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Chrome for Android Beta Updated, Focuses Mainly on Bug Fixes

There is a new version of Chrome for Android available in the Google Play store, numbered 0.16.4301.233. You won’t find any new features, but what you will see are a few good bug fixes. We always welcome in minor tweaks like this, however, they still have a running list of features that need to be added like the ability toggle desktop and mobile versions of sites. Everyone still loving the Chrome Beta?

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Via: Google Chrome Blog

Cheers K!

  • ABerry5

    Its funny how we are so accustomed to that request desktop site feature we never use to have that now its a deal breaker.. being able to have spell check for text input like where I’m typing keeps me coming back.. I know when I need flash other than that there were few bugs I noticed and all but one have been fixed.. its amazing

  • Joediver

    Liking Dolphin HD more. Faster on my GNEX

  • Dmzman

    Can someone please explain why this is only for Ice Cream Sandwich and not Gingerbread?

  • I’m upset I can’t use it on my custom ROM, which for most of us, is the only way to get ICS on our phones.  Once again Android Fragmentation is the ugly elephant in the room, ruining our good times!

  • Medications

    I really don’t know why so many people are creaming over this and are using it as their stock browser replacement at this stage. The only justification for that is if you are someone who utilizes the syncing function a lot, which is great. But there are far too many shortcomings right now for it to be a main browser. Things like no desktop view toggling or quick controls will obviously be added later, but are dealbreakers for now. I can’t wait until they have chrome available with all of the basic features that it is currently lacking because then it will be awesome. Until then it’s not with the download

  • galaxynexusprime

    Can we click phone numbers yet? My biggest beef…

    • BrianWenger

      Apple says you can’t.

  • jdrch

    I have it installed because it’s good to have another option, but I use Firefox Nightly, which supports Flash *and* add-ons.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    OMG… I can’t get over Flash Support. I keep going back to the old browser. Reminds me of why my iPad 1 has been collecting dust in a corner.

  • Everyone still loving the Chrome Beta?

    If it existed, maybe I would. But it doesn’t exist.

  • I tested Chrome on my rooted Rezound ICS ROM and loved it. Rightnow I’m running a Gingerbread ROM because I want the ICS ROMs to be a bit more polished, and when that time comes for the switch Chrome will probably be my full-time browser.

  • I like it, but may go back to stock. It’s having problems with text sizes on one of my favorite websites…

    I love the ability to swipe left and right to switch tabs though. Brilliant.

  • The more I use it the more I like it. I definitely use it more than any other browser. I really don’t miss Flash. If I need Flash, I can just use a different browser. Full screen doesn’t bother me especially since I am running the full screen mod. I wish it had a desktop mode, and for some reason when trying to download files it doesn’t work as well as in Dolphin HD. Anyway love Chrome and cannot wait to see what it is like when it gets out of beta.

  • Azndan4

    It needs inverted rendering

  • Anon

    “Everyone still loving the Chrome Beta?”

    Don’t you mean:  “Everyone of the small percentage of people who have phones running ICS still loving the Chrome Beta?”

    I understand why Google did it –but their hands-off approach with phone vendors mean that a lot of us aren’t getting the things Google wants us to have.

    • It’s also only available in the US, or something like that.

      My phone runs CM9 and, well, “This item is not available in your device’s country” for both Japan and Russia.

  • Towelie420

    Chrome on android is buttery smooth. It also has a lot of amazing features. But the fact that it does not have flash, and seemingly has no option to request the desktop version of websites prevents it from being my daily driver. I love full websites with flash the way it was intended to be viewed. Don’t get how all of you are saying this has completely replaced the stock browser. But that is only my opinion. Chrome still rocks though.

  • I use it on my Xoom, but without the desktop toggle it is kind of pointless for now

  • Akowal

    Can’t install on my Razr Maxx? 😡

  • Davel23

    Chrome beta is lame. What is supposed to be so special about it?

    • KevinC

      What a well thought out argument.

  • zoukis05

    Need desktop UA available.

  • EC8CH


  • FortitudineVincimus

    No Quick Controls, no thanks.

    • This is why it isn’t my default browser yet. I’m somewhat bummed about Flash but I just discovered Quick Controls, and I’m not giving them up now.

    • AloXander

      Agreed, as soon as it gets quick controls, I’m in.

  • Inquizitor

    Does it still refuse to open YouTube links in the YouTube app? That’s sort of a dealbreaker for me.

    • Michael Forte

      I think so. Still lists it as a known issue. I’m sure it’ll be fixed soon enough.

    • edmicman

      I’ve noticed this too. Embedded video just seems to work better in the stock browser than chrome for now.

  • loving Chrome on the GNex, strangely though yesterday’s Google Play apk download from mediafire would download as a .zip within Chrome.. when using stock browser however the .apk downloaded just fine… not sure if thats a weird Chrome quirk or what, but hopefully that gets straightened out as time goes on. Otherwise A+ work here

    • edmicman

      I’ve seen weird file download things too…I figured it was mime types.or something. Lots of times I’ve had problems downloading pdfs whereas they worked fine in the stock browser.

      • Bodhiballer

        Yup. I have issues here as well.  

    • .apk files are just .zip files with a different extension. Most likely, if you just rename the file to .apk, it should work fine.

  • Great to see that they made it so all ICS roms can use it again, thanks google

  • p_droid

    I switched back to the stock ICS browser because Chrome was super laggy for me. Just me?

  • ddevito

    HW acceleration
    Quick Controls
    Full Screen

    Then we’ll talk.

    (Why can’t it update itself like Chrome on the desktop (and OS) do?)

    • RadicalPie

      Quick Controls and Full Screen. Agreed. 

    • It does use HW acceleration, many phones have issues with it because of this and open gl

      But I agree with the rest, except autoupdate (Just check autoupdate in the market)

      • ddevito

        you’re right (HW acceleration), I forgot. 

        Autoupdate isn’t quite like the market (excuse me, Google Play) autoupdate. It (would) update behind the scenes. 

    • Because updating is handled through Google Play. You’re an Android Developer, you really should know this by now. Pushing updates to the phone is probably different than PC/Mac.

      • ddevito

        Thanks for the quick 101 :p

        Actually, pushing updates to phones is easier than PCs because Google controls the OS. Anyway, I’m not going to pretend I work at Google so I guess only they can answer that. But at the rate Chrome is going to be updated it may make sense to autoupdate like the desktop counterpart can (was my original point).

        • KevinC

          it’s because chrome is a big apk file, they don’t want to rape people’s tiered data plans by always auto updating.

          if you want to autoupdate, configure you market to do so.

          • ddevito

            Okay, I’m dropping it – not a big deal.

        • Chrome is installed in /data/apps/ and the market is in /system/apps/

          System apps can do pretty much anything whereas a user app would need explicit user permission to update the apk.

    • KevinC

      chrome for android is hardware accelerated.

    • Calculatorwatch

      Quick Controls and Full Screen would be nice but the thing that really bugs me is that it’s not enabled to launch other apps (e.g. launch the market when you click a market link or the youtube app when you play a youtube video), it’s quite annoying

      That said, I still use it because, well, it’s awesome. Tab syncing is just great.

  • Michael Forte

    I love Chrome on Android, it’s been my main browser ever since release.

    • patapongirl

      Me too, I’ve tried all browsers on the market and was using Opera before Chrome beta came out. Then it totally blow me away with its speed and UI.

      Love this app even though it’s beta.

  • Ryan C

    Please just call it the Android Market…. or at least the Google Market in the posts and links.

    • RadicalPie

      I thought the same thing hehe. 

      • Ryan C

        Ha hadn’t crossed my mind till now… but this whole “play” thing is just eating away at me..

  • does this still require hardware acceleration? Man… really hoping HW acc. will get working on my Bionic ICS A[X]I0M rom. this is such a great rom, especially with a working camera. If i can run chrome on here, that be even greater

  • JosephMoreno

    Works on CM9

  • i love the fact that it knows when text is too small, and to be sure you’re clicking on the right thing, a bubble pops up to magnify the area you’re clicking

    • I love the bubble.  It comes in so handy when you’re on a forum and trying to click a certain page number.

  • I’m almost always happy with Google products, even If I’m not initially they almost never disappoint in the end.

  • the phrase google play is going to kill me