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Tuesday Poll: Reaction to the Google Play Rebranding of the Android Market?

With a big renaming campaign taking place today from Google, there have been a lot of people who have voiced their opinions over the new Google Play name. Google’s move for a name change is still being dissected and analyzed for meaning, but we know that Google must have a good reason behind it. Was it a strategic move against competitors or was it to satisfy the media industries (read: music industry disappointment) that have invested a ton of money into making their content sell? Let us know what you think of the new name down below and if it was a good move by Google.

Do you like the renaming of the Android Market to Google Play?

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  • Makes no sense.

    The market is more than just “play”.

    “play” would be great for iOS

  • Jaschart

    I haven’t been this upset since shell shock was changed to post traumatic stress disorder.

  • Drewfus0929

    I don’t have it yet so i can’t vote. 🙁

  • Cisco

    Just a wannabe iTunes store.. They should have thought of something new and refreshing, not googles version of iTunes

  • Dave

    I agree with those saying that Google Market would make more sense but I understand what they are trying to do. I’ll be apart of the “get used to it” crowd. 

  • vawwyakr

    Where’s the couldn’t care less option?  All the strong opinions in here crack me up.

  • I’m all for Google thinking about marketing and branding for a change, quite frankly prior to the past few months they SUCKED at it. Not a big fan of this one since it doesn’t make practical sense, apps aren’t all about “play” … but I get it. Simple, accessible, says, “here is where to go for entertainment.” Meh, I’ll get used to it.

  • cfinch5

    What was wrong with integrating under “market”? Make far more sense and isn’t awkward. Google “play” for books? You dont play books come on

  • Guest

    I would think the old “Market” word is the 1 that would imply games, books, apps, music, movies, business.  A “market” for everything.

    The new “Play Store” sounds more like “only games” or “only movies”.   Only “play things”.

    Another Google step backwards.

  • Jlhumbert

    Im going to browse the “Play” on my phone. Did I just say that?

  • JoeInMo

    Stupid move by Google.  They lost all their business sector credibility… you could tell someone to go to the “market” and get an app, but nobody in business is going to say go to “play” and download.  Guess Android is just for games.

  • JustSayin

    Is it any worse than iTunes?  Really now people?

    • JustSayin

      Or … worse yet, iTunes App Store.  How inspired.

  • Binglut9

    Its a name of a service who cares….I like it because it means one more step to google services being one unified experience. While everyone judges the name I’ll judge by what it means for google as a whole….who caresaboit a name

  • Jonik Cannon

    Google Music
    Google Docs
    Google Wallet
    Google Books
    Google Talk
    Google Voice
    Google Plus
    Google Maps
    Google Mail(G-mail)
    Google Etc

    This should have been a no brainer……..Google Market

  • SodaKid

    I just wish they would fix the “My Android Apps” list to show more than the first 240 apps that I’ve tried. And let us remove old irrelevant apps from that list. New name; same old song and dance.

  • dylan84

    The name is stupid and makes no sense when it comes to books. Whatever though, not much choice but to get used to it.

  • Michael Quinlan

    It’s not so much the name that bothers me… oh, wait… that’s right – I HATE it!

    But this is REALLY GOOD NEWS, because as in politics, if someone spent time on this stupid BS, then certainly all the important issues have been addressed to everyone’s satisfaction.

  • Jdlowesracer

    It’s ok, except for the fact that the market link in my bionic (and probably all recent moto phones) don’t work anymore…app not installed.

    • Jdlowesracer

      Edit…forgot to specify that it’s the one formatted into the top of the app drawer.

  • just a name change, whats the big deal

  • Thanassi

    I’m tired of Google__(insert buzzword)__ brands.

  • JMonkeYJ

    definitely a good move. it made no sense that i had to go to the android market to buy music. also, the name Play is great because it combines all of music, movies, and games (OK apps are a little left out). i really like the way google is unifying all their content and making it accessible and recommendable everywhere.

  • itsgonnalast

    My vote is “Yes I like it.” 

    I don’t particularly like the name but I do understand that this move isn’t meant for us.  It’s to make the Android ecosystem less confusing to newbies… which I think is a worthwhile goal.

    • Binglut9