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Verizon Offers $200 “Exclusive” 4G LTE Smartphone Discount to Select Customers?

With no major smartphone releases happening until the end of March or early April, Verizon has instead temporarily moved into the deal business. Last week it was a Leap Day sale of $100 off all 4G LTE phones. The week prior to that we saw a regional discount for free Galaxy Nexus devices. And today, some readers are receiving texts messages that mention an “exclusive” $200 discount for any 4G LTE smartphone that Verizon offers.

We reached out to Big Red to see if we can get additional details on the promo, so sit tight and try not to bombard their customer service with calls. It’s likely regional and the same as the free Nexus promo – only available to select VZW customers that meet a handful of criteria.

Update:  This again appears to be a south region promo. Verizon has made it clear that you cannot call in to receive the discount. If you qualify, they will let you know.

Cheers R. Wayne!

  • nicotinic

    Oh and this is a necessary article because I saw one website where people considered it Spam because the format of the text was “unprofessional”(Verizon’s attempt at being personable). Some were like, reply with X to stop the messages, it’s not from Verizon. Yikes!!

    Are you kidding?!?!

  • nicotinic

    I just received a text from Verizon Wireless too. I think, in my situation, it’s because I’m close to the end of my contract. For the curious, I’m in CA.

    Don’t give me any crap about my task manager I use it to monitor running apps and… Hey I don’t need to explain myself.


    Anyway, I’m gonna call tomorrow.

  • Guest

    If anyone would like to know why it is exclusive and regional it is quite simple. In markets that have a low 4G adoption rate VZW is trying to entice people to upgrade to a 4G device. Areas where 3G sites are over loaded, they’re enticing people to upgrade. It saves VZW tons of money to get them on 4G data V 3G data so they make back this money very quickly. Has nothing to do with favorite or how long you’ve been a customer, just business and economics, sadly. 

  • Chris has a headache

    The last offer I tried to get ended up costing me $700 and 7 days to get reimbursed for their mistake.

  • Guest

    FWIW… A bit of background, over 10 years with Verizon, three lines on a family plan, two of us renew the minute we can – smartphones, accessories, etc.  The primary, who received this offer, has a renewal in two months which he doesn’t plan to use, generally will keep a (dumb)phone for three years (???).  It’s pretty obvious that Verizon is trying to get him to make the leap.

  • balthuszar

    i’m with verizon rep…if you didnt get the text message…you don’t get the deal…deal with it…maybe you’ll get the next one…or the next one…and maybe that one will be better than this one…

  • The expert

    It’s interesting to read the responses and I’ve come to a realization why these companies become behemoths and do whatever they want.. Igorance. Understand that Verizon Or any cellphone CARRIER DOES not make any money by selling phones. Phones are necessary to they service they sell. So asking Verizon to provide 100 million customers free phones isn’t going to happen. The price of the phone actually should be the last thing you ask carriers change.

    Capped data is ridiculous. That’s like buying a race car that goes 220mph and tell you tell me that we only have enough road for me to travel 50 miles. So mr complainer why arent you talking about that?

    Where are the family data plans? Internet is now neccessary and a requirement why are we being raped on the charges!?

    • Kyle Fullmer

      In addition to that, what the eff is up with the minute plans.  My family has to pay for 700 minutes and combined we use 36 last month.  Everything is now mobile to mobile, but we are still paying for minutes like its 2002.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    This will not entice me to buy any one of their phones.They are already all out dated. GN and it’s laughable camera and over hyped plastic phone. None are Quad core… bah I am going to keep pushing the OG Droid. VZW has a bunk selection these days. Oh wait, they have the RAZR in purple or blue or white… f**** please

    • I like how you can complain about phones not being quad core and out dated, but you are still “pushing the OG Droid”. Let me know how that quad-core is working out for you.

      • nicotinic

         He’s got 4 OG Droids soooo technically…

    • Goaway

      yeah I agree…my car is about to break down and Im waiting on the space ship cars  to come out that float in mid air

  • Higher_Ground

    I’m due for an upgrade in about 2-3 weeks and I’m betting a ton of people are also up for an upgrade this month if they bought the DX when it came out.  I’m just hoping they drop the price on the 32gb Gnex…. I don’t want a 16gb phone and I don’t think I want to wait another 6-9 months for something significantly better to come along.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      I am, was, upgrade ready 3 months ago. Holding out praying something worthy will come. As of now, I see nothing. And you know, settle on something right now, then they will announce so I continue to hold until I am wowed by something like that Huawei Ascend since we know the Samsung Galaxy SIII wont make it to vzw.

    • Don’t count on it. I’ve been up for one for a couple of months and nothing special has come my way.

  • Dreamchaser

    I a VZW customer since 2006 received that same text today and I am in VA….I just want to know how long this will last though??

    • DroidLady

      Dreamchaser, what kind of phone do you currently have? Are you grandfathered for unlimited data?
      Curious what type of clients they’re targeting?

    • Joshua Wehmeyer

      Dreamchaser — Where in VA?  I’m in Hampton Roads and haven’t seen jack…..Thanks!

  • MotoRulz

    And here is another “exclusive” for the “choosen” few..

  • Butters619

    Or you could come to AT&T, where you not only don’t get a discount to re-sign a contract but you also have to pay $36.  :/

  • I just love how I’ve been a VZW customer for 6 years and I NEVER get these text messages..

    • AlexKCMO

      I think I’m on year 7 or 8.  Never got one either.

    • lacokanostra

      I’ve been in them for 10 and just calculated my expenses with them and I’ve spent over 25k in 10 years and I’ve never had a discount such as this. A dam shame

      • Jonnyrocket

        You act as if you have been making charitable donations to Verizon for the last 10 years…you may have paid them 25k over the last 10 years…but your recieved the best wireless service in return…damn

    • It looks like a lot more people DONT get them.  I’ve been around for just as long if not longer and I never get anything either.

      Lets all complain

    •  11 years for me, and haven’t gotten one either.  Not expecting one right now though as the wife and I just got d4’s

    • R. Wayne Craft

      i have been with them since 2000. And this is the first time i have ever received one.

  • lacokanostra

    Liberty Rom on a Droid X lol

  • SpikedRed

     I’d really wish you’d contact Verizon FIRST, and verify BEFORE you post something like this.

  • Jonesse765

    Most likely for new customers or new lines.

  • Smeckle

    “…for a limited time get a 4G data plan for only $30!” Are they planning on raising their prices now?

    • Andilicious217

      I wondered the same thing.

    • Captain_Doug

      it’s a double the data deal i assume.

    •  I think they accidentally left out the B of GB…. it looks to me it should read “…for a limited time get a 4GB data plan for only $30!”, as that is the current data promotion.

      • Smeckle

        Good point, that is probably it.

    • I’m pretty sure that means exactly what it says.. they have a 4G (meaning LTE) data plan for $30 at this point in time, but that may not always be the case. Just VZW covering their butt for whenever they do decide to raise the price or discontinue the data plan in question.

  • MekoSuka

    Just picked up a gNex last week on sale.  I was due (since NOV) for a UPG too.  I’m betting i would have gotten this had i waited.  Talk about odds!

  • Verizonrep

    Droid-Life, please STOP posting about these exclusive offers. They’re, you guessed it, EXCLUSIVE! Every time this stuff gets leaked to the internet, hundreds of people call and complain that they weren’t offered this and that they want us to give it to them, just because they read it on the internet.

    Droid-Life, PLEASE STOP!

    • ↑ Challenge accepted!

    • cizzlen

      And here. we. go.

    • Michael_NM

      Dear Verizon Rep,

      Please tell your superiors to stop over-charging for their phones/service. Also, please ask them to stop loading our phones with bloatware. Finally, next time we call you, please don’t say no so many times.

      • Havoc70

        AMEN to this, Stop bending over your customers and stop with the Exclusive crap, tons of US (your Customers) have been paying out the A $ $ for years.  Make the offer valid to all CUSTOMERS!

    • LOL, I love how a Verizonrep wants Droid-Life to stop reporting news about Droids…are they serious?

    • Violator702

      U got your bonus last month didnt u? Take it like a champ

    • JJ69Chev

      Well exclusive offers are BS, tell me why are some customers more important than others?

      • Fuegomster

        That’s a damn good question. Who are these “special” customers that get the exclusive offers? And only in certain areas. California is the biggest tax ripoff on top phone prices. I’ve been a faithful 11 yr customer despite all that. Where’s my exclusive deal? What’s this criteria they speak of?

      • Nideda24

        If you were grandfathered into unlimited data, then you will never receive this promo. Especially not for 4G LTE. 

        There is no money for Verizon to make in unlimited plans. My guess is this the majority of these messages went out to subscribers that have feature phones/3G only phones as an incentive for them to bump up to the more expensive plans. 

        • I’m grandfathered in and received a smaller discount and early upgrade. And the unlimited plan is guaranteed to remain if I take advantage of this. 

          But your guess about going out to 3G phones seems right (my case). I will also venture to guess it’s to heavy data users. I use 3.5 to 6 GB a month. 

    • lacokanostra

      Ive called 4 times and I wont stop til I get you on the line. And get this deal. I’ve paid over 25k the past 10 years in wireless bills and you f*ckers won’t give me an early upgrade or a discount.

      • you’re an idiot

        you signed a contract that said you will be eligible in 20 months why do you think you deserve an upgrade

        • lacokanostra

          Because I learned about these regional discounts that I don’t quality for after I’ve paid out my ass

          • you’re an idiot

            right you heard about them online they didint mean for these to be public and they are only for select customers which isnt you so im glad to feel entitled but i bet they have a piece of paper with your signature saying you arent eligible until X date 

          • lol guys that was me, it was a joke/trolling.’


          • daisyville

            Friggin instigator! People are gonna sue you for blood bpressure blow-outs!

          • lacokanostra

            If I’ve spent 25k I would hope Verizon would give me a break here and there

        • cooksta32676

          Entitlement…. I thought it was only for Apple fans.

      • Hlm2311

         go online to verizon website and log in it will tell you if you get a early upgrade or not my is due in september and i used it in january