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Verizon’s Website Says that “Something is Coming” Which Means the Next iPad, That’s It.

Let’s go ahead and get this out of the way since we have yet to mention it and tomorrow is the day. Even if you live under a rock, you probably know that Apple is going to announce their new iPad tomorrow, rumored to be called the iPad HD  because of some insane resolution. They also may introduce their first TV, meaning they will tell you that they re-invented something that has already been re-invented a dozen times and then sue the world for it because they filed a patent for it 5 years ago, but failed to actually produce the technology until now. Yeah, it’ll happen. But back to the main point.

Verizon’s site since last night has had this big banner with a “Something Is Coming.” slogan across it. It’s about the new iPad. It has nothing to do with any Android phone or family share plan or self-charging LTE battery-modem-combo-work-of-art. The only other time that I have seen them place a banner like this on their front page, was for one of the iPhones – I think it was the iPhone 4S.

So with that out of the way, feel free to provide your thoughts on any thing I just rambled off.


  • richlizard24

    Someone sounds butthurt. 

  • Chris

    watch, as soon as live event from Apple is over Kellex is going to post some bitter comment as he features iPad 3’s specs here on this site. I think he secretly admires Apple, or feels threatened by it.

  • MrEnglish

    Buying it as soon as it’s announced. I can be a dual fanboy.

    •  Or, March 16th :P…if that rumor, among many, stands true.

  • Chris

    you jealous and bitter Kellex? Grow up and this has nothing to do with Android so why even post this? Scared of the competition? Clearly you make it out be. LAME on you.

  • Another iPad, another outdated OS on a tablet that doesn’t do anything useful.

  • Rvdnsx

    Haters gonna hate…

  • Drewgalyen

    Apple is so lame. I love walking past the hardware store and seeing all the tools inside.

  • Neomastermind

    Bow to your new king, Android tablets. The iPad 3 has come to succeed the previous king, the iPad 2.

  • Sp4rxx

    “something big is coming”

    The iPad 2s ….

  • The only thing I can think of to complain about is, why didn’t an Android tablet maker beat them to high-rez!!! My main complaint about all tablets, including iPad2 is that they all look like crap! My laptop and my phone both have better ppi than any tablet out there.

  • i want a 299 tegra 3 10″ tablet


  • medina

    You know they don’t talk about Android news on the iOS websites. Who’s trolling now? Trololol

    • Diablo81588

      Go away.

  • sc4fpse

    Obligatory: This site sucks, all you guys ever do is talk about the iPhone, bla bla bla.

  • jeff3yan

    Why do people support corporations who have no interest other than to make money?

    • trumpet444

      the ones that don’t like making money don’t exist, so you’re just stupid

      • jeff3yan

        That wasn’t really the point. What I meant was, why support/bash a corporation either way? It doesn’t benefit you financially or in any other way.

        Although I have to admit I am a fanboy of disappointed fanboys. Don’t care what platform as long as the fanboys are disappointed.

        • GawkerRedesignSucks

          Since this article doesn’t disappoint any fanboys (Apple fans are happy and Android fans shouldn’t care) does that mean that YOU’RE disappointed?  And if you’re a fanboy of disappointed fanboys, does your disappointment in our lack of disappointment excite you?

          Divide by 0

        • angermeans

          So basically you just troll fanboys, or did I hear you wrong. It sounds like you like to wallow in the misery of disappointed fanboys, right? Thats kind of sad. Why do you care? I dont understand fanboys either and brand loyalty keeps people from getting to use some great tech. I like what I like. I have an i5 Macbook Pro, Galaxy Nexus, HTC Trophy, Xbox 360, PS Vita, and soon to have iPad HD (or whatever its called). I just got rid of the Xoom and I have the Motorola Razr up for sale. The point is I use what I feel is the best for me and could care less what fanboys care about that. If you cant find small flaws in your purchase then you are blindly following a company and you will miss a lot of great innovation from competitors. 

    • But that’s like 99% of the corporations, really.
      However, if I have an equal choice, I usually support a lesser evil corp.

    • angermeans

      Like Motorola? Every company is only out to make money. If you believe any different then I feel sorry for you. 

  • Aww sweet!!  I can’t wait to get my hands on the iPad 2S!  I hope it changes everything again like the last time!!

    Aww sweet!!  A piece of lint! 

    • Robsmith Nikon

      That was awesome.

    • Google

      Hi hater!

    • iNfAMOUS70702

      samsung introduced nothing special themselves with their tablets at MWC…just refreshed versions of what they already have..apple aint the only OEM doing this

  • Matthew Rosidivito

    I’m still waiting for the official Verizon email about the Galaxy Nexus that I signed up for…

    • Me too, I have given up hope on that system

    • tomn1ce

      Me too……

  • icedhot

    verizon = too slow = me mad
    damm cdma technology

  • MKader17

    Unless Jobs comes back from the grave for this I don’t see it being much more exciting than the 4S launch.

    • Google

      The 4S? You mean the fastest selling phone on all 3 major U.S. carriers? You mean the phone that sold 37 million units in 3 months. haha. Hi hater.

      • MKader17

        Jonathan ****** October 4, 2011 -No iPhone 5. Just the 4s. Terribly disappointing.
        Jonathan ******October 7, 2011 via Facebook for iPhone – iPhone 4s ordered

        Because of people like this…. yes.

  • Adam

    I have an iPad 2. Which I’ll probably sell for an iPad 3. Anyone who thinks there’s a better Droid tablet is delusional. I have a Droid tablet as well and have used other high end tablets they don’t hold a candle to the ipad. I like both droid and iOS. I went from moto q to iphone 3gs to Droid x to iPhone 4 to bionic to galaxy nexus also.

    • moelsen8

      why do you keep calling them “droid tablets” and “Droid” for the OS?  you smell like a troll.  either that, or you really have no idea what you’re talking about when it comes to android.

      • Adam

        An-droid sucks. iOS owns. Quit crying lol.

        • Adam

          Sent from my galaxy nexus. lol.

    • Gabba

      ROFL – “droid this, droid that” – you really have no idea what you’re talking about do you?  Troll harder next time; this attempt is a fail

    • There are no Droid tablets. Where did you find one?

      • CSharpAJ

        Well there is the Droid XYBoard, but beside those everything else is an Android tablet.

    • AlexKCMO

      I’ll bite.  What makes the iPad better? 

      In my opinion, iOS is just an App Drawer, so please tell us what’s better.

      • iPad has a very nice hardware. Thin, great screen.
        iOS, on the other hand is a handicap.

        • AlexKCMO

          Transformer Prime? 
          Galaxy Tab 10.1?

          Both thin and have screens that are considered better than the iPad 2.

      • A tablet is all about apps, though — you don’t sit staring lovingly at your home screen, you dive into apps.  Widgets are handy on a phone, where you just want to quickly check whether you need an umbrella, but you seldom just casually glance at a tablet.

        And the key is that Apple actually cares about tablet apps getting special treatment.   You get a specific section of the App Store if you want (you can check iPhone apps as well).  It’s always clear whether or not an app is optimized for your tablet.  That’s why you have Flipboard or Djay or Crimson: Steam Pirates on iPads, and not Android tablets: good exposure and support.

        Andy Rubin still baffles me when he says he doesn’t want there to be tablet-only apps and doesn’t do anything to make tablet apps easy to find.  It’s like he’s sabotaging his own platform.  Quad-core, keyboard docks, and NFC don’t matter if you don’t have the software you want to run on it.

        • iNfAMOUS70702

          flipboard alone is reason to buy any iOS product…thats one app i cant live without

        • AlexKCMO

          1) I have to completely disagree with your first paragraph, and this comes down to use.  In fact, I find the less time I spend in specific apps, the happier I am.  I wake up in the morning, take my shower and get the coffee going, grab my tablet, check my calendar to see if I need to be into work early (sometimes execs will put things on my calendar at 3am or something ridiculous).  Check my email for new messages, and check my G-Mail. 

          I do this on the 1st tab to the left of the home screen.  I didn’t have to open an e-mail app, G-Mail app, then a calendar app.  I could get a high level view of everything at a glance.  This productivity gets me into the things I want to be in, like Currents or News 360.  I spend less time in the necessities and more time in the fun stuff; rather than fiddling around in 2 – 3 different apps (because G-Mail really should be integrated into e-mail, but I digress).  If that’s Angry Birds or the news, whatever, I’m more efficient because of widgets. 

          Another home screen is my social screen.  If I used Twitter, I would set up a widget for that, but I can check Facebook quickly thanks to widgets that pull in my news feed, without ever needing to launch the full app.

          2) I think you’re missing the general point and the different approaches to Tablet / Phone app development. 

          Android wants apps to be able to function in both environments.  A great example is 250+ Solitaire.  When I open it in my tablet, I get a different interface than if I open it on my phone.  The app detects my screen size and goes into tablet or phone mode.  That’s smart.  I shouldn’t need to have 2 different versions of an app… a single app should just work on both.  There are a few others, but I can’t think of them specifically right now as I don’t bring my tablet to work. 

          More developers need to think this way.  In the end, it’s less maintenance for them and a better user experience.  It’s interesting that Apple talks about fragmentation, yet the purposely fragment themselves with “Tablet” versions of their apps.  What’s next, TV versions as well?

          Also, I have all the apps I need.  I haven’t found a single iOS app for my needs that I haven’t been able to find on Android; tablet or phone. 

          • Sven Enterlein

            I completely agree with your assessment of productivity using widgets. On a phone I don’t mind iOS as much but unless Apple opens up and allows for external storage and widgets, an iPad is not an option for me. Not for the price of a laptop.

        • DroidDoesnt

          These guys just don’t get it….

    • zUFC

      Umm had both for Chrtistmas. Got a Prime and Ipad2.   My job was to set them up and play all day.     Couldn’t put transfomer down.   Got bored with the “Same old” ipad crap after 20 minutes.     The I-Stuff is so childish and boring.     I can’t even beleive people still fall for it. Even my stupid girl who i made get a I-phone (because she was too stupid for android) is crying about how she can’t wait to go back to Android.

      IOS is for baby’s and kids and hippy’s       Android is for REAL people

  • Buzzy42

    I’m going to be very interested (in tech terms, not in terms of actually buying one) how the 4G works out for Apple, both technically (battery life), and for the 34% of iPhone 4 users who are convinced their phones are 4G and are going to be very confused tomorrow when Apple unveils the magical and revolutionary technology that’s never been implemented in any other device ever.

    • Gabba

      Court service from Apple:  You’re being sued for implying Apple didn’t have 4G 5 yrs before it was invented

    • Droidzilla

      Apple will be one of the first to use a 20nm die LTE modem, I’m guessing. They get hardware launch exclusivity a lot, which helps people think they invented stuff that “works.” 20nm die LTE modems use significantly less power than the current ones (forget the size; 48nm?), and this has been known for a long time. Still, I’ll bet Apple says something like, “the problem with LTE is that it had horrible battery life . . . until now!” and all of the morons will eat it up and believe Apple invented Broadcom 28nm die LTE modems, or whichever they use. So ridiculous.

      • EC8CH


  • DanWazz

    This is going to suck.

    • moelsen8

      it’s going to suck to have to be bombarded by articles all day tomorrow and for the next few weeks that talk about this like it’s the second coming of jc.

      • Gabba

        A gadget that can walk on water and bring the dead back to life.  Sounds like the fawning and drooling most android fans did before the GNex was released . . . only to find it was full of bugs

        • moelsen8

          i think you’ll find most people are very pleased with the gnex.

          • DroidDoesnt

            Same with the iPad….

  • Azndan4

    At least it will bring down the price of android tablets

  • Alex

    galaxy nexus had a very similar banner.

    However… i stared at this for 2 months, not 1 day.

    • summit1986

      Those 3 circles…. what are they for?    Oh yeah, that’s right!  The $90 dock that doesn’t do anything special and for the car dock that you can’t find anywhere.  So frustrating…

  • Stephen D

    To be quite honest, other than the Kindle Fire, the iPad is better than any Android tablet. 

    • hldc1

      Disagree. The fact that Android phones/tablets have widgets is evidence that all Android devices are superior. Android FTW!

    • Violator702

      My Transformer Prime would disagree

    • MKader17

      The iPad can’t dock into a keyboad, and without that it can never be better than the Tranformer or Transformer Prime for my usage.

      • Adam

        Yes it can. You pay extra for it. Just like the transformer.

        • MKader17

          And the cost of a 32gb Transormer Prime AND Dock is only $50 more than a comparable 32gb iPad

          Add a 32gb micro SD Card for $30 and the Prime/Dock Combo is now $20 cheaper than the 64gb iPad

          Add another 32gb for $30 (That’s 96gb total if you lost count) with a dock and…. Apple iMindplosion!!!

      • There’s loads of keyboard docks.  Most don’t have a secondary battery and USB ports, so that’s where the Transformer Prime wins, but they certainly exist.

      • Google

        haha, fail. you should research before making dumb comments. 

        • MKader17

          Haha lets see. Please post a link to an ipad keyboard that adds full USB ports, SD card reader, extra battery and trackpad. Also, make it to where I can close the iPad to protect it and where I don’t have to have some flimsy way to prop it up.

      • iNfAMOUS70702

        are you blind? theres dozens of keyboard docks for the ipad….

      • DroidDoesnt

        I’m used to this kind of fandroid ignorance….

        • MKader17

          I simply stated that there is no keyboard option for the iPad that can emulate what the Transformer dock does in such a way to make the iPad a viable option for me. How does that make me a fandroid?

    • The only good thing about Kindle Fire is it’s price.

  • DanSke

    Hmmm, I’m sort of interested what minor improvements they will make to sell this over the ipad2. All I can come up with a much deserved screen resolution increase. So far I’ve heard no quad-core and no LTE which makes me guess this will be another waste of time like the 4S was. 

  • MKader17

    Cool, competition for Android tablets.

    • MKader17

      Nvm, just read up on it a bit. Thicker for a battery, no quad core, will support LTE, and has a super duper resolution… oh and Siri.

      So, Prime has quad-core, doesn’t need to be thicker because the battery life is great, LTE tether has me covered, and while resolution upgrade is cool, it’s not innovative and is just the evolution of screen tech…. oh and I’ve had a useful voice comman app since my OG Droid.

      • Gabba

        Rumor has it that the new ipad WILL have a quad-core, LTE, and super duper resolution

        • moelsen8

          and the back is made of unicorn horns

          • MKader17

            Unicorn horns increase cellular reception when laid in a horizontal plane, correct?

          • moelsen8

            only if you hold it right!

        • MKader17

          In that case, the above statement still remains.


  • EC8CH

    no quad core… but the apple sites say that’s no biggie 😉

    • HarryCoteco

       Dual core A15 processors will outperform A9 based quad cores like the Tegra 3 in these new phones and tablets.

      • Thought the A5X was just a GPU bump?

        • It’s supposed to be a smaller manufacturing process, so it’ll likely be at least a clock speed boost on top of the GPU.  Think of Samsung’s 1.5GHz Exynos, but with better graphics than that, and you’d have an idea.

      • Droidzilla

        This is true (see the new Snapdragon S4 against the Tegra 3), but we have yet to see what the next iPad will get. In any case, if it’s the same old “wall o’ apps”, 2002 Nokia UI, who cares what’s powering it?

        • EC8CH

          yep… not much power required to run and app drawer

    • Google

      Yeah because everyone is complaining about the iPad2 lagging so much. 

  • Samsung Galaxy SIII

    • Gabba

      Reports peg it at April at the earliest, though June is the most probable

  • Bigredandroid

    Android rules

  • Bbdroidx

    ill get an iPad HD… Only if i can load Ubuntu on it 🙂

  • HuskerHog

    So a 4G iPad would be great with an unlimited data plan.  Otherwise I could see the data amounts pile up VERY quickly.

    • There were quite a few LTE tablets being released already. None of them had unlimited plan. Neither will iPad.

  • jimbob


    • Lakerzz

      You have wonder if they’ll have a white one with the bigger gee bee’s…  😛

      • iNfAMOUS70702

        to their credit at least they release different colors at the same time

        • Noyfb

          Its going to be HD and 4g lte with a better processor. Also apple TV will have HD capability now which is why it is relaunching. I know no one who has ever used it, but i know no one who has used google tv either.

    • TeeJay1100

      Outstanding!! Well said..

    • Chris

       clearly Kellex does since he’s posted this here that has nothing to do with DroidLife and squawks about it. Really mature thing to do Kellex. Such an example to Android community!

      • Speio

        Don’t be mean.

  • i love the cynicism

  • Transformer Prime Here….WTF is an Ipad

    • DroidDoesnt

      It’s the only tablet that people really want….

  • moelsen8


  • They had a sign up page for the GNex. But, yeah you’re more than likely right on all points.

  • RumbaCembe

    I’m going to have to get a lot of blood diamonds to pay for this aren’t I?

    • Droidzilla

      Just sell one of your 23 children to a neighboring tribe; only pick one that doesn’t trade in zebra hides.

  • Sdg7

    If I sign up, I wonder if ill get an email from Verizon when it releases, or wait a week like with the Nexus. Hahahahha.

  • randompsychology

    So in other words, corporate America is still cow-towing to Apple in every way possible. Figures.

    • iPads sell, Android tablets don’t outside of the Kindle Fire (which Verizon doesn’t carry).  You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink… just look at the Xoom: huge Super Bowl ad and marketing blitz, but hardly anyone outside of the kind who’d read Droid-Life had bought one.

      • angermeans

        I have to say I agree. I love Android and really wanted to see tablets take off. I bought the Xoom on day one and just sold it a week ago. I had full intentions of keeping it, but it has huge flaws (as with every Android tablet) that I couldnt live with. Android just isnt working well and we are lacking the great devs/apps for the tablet platform. Just blowing up the phone version isnt going to cut it. Honeycomb was a mess and ran horribly. It was literally like dragging nails on a chalk board to switch between screens and I’ve never had as many force closes and errors than on that device. I know ICS helps and the Transformer Prime def feels a lot better, but it still has something about it and it doesnt feel as smooth as the iPad. It was a frusterating year for Android tablets esp for Xoom owners that purchased this tablet with high hopes that we were buying into the next big tablet OS. Waiting for 4G and an SD card took way too long, but then again what else is expected from Motorola they are horrible and I wont buy another Moto product again. I’m waiting for today and Ill probably order this new iPad. I’m not the biggest iOS fan, but I do love OS X and im hoping that the software on the iPad HD (or whatever it is called) will add a lot more functionality. The fact is the iPad is a joy to use. It is smooth, runs great, and has some great applications. It is leaps and bounds ahead of anything on the Android platform. I wont be buying an iPhone anytime soon (unless the next one really surprises me), but I’m not a fanboy of any one company and I am not loyal to any one company. That opens the doors for me to use/own what I feel is the best on that platform. I’m a full time student and the whole text book for $14.99 is ultimately what did it for me. I should have gotten the iPad 2 last year instead of the Xoom, but I was hoping for a lot more. Google is in real trouble as the iPad keeps growing and the new iPad that will be announced today will continue that trend also Windows 8 is right around the corner and to be honest looks better than what Android is offering. With that being said I’m pretty excited for an ASUS/Nexus tablet and Im sure Ill pick one up, but as for now I’ll be getting a new iPad and have the cash in the bank awaiting it to be sold (hopefully this week).

    • Google

      Corporate America wants to make money by working with the most valuable company in the entire world!!! OMG!! I am shocked. 

  • viewthis74

    yawn… next.

  • I illegitimately had no idea they were announcing an iPad tomorrow. 

    Thanks for letting me know, iPhone Life. 

    • I bet this gets more marketing than the GNEX did, is anyone shocked?

      • well it should it will work right out of the box, the the gnex should have be able to do

        • EC8CH

          yeah… just like mine did.

        • Mine booted up just fine, so go troll elsewhere.

        • JonLS

          yeah because when the Iphone 4 was released it didn’t have that reception issue when you hold it right?

          • Haha, to this day my friend still can’t hold his iPhone 4 with his finger in a certain place.

        • dieringer scott

          Mine is flawless 

        • Azndan4

           What an insightful and well supported comment

        • hldc1

          That you share the name of one of America’s shittiest sportscasters already tells me you have no idea what you’re talking about. If you are the actual Joe Buck. I’m sorry you suck so bad.

          Haven’t had an issue with my Galaxy Nexus. Sounds to me like someone’s jealous (hint: that would be you).

        • Gabba

          Hate my GNex – thing has bugs since I bought it 🙁  I just want a Galaxy SIII now

          • CSharpAJ

            I’m not trying to be smart or facetious, but seriously what bugs are you talking about?  I’ve had absolutely no issue whatsoever.  With my Thunderbolt I actually had some minor issues, but didn’t consider them big enough to be considered issues, but with the Galaxy Nexus I literally haven’t had even one miniscule issue.  So what in the world are you talking about?  The Galaxy Nexus has been the best phone I’ve ever had.

          • Robsmith Nikon

            Poor speaker, Weird random reboots, Easily scratched screen… those are my main bitches.

          • CORYK333

            If there were bugs “since you bought it” & didn’t pop up weeks later, why didn’t you return/exchange it during the window?????

        • Robsmith Nikon

          AGREED!  My GNex rebooted again on me.  No idea how many times it reboots while I am not looking at it.  $299 on contract and it has issues.  

          Don’t get me started on the screen protector I had to install last night because I now have 5 long scratches on my screen from pulling it out of and putting it in my back pocket.  My OG Droid is my 3 year old’s video player and that thing doesn’t have a scratch on the screen after all these years without a screen protector.

          And then there is the lack luster camera and the piss poor speaker that I can’t hear unless I am sitting in a perfectly quiet room.

          Overall… I am disappointed with the GNex.  At best it should have launched at $199 on contract and not been billed as a premium phone.  It has some great features… but it is not on par with what the OG Droid was.  I will not get two years out of this phone… not two happy years.  I waited and waited to replace the OG Droid… didn’t get tempted by anything… then the GNex promised to be the next big deal and I finally went for it.  Bah… I am just bitching for no reason.  

          The good news?  I picked up a used iphone 3GS 16gb from a friend who upgraded and swaped my work cells sim card over.  Now I have something that actually gets good apps.  I have found that an iPhone 3GS and a Gnex combined make one heck of a great phone.


          • Did you get the optional magnifying glass so you could actually see that tiny 3.5″ screen on the iPhone?

          • MrEnglish

            That’s not quite legit. The screen on my iPod touch is leaps and bounds better quality than my Gnex. I love them both, or I wouldn’t have them, but if I had a Gnex with the touch screen quality I’d probably never get anything done from staring at it all the time. 

          • Robsmith Nikon

            lol… I do prefer my GNex for movies on the go and internet browsing.  The 3gs is about the same size as my now retired OG Droid.  The real pisser…  the guy I bought it from got the 3gs around the time I got my OG Droid.  Here we are in 2012 and my OG Droid is unsupported and slow.  I had to root it and put a custom ROM on it LONG ago to keep it relevant.  The 3gs has iOS 5 on it and runs pretty clean.  All the apps I wanted… starting with Zombie Gunship (because its not available on my GNex)… run really well.

            No way I am buying a brand new iphone… but I have to keep my work phone on me anyway since I am on call… might as well have both options.

          • angermeans

            The issue with the phone restarting has to do with an application you have installed and it will work itself out as more devs get their apps working well on ICS. This is to be expected as ICS is only available on this and now the Nexus S. As far as the screen I’m sorry to hear that. I never put screen protectors on my phones and this screen seems to be a great piece of treated glass. It might not be corning’s Gorilla Glass, but it has to be treated (I think I read that Samsung stated that it was pre release) and there must be something that caused your scratches as mine lives in my pocket, I dont use a case, and my phone looks brand new. The only thing I can agree with you on is that the speaker is pretty weak, but thats the beauty of Android, if you dont like something then change it. Volume+ works great, is cheap, and if you buy the full version will completely fix this issue for you. The camera is understandable. They wanted to introduce a camera that is almost instant and also the pan to panarama feature and to complete this they had to put a less than stellar camera on the device. For me it does its job and you cant expect a great camera on a smartphone unless you purchase a phone from Apple or now Nokia. The camera complaining is old and tired. Its not that bad and if you need a camera that bad then dont get an Android device at all. No one is doing anything great with their cameras. Sure Samsung has done better with its GS2 line and HTC has been working on some better products but at the end of the day it is all marketing (mega pixels mean nothing in real life) and underwhelming and underperforming cameras on smartphones. I’ve had a dozen phones in the past couple years and right now I own a Galaxy Nexus, Nexus One, HTC Trophy, and Motorola Razr and I have to say I cant tell a difference between the pics taken on the Galaxy Nexus or any of the other devices. Since the Razr is the newest when compared with the Galaxy Nexus I actually prefer the camera on my Nexus as again I get an almost instant shutter and some of the other great fixes to the software. Its a trade off. I know quad core is right around the corner, but I will gladly keep the dual core on this phone and have vanilla Android then a quad core phone and a horrible skin. 

          • Robsmith Nikon

            The reboot issue is not a major one… and I agree that its likely caused by an app… so it will work itself out either in an app update or an update from Google.

            The scratches on the glass piss me off because, like you, I have never needed a screen protector on a phone and did not want one.  The reduced clarity is minor… but its still a reduction.  I prefer to see the screen in all its glory without a piece of plastic film stuck to it.  The scratches are caused by the metal sight of my Sig Sauer P232.  The holster I carry on my hip is open at the bottom a makes occasional contact with the screen of my phone as I slide it into or out of my rear pants pocket.  I can fix the cause of the current problem by switching to a different holster, putting the phone in a different pocket, using a screen protector, etc.  The ultimate cause of the problem is that the screen is not made as well as the OG Dorid and that’s just a piss poor shame considering the Moto Droid hit the market in what… Nov or Dec of 2009.  I carried that thing everywhere and beat it up before handing it to my 3 year old when I moved to the GNex in Jan 2012.  The tech for the screen’s should be better… not worse.  I would understand if Samsung released the GNex at a lower price point.  Samsung obviously released the phone with some cheaper parts to increase profits and take advantage of the Nexus side of the phone.  I just hope Google takes not and punishes them by not giving them a contract on the next Nexus for a few years.  Anyone who wants to argue the glass is great on the GNex… I will help you plan out how to damage your glass with a real test… not the bull crap “soft brass key test” that everyone loves.  Again… the OG Droid didn’t scratch up and I had the exact same carry style with it as I do with the GNex.  

            As for the camera…. my very bitch with the Android camera is in your reply.  WHY THE HECK DOES APPLE GET THE BEST CAMERA?  My side hobby and work is photography.  I use a very nice dSLR system and can bore the snot out of you regarding pixels, ISO, noise, HDR, panos and blah blah blah. Many of the best photographers around (the guys and gals I study and get training from) use apple products.  It gets so old hearing about Macs, Macbooks, iPhones, Apple this and that.  You will find that many photogs carry a camera pretty much everywhere we go.  Why the heck do I have to haul a cell phone and a point and shoot with me all the time while many of my friends carry an iPhone?  I will tell you why… because Android phones SUCK when it comes to the camera.  The shutter speed of the GNex is nice… and it is better than my old Moto Droid… but my Gnex can’t hold a candle to the iPhone 4… and again it’s bull crap.  I paid $299 for the best Android phone I could get… I would have been willing to toss in a little more cash to get a better phone… its not like I am cheap.  I just want quality products that are on par with the competition.  My OG Droid… dead in the water and just sitting there floating after a few years… its good for playing videos and my kid has a few basic learning games on it.  My buddies old 3GS… released and bought new around the time the OG Droid came out… is running iOS 5 and is my new backup phone.  The REAL pisser… the dang thing runs smooth as ice and seems to handle everything as well as it did the day he bought it.  

            All of that brings me back to the apps and the fact that Android keeps getting the shaft when it comes to new games and apps.  Overall we tend to celebrate new games in the street while the apple kids are yawning because they have had the same apps for months… or longer.  And many times we are pissed to find that our version is a crappy port with minimal support.  

            I have to tell you… I bought into Android with the Moto Droid in 2009 after poo-pooing the iPhone.  I dislike apple and how they force you to stay within their overpriced hardware.  My biggest reason for staying with Andorid as my main mobile platform… itunes… I hate it.  Second would be the inability to plug my phone into my PC and drag movies and music right over to the phone.  Android better get up to speed with hardware options and apps… before Apple wakes up and learns how to make itunes intuitive and useful.  

            Sorry for the long butt post.

        • Mine works perfectly.  Perhaps you’re doing it wrong.

          • HTC1

            all of ours work perfect. these guys don’t even have them, they are just trollsssssssssssss

        • tomn1ce

          Mine worked great out the box and still working great. I couldn’t had upgraded to a better device on Dec 2011?

          • angermeans

            I agree the Galaxy Nexus is the best phone since the original Nexus One. In an Android world full of locked bootloaders, horrible and ugly skins that dont work well, endless waits for the next Android version,  phones being released with an older OS version, incremental updates just a month after released (ahem Motorola), and unsupported phones just a mere six months after release this was the best thing to happen to Android and is the only reason I’m still using it. I’ve been so burned out by the OEMs. We need a great vanilla Android phone and this hit the mark. Not only that it is about as close as you can get to be future proof on Android as you will be given first opportunity at Android releases, was one of the first with a 1280×720 screen (my absolute favorite part of this phone), Androd Beam, great curved glass and build, Android Beam, 1 GB RAM, dual core, and best of all it works great. I really love this phone and it has been the best performing device I’ve used in years on Android and believe me I’ve had plenty of phones. Lets just hope Verizon plans to grab the Nexus line every year as I will be more than happy with this device and will be more than happy to await the next Nexus phone release once a year. I’m sure there will be plenty of phones coming out with better specs, but having to not deal with skins and having the best development device has huge advantages.

          • Balthuszar

            Pardon, but the nexus has been updated to 4.0.1, 4.0.2, with. 0.3 and 0.4 leaked… It’s been out a month less than the razr, and the razr has been updated once to 2.3.6…

          • balthuszar

            now what was that about incremental updates?oh yeah, and the razr 2.3.6 update didnt come until a litlte less than 3 months after release…and at least the razr was released on time…

        • angermeans

          blah blah blah I am willing to bet you’ve never even used on. 

      • InvaderDJ

        The iPhone sells more than any single phone. The iPad sells more than any single manufacturer’s tablet (hell, right now it sells better than all Android tablets combined). Of course it will get a lot of marketing. Especially if the thing has LTE.

    • EmpressT

      you meant ^legitimately…

    • Liderc

      lol me either, I had no clue.