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Google Play Deals Have Started, Apps for Just 50 Cents and Daily Google Play Deals

The deals have started in the Google Play Store. Google said they would be hosting a ton of awesome deals, but we didn’t know it would be starting this quick. Games like ShadowGun, Osmos HD, and tons of others are just a $0.50 in the Play Store. From what Google said, we can expect these deals to last for seven days, but we don’t know if they’ll be swapping out apps each day. Might want to hurry and snatch them up quick before the deals disappear.

Also, Google Play Deals which change everyday for this week are just $0.25. Enjoy!

App Play of the Day | Book Play of the Day | Movie Play of the Day | Album Play of the Day

Google Play Deals 

Cheers Brandon, Walt, and Mike!

  • Jer85008

    Sweet! I’ve been wanting Dead Space for a while but wasn’t willing to part with $7 for it. But $.49? Heck yes. Too bad I already have Shadowgun. If you don’t though, it’s a must buy.

    • Josh Groff

       I just bought both. 🙂

      Same with the 7 bucks on dead space, although it is a great game.

  • Just picked up The Wall for 6 bucks.  You can’t beat that.  I have every Album by Pink Floyd, but i still like to throw great bands a bone or two here and there.  At this price, i can’t pass it up.  Also picked up Nevermind (Nirvana) for 4 bucks

  • Jorge Leal

    I’m THIS close to paying for Jamie’s 20 minute Meals even though I got it for FREE on Amazon.
    I hate their appstore SOOOOOO much.
    they still have version 1.1 which doesn’t support ICS.

  • Where’s My Water is also $0.25 on Play (god that sounds stupid). Got it before these deals came up

  • I just bought osmos like 2 days ago damnit.  Oh well.  Shadowgun/World of Goo…psh for 50 cents I bought a bunch

  • rooted devices can’t take advantage of the movies, I’m not sure about the books or music

    • GuidZilla

      Music and Books work fine here… Gnex/AOKP

    • Voodoo OTA Rootkeeper. Use that and movies will work.

  • I hate to say it, but I think Google would be making a hell of a lot more money off their music and app stores if they were integrated into facebook the same way they are in google +. #justmy2cents

    • Zxxcv


      • No they wouldn’t, or no to integration? I never said I was for integration..

  • JustAnotherGuest

    Aww yeah!! “Now 41” is on sale for $.25!!

    • Josh Groff

       I used to like Now CD’s, but then I took a good sense in music to the brain.

  • phrozen

    Already had a bunch of these, but I picked up Dead Space, Shadowgun, and a few other games.  I got Osmos HD from the Humble Indie Bundle, but for $0.49 I bought it again through the mark… *cough* I mean Play.

  • Michael Forte

    Maybe Google is just “Playing” with us and this new name won’t stick.

  • at least market.android.com works except it redirects to play.google.com/store never going to use that I agree with the other comments Play is a horrible name, it works for everything except apps IMO.  Play apps… stupid.  I think this is a step backward for being taken seriously.

    • potacho

       It’s probably so Apple won’t sue them for the name. “Market” is too similar to “Store” and Apple probably doesn’t like that.

  • a lot of these are the same from the $.10 deals. oh well. good for those that missed that i suppose.

  • jcuvs

    Swiftkey and Osmos are mine! (World of Goo was already mine.)

    • jcuvs

       Crap, and Paper Camera and Sprinkle. I guess $.50 is the sweet spot for me.

  • I hope they change their name every week so we can get discounts like this all the time. Play is a horrible name. It will always be Android Market to me.

  • yessss I’ve been waiting for World of Goo to go on sale.  Purchased.

  • ASDF


    • Michael_NM

      Negative. 🙂

      • ASDF


  • Andrew

    They should rebrand more often. These deals are solid.

  • Michael_NM

    Less pay, more play.

    • I.Am.Technophile

       Haha…that should be Google’s new Market, I mean Play, slogan. :-p