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Google Promising Unified Gaming Platform By 2013, Game Developers Rejoice

If you are a big mobile or social gamer, then the news that Google plans to combine all of their social and mobile gaming variations into a single platform may have you a bit excited. By combining the Chrome Web Store games, Google+ games, and Android games, Google intends to allow developers to have their games reach millions of additional users.

Google’s Punit Soni had this to say about Google’s intentions:

By next year, we will not be here talking about Google+ Games, Chrome Web Store games, Games for Native Client and Android games. We will be talking about Google games. Games bring people together. They are an important part of how users interact online. Game developers push boundaries, and games are fun. We realize that gaming is at an interesting point in its evolution and we have technology and platforms to push it to the next level.

So now that we know we have lots to expect from Google in the gaming category, all we have to do now is play the waiting game.

Via: Venture Beat

  • Barbacoa

    Ummmm so a PC isnt a unified gaming platform? im confused….

  • summit1986

    Rectify. Rectify. Games. Rectify. Games.

  • LiterofCola

    Now work on the next gaming console and we’ll be all set

    • Because we need a crappy android based console to play mobile designed games to be upscaled for a tv? We already have that in PSN Minis and XBL Arcade and they are horrible and way overpriced.

      • LiterofCola

        No, I meant that they should work on a new gaming console to upgrade the PS3 and Xbox consoles, not mobile games.  Not what the article was about, I know, but I’d still like to see it nonetheless. 

  • Larizard

    I have a suggestion. Maybe when they consolidate all gaming platforms to one, they can call it something else. I dunno, maybe something like “Google Play”?

    • E A butler

      as long as they dont call it Google PAY , i’ll still be a happy camper!!

  • Deltaechoe

    Now just waiting for apple’s lawyers to sue claiming that apple invented video games

  • E A butler

    I like this concept. I always thought that Google pushing chrome and android to be counter productive. Like why wasn’t Android’s native  browser Google Chrome? Chrome for the Galaxy Nexus is pretty sweet.  I just discovered Chrome Browser for my Desktop 2 weeks ago, it is pretty powerful in terms of its capabilities and the fact that you game install Games and Apps in to your browser is cool as well, but it doesn’t really interest me because most of the games or apps I installed into my Chrome, I already have on my phone/tablet etc.  If they could somehow integrate the data between devices that would be incredible.  It would allow me to continue the game I was playing on my phone in my browser and vice versa, like saving data in Evernote, kinda.  That is bad ass!!!!  Seems like 2013 will be a whole new Google, 2 days ago I was bitching and complaining to my friends about Google, but hearing the announcements about the changes in the Google Market 2 days ago and this, I think I can hang around for another year!!!!!  

    • ddevito

      I’m happy if you’re happy, but what about the new market name excites you exactly?  :p

  • ddevito

    If chrome web games, social games and mobile games are to be on the same platform, then I think Google just told us Chrome and Android are to be the same.

    Android is Java (mostly) with the Dalvik engine, Chrome can be JavaScript, Python, Ruby, etc and I would assume G+ is the same as the web platform (let’s not forget Native Client either). So if you’re telling me this will be the same then everything else should (in theory) be the same.

    • ddevito

      To further explain my point, if they are indeed keeping all these platforms separate that means that game developers would have to write their game across all of Google’s platforms.

      So this could just be a cross platform unification API for developers, you’ll still need need to write the same game on different platforms. In a word, impossible. Android itself is fragmented, now you’re asking developers to write more code just so it can cross different platforms? Umm, no it will never happen.

      The only clear and simple solution for a developer is to write it once and Google can emulate it everywhere else.

      Or Chrome OS and Android become one.

      • RadicalPie

        Interesting. If Google emulates it everywhere else is that more work for Google than just making Chrome OS and Android the same? If I just asked a stupid question I apologize. Also what implications would Chrome and Android being the same create besides this gaming capabilities?

        • ddevito

          Actually, yes, (I think) emulating it between the platforms seems to be more work. Especially since Chrome OS is so lightweight and small in (physical) size.

          Having Chrome and Android merge would be interesting only for one reason: approach. 

          Android is a small, but powerful locally installed OS with hooks into a huge back end (google services)

          Chrome OS’s approach is different. It’s a new type of architecture that gets installed on a traditional architecture platform (laptops). Actually it isn’t quite new, it’s just radically different – a completely stripped down linux OS with a kernel and (essentially) one Graphical application that runs in the X windows system (Chrome browser). It’s lightweight and all page loads and data runs in the back end, rather than the opposite (Android).

          (Bottom line is, I just can’t see either happening any time soon)

          • RadicalPie

            “we have technology and platforms to push it to the next level.”
            I guess we will have to wait for 2013. Watch December 2013. ha!

          • ddevito

            How ’bout Google unifying their communication and messaging services first? Who cares about games honestly? 

            And why just games? Why not all apps? What difference would it make?

            No one’s a bigger fan of Google then me, but sometimes they really make me scratch my head.

          • RadicalPie

            Agreed Google + Messaging, Google Voice, Google Talk, Gmail, People. If they unified these without any issues and seamlessly I am pretty sure the “Android is complicated” would never be used again.

             I dont really care for games but in part I think it is because I flash new crap on my Gnex so often that I forget to back up data and dont wanna do the same 60 levels of Angry Birds all the time for full stars hehe. 

          • brando56894


      • ddevito

        Maybe Google says the hell with all other languages and development platforms.

        Use Google Dart.

        Now we’re talking. One language. One platform. Period.

  • Bob Martin

    how about a Google video game console like ps3 or xbox 360? just imagine the possibilities. instead of having a psn or xbox live account u can just use your Gmail account. and u can connect your phone or tablet to your tv via bluetooth just like with an hdmi cable. and u can either use Google + games on your tv, buy Google tv apps from the android market. or even hd games designed for only the Google game console.

    • RadicalPie

      You are blowing my mind Bob. I want Call of Duty MW4 on my Google Play-Box-Station. Plus play full games remotely from my phone when I’m not at my GPBS. Kind of like how Splashtop Steamer allows you to connect to your computer from any data connection. 

      • brando56894

        That cracked me up, but I totally agree!

  • RacecarBMW

    Google Games
    Google Play

    Xperia Play (a gaming device)
    The guys name is Soni (similar to Sony)

    I rest my case the next nexus device will be an Xperia Play II

    • RadicalPie

      Friggen Nancy Drew over here. 

    • ddevito

      Um, nice work Columbo, but I doubt Google’s rebranding their cloud services for the next Nexus device.

      • RacecarBMW

        calm down it was a joke.

  • moelsen8

    i want to see them kill off the processor-exclusive stores.  or at least strong-arm them into releasing general versions as well.

  • Dave

    Google Games. Perhaps Google should have rebranded its market as Google Store and rolled all products and services under that umbrella.

    • brando56894

      I hate the play name with a passion, I think they should have kept the “market” part and just changed Android to Google. It’d be a lot easier for current users to remember and it doesn’t sound dumb. You buy stuff at a market, you watch stuff at a play.

  • Darthseph23

    Hopefully this venture works out better than the Music storefront is for them. I’ll wait and see how it all plays out.  If it is all Android-level games, I’m not sure it will be a big help.

  • Does anyone know if their is a game for android where you can plug in a headphone and talk to people. If not we should invent one!

    • Jacoblmueller

      Sure there is. It’s a little used app called “phone”. ;-p

  • Dan

    Interesting. Would be nice if there was a unified achievement service like Apple’s Gamecenter. Anybody agree with me?

    • Darthseph23

       Or Steam and Stardock?

      • They should def buyout steam…

        • EvanTheGamer

          As if Valve would sell Steam to Google…right…

          • RadicalPie

            With enough money doesn’t anything have a price?

          • feztheforeigner

            Google always has enough money for a good purchase

          • EvanTheGamer

            Because Valve isn’t a sellout.

          • Noyfb

            Valve is Making Their First Platform Gaming Console. But I didn’t see a date when it’d be ready.

          • EvanTheGamer

            Oh yeah, true that…but maybe they’ll come to their senses and realize that they should just stay in the PC game, and not move towards developing and marketing a console. 

            BUT then again, it seems to me that the console would be only able to play Steam games, hence the Steam Console. So with that said, they haven’t sold out…they just want to give its fans the ability to play all their Steam games on a bigger screen, which that I can agree on. 

            I have over 150 Steam games, and would freaking love to play my games on a bigger screen, would be totally rock!

            Plus, not to mention, many Steam games come down in price part of Steam’s Mid-Week and Weekend sales, and some of those games are also available on Xbox 360/PS3 at full price, so it would also save gamers money in the long run, too, by not having to buy those same games on Xbox 360/PS3 that are also available via Steam.
            Just my two cents. lol

          • EvanTheGamer

            Actually…lol…Valve squashed that rumor today…at least for now, they aren’t developing any home console.


          • brando56894

            You say that now but who really saw Google buying Motorola, for  $12.5 Billion none the less!

    • What about the ability to save progress/score in a game to your account. Then continue the game on your computer through the web interface or tablet.

      • RadicalPie

        I sort of included that as part of what they will offer. But I am just assuming.

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    • Google

      Yet another rip off of Apple. Apple already offers Game Center and picking up games from iOS to OS X. I will give Google credit, they know who to copy. 

      • Game Center is underwhelming at best (I’ve had three iPhones and an iPad). It will do some cool things like scores and achievements, but so does OpenFeint. It is also supposed to allow for multiplayer (think Xbox LIVE), but I rarely saw any games take advantage of that (I’ve got several hundred games). Another cool feature developers are *just* starting to take advantage of is saving games to the cloud, allowing you to share your progress between phone and tablet. This plan of Google’s sounds much bigger. They’re talking games that work transparently on multiple platforms, including your web browser. That’s not copying Apple, that’s kicking them in the nads and taking their lunch money.

        • ddevito

          I agree that it has huge implications, but it raises so many questions

      • “and picking up games from iOS to OS X.”

        I forgot to address this. I’ve yet to buy any game for iOS that also works on OS X. If I want a game that has been *ported* to the Mac, I have to buy it again. I was going to say there is no Game Center on the Mac, but a quick visit to the sneak preview for Mountain Lion, and I stand corrected. They *will* have Game Center on the Mac eventually. Whether or not the games will be cross-platform at that point remains to be seen…

        • Google

          Yeah you have to buy it again. There are not universal Mac/iOS games, at least that i am aware of. Maybe once everyone has Mountain Lion there will be although i doubt it. However, us Mac users don’t mind spending 10 or 20 bucks on a game or app because we have $1000+ computers so a few bucks isn’t any skin off are nose. 

          • TheOiulkj

             “skin off are nose”
            [/mac user]

  • jedijesus95

    I just want a service that will have my game saves in the cloud. 

    • EvanTheGamer


    • brando56894

      That’s the exact reason why I’ve never really played many games on my Android devices, I flash ROMs too often and always forget to backup my saved data!

  • We all know it will be Google Play Games!