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SwitchPro Widget Update Brings Notification Bar Toggles, No Root Required

If you have yet to root your Galaxy Nexus and remain jealous of the pulldown notification menus that so many custom ROMs feature, give SwitchPro Widget a shot. Through its most recent update, the app was given the ability to add notification toggles to the notification bar, only you do not need root access. Similarly to what Power Control Plus does, you can customize your pulldown with about as many toggles as you can think of while maintaing good standing with Google Wallet and Movies. Ice Cream Sandwich is a requirement though.

Market Link ($0.99)

Cheers Jim!

  • any directions for this?!

  • How do i get the toggles in the notification bar. Installed and restarted the phone and still nothing and i can’t figure it out in the actual app.

    • OaxTM

      Would like to know also cant seem to get it to work…

  • Zebra

    Does it leave an invisible notification icon like Widgetsoid? That was always annoying.

    • jdl13

      Yeah, it does for me on the GNex. I did a double panel like in the demo pictures, so I have two dead holes in the notification bar. Super annoying.

  • LeDerp

    Hey, how can i get my swag on? kthxbai

  • br_hermon

    SwitchPro Widget stinks. I bought it and wish I hadn’t. I found Widgetsoid and haven’t looked back (actually I did… tried SwitchPro several months after the fact to see if it was any better… it’s still no where near as good as Widgetsoid). I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again (since DL has all but ignored it while giving the spotlight to the likes of Power Control Plus, More Quickly Panel or SwitchPro) Widgetsoid is the app you want! Period.

    • Chris

      Widgetsoid is awesome. It’s got any toggle/settings function I’ve ever wanted and it’s free.

      • Noyfb

        It doesn’t have a 3g/4g toggle for phones except the evo it said. I need a 4g/3g toggle for nexus, all i use now is a short cut to it.

    • JonLS

      I use widgetsoid as well but I don’t like how when I click an icon it doesn’t actually activate it until i click it again on the invisible widget.

      Plus, I get a little extra space on my notification dropdown widget. It doesn’t fit my screen properly. Am I the only one with these issues?

      • br_hermon

         Sounds like your phone may not support tapping directly in the notification bar. You can play around with the Widetsoid settings to turn on or off that secondary pop up toggle. Try that out, if its enabled and you disable it, you may in fact be able to tap within the notification bar.

        As far as the spacing issue, If I’m understanding you right, I don’t have the issue with my Gnex but I did notice it on my old OG Droid. This wasn’t always the case so It could be a more recently introduced bug. I’d contact the dev.

    • MetalPhoenix79

      Totally agree!!

    • cizzlen

      Amen to that brother

  • jdrch

    Elixir2 does the same thing and more for free.

  • Miles

    I’m not seeing the changes, post the update?  Even going into the SwitchPro settings, I don’t see anything about the drop down menu?  Any help?

  • Jim

    Camera flash not supported on GNex, WiFi Tether works though on non-rooted GNex!

  • Destroythanet

    I haven’t seen anything any better than Widgetsoid, and that’s free.

  • Jdstell

    Wow. Way too many toggles on there.

  • RavnosCC

    Is the GPS toggle and actual toggle, or does it just shortcut to the menu?

    • Aardvark99

      I don’t have ICS, but SwitchPro’s normal homescreen widget (which I’m sure is the same) allows you to choose if the toggle brings up the config screen (it calls it the ” settings panel”) or just do it. They allow this type of choice for wifi, bluetooth, gps, or auto-sync.

  • Q

    Does 4.04 have a feature like this native?

  • Is it any better than Widgetsoid?

  • mrjackson

    The icons need to be next to the settings button. (i know thats most likely a root/rom thing though)

  • John Burke

    Looks much nicer than the App “Statusbar Settings” that I’m currently using on my Galaxy Nexus … might have to switch to this, thanks!

  • Greg

    Looks like this one suffers from the same problem that More Quickly Panel does. Every notification you receive pushes the bar down. It can not be locked at the top which is where I want a bar like this to stay.

    • S_T_R

       There really isn’t a way to lock things into place in 4.0 without root. It will always have the most recent notification in the top. MoreQuicklyPanel has a workaround where it auto updates itself to stay on top.

      • Greg

         Yah I tried that but it destroyed my battery life. There must be a way to lock it into place without root?!?!?!

  • Flashlight works on the Galaxy Nexus?  I’m going to have to switch from MoreQuicklyPanel then.

    • HTC1

      that would be nice!!!!!!!  

      let us know if you try and it works

      • KenBarnum

         It works on Widgetsoid, which is free