose sides and can own both! -owner of iPad 2, Vizio android tablet, iPod 4th gen, and Galaxy Nexus.

  • BAoxymoron

    actually I saw a mom taking a picture using her ipad at a football game the other day… me and my friends nearly fell over laughing it looked so ridiculous…

  • Wmsco51

    OK here we go, ipad no change still same no real innovation. I like my xoom its a joy to have I use it more now then the pc. If google wants to ramp up tablets then they need better pricing and get outstanding apps made for it and push the limits of hardware not just one or two things but all the way. Then features galore! Then sell two of them wifi and 4G independent from phone carriers let you choose and buy accordingly. We like android with its app drawer, screen’s, widgets, folders and wallpapers this is what differentiates android from Apple their is about icons everywhere (yuck). In my opinion the price and the apps and new tech always coming out every quarter is what made android grow compared to apple and their schedule updates every 2yrs. The xoom came out high, exceedingly high and not ready =epic failure. So Google get to Stepping!!

    • Michael Scrip

      Since you have a Xoom…. what are your thoughts on the Xyboard?

      Was there real innovation there?

      • J in Denver

        No there wasn’t… but then again you don’t see Motorola throwing the word (innovation) around like they don’t understand it’s meaning.

        Scaling up existing features is not innovation.  Sorry, it’s not.

        • Michael Scrip

          Hmmm… so what hope is there?

          How different was the Galaxy Tab 10.1 II from the Galaxy Tab 10.1? The Galaxy Note 10.1 added a stylus… which isn’t exactly a new idea either.

          And while I appreciate the keyboard dock of the Transformer… didn’t Asus just scale up the screen for the Transformer Infinity?

          I mean… what else is there to do?

  • bignuttz

    When is the HumanCentiPad going to come out?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • Shaun.Ober

    I say epic fail, they failed to deliver just like when they came out with the 4s and not the iphone5. what are they going to watch on this that currently supports that high resolution have to pay Sony 25K for their 4k camera first. 

    Same old looking device not much change except the processor. Looks like Apple take advantage of its Fans by charging outrageous prices for practically the same device only faster all because they are losing so much money to lawyers by fighting the Android lawsuits.

  • FAIL

  • ddevito

    Google has their work cut out for them, now more than ever. And honestly, Apple didn’t NEED to do much because they have such a huge lead in the tablet space. The new display was a decent upgrade, but overall this is the iPad 2.5

    And they’ll still sell 6,000,000,000 of them.

  • Nice hardware. Not a fan of the operating system.

  • CRAP!!

  • Cdejesus1119

    I’m picking one up. Sticking with my galaxy note. Done with android tablets… or at least till google decides to get serious about the market. 

  • Khalid Ahmad

    Not that impressed

  • ericl5112

    I’ll buy one in a few months refurb or something.  I don’t really pick sides.  I try and have one “phone” and one “tablet” from Android and Apple, and now MS (when Windows 8 comes out).  Most people won’t do that, but it does help me in my job.  I think this is easily the best tablet hardware on the market.  No questions.  I do prefer Android though.

  • Sipidation

    ” They put a really nice 5MP camera in the back, something that no one on a tablet uses.”

    I use my camera on my tablet all the time. If you are on your tablet and see something you want to take a picture of why switch to a new device. Especially when the thing you want to take a picture of is alive and has the possibility of moving.

    • nimbyist

      they should have clip on cameras for books too then, if you’re reading a book and see something you want to take a pic of, why switch to a new device! ideally, you should replace your right eye with a camera, that would suit your needs perfectly!

      • J in Denver

        Rediculous comparison, non sequitur.

  • Ctz

    The screen is amazing, I want one just for that 🙁

  • Liderc

    What’s the point of such a high resolution when they don’t even have widgets or customization?  

    Did they really need more room for app icons and making hipster pics with Instagram?

    • J in Denver

      More importantly, what’s the point of such a high resolution when the screen is still in a 4:3 format?  Unless you’re into old school standard def. TV shows…

      Any new HD formated media is going to waste a full 1/3 of available real estate on the screen, at least.

  • MrEnglish

    Buying it as soon as the damn store works again. 🙂

  • Naergoth

    Apple rules the tablet world. Android? As much as I love ya…. you’re failing. Google needs to step up and grow a pair. Fragmentation is killing android.

  • This changes everything again just like the last time, except it’s the same!

  • Assuming that memory finally received an increase, this is actually one of Apple’s better upgrades and the iPad may be graduating from a media consumption device to a media creation device.  Its a way better upgrade than the iPhone 4SameDamnPhone was.  The high resolution screen will be awesome for photo editing and while people criticize the importance of the camera, there are many MANY instances when a camera is useful.  From medical professionals to any sort of inspector, mechanics, and so on.  

  • unkanny

    totally not impressed…this is something they couldve just request owners to ship in their ipad to be upgraded like how motorola had people just put up 4g for the xoom..NEXT!

    • So how do you retrofit a 2048×1536 display and a new processor, again?

  • I guess if you don’t have a tablet yet you might consider buying one but not worth the upgrade from anything out there.  Android really needs something with WOW in the tablet market.

    Extreme HD with octuple CPU that gives you BJ’s while charging. 

  • The screen is nice. Otherwise I’ll keep my Transformer Prime.

  • DadzBoyz

    Not speaking of ythe OS here…
    The software was well done.  Iphoto, Iworks, Garage Band, Imovie (is that what it’s called) are all very well put together and amazingly functional.  These alone make it a nice package from Apple before you even ad app one from a third party vendor.  I think this flies in the face of those that would say that the OS maker needs to leave things like this for other vendors to make and sell.  Crap! After making these highly functional, consistent and integrated apps they sell more third party apps than anyone!
    Google, create a good baseline OS with good core apps and smooth graphics.  Re-invigorate your ecosystem.
    Yes.  The Android OS is superior, but the Google execution and support system (Apps, hardware, consistency, let alone user support) are sorely lacking.
    I have a Xoom LTE.  I would like to buy an ICS LTE device.  Google, we support you.  Will you support us??  Get on the stick.  Make it a competitive overall experience to own a Google Ecosystem product.

    • Michael Scrip

      “Yes.  The Android OS is superior, but the Google execution and support system (Apps, hardware, consistency, let alone user support) are sorely lacking.”

      What do you expect?  Google is an advertising company.

      95% of their revenue comes from advertising… but I’m not sure how much of that come from Android directly… or from traditional display ads. Maybe Google’s heart isn’t invested in Android as much as it should be.

      And that puts the hardware makers in a bind… because they need Google’s software.

      There wouldn’t be a Galaxy Tab if it wasn’t for Android.  So who’s to blame when Samsung says “we’re not doing very well in the tablet market…”

      The whole situation is kinda a mess.

      • DroidDoesnt

        “There wouldn’t be a Galaxy Tab if it wasn’t for Android….”

        No, there wouldn’t be a Galaxy Tab (or any other Android tablet) if it wasn’t for Apple…..

  • Hoss

    That looks way too much like the galaxy tab…Samsung should sue!

  • Really made it look different didn’t they?

  • now they can put 8 mega cameras and higher on phones, why dont they put it on a tablet? hmmm
     but Ipad does own the tablet market,and now that its 4g too,,will sell millions of them

  • Blindcat

    I have a hand-me-down iPad 1, and I gotta say that the tablet apps for iOS are pretty awesome.  And I’m saying this as an avid Android fan (Droid X running liquid gingerbread).  The iPad definitely has bugs running iOS 5, but the quality of tablet apps are what set it apart from pack.  If only they would allow widgets or any semblance of customization!!

  • People who should be worried: anyone considering getting a Tegra 3 tablet.

    Apple claims the graphics are about four times faster than a Tegra 3.  In practice?  Not sure how much that equates to.  But it means that if you’re looking for tablet gaming, you now have to go back to the iPad for the fastest and best-looking experience.

    That doesn’t preclude liking the Transformer Prime/Infinity/etc. for other reasons, but don’t get one with Shadowgun in mind.

  • It’s ok if you into that sort of thing. Just waiting for that *pad “killer” from android. Until then I will stick with my Prime.

    • android will never have pad killer

      • ddevito

        For $200 it might be good enough

        • Michael Scrip

          1. Good
          2. Cheap

          Pick one 🙂

  • fauxshizzl

    The only thing I would like to have on my Xoom that the new iPad has is the screen. If the Photoshop app is updated to support 19MP photos like iOS now supports that would be awesome. Not enough for me to buy one, but enough to be slightly jealous until Android has a tablet with comparable specs. As it is right now, the 1600×1600 max resolution the app supports sucks unless you take all your photos on a low end camera phone. 

  • JT22knight

    So it has a better screen and a faster processor. iPad2s. I mean its not that much different, the screen is clearly going to be amazing there’s no doubt about that but its really nothing new with the ipad. I’ll still be using my Xoom bc i know that ICS on it still will do more that iOS 5. I do want that screen though.

  • SatyaChowdary

    It’s good, now sammy give me a tablet with ipad HD specs + SAmoled plus display and ICS and take my money….

  • Eazy E Dlf

    loling at all the ipad 3 concepts wow people really dont get apple

    • What you are implying is correct.  Apple rarely overhauls their products, no matter how outdated they become.  iOS is looking more and more dated every day.

      • HolyGrail

        Except is still the smoothest OS out there.

      • DroidDoesnt

        And yet the dated iPhone and iPad are the top selling devices in their respective markets…go figure

        • Dain Laguna

          well…lemme interject here.

          i dont think that just because people buy a ton of something that it automatically makes that ‘something’ good. 

          there are plenty of unheard of bands/artists/musicians that no one knows about that are freaking spectacular, but because they arent plastered on the tv or selling out madison square garden, that makes them not good?

          idevices could sell to know one and i’d still think they are an epic piece of technology

  • Eazy

    Better question is why are there Isheep in our blog?

    • iNfAMOUS70702

      believe it or not some people arent biased towards a single OS…i personally made the switch to an iphone 4S but that doesnt mean i dont like android (former OG droid/nexus 1/DX/DINC/EVO/tbolt/nexus s user) ….some of us are just fans of technology plain and simple…however i understand what you mean by some of the obvious trolling

      • Eazy E Dlf

        Yeah i got the original iPhone 2 months before it came out to the publicand i was floored. I hacked the crap out of it, then got bored. Moved to android with the OG Droid and havent looked back

  • best part is the cheaper used ipad 2’s that will be sold

    if there were a respectable 10″ android tablet for $299 i would purchase in a heartbeat

  • & this is not change my decision….

  • AlexKCMO

    I doubt this will get read….

    Did anyone else notice no Siri?  Or at least it wasn’t said to be included on the iPad.

    • dont many folks are using siri that much, at least thats what I have read

  • look great,but damn you better call you bank to get a loan to buy all those apps,sure aint cheap over there

  • steven ross

    to quote my good buddy Jim Norton “It stinks and I don’t like it”

    • jamey patten

       you can always flush it down the toilet buy a Transformer  and then f@#$ your mother

    • tjpeco

      Apple should just go slip in a puddle of AIDS

  • Philip Van Luke

    I dont have a tablet yet.

    I want one really bad.

    I use an android phone.

    iPad has the most mature tablet app market by far.

    I am sad there is no Siri

    Google doesnt announce a tablet before Mar 16? Apple gets the dough anyway.

  • Azn_Android

    Ignorance is bliss, I guess :/ A lot of the intense android fans on this site are embarrassingly blinding themselves with their hate for Apple and the “patent trolling” and such. My question to those people is: how the hell does that affect you? Are you trying to be noble somehow? Remind yourself that you are the consumer. 

    Then there are other android users on this site who are just simply against Apple because they’re Apple. I’m afraid I have nothing to say to that… Just that hopefully you are simply teenagers and making irrational judgments because you have not fully developed. Unless you have had a bad experience with an Apple product, there really isn’t any reason for you to hate Apple. To those complaining about how Apple calls everything “revolutionary”, please realize that this is simply called marketing; and Apple just happens to be very good at it. Welcome to the real world guys. 

    Now on to the attacks against iOS and the iPad itself. I agree with all of you, iOS is a bit brutally simple. However, so far Google has not been able to match up to the polish that Apple has reached. Android is for those  who want to be “free” (if you want to call it that, I guess) and not in the closed ecosystem of Apple. The iPad is directed more towards the average consumer. The type of person who wants to be guided, the type who is new to technology. Not everyone is computer smart. Others just simply prefer Apple’s interface. And that’s okay. There isn’t any need to wage war and throw pointless insults. It’s all about choice. As pointed out by Apple in their announcement today, android tablets just have not reached the level of polish and completeness that the iPad has. You will not find anywhere an android tablet that has such a complete suite of POLISHED apps. It is incorporated in such a way that it takes very little effort on the consumer’s part to do such things. This is the benefits to a closed system. 

    I owned an iPod touch for 2 years, and iPhone for one and a half, and I eagerly bought the Galaxy Nexus on the day of its release. Ice Cream Sandwich enticed me because it showed that Google cares, finally, for design and polish that Apple has had from the start. And Google, in my opinion, did not disappoint. I love android and all its customization options. I am running AOKP with lean kernel currently with the lucid theme applied. The app choice, for a phone, is great. The apps still do not have the same polish as android but it doesn’t bother me because my android works well and I don’t miss the iPhone’s small screen. Tablets, however, are a different story. Tablets serve different functions than phones do and android tablets just aren’t up to par with the iPad. Maybe in specs sure. I feel like android devices will always win in terms of specs simply because of Apple’s model. But the feel of the OS on tablets and the apps just aren’t as good as the iPad. My point is, stop fighting pointlessly and accept the fact that Apple is good at what it does, which is enticing the consumer. It is a successful corporation. Android on phones, in my eyes, are much better than the iPhone. However, android tablets need to step it up.

    • I am not blind to how great the iPad is…….for some people.  I have used Android tablets (many of them) and an iPad.  I am not very impressed by either, but much less impressed by the iPad.  iOS is dated and too simple.  The hardware specs are amazing, but the interface is old and boring.  To be honest, Windows 8 on a tablet looks superior to both.

      • Tony21ny

        I couldn’t agree more with azn. Former Cingular iPhone owner then art iPhone 3 then 3gs sick of dropped calls. jailbreak went to T-Mobile loved being able to call again on my iPhone hated edge data. switched to my touch and android and have loved it ever since. Always do my homework on what to get next. Switched to Verizon incredible on release then thunderbolt on release Xoom on release. Galaxy 10.1 release and galaxy nexus. Now new iPad. As far as phones I loved my iPhone but if u can’t make a call no matter how polished it is its pointless. android has climbed and made a great platform. Great performance looks amazing and freedom to make it unique to the user. love that. but support has always sucked. first Google then manufacturer then carrier all that for each one to screw up what Google released in great working order. That entire process of months of waiting and months with bugs til its finally solved. by the time u have a great phone its outdated with technology available. with the galaxy nexus I think they finally got it right. it took Google to make it happen. Android tabs still aren’t at that phase yet. each tablet is different hardware software etc. Thus leaving potential for a lot of bugs. Whether its os updates or apps. there is no stability with android on tablets yet. That’s where I give the credit to apple. Yes its a simple os but it works. updates come in great time when needed and bring the new changes with minimal bugs. The most important thing behind any device is getting a device the performs at its best right out of the box. apple has done a great job with that except iPhone 4 of course. my point is if it has bugs everyone complains if it arrives late everyone complains. Apple is good at minimizing complaints by getting it right the first time. As for Google they are on their way. Proof is the galaxy nexus. Hopefully they can continue the quality and polish in all their phones.
        To sum it up I do believe we get all these tech toys for a purpose. can’t we appreciate quality regardless of who makes it. I truly feel come next week I will have the best phone on the market (nexus) as well as the best tablet (new iPad) more important then best is they will be most reliable. now if I can just get them to play nice together diff story. 🙂

      • Azn_Android

        And I respect that. For some, iOS just isn’t the right platform. There isn’t a right or wrong. A truly smart person realizes that the world is in fact not black and white; it is grey. 

    • tjpeco

      tl;dr fanboy drivel.  Go away.

    • Dain Laguna

      excellent post sir!

      ideally, i’d have the new ipad, and an galaxy nexus…best of both worlds.

      and thanks for not being a dbag on either side of the os/device/company fence.

      • Azn_Android

        Thank you! Me too. Tablets aren’t exactly my thing since I have a macbook air that functions just fine for me. Nonetheless, i do have a first generation iPad mostly because my dad wanted one and because I was, at the time, interested in tablets. And yeah of course. I don’t understand the people who are always ragging on about how android is superior or iOS is superior. Does it really matter? Unless you own stock in the company, i don’t understand these flame wars 😛

  • I like how they announce a new update at the conference.  Then 1 hour later -BAM its available to everyone.  Now THAT’s how you do updates. 

  • Derickmc

    … A higher resolution and LTE capability doesnt really seem worth dropping another $600 for the same damn tablet you may have bought a year ago.. Sure it has better hardware, but its still iOS and it’s still boring as hell. 

    I would love to have an android tablet, but there are no good budget tablets out there worth getting. I can’t afford to drop $500 on a tablet. I think that if Google and OEM’s could somehow figure a way to minimize the prices on their tablets, the Android tablet market would skyrocket. But we all know thats much easier said than done and most likely isn’t going to happen.

    • Google

      You know everyone in the world doesn’t own an iPad 2

    • Kris Brandt

      Just wait awhile longer for the cheaper Android tablets.  With Asus sporting a 7″ ICS tablet @ $250-$300 and a Google-sanctioned tablet @ $200-250, we’re bound to see the tablet market shake up.

  • The screen is mighty impressive. I’m an Android fanboy, but I’ll consider picking up the new iPad. 

  • Kirk

    Xoom is still better 

    • Sinofueramos

      Maybe as a paperweight.

      • DroidDoesnt

        Lol!!!! Hilarious!!!

    • tjpeco

      Certainly more functional.

    • The Xoom is a joke of a tablet.  I’m a huge Android fan, and even I know that.  There is no tablet that can compete with the iPad as far as hardware goes.  As far as interface/software goes, every tablet running ICS beats the iPad.

      • kurttrail

        The Xoom was a bit of a joke, but with ICS, the Xoom is a good tablet, finally.

  • Too bad I can’t dock my nexus to it.

  • Waiting patiently for a Nexus tablet.  iOS is pathetic on the iPhone and even worse on a tablet.

    • Edub

      My favorite Android idiot has arrived. The iPad is the greatest gadget you can possibly own for video, gaming an entertainment on the go and for kicking it on the couch!! The stupid sh*t you say is just irritating as hell to me.

    • ceejw
      • Edub

        Yeah…you found one single app!! I have used both, and my friend there is no comparison. Now go and search Apples App store versus the Android Market and see for yourself.

        • J in Denver

          Right, 45,000 additional fart apps = superior market selection…

          I own a Transformer Prime and I have never had any difficulty finding an app that was functional, looked good on a tablet and was reasonably priced (if not free) in the Android Market.

      • DroidDoesnt

        iOS apps are bigger joke than Android apps? ON TABLETS??? Are you serious bro???? Do you REALLY want to go there????

        • ceejw

          I was being sarcastic.  Android tablets apps are a joke compared to iPad apps.

  • flyinggerbil

    yawn. wake me up when apple stops suing everyone and actually starts innovating again. thanks.

    • The last innovation they had was Siri.  The one before that was the iPhone itself in 2007.  Other than that, I can’t think of anything.

      • Trevor Blain

        Try again. Apple didn’t innovate Siri, they just bought the company that did.

        • J in Denver

          And to be honest it isn’t much of an improvement (if at all) over the voice search capabilities that were available on the first DROID device.

  • Sinofueramos

    It’s a great-looking device. I’ve tried a few Android tablets (Xoom, Iconia, and others), but have ended up returning or selling them. Still have an iPad 1 I got back when they first came out.

    I wonder why they don’t put the good cameras on the front? I would think more people use Skype than take pictures with the thing.

  • Bionicman

    honestly I was hoping for a bit more advancements before jumping to get one. I still consider it a toy whereas my Asus Transformer (with ICS) is more of a workhorse machine…comparable to my laptop. I took my transformer on a trip  and used it as a laptop (bluetooth mouse/keyboard). it did almost everything my Win7 laptop could do.

    I guess the good thing is i can get an ipad 2 for cheap for my kids.

    • Sven Enterlein

      I wish I could agree with calling my tablet a “workhorse”. I guess you need it for different tasks than I. I have not yet found ONE Office suite that can handle the three most important document types (PPTX, DOCX, and XLSX) properly. I had a look at the Apple versions on an iPhone and the usability outshines anything available for Android. On top of that, Microsoft allegedly doesn’t want to release their office products on Android, only on iOS. 
      I love my TF101 but I am still a bit sad that many developers solely or at least initially focus on iOS.

      • Bionicman

        i personally haven’t tried it but quickoffice (
        http://www.quickoffice.com/quickoffice_pro_android ) looks pretty good. I used Supernote for takings 10 pages worth of notes for my training and then for hardcore things i did a logmein session to my work computer. with the wireless mouse and keyboard it felt damn near close to my laptop.

  • Justinmoser

    In my opinion they did great with the galaxy nexus. i don’t really know how they did with the market techniques because i was too excited about getting my own galaxy nexus. 🙂 

    The new upcoming iPad sounds impressive but i don’t know if i’d buy it. That’s a lot of money for an operating system that feels so confined and limited to change. Plus with that new massive battery Apple is stuffing in that thing, it is sure to make the the new iPad much heavier and thicker than the current version.

  • r0lct

    Only $130 premium for LTE versions of iPad.  This exposes how badly Verizon/Moto/Sammy is trying to $^%& us over on LTE android tablets.

  • Austinrgoebel

    Time for google to step up with a tab

  • Ed75

    I think Apple should follow Moto’s strategy and release “The New(er) iPad HD 3s” on June 16 sporting a true quad core processor and better battery.

    • DroidDoesnt

      Yeah….that strategy has worked SO well for Moto….

  • darkseider

    Completely underwhelming.  iPad 2S at best which is the SOP for Apple lately.  The unit offers a nicer display and some additional memory and a better GPU.  That being said the additional memory and more powerful GPU may not afford whizbang performance due to the greatly increased pixel count.  All in all… meh.  The Transformer Prime is still the best bang for your buck until the Acer A700 and Transformer Infinity hit the market.  In which case both will be sporting 1920×1200 displays with Tegra 3 internals and ICS/Jelly Bean.  Apple has fallen well behind the curve at this point and with the introduction of the A15 based units by years end the iPad 3 will look even more underwhelming

    • DroidDoesnt

      And still will sell more than your ice cream, jelly bean, pineapple upside down cake crap combined….

  • shdowman

    The name: Cool. Why keep adding numbers/letters to something. A Honda Accord doesn’t get new number every year, it’s just the 2012 model.

    Display: That would’ve been enough of an upgrade for fanboi’s to wait in line.

    Processor: At they rate things move and with Apple’s once a year update, they had to put in something that moves. (FYI, I don’t care about the bi-monthly android spec race, if it works across all apps then cool)

    Price: As with EVERYTHING Apple, insanely overpriced.

    Camera: Who cares on a tablet.

    LTE: Oh goody! You can now go over your cap by watching one HD movie and pay twice as much doing it! Tablet’s and contracts do NOT go hand in hand. Most of us know of the alternatives 😉

    This will certainly send the Apple neophytes into a complete nerdgasm. And cool for em. I LOVE my Mac computers. iDevices on the other hand…

    It will certainly set the standard again for what a tablet should be, but despite it’s shiny new shell, it’s the same ecosystem you either love or hate.


    • Sinofueramos

      You must be joking about it being over-priced. 

      • shdowman

         No, I don’t believe I am.

        Who dod you think sets the bar for what other companies decide to charge for their “similar” products. How well is that going for them? If you think a $900 tablet (after tax) is a worthwhile investment, then I know where your $ will be well spent.

        • Sinofueramos

          A 16gb Xyboard is $699 vs $629 for an iPad on Verizon. Shoot, a year-and-a-half old Galaxy Tab 7″ is $499 on Verizon (I had one, they’re not good). The WiFi iPad 2 is now $399, which is as cheap as older Android WiFi tablets. Considering how much more people desire them, they could be charging more and probably make as much money or more while selling fewer units. Not overpriced at all – they’re actually under priced when compared to our beloved Android tablets.

  • itsgonnalast

    At this point, anything Apple does is irrelevant to me. 

    I’ve been using Android phones since 2009 and two weeks ago I bought my first Android tablet… which I’m enjoying much more than I expected.  
    I’ve got 3 app stores on each of my Android devices and 13,000 tracks streaming for free from Google Music.  iOS is still way too limiting for me.    Couldn’t be happier. 

  • RGiskard

    I love my Android, and it is very highly unlikely that I would ever buy an Apple product – I don’t like their ecosystem.

    That being said, the display sounds gorgeous.  IMHO, any Android user that scoffs at a 260+ppi IPS screen has crossed the line from fan to fanboy! 

    My Xoom’s screen (150ppi) looks terrible in comparison to the HD display on my GNex (320ppi), so much so that I plan on upgrading to a high res tablet when they are available.  It’s time for Asus or Samsung to sell a tablet with WQXGA resolution (yes, that is real): 2560×1600.  That would be 299ppi, which is right about the “retina” point where the pixel structure becomes invisible in normal usage.  I imagine that newer SoCs have the horsepower to make that work, now we just need a screen manufacturer to make it happen and an OEM to package it into an awesome new tablet.

    • Dain Laguna

      totally agreed. coworker has a xoom with ics and the display is nothing to write home about.

      now the nexus….yum

  • bananabait

    ill buy one for my mother on her birthday this summer… I’m an android guy though, so I’ll wait until moto’s next incarnation of the zoom

  • Who cares? 

    All devices evolve/improve/whatever you want to call it.  Apple is profitable for one reason…people buy into the hype and wait in line to pay retail price…not because they may or may not make a superior product (that all falls to one’s tastes and needs anyway). 

  • WhoaManWtF

    My tablet has a 5mp rear camera and it takes decent pictures….

  • How much influence did Steve Jobs have in the naming of this device?

  • It’s the nicest piece of tech that I don’t give two craps about.

    • zUFC

      i agree !!!!!!!!    ^^

  • ehh…

  • if only to push android to make better tablets, then i applaud apple for their efforts. love the competition between the two companies. the winner belongs to the fanboy who can afford either tablet

  • anytime the biggest company in the world does something, its news,looks like a great product, they might have a problem running the same battery and using it on 4g

    • GawkerRedesignSucks

      It’s not the same battery.

  • webby

    It has 4G!  It has 4G! … 

    That’s probably really exciting to the fruit fone crowd.  I have friends that have iphones, and they were checking out my G-Nex.  When I told them the *fone is not 4G, they were shocked.  They thought the 4 in the model name meant 4G.  

    • Tim Swann

      that’s because apple consumers don’t know anything about technology and just bye into hype and marketing

      • DroidDoesnt

        “buy” into the hype….learn how to spell

        • Tim Swann

          So sorry I type fast and didn’t realize my typo. THANK YOU SOOOO much for pointing that. smh

  • bitbank

    Yawn. It doesn’t change anything. A minor bump in specs may make some hardware competitors jump, but for the end user, the impact is minimal. Either you’re a fan of Apple products or you think they’re a greedy, evil company. Either way, this product announcement doesn’t change anything.

    Apple seems to be losing some of its snob appeal because so many people now have the iPhone and iPad, there’s nobody left to brag to.

    The part of the presentation I found most entertaining was when Tim Cook boasted how iOS is the most advanced something or other in the market. Exaggerations and lies are Apple’s favorite marketing tools. For me, the iPhone and iPad GUI feel quite primitive. It was new in 2007 and in 2012 everyone else has improved on it. Having a single home button is misguided and counter productive. All iOS apps have little back buttons taking up real estate in random locations on each screen. Obviously a design flaw, but Apple will admit no mistakes.

    It will be interesting to see how the market reacts when Asus’ new $249 Tegra3 tablet becomes available.

    • Michael Scrip

      “It will be interesting to see how the market reacts when Asus’ new $249 Tegra3 tablet becomes available.”

      I don’t think the market will react much, if at all, to that Asus tablet.

      It’s estimated that Amazon has sold 6 million Kindle Fires so far at $199. The reasons?  Price… and Amazon’s name associated with it.

      I’m not sure enough people will know who Asus is… or what Tegra 3 is either.

      Take off your “geek” hat and think like a normal consumer. 🙂

      Asus’ new Tegra3 tablet at $249 will be the most bang for the buck… but I don’t think it will gain traction in the market.

    • DroidDoesnt

      It’ll react the same way it has to all other Android tablets…..yawn

  • Mark Lewis


  • Aardvark99

    I think it’s a pretty minor and incremental bump in the iPad’s evolution. Still, the best tablet just got better, but not by leaps and bounds. Maybe Android can catch up? Android in-general needs better graphics. Tablets also need more software.

  • EC8CH

    Bottom line:

    I want an Android tablet with a similar screen and processor/gpu.

  • ScoobaStv

    meh…another apple cop-out, half step forward…they will do just enough to get their sheep to buy it before the ipad4 comes out in 4 months

    • guest

      ipad4 in 4 months? apple only releases one product a year so you might to add at least 8 months to that

      • ScoobaStv

         ouch must have hit an open wound there

        • Dain Laguna

          no he is just pointing out whats erroneous with your argument.

          • Guest

             weird i didnt realize i was arguing go away sheep

          • DroidDoesnt

            You look more stupid with each comment….please continue 🙂

        •  No just a logical mind

      • Tim Swann

        there will be an iPhone 5 this year that has 4G and NFC…so you can be sure apple will release a second product

    • Dain Laguna

      lol, this is hilarious. how many new android phones have hit verizon alone in the last 4 months? let alone to other carriers.

      updates on apple may occasionally be incremental, (not here imo) but release stuff often, they do not.

  • turdbogls

    the only thing interesting to me about this is the screen.

    a better GPU…..i am not into playing super intense graphical games on a tablet…i have a console for that.  maybe if they sold a BT controller and HDMI out with it i would be interested.

    camera….in the last 3 weeks i have seen 3 different people taking pics/videos with an ipad…and it looks jsut as rediculous as you would think it would look.  I dont want to take my tablet to (the following are the 3 places i saw them) the Zoo, Disney, or the beach.

    speach to text…..really?  that is a big deal these days?  and i though the ipad2 could do that already…unless my dad is going crazy and talking to his ipad again??

    the name….lol, i can already see the hate from iFanboys about how obserd the name is.  its a name, get over it.

  • Slapi

    Verizon 4G LTE iPad ftw

  • Franzie3

    Problem with some android tablets is over pricing.  Personally i still think apple needs a tablet UI overhaul.  To me its still a overszied i*hone…I had the first gen i*ad and i liked it at first just because it was the next best thing.  Ever since i sold that to get my xoom, i havent looked back.  granted my xoom is dated, but you knwo what its great, i have LTE when i want it (as long as that took for moto to upgrade it) its a developer device so AOSP code will port lovely to it, hence why i have ICS on it with working 3g/4g.

    Dont get me wrong apple is marketing the hell out of it and doing a great job.  if android tablet manufactures would do the same i think you would see a better android push

    Another problem is you get those $99 POS tabs from some knockoff company who have no support and no intents on upgrading the OS, forever stuck on 2.3 if that. Its the little things like that which will make apple rule the tablet market for a long time.

    Honestly, google needs their own tablet, and a huge marketing push and manufactures will follow.

    • Tim Swann

      totally agree with everything you say, but the difference between Apple and every android OEM is that Apple is the king of marketing. We may never see an Android OEM be as successful at marketing and hyping a product like Apple does.

      • Michael Scrip

        I don’t understand this…

        Marketing is a fundamental part of business… it’s taught in Business 101.

        Are you suggesting that Android OEMs can’t do marketing as well as Apple?

        One of the biggest parts of marketing is hiring the right advertising agency. Apple doesn’t have a monopoly on ad agencies… there are plenty of them out there.

        How about this… stop making commercials with robots and explosions. Nobody wants to see a tablet turn into a spaceship either.

        Hmmmm… maybe Apple IS better at marketing after all.

        The other guys just don’t seem to get it.

        • Tim Swann

          I’m not suggesting that they CAN’T. (Anyone can be a good marketer) I saying that they DON’T. 

          You justified my point with your examples. People like clean, simple, easy to use. I don’t hate commercials for Android phones, but the message coming from Apple commercials/ads is more clear and easier for the average person to understand and thus want the product. 

  • Infernox51

    Not buying one, but I wish Moto/Samsung/everyone else would release products like this.  Announced on 3/7 – available for pre-order now, available for real on 3/16.  If I wanted one, I’d be pretty happy about that.

    • yeah… instead of coming Q2 of 2012.. no wait… it’s not ready.. Q4 of 2013..

      • Drepope100


    • Bionicman

      agreed! one thing Apple does a great job on is announcing and then quickly releasing the product. kudos on them for keeping up with that Apple tradition. if there is one thing other companies SHOULD be copying Apple on its this and not a home button or boring interface.

      • unkanny

        only difference why apple releasing products so quickly and other companies releasing products is that apple waits til its closer to launch to announce it unlike other companies who hype it up then change something then reschedule a launch date, which then they fail miserably…

  • Dont care, tremendously overpriced. I could buy a great laptop for that price and get a lot more out of it. Just another crappy money maker for apple.

    • Tim Swann

      the iPad 2 at the discounted price is now a good option though. I agree that you can get more out of laptops at the price charged for a new iPad though. 


    I think its sad how just about every android tablet already has most of these “new and revolutionary” features. Such as, there are already several tablets that support 4G, have quad core processors and stunning displays that could rival this “amazing new” display any day! And they are HALF THE PRICE or LESS!

    • Dain Laguna

      you know of a 4g tablet that his half the price, has a screen as good as this, cameras as good as this, and battery life as good as this?


      • DroidDoesnt

        Thank you….


        The Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime is cheaper than the iPad 3 by over a hundred dollars as well as it offers more input/output options with its BUILT IN HDMI port, USB 2.0 as well as having a connectable dock that offers a full keyboard, touchpad, longer battery( 18 hours) and an SD card reader. Moreover, it offers a full 8 megapixel camera (thats 3 MILLION more pixels than the iPad 3)! Furthermore, the Transformer Prime is thinner than the iPad at a mere 0.3″ thin!

        • Dain Laguna

          that battery life been verfified? does the transformer prime have lte? (right there, you have already lost, but i’ll keep going) i never asked about thickness, and i’m pretty sure that in similar tests, the 5mp shooter on the new ipad, much like most other apple products, will be superior to the 8mp transformer.

          i’m not saying its a bad tablet, but its not the tablet i asked you to inform me about.

          • REDCLOVER

            This is exactly what you asked me to inform you about! This is a newly announced device that who knows what it will support, it could possibly be adapted to Verizon to accompany the 4G LTE device line up and it is more than capable of beating the iPad for half the price. How much does a 32GB+ iPad with LTE cost? Almost $900 while the Transformer Prime is $499 with a built in 32gb of storage and up to another 32gb of micro SD storage. And with the HDMI ports this device could connect to a 60 inch plasma tv with 4,000 resolution, twice as much as the iPad’s retina display and it wouldn’t require an accessory to connect to the tv like the iPad.

  • Tom

    Here is what I take from all of this. First off, Apple took some serious initiative and made serious upgrades to this tablet. From the screen to the GPU, its solid. I hate Apple and their overall structure, but this will legitimately set a strong benchmark for Android manufacturers to follow. What does that mean? We may actually see Galaxy tabs, and Moto tabs that will beef up their GPU and screen to compete.

    Now here is the thing with me and tablets, I think they are useless. The lack of full sized programs make it seem like there is no real use for them. There I said it. However, a certain linux distro has made me rethink that. Namely Ubuntu. If I can have an actual OS on a tablet with serious juice behind it, I may ditch the whole “tablets are useless” thought process I’ve had ever since the iPad came out. If a comparable Android comes out, and I can load Ubuntu on it, I’ll be happy, and may actually buy one. Especially if devs make it dual bootable on the tablet itself, or replaceable completely. 

  • Rentedlunchbox

    Battery life on 4g, ill believe it when i see it. 

  • summit1986

    As I frankly couldn’t care less, there is a silver lining… Hopefully, this will help to further boost the expansion of 4G coverage nationwide.

  • Android does a good job with keeping up with Apple products, which is good cause Apple doesn’t get lazy, which is also good cause it pushes manufacturers to make equal or better products for Android. Android has a gap between it and Apple as far as prime time goes in the tablet world. It has made one step closer to filling this gap with Google Play, something that needed to be done a long time ago, but the fact is their OS supports Tablets but they don’t pump out enough software to define it as a Tablet in the market versus a phone IMO <——- emphasis on that*** no one wants the same experience on a phone as the Tablet. IOS hate it or not universal apps separate themselves from the phone app with features and looks something Android just isn't providing right now. Web Browsing though hands down goes to Android in the tablet area.

    • Dain Laguna

      i agree. i’m not fan of flash, but i prefer websurfing on a xoom or galaxy tab any day over an ios device

      • No doubt. I believe phone web-surfing is a toss up tho. I prefer HTML5 on my phone screen over flash via full site. But once again that is a personal preference  

        • Dain Laguna

          well when its on a phone i can accept that i may not be on a full on browser, html5 ftw in that regard too.

  • WyattEpp

    This is probably the first time I can honestly say I’m impressed with an iThing’s hardware specs.  That’s a really nice display– no two ways about it.

    • J in Denver

      Except it is still a 4:3 format display… massive waste of space/pixels.

  • Matt

    I won’t buy iphones and ipads…ever. Android for me

  • PrjctArchAngel


    WILL IT BLEND!!??!!

  • EvanTheGamer

    So comical. Just ‘iPad’? Wow…how super original.

    • DroidDoesnt

      Uh, Google Play??? U want to talk about comical???

  • omar

    doesn’t matter to me as and Android user. I will never move to a closed ecosystem like the one that apple wants you to buy into. Just a personal preference that is not meant to demean those who need their hand held 😉  Android tablets like the Transformer, Xoom, Xyboard, etc offer plenty for me at the moment in terms of hardware (Business use mostly, I don’t game). What we in the Android world should be focusing on is on developing great Apps for tablets (and great Android apps period). Also what the Android world should be concerned is with having an Android OS that is optimized and produces no lag and great default features (which I argue are already better than what iPad offers). Not concerned about the supposed better hardware. You all know that the Android manufacturers will eventually match and surpass this product hardware wise (they always do). Then Apple with surpass that and the cycle starts again. I don’t “need” a supercomputer with multiple cores in my tablet to read ebooks, do a little google docs, browse the web, take pictures (not professional grade pics needed). read PDFs. My Xoom and XYboard do all this and more just fine.

    One thing I will point out is that when the Transformer prime came out, the Apple users looked at it and said “Specs don’t matter”. Now that this new *Pad is out they are all saying “we have better specs than Android”. Don’t buy into this game. use what works for you and don’t worry about it. The Xoom and the XYboard meet my needs just fine and when they don’t in a year or two, I will upgrade. Never understood the apple mindset to upgrade to each iteration. It’s part of the reason why I am not on that camp (other than the walled garden they offer you).

  • Chris Barrett

    The hardware is something special, you can’t knock a device with a screen that beautiful.  However it would seem as though the innovation that SJ once brought to the company is slowing down.  I would have thought for a better solution to the LTE issue than just inserting a larger battery.

    I will still never pick up an iPad after having toyed around with it, the basic, simplistic interface isn’t for me.  I just wish OEMs running Android would take even half the time that Apple’s clearly put into making these devices into designing and testing their own.  Too many bugs and cutting corners to fit a price point or hitting all corners and pushing a price point that clearly isn’t worth it.

  • I loved how Cook compared it to my GTab 10.1.  My old tablet feels relevant still!

  • Greyhame

    Things I’m taking away…

    1)  Relatively cheap pricing, especially of the now reduced priced i*ad2 at $399.  This will only help We The Consumer of android tablets, as they are just too outrageously priced.  This will hopefully drive prices for premium tablets down.

    2)  Manufacturers need to take a page out of *pple’s book and release a wifi version alongside a tablet tied to a data plan, if they really want to start saturating the market with android tablets.

    3)  And Google, it’s time to start rethinking apps designed solely for tablets.  *pple uses this formula and it seems to work fine for them!  At least group tab-centric apps together in one section of the market, er, ‘scuse me, one section of Google Play (wow that rename is just awful and gonna take awhile to get used to).

    • CORYK333

      Damn, 3 points & hit the nail on the head imo, with every1 of them…..well said

    • darkseider

      To me point 3 is the biggest.  The best example of this is the Bank of America app.  A tablet version of the app was released and let me tell you OMG.  I absolutely love it.  The standard phone app works fine but the tablet version is leaps and bounds better and FAR more tablet friendly as well as having some very cool features that are not available on the standard smartphone flavor.

  • tomwhite86

    Interesting how they plugged Voice Dictation as a major new feature. Bets on how long before someone comes up to you and tells you something like “oh, Android has that feature now to?”

    • Dain Laguna

      they only meant it was NEW for the ipad. the person who would walk up to you and say that is misinformed. and probably uses and android device too, but believe it or not, there are just as many stupid, misinformed android users as there are iphone/idevice users. crazy huh?

      • moelsen8

        they’ll be saying it soon enough.

  • John Davis

    When does the HTC Once X come out? 

  • TimXer

    Won’t touch anything Apple – the product simply does not work well with other non-apple devices (windows, etc.).  Had a horrible experience w/original ipod and, more recently, my wife’s iphone.  Yes, they sell more, but my Prime is an awesome device!  Display, display, display….the human eye cannot even tell the difference between these pixels

  • moelsen8

    i came away kind of impressed.  i thought it was pretty sneaky on apple’s part about listing the processor as quad-core.  also, up until i read this i also thought they figured out some kind of miracle for the LTE battery situation.  makes sense that they could get that kind of life by almost doubling the size.

    i hate apple and ios.. but this is kind of an impressive product..

    • Dain Laguna

      how can you hate an inanimate operating system?

      • moelsen8

        what are you doing on this site?  seriously?  go away

        • Dain Laguna

          you  mean aside from replying to silly rants? reeading articles, reviews, watching vids…i visit this site daily pal. who made you the warden of the interwebz?

          • moelsen8

            no one, but you forgot to list “acting like a troll”.  hang out on the site and do whatever you want, but you don’t have to be an obnoxious a**hole to people.

          • Dain Laguna

            i’d ask you how i’m being obnoxious, but given that you’ve already resorted to name calling, i rest my case.

          • moelsen8

             1)  “how can you hate an inanimate operating system”
            2)  “silly rant”

            that’s 2 for 2 in the first 2 replies.  just have a little respect, it goes a long way in this comments crap.

          • Dain Laguna

            of all the atrocious crap and trolling that goes on here, THESE are the 2 you decide to address? 

            truly, you have a dizzying intellect.

          • Dain Laguna

            thanks for the ok to ‘do whatever i want’ as well… i dunno how i my day would have gone later if i didnt have said blessing.

            …now the obnoxious part is semi true

  • Sergeant


  • jamisles02

    As I said on my twitter, unless it’s running android, I could care less. Apple being a patten troll makes me want to NEVER use their products again & I’ve never bought into the “Oh it’s new from Apple so the item I bought last year is now the worst piece of crap ever made, so I need to get the new phone/pad/tv/ect.”

    • Dain Laguna

      pppppffft like if you couldnt use that line on android devices and the ridiculous rate they come out with a ‘latest and greatest’. 

      at least apple gives you about a year before the ‘better’ version of your device comes out.

      and google is just as much of a patent troll. stop drinking the kool aid.

      • Droidzilla

        “google is just as much of a patent troll”

        Source? Link? Anything other than your blind fanboism?

        • Dain Laguna

          oh god really? engadget, cnet, zdnet…there are countless websites where you can see the patent wars going on between companies.

          i know it requires you do go to a website OTHER than droid life, but i think you can handle it.

          ironic…the guy who calls himself DROIDZILLA calls ME a fanboy. i own devices that use both o.s’….im infinitely more balanced than half the people that post here.

  • EC8CH

    I was hoping Samsung would be coming out with a beast tablet with an HD sAMOLED screen and some quad core Exynos love this year.

    Unless they’ve got something else planned their Tab 2’s are a HUGE disappointment to say the least.

    Maybe if nothing comes out in the high end 10″ category I’ll settle for an affordable 7″ tegra 3 and wait a bit longer for Android Tablets to catch up.

  • Dain Laguna

    just because thats YOUR experience doesnt mean its the end all. the average android device has more issues than the average iphone/ipod. you can chalk it up to the fact that there are more iphones, or more variations of android, but facts are facts….they have the highest level of customer satisfaction among device makers. that isnt made up. i love android, but give credit where credit is due.

    • Droidzilla

      “the average android device has more issues than the average iphone/ipod”

      Actually, it’s been proven that iOS apps crash more than their Android brethren. Both have extremely low crash rates, that said.

      • Dain Laguna

        thats just something overtly pro-android people say.

        and when you say ‘their android brethren’ ‘i’m assuming you mean apps available for both? 

        if this really were true, most people would claim the user experience is better on android. but it isnt.

  • Matthewljaustin1

    Apple tablets are amazing. Android tablets are not. Plain and simple. I love my galaxy nexus but I will own the new IPad.

    • Scott

      I for the most part agree.  I don’t plan on buying a tablet anytime soon, but if I did, it would be the iPad.  There are several apps I want that are not available on Android and will not be available on Android in the near future.  If I fork out out $500 for a tablet, it won’t be Android based, at least with what is currently on the market.   

    • Droidzilla

      Meh. ICS UI >>>>> iOS UI. True story.

      • Michael Scrip

        This again?

        Last year Honeycomb was supposed to be better than iOS for tablets.

  • Smoke0205

    Anything ios sucks I hate all apple products

    • Dain Laguna

      cool story bro

  • I sold my TFP on ebay last night to try a Ipad. Ive never had a apple product, and I will NEVER have an iphone, but being able to get this new ipad for as much as my TFP is too good to pass up

  • EricSchimel

    If they do the same job they did at the Galaxy Nexus, it will fail again.

  • Looks like it will be the first (working) global LTE device on Verizon.

  • sc4fpse

    Apple: Evolutionary, not revolutionary. Expected, not unprecedented. Predictable, not unbelievable. Typical, not magical.

    • John

      This x10. Cool but not worth the huge media buzz it’s receiving. Just my opinion..

  • Andrew Butler

    call me crazy,but i LOVE my Tab 10.1 … ICS update will only make it better… Tablets arent computers,YET. And im ok with that… Android 4 life 

  • Hubersnoob

    Another device to have a limited data package on.  Yeah.

  • Dain Laguna

    exactly. tech is tech, and its relevant because we will see how android makers will scramble to put out the next best thing

  • Brian

    Looks like I just saved myself 500 bucks! New Android tablet, here I come.

  • Dain Laguna

    personally i think that the lte thing is noteworthy…wether its a bigger battery or not, maybe this will light a fire under android handset makers who insist on underperforming batteries, be them removable or not.

    • Droidzilla

      RAZR Maxx says hi.

  • scijohn

    I was hoping to see a 7″ tablet with dual input – stylus and finger.
    I didn’t hear any mention of Siri. Is it there?

  • I’m giving my Galaxy Tab 10.1 to my 4 year old and getting an ipad. That thing looks gorgeous.

  • Mike

    Amazing hardware.  Too bad the software treats you like a 2 year old.  But truly amazing hardware

    • Droidzilla

      I would be amazed if it had a Cortex A15, sAMOLED screen, and 28nm die LTE modem. It’s nice hardware, to be sure, but far from amazing.

  • I’m Android all the way but iPads are the best tablets right now and there is nothing new here

  • Kris Brandt

    I’m not sure why people think a 
    2048×1536 is somehow awesome.  Its a waste for a 10″ display.

    • BUT yOU CAn’T seE thA PIXELS!>@!<,@:"

      • How can you tell there is 2048×1536 if I can´t see them and count?

        • how can i tell everything is made of atoms IF I CAN’t SEE THEM !!

    • You could make the same argument for a 720p display on a 4.65″ phone, but once you’ve used it, you can’t imagine going back.  I’m sure the display on this new iPad will be amazing.  I can love Android and admit that.

      • “I can love Android and admit that.”

      • Tabe

        I kind of agree, but I could easily go back to my DX screen. In general, I like it more than my Nexus screen.

      • Droidzilla

        I feel this way about sAMOLED vs. LCD. I’m more than happy to use a lower res sAMOLED over a high res LCD (one of the reasons I got the RAZR over the Rezound; screen on the RAZR is much better, even though it’s lower res and pentile).

    • iNfAMOUS70702

      the same can be said about the HD screens that sammy/htc and other OEMs use on much smaller devices

    • Google

      So now this is Fandroid’s line or rebuttal. “it isn’t necessary” hahah. give me a break

  • Just wait for the Google Nexus Tablet. Should be out in June!

  • Overall, it shouldn’t be a big deal, the only “innovation” here is the screen. Otherwise its absolutely nothing special.

    • Droidzilla

      And the screen is less “innovation” than “iteration.” Plus, they had to bump it up 4x because of the horrid way in which iOS scales resolution. Android’s way is very elegant, but that makes sense for an OS going on so many different form factors.

  • Feynman42

    The screen looks beautiful, but for everything else (especially the OS, my parents both own ipads and ios is the most confusing thing I’ve ever used with the possible exception of mac os ) I prefer my Transformer Prime.

    • jcuvs

       How can iOS or Mac OS confuse you?

      • Feynman42

        They just don’t make sense the same way Windows, Linux, and Android do. Believe me, back when my family had an imac I tried for 3 years to figure out how the OS worked, but I just couldn’t. It’s just way too restrictive and nothing is where I think it should be. It’s probably important to note that I was a long time windows user before my family got the imac so I might’ve just gotten so used to it that mac os didn’t make sense, but still, none of mac’s operating systems seem as intuitive to me as Windows, Linux, or Android.

        • jcuvs

           So it’s just a problem with your brain then.

        • You’re not supposed to understand how it works.  If you did, it wouldn’t be magic when it auto-magically did something magical.

      • Awfredricks

        I completely agree with him. I own an iMac and it was easy to get used to but I have also used many iOS devices and have owned an iPod touch for about a year and still can not get the hang of it.
        Despite this sounding rude, using an iOS device makes me feel dumb. Everything is so over simplified and limited that I get confused. Its just a very dumbed down os imo.

  • I shaved my pubs for this???

    • chepano

      I’m much more excited about the Old Old iPad (aka iPad1). time to pressure Craigslist sellers into $150 a piece.  I’ll buy 3, one on the fridge, one at living room, and one at the crapper.  Awesome.

      • Bigsike

        The fridge? hmm never thought of that but if I had one I would probably keep it in the freezer. 😛

        • @a1dd28e20c346b1d1a8b44ab1152a148:disqus  Apple reps showed videos.,a cö-wörker’s möthër-iń-làw mākes $73 ėvėry höúr öń the làptōp. She has beeń firéd for 6 möńths but làst möñth hėŕ incömë was $18076 juṠt wōrḱińg ŏn thë làptöp för a ḟėw höurṠ. Here’Ṡ thé Ṡite tö reād mörë..MakeCash2.com

    • REITdude

       League fan!!

    • LiterofCola

      I lol’d

  • p_droid

    Looks nice. Anyone see their jabs at the Galaxy Tab? Gotta admit that was well played.

    • It’s embarrassing to think that there still isn’t an official Twitter app for Android tablets.

      • Then again, that’s not necessarily an issue with Android, its a problem with the app developers not caring about tablet interfaces.  Though, Google really should lead the charge on that one (I’m looking at you, Google Docs).

        • Droidzilla

          Google Docs is finally a usable suite, though it still lags behind Evernote in a few areas. Still, night and day from the crap it was a month or so ago.

      • who tweets anyway

    • Dain Laguna

      hate to admit it, but it was 🙁

  • RedPandaAlex

    I thought I saw somewhere that Android (including Nook and Fire) already had 40 percent of the tablet market. Wish I remembered where I saw that.

    • RedPandaAlex

      Like this: 

      Hard to say Android isn’t putting a dent in iPad.

      • Iceman_2781

        Your on crack android has crashed the IPad series ur a dumbass for saying that u should smack urself for saying that

        • Iceman_2781

          It doesn’t matter that the new iPad has a bigger resolution then the one last year its no better then the iPad the only thing that make the ipad3 better is the resolution other then that it’s still a shity table android is the now and the future of phone & tablets apple is number 2 in the world and android is number 1look at number of how many android thing that r in use and sold and look at how many apples products are sold in the world android wins bye a landslide long live android so say all so say the android os and machine. And android should make a apple pie out the company apple lol hahahahahah

          • EdubE24

            Corky333 I have to agree with you on the Ritalin. But Iceman look how many Fords are being driven compared to BMW’s, and I promise the Ford is not the better car. They are just cheaper with a lot more available models!!

          • sirmeili

            I guess that depends. Ford makes trucks. For certain activities I need a truck*. a BMW Sedan won’t due (as far as I know BMX does not make trucks).

            “Better” is a subjective term. What is better for you, might not be better for me.

            *I took your use of “car” to mean automobile since it is generally used as such. Saying that Ford’s #1 selling car is a truck says a lot.

        • CORYK333

          Says the dude on Ritalin that doesn’t know what a period is & used more “u” substitutions than a Miami Hurricane football game. Go sit in the corner for a few minutes kid. I have no problem with “u=you” but that was overkill.

  • Chris

    nice and respectable post Kellex. You have redeemed yourself from your last post.

  • Apple seems to be getting into this trend of releasing new models with tiny upgrades and promoting them as bigger then sliced bread. Not sure.

    • Dain Laguna

      i wouldnt really call this ‘tiny upgrades’. especially considering the incremental ‘advances’ that companies like moto and samsung make

      • moelsen8

         yeah i’d say this dwarves the jump from ipad to ipad 2.

      • 4n1m4L

        A lot of the new stuff isn’t new though, its just new to apple.

        • A lot of it is new. One thing I dislike about a lot of us Android fans is that a lot of us overlook innovation and novel ideas because, simply, “Android is better.” 
          Name one other device on the market that has anything close to the resolution in this iPad. Name one of the many Android manufacturers who have a killer productivity suite and a way of editing photos and movies as seamlessly as Apple. Name one Android camera that rivals in clarity to any of Apple’s current line of integrated cameras. This device is groundbreaking for Apple, and it will prove groundbreaking for Android also, in time. I love Android and hate the closed ecosystem of Apple, but how can you not respect what Apple is doing and has done?

          • MKader17

            “Name one of the many Android manufacturers who have a killer productivity suite and a way of editing photos and movies as seamlessly as Apple.”

          • asus transformer pad infinity 700… it’s close..

          • The Pad 700 has a larger screen at 10.1 inches, and still has more than a million pixels LESS than the new iPad. Get educated, that’s good but not “close.”

          • relative argument…

          • The only part of this argument that may be deemed relative would be my assumption that you are uneducated due to my perception of the facts you stated.

          • well.. no… the meaning of close is relative in this argument… I can’t know what you mean by close… neither can you, me. 1920×1200 is pretty good for a 10″ piece of screen… in my opinion… sure the 2048×1536 is great… but is it really necessary? i can’t see the pixels on my xoom when i hold it 15″ away from my face.. same with my current ipad… yeah it’s great… but i’d rather that power that’s being put to support that screen to be split between the cpu and the gpu… i want to get a real os on there… put osx on the ipad, i’ll be the first in line. But I can’t justify getting a minor “S” upgrade..

          • I like that, Wes.


          • Was a heroin addict for 7 years, came to Long Island, NY 4 months ago to get clean, got out of rehab, put my resume on Monster, a recruiting agency found me and said they had a position at Motorola for me. Little did I know, all of those events were prerequisites to work here.

          • congrats for getting clean man!and also getting the job at moto!

          • Thx man

          • Chrisriner84

            Hey, right on brother. I’ll have four years clean under my belt this coming April 28th. Good things just kind of fall into your lap when you get clean. Don’t know who you arebut that’s awesome news, and I’m proud of anybody who can kick something like that

          • Thanks man, everything really has fallen into place. It’s a beautiful life.

          • RumbaCembe

            look its getting to one line of text!

          • Yeah so hard to read!

          • ocdtrekkie

            Now I see why most blogs only let you comment two levels deep.

          • Cyndilouwho

            That’s awesome. Something to be very proud of. Plus, your thoughts, and facts are educated and right.

          • nicotinic

            The Xoom screen sucks… Never speak of it again. I saw pixels the moment my buddy handed it to me. I love Android and would only recommend an iPad for now.

          • en28so

             No big deal in resolution upgrade, since all these screens are tiny. It’s not like it’s a 50 inch tv or something

          • and you hold it closer to your face then the distance you sit away from the tv, i hope lol. closer the easier it is to see the pixels, thats why HD tvs stopped at 1080 p which up close is kinda bad on a 50 + inch .

          • RGiskard

             Excellent points, Paul.

          • You sir, deserve a hand shake. One thing though, the GSII does have a pretty awesome camera. You know, the camera they should have put in my Galaxy Nexus….sad day… BUT I totally agree with you.

          • AlexKCMO

             Rezound has a pretty badass camera.  Transformer Prime camera seems pretty awesome as well.

          • steve30x

            I agree i know three iphone 4s fanatics at workand they freaked out when they see a HD mp4 video played back on my Rezound.

          • cryosx

            If only they could make an android phone or at least make iOS as customizable as android..

          • and adobe photo shop, its not “android” is still available on android.  as for the camera: galaxy SII, Rezound, and the XT928.  but a few android tablets have 1280×800 and 216 ppi granted its not as good of resolution as the ipad and you have a good point on this one android tabs need to step it up on screen resolution but on the other hand some android tabs have extremely strong glass/screens something that basically all apple products lack.

          • Droidzilla

            I agree with you for the most part, but imo LCD is a fail. The GTab 7.7 has the screen to beat right now.

          • All you need is a good display.  AMOLED doesn’t hit these resolutions right now, and even Samsung’s 2560×1600 display will be LCD, not AMOLED… whenever it ships.

          • Droidzilla

            I’ll gladly take sAMOLED at a lower res than an LCD. The ~200ppi of the 7.7 is plenty for me.

          • yes they have an awesome display and their processors are pretty damn good, but what I’ve seen from other manufacturers look 10x’s better. The Snapdragon S4 blows the A5X out of the water and from what TI promised us from the OMAP 5 Apple will be hurting. Hell Samsungs Exnos is better than the already aged A5. I’m sorry, but Apple is now the one playing catch up. This should have been the iPad 2 from the start.

          • Google

            The A5X is blown out of the water? How do you know? Have you benchmarked it yet? Pipe down clown

          • majormudafuckinhun

            REZOUND REZOUND REZOUND and REZOUND! 4S cam is nice though..

          • Guest

            my thunderbolt camera blows away the iphone 4 camera, dont know about the 4s, but the 4 and ipad2 camera sucked. 

          • Google

            The iPhone 4 camera which was the best smartphone camera for almost 18 months sucked? Hahaha, okay buddy

          • Im sorry? The best smartphone camera was and still is the Nokia N8, not sure where your getting your information from, but iPhone cameras are just overprocessed nonsense. Maybe this new iPad might have a better one, you just cannot compare iPhone cameras as the sensor is ridiculously small compared to an N8.

          • Andderson J

            i think u are so wrong on everything you have said.  So many apple fans have become bored with there phones. they are starting to jaile break them. after they do thats when they get excited about there phone again. because they have the freedom of an android.

            Apple only gives there divices 4 upgrdes a year. android  has that every week, it seems. 

          • I said I don’t like the Apple ecosystem. I’d jailbreak if I ever decided to get an iPhone or iPad (which I doubt I ever would). But if you’re saying Motorola, Samsung, etc has any device comparable to this on the market right now, you’re sadly mistaken.

            As for upgrades, Apple has one upgrade per device per year. Android manufacturers have oversaturated their own market, leaving companies like HTC with large marginal losses due to the high cost of developing and producing multiple phones per year. More does not mean better, which is why HTC announced they would be cutting down on the number of phones they produce. 

            “Android is better because it’s not closed” only takes this argument so far. I’m talking about the hardware, the cohesion of the software throughout the platform, and the almost always perfect integration of the two together. Android lacks that, except for the Nexus devices (for the most part). Again, given time, the cohesion will come to Android, I think we see it happening now with Google teaching developers the best ways to make apps for ICS. But in my opinion, the new iPad will be a fundamental blueprint for how Android manufacturers strive to make their tablets from now on.

          • exact way that i see it, android has caught up and in some ways surpassed apple when it comes to mobile phones. but when it comes to tablets theyre not quite there yet.Google has started to lay down the law, which is a extremely good thing for the future of android. 

          • ocdtrekkie

            Omg, it has a uselessly high resolution screen. I don’t call that innovation. The tablet’s still going to suck at playing movies, because it’s 4:3. Nobody’s going to pack artwork into their apps at 2000+ pixels. It’s useless.

          • Chris G

            Transformer Prime rear camera is excellent.

          • Jon H

            Name one piece of media you will view on this screen at that resolution.

            If you say pictures from your DSLR, you’re doing it wrong.

          • People said the same thing when 1080p TV’s were being developed. Can’t live without it now. The content arrives with the hardware. No one creates media in a format that can’t be viewed fully, that’s completely backwards. 

            Did someone create a sitcom and say “now if only we had a box to watch it on?” No, the TV came first, and the shows followed.

    • nimbyist

      you must hate the automobile industry then. would you call changing the engine or the transmission in a car a tiny upgrade? or if you decide to upgrade your video card and cpu, is it still a tiny upgrade to your pc? i agree the hype is severely overblown, but i wouldn’t call the jump a tiny upgrade.

  • Kane Stapler

    The name: Stupid
    The screen: Great
    This whole obsession with “Apple Day”: Stupid

  • Dshudson

    I am moving toward Apple phones and Tablets. Because I like things that work. 

    • Aaron

       That’s weird because all three android phones I’ve ever had “work” fine. Droid, Droid X, and Gnex. Maybe you just like things that are boring and simplified?

      • Feynman42

        Same here, my parents and brother have had more problems with their ipads and iphones than I’ve had with my Android phones, and my Android tablet, and more problems then they had back when they were all using Android phones.

      • mjmedstarved

        Like my dad always said, you can’t fix stupid.

        • Dan

          And I’m sure it was directed to you lol

          • HeLLo

             And yet YOU responded also.So yes be gone now POOF.

          • Jacob121791

            Why are u here? Is ur life really so boring that u have nothing better to do than troll an android blog? Its sad man…..

      • For the LCD consumer, “boring and simplified” is too much even.  I’ll admit that Android’s “issues” have been overblown, while the iOS problems are swept under the rug.

      • EvanTheGamer

        Or he just doesn’t know how to properly use a device, and it’s all user errors.

        I’ve had my Droid X for over 2 years and haven’t had one major issue with it; it works just as great as the day I got it. Same goes with my Galaxy Nexus.

        • Dan

          I never mentioned the droid x, that was the last phone I had with no issue, pay attention.. Your gnex had no issues.. Haha, guess you don’t really own one.

          • My GNex is fine. Battery life lasts the whole day, browser is fast, and everything else is fast. EXCEPT with the antenna…..that is Samsungs fault.

          • EvanTheGamer

            Hey, pal, I wasn’t talking to you douchbag, I was talking to Aaron.

            Now go away troll before you make an idiot out of yourself, which you’ve already done.

          • JaeLim

            I too have GNex and have no problem with it other then the weak LTE radio. You have an iPhone I’m guessing so what gives you the right to claim that you know more about our phones then us?

        • “I’ve had my Droid X for over 2 years” … sorry buddy. The phone launched July 15, 2010, so you’re sitting at about a week less than 1 year and 8 months.

          I’ve had 5 Android devices in the last 2 years and each one has been better than the last. Droid, DX, Fascinate, Charge, Gnex. No problems using any of them. I bet you’re right about him not knowing how to use his Android devices properly.

      • Dan

        Thats funny, because I had the tbolt, bionic and now gnex, they were and are plauged with problems.. Oh I had the xoom too, what a joke. Also, I forgot I’m not entitled to my own opinion…also, if your definition of simplified means work, by all means, yes..i do

        • DroidzFX

          Must be really stupid since you kept buying devices with same OS. 

          • Dan

            Actually, they all had a different ver. Keep up.

          • HeLLo

            He said OS not version you moron.Keep up.

          • Liderc

            This just proves you have never owned a Gnex. Good try though.

        • Teng247

          yet you still keep coming back to Android and Android sites…..

        • that’s funny my tbolt runs awesome.  aside from the 5 second battery, the phone is running great.  I have had 0 issues with the phone itself.  and rooting the phone makes it perfom even better.

        • EvanTheGamer

          Maybe you’re a noob who doesn’t know how to properly operate a device without breaking it?

      • your gnex runs fine?  really?  yea right

        • runs awesome actually…

          • no stock gnex run fine,I got one so I know

          • but you don’t run stock on a nexus… that’s like.. getting a porsche underpowered to 100hp…

          • so you paid good money for a phone and then had to do all that to make it work, and you are fine with that?   good lord

          • heeeeck yeah.. it’s a developer’s phone… of course you’re going to be the one to make it work…

          • then its should have had a 50 dollar price tag

          • ideally, yeah.. but the oems have to make money… if they’d just give us the drivers and let people like cyanogen and pete take care of it… we’d be in good shape.. 😛 

          • Evan Knofsky

            My GNexus running stock 4.0.2 runs perfectly fine for me

          • Dan

            You probably just use it to check droid life.. And probability connected through wifi

          • Dan

            I could respond quicker, but my gnex just lost service on the train.. Weird, my tbolt stopped doing that after the 3 fix.

          • iNfAMOUS70702

            the tbolt 🙁 …that is the phone that drove me to preorder the iphone 4S…well that and the horrible radios on my nexus s =

          • i have the extended battery on the gnex, not really in issue there, I know some people on here could kill a battery 5 times as big as the razr maxx, one thing ive noticed about apple is that when there is a problem it gets fixed fast, thats what makes andriod seem like that are made in someones garage,should not be this way,they have many advantages over apple, but this lack of quality should be fixed, more testing before release,put some pride in your product

          • sirmeili

            Funny, I ran my stock gnex up until Tuesday with no Issues what so ever (since it came out). I only unlocked, rooted, and put AOKP on it so I could uset he tethering since my internet went down at home and I HAD  to remote into work (didn’t feel like paying $20 for tethering or driving 2 hours one way to work).

            Can you cite specific issues you had?

        • Tom

          Hm… I normally don’t feed trolls, but I need to say this. Every mobile device on the entire planet has issues. I don’t care if it is running iOS, Android, Meego or Debian. There is absolutely NO SUCH THING as a bug free device, they simply don’t exist. They ALL have issues. And the problems encountered are not always the fault of the device or OS in question but the stupidity of the user. 

          That said, I know plenty of android users whom have never had any issue with an android device, myself included. Same can be said of Apple. I have also heard of both sides having issues. If you can find me a perfect mobile device, I’d love to see it so I could buy it.

          Here is a bit of an anecdotal story… I happen to be acquainted with a certain Engadget editor named Josh. And he actually upgraded to the iPhone 4S and quickly ditched it for his 3GS, which he claims is the better phone due to some glaring issues he had with the 4S which the 3GS does not, including one in particular with the display. The phone has issues, and he chose to use his old phone rather than the 4S because of said issues. And he is clearly not an Android fan, so that is coming from an Apple supporter. (Oh and the issues which he claims, were across 4 different iPhone 4Ss, 3 replacements and one which was his wife’s, which she still uses, and he says that the issues are still very much present)

          • well there are 3 basic things a phone should always be certain of having first and foremost, good radios for sending and recieving a signal
            good microphone to talk to the other person with
            good speaker so you can use speaker phone if needed, these 3 things should always be there no matter what, they are just basic common sense items and the gnex has none of them and after almost 3 months, they still dont have them, not even going into the drop calls ,reboots etc etc

          • Tom

            Never had an issue with the radio of the GNex where I am, people tell me they can hear me fine with the microphone, and I have no issues with the speaker. When I use it for the speaker phone it is loud enough (which is rare), and I don’t use it for anything else.

            And there are plenty of Android devices with better radios and speakers out there.

            If you need those three things, and did your research you probably would have bought a Droid Razr or Razr Maxx rather than a GNex. 

            Every user’s experience is different. What might be perfect for one user, may be total and utter crap for another user. You can’t just scoff at someone because they haven’t had issues with their GNex. Their experience may be perfect while yours is not, but that is their personal experience. You are not them, and you never will be, so don’t write off another person’s personal experience. It is just as valid as yours.

          • iNfAMOUS70702

            if you want amazing radios and good speakers on an android then you buy a motorola…however that isnt the most popular choice around here 😛

          • nimbyist

            i have the razr and the 4G drops like nobodys business. no phone is perfect 😛

        • ostensibly

           mine does.

      • richlizard24

         I went through 3 Droid X’s.  My sister has gone through 4.  They hardly “work.”

    • My old iPhone used to crash on me just as often as any Android phone I’ve ever owned.

      • Brum08

        I have a friend that is on her 5th iPhone due to a reoccurring issue that was backed up to iCloud. They kept giving her new iPhones in hopes that it would solve the issue but nothing fixed it until they wiped the iCloud. So things don’t just “always work”. I used to admire Apple for huge advancements pushing the envelope(despite preferring android). Now its just mediocre predictable improvements.

        • Dan

          I got my girl an iphone and I have to use it half the time when mine isn’t working.. If iphone had 4g, I’d already have it.

          • if the last iphone would have been 4g I would have one now,4g was a deal breaker

          • HTC1

            get it. I always say I-Junk is for Amateurs…….   people that can’t even handle a app drawer. Like the same old, same old, non costomizable look.     Not a big deal and not making fun of you.    But it is…..

            Android is for the more advanced type person. Us guys that want more settings and options. I went through a I-phones settings in about 7 minutes once. Saw everything there was to set. My first android took me weeks to see them all.

            thats what android is for, people like me.  People that search forums all day every day looking for something else that can be done with our phone.       I-Junk can’t even give you a clock yet!!!!  Nevermind choose between a thousand of them…

            I just figured it out, I-junk people don’t like clocks…….

          • but… they put like… 43 of them on the ipod nano…

        • EdubE24

          I’m calling Bullsh*t on the five iPhones….

          • Brum08

            They would run a diagnostic and it would say nothing is wrong, but she would show them the crashing of apps and sluggish performance so they’d replace it. So believe what you want

    • Hubersnoob


    • Iceman_2781

      Your on crack apple sucks

      • Sameagle99

        you’re..  your brain sucks

    • EvanTheGamer

      Really? You like things that work? Interesting…

      Also, good riddance, troll.

    • leaning that way myself, I know the iphone is pretty fraigle but it works like it should right out of the box, but damn will regret having to buy apps  lol

      • Diablo81588

        You’ve obviously never used an iPhone before. I’ve bought my girlfriend two, the 4 and 4s. Both have had issues locking up and requiring a hard reset. So, for you to say it works “right out of the box”, is a total misconception. The iPhone is no more perfect than any android phone. In fact, I’ve had less issues with my Bionic than her iPhone. Go figure.

        • Duh

          Sure it did. I’ve owned 5 and bought my girlfriend 10 and they have never locked up or required a hard reset. Nice try. 

          • sirmeili

            Seems like you might be having issues if you’ve bough your GF 10 iPhones. They’ve been out for 5 years. That’s 2 per year (faster than they refresh). The only reason to replace one faster than 1 once per year is if it has issues (either physical or software)

    • my wifes company gives her a blackberry to use and she hates it, but hates my gnex more,everytime she calls me the mic cuts off , well almost everytime, the gnex could have been a world class phone but as it is, its a joke, my original droid was a better phone

      • ABerry5

        Try wrapping your head around “faulty hardware” funny no one else seems to have that problem

      • sirmeili

        Funny, I’ve never had anyone complain (except when I inadvertently cover the mic with my finger). Mic seems fine to me. Granted, I’m not happy with the mic placement, but I figure it is because I am left handed and it is on the right side of the phone (making it easier for a left hander to cover the mic with their pinky if they hold it a certain way). After being a Lefty my whole life, I’ve learned that most products are NOT created with lefties in mind, so I don’t fault Samsung completely for that.

    • RadicalPie

      Thank you for sharing. 

  • sofunnytom

    Give me the display on anything else, then we’re talking.

    • A world of this.

    • WAldenIV

      Why?  Wouldn’t you rather waste those pixels with three inch black bars on the top and bottom of your 4:3 new *Pad watching movies?

      • WAldenIV

        And since when is 264 ppi a retina display?  They just lowered the bar for a lot of existing phones and devices.

        • schwinn8

           I thought the same thing… typical Apple making up words to make their products seem better. They certainly have a hell of a marketing team (and a bunch of lemmings to believe everything they say). By their new definition of “264ppi” being “retina”, my OG Droid at 265ppi is “retina” too! How’s THAT for a free upgrade!

  • My initial thought is why are we reporting about it on an Android site? 😛

    • Because Android is directly influenced by everything Apple does. Now that we’ve broken the 1080p display barrier, expect Android OEM’s to follow suit. 

      • DroidzFX

        Sorry buddy ■pple did not invent 1080p

        • That’s not at all what he said. He said they are the only ones that are making a device with a display higher than 1080p. Resolutions around or higher than
          2048×1536 are barely seen in the PC monitor market and those usually cost anywhere from 1-3 thousand.

          • DroidzFX

            Thanks for clearing that up I was confused.  

             ” expect Android OEM’s to follow suit ”   They are not following suit that would be called natural progression.  

          • Exactly

          • DroidzFX

            Glad you agree.

          • MarkyMark

            Oh good, they have at least 1 thing better than what’s on the market today. That should help them validate the highest price point on the market!

          • CIFchamp24

            Its funny you say that when you know one of the main reasons android tablets have been failing is because their high pricing.

          • DroidDoesnt

            No….they’re failing because they’re not iPads….

          • nimbyist

            the price point is around the same for all manufacturers right now on 10″ tablets…esp. ones with comparable hardware.

          • It has a similar price to every new 10″ tablet on the market. What are you talking about? Try and buy a brand new 10″ Tegra 3 device for less than 500 bucks…oh, and it’ll have a worse screen. I’ll never get an iOS device but the fact remains that it’s similarly priced compared to other devices in it’s class and has a resolution that only extremely high end pc monitors have.

          • Mylesh55

            1-3 Thousand? Where’d that number come from? Maybe 3-4 hundred. Computer monitors are very cheap but maybe if it also has TV capabilities, 8 HDMI ports and packaged with an entire theater system for 1-3K would make sense.

          • Guest

             You have no idea what you are talking about, or you didn’t read his comment correctly…

          • ericl5112

            Monitors over 1920*1200 tend to be at least $800, if not more.  Did you even read his comment?

          • You obviously know nothing of the pc market.

          • r0lct

            Apple and oranges on the PC monitor comparison.  Show me a 9.7″ consumer PC monitor for $1000+.

          • You have a point but you still can’t find any other devices right now with a higher resolution that isn’t a 800+ dollar pc monitor.

          • r0lct

            That’s because the larger the monitor the more expensive it would be to keep that resolutions.  I’m sure PC monitor makers could make that res 10″ monitor for cheap, but no one would buy it.  In this day if it isn’t 22″+ no one is interested for a PC.
             I do however agree with the sentiment that Apple puts out tablets that are ahead of every Android OEM and by the time they catch up Apple will pull ahead again unless something changes.

          • It’s the nature of the beast. I know I’m getting even more off topic but you can’t find a 2560*1440+ monitor that isn’t 27″ or higher. If I could find one that was between 22 and 24 I’d jump on it in a heart beat…then I’d have to buy 3 GTX 580s and a 1200w power supply to try to play any games at a respectable framerate with all the graphical options turned up.

        • Dain Laguna

          i dont think anyone, not even apple, claimed this?

          • DroidzFX

            You guys must drink the same water as Chris. 

          • ill let you in on an inside joke… (apple claims to “revolutionize” everything they do, even things that have been around for a while, so he was poking fun at how they claim to innovate where they have just implemented technology that has been around and slightly tweak it for their own use) so thats what he was saying.  

      • I don’t know about that one.  Though, with 2k/4k TV panels making an appearance on the market soon, anything is possible.
        Me, I’m most looking forward to the Samsung flexible/transparent display technology, as I think that will have a larger impact than high-res.

      • kidtronic

        Aren’t you on the wrong site? 😛

      • apple is also extremely influenced by android.  one main example is pull down notifications, how much more android you get?!?!

        • Raven

          I am still waiting for Apple to copy Android widgets.  What good is having all of that pixel real estate if you can’t even use widgets on your desktop?

          • RadicalPie

            I definitely agree for the ipad. But not the phone. The screen is too small as it is. Put one widget per screen lol

          • richlizard24

             No one cares about stupid widgets. 

        • Unbiased

          Really?  Pull down notifications make Apple “extremely influenced by Android”?  That’s all you got?  

          • DroidDoesnt

            Lol! Exactly….aaaah the mind of a fandroid!

          • richlizard24

             And Android wasn’t even the first mobile OS to have that.  Stupid argument.

        • richlizard24

          Android was not the first to have pull down notifications, so does that make Google influenced?

      • Dbs

        No android tab can get 1080p. Apple would file a law suit to get it banned.

      • Raven

        I would still prefer a typical Android widescreen 10″ display (such
        as my Transformer) over a higher resolution 4:3 display that is
        actually smaller due to letter boxing for movie watching:
        Asus 10.1″ 16:10 = 8.6″ x 4.84″ letterboxed movie
        iPad 9.7″ = 7.7″ x 4.33″ letterboxed movie

        • Inquizitor

          Agreed, but I want that pixel density. After getting my GNex, I’ve been waiting desperately for a widescreen Android tablet that comes close.

        • JMonkeYJ

          the thing i actually like about android tablets is that they come in 7″. now that i’ve owned both 7″ (nook color) and 10″ (touchpad) tablets, 7″ is obviously the superior form factor to me.

    • But on a more serious note, I think that Google really needs to entice developers to develop apps that work appropriately on tablets. They could easily target apps/games that they’d like to see on tablets. Offer to provide a development device and possibly free seminars or targeted sessions to help make it happen. 

    • ericl5112

      Nothing happens in a vacuum.