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OverSkreen Floating Browser Allows You to Multi-task on Top of Other Apps

Multi-tasking has just become easier, thanks to OverSkreen. Allowing you to browse the web in seperate windows right on your device, you no longer have to keep switching from tab to tab to get your work done. It works for both tablet and phones, but we find it much more useful for tablet devices that have bigger displays than most smartphones. 

The app is $1.49 for a limited time during its launch, so if you want to get a good feel for what Android and multi-tasking are capable of, definitely go check it out. The below video was filmed by a German Android site, so you may not understand all the words the director says, but we get a good sense of how the applications operates.

Market Link

  • Kellllexxxx

    this app has been on my windows tablet pc for years….

  • ninemychaelnine

    Awesome app…very fast on my Galaxy Nexus…love it! 

  • rocketdaddy

    Works great on my wifi Xoom. Definitely worth the price!

  • FortitudineVincimus

    One of the ugliest sounding languages out there.. truly painful to listen to

  • Arun31210

    Hmm this app pretty much is just an upgraded version of “stick it”. IMO but i will gladly shell out the money to try it out.

  • TheFirstUniverseKing

    This is the most useful app I’ve downloaded in a long time! I’m literally watching a floating youtube video while looking at other apps (like my email). AND I can move the floating video while scrolling within another app if I need to. Probably the most useful app I’ve bought since Titanium Backup.

  • Scott Willenborg

    I can only understand 1 word out of 20, the rest is gibberish.  My speakers must be busted.  The App looks cool though.

    And they spelled “for” wrong.

    • Noyfb

      ubber wunderbar

  • This may just be the most useful app I’ve yet seen.

  • Liderc

    I really like the idea, but it doesn’t seem to work like I thought it would in the video. 

  • Michael_NM

    Wow! I’m over-joyed! Thanks again Droid-Life for helping me get the most out of my… Droid life. 🙂

  • I’ll give it a playing with.

  • Legacy23

    Thx….downloading now.

    P.S. You should do an app review of this.