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Google’s Siri Competitor Officially Dubbed “Assistant”?

Once running under the codename “Majel,” Google has reportedly settled on an official name for their Siri-like competitor. That name is Assistant. Most of the dirty details surrounding this service are a mystery, however, TechCrunch believes it to be more of a “Do Engine” that would help you achieve real-life goals rather than something that will simply return search results.

According to their sources, the Android team has taken this project on with search engineer Amit Singhal to attempt to gather the world’s knowledge into a format that a computer can understand. They also want to make the service adhere to your personal life more, potentially using services like Google+ and +1 to help understand how people interact socially.

Unlike Siri though, Google will provide developers with the opportunity to tie in their products to Assistant, a move that could make the service unlike any other. Siri will always be bound to Apple’s vision, while Assistant could grow thanks to outside influences and innovators.

Google big wigs are look at a Q4 2012 unveiling of the product. While that seems so far off in the distance, remember that Google I/O with an additional 3rd day is happening in June. If Assistant is indeed launching this year, you have to imagine that we will see some sort of preview during that week. Also, Q4 is when we will likely see Jelly Bean or Android 5.0.

Via:  TechCrunch

  • Tapionski

    The only problem I see is that there’s already an app called Assistant on the market. I wonder if google will buy that app so they can use that name

  • Chris


  • Johnsnydergraphix

    This is how the end of the world starts, This could potentially grow into the worlds first real A.I. I’m hoping!

  • Tsak6789

    I hope it can call me Rock god!

  • E A butler

    I can’t wait for the day i can say,” Nexus, Tea, Earl Grey, hot!”  , c’mon Google make this happen!!!!!!!

  • what a stupid name

  • richlizard24

    “I don’t believe that your phone should be an assistant. Your phone is a tool for communicating. You shouldn’t be communicating with the phone; you should be communicating with somebody
    on the other side of the phone.”

    -Andy Rubin

  • c_hack

    Is there anything that Google won’t copy! Come on, guys – do something original.

  • Marvin de Pano

    Shoulda called it “Jarvis”, so I can integrate/interface it with my flying exoskeleton suit.

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    Google is clearly jealous of Siri…even the most die hard fandroid can’t deny this

    • jealous is not the correct word, we want to make something so the iphone has literally no argument, siri is a gimmick, just like face unlock on the nexus, all my android/tech friends and i say that face unlock is just a gimmick yet whenever an iphone user gets a hold of my phone they ask about face unlock, i show it to them and they are so happy and amazed, your average iphone user is much like a baby, they could care less about actually doing anything productive but they love to play with rattles, bells, and shiny things.

  • I don’t care what it’s called as long as it calls me Rock God. Knowing Android it’ll probably just refer to us all as Human User in a robotic voice

  • For everyone complaining about this being a Siri competitor.  It is only a Siri competitor because Apple got there first.  This was going to happen regardless and Google has probably been thinking about it well before we had any rumors about Siri.  This is the way mobile devices are going.  Eventually, there will be no need to push buttons anymore or even take it out of your pocket.  You’ll just talk to it naturally like the computer on Star Trek and it will fully understand what you’re asking and get you the answer or perform the task.  Siri is just the start.  Google will take it the next step.

    • sirmeili

      I would have to disagree with you on who started it. Between the two (Apple and Google), I would have to say that Google started it with Voice actions, then Apple took it to the next level. It is now Google’s turn and eventually Apple will take it further yet again….. Back and forth.

      • iWebDroidBerry7

        The iPhone had voice actions when it was released back in 2007, they just weren’t anything special.

        Google didn’t ‘start’ voice control.

        • sirmeili

          Then I’m sorry for the misinformation. However my point holds true. One started it, the other bettered it and they have been going back and forth. I will say that at least from the iPhone users I know, before Siri, none knew about the voice actions. I’m sure that holds true for Android users as well.

          • E A butler

            I bought my first Android device (DesireHD over iPhone4) because of the voice control and dictation features.  Now I own a Nexus , because Siri wasn’t enough to make me jump ship back to iPhone. 

  • RezCommando

    Wow, this is what happens when you leave the creativity and marketing to nerdy computer engineers.

    Assistant is too many syllables to say anyway. Make a shortcut to plain “Ass.”
    Already have some catchphrases for the next Nexus commericials:

    -“If you don’t know, just Ass a question.”
    -“By putting your friends, family and business contacts into seperate Circles in your Ass, you can keep your information secure and private.”

    • Noyfb

      should call it:


      or otherwise my Bitch

  • GCurry

    Too many notes.

  • EC8CH

    not as cool as COM-PEW-TA!

  • Balls

    i prb wont use this, but its funny to show it to fanbois

    • You probably will use it, because unlike Siri, it sounds like it will actually be useful rather than just entertainment.  It will be able to interact with every facet of your phone, and even 3rd party apps rather than just read messages to you and do Google searches.

      • iNfAMOUS70702

        Siri does all of this on a jailbroken iPhone already…there’s a lot of tweaks in cydia available for Siri

        • Yeah, but THIS will do it out of the box and without hacking. I don’t have a problem hacking, but the average person isn’t interested in hacking and if they do have an interest they are probably too scared to do it.

  • Androider4Life

    Beta testing please!!!

  • bogy25

    I go with Android becuase I want my device to be unlike apple – do we really need a siri competitor? 

    • OreoMan

      Well technically, it is like Apple now.  They have notifications, mulit-tasking (if you have the right apps), and other similarities.  Sorry to break that to you.

      • ddevito

        Wouldn’t that be Apple being like Google? :p

        • OreoMan

          Let me clarify me statement; Apple has become like Android, so technically the differences between the two platforms has become more blurred (non-Moto).

      • I think you mean the iPhone is like Android now.  They took all those “similarities” from Android.

  • Jeffbroders

    Great, we already have oblivious zombies on their phones irritating the hell out of people. Now, they’re going to talk to an inanimate object too.

    • LionStone

      Haha…the other day my buddy was showing off at the table with his gf (Siri), in front of me and a gf visiting from Prague. She was giggling (she wasn’t used to this and thought it was odd) and I made some comments and after Siri totally ignored my buddies commands because it couldn’t hear him over the chatter, he says, “OK, fine, ill do it myself”. Pretty funny moment.

  • I don’t want it to be Siri. I just want it to be able to make notes and appointments. That’s the only thing Google Voice Search doesn’t already do. We also need Notes added to the Google system apps. Maybe link into Google Docs?

    • ddevito

      Not sure if you knew this, but if you’re looking to accomplish this now you can do the following:
      For Notes
      -Say ‘Note to Self’ [then msg] and it will send you an email to yourself with a ‘To Self’ label.
      -You can then create a homescreen shortcut with that GMail label
      For Calendar
      -Create a new contact (call it anything). I call mine ‘Calendar’
      -Store the number as 48368.
      -Launch Voice Actions and say ‘Send text to Calendar, Tax appointment tomorrow 3pm’

      • chudilo

        Making appointments in your own calendar should be supported directly, without having to jump through hoops. All the current version needs is a little tweak for the calendar action that’s all. We can then wait for the assistant for as long as it takes them to do it right.

        • ddevito

          I agree with you, just offering a current solution. This isn’t really jumping through hoops though.

    • justin

      download svoice signed apk from 4shared

  • Joe

    We could call it google search the next generation . Majel roddenbarry did the computer voice on star trek.

    • sirmeili

      Not only that, but she also starred in every TV series (often as Counselor Troi’s mother). I believe she is the only person to appear in all 5 series.

  • Codename ‘Majel’, Nice hommage to Star Trek. RIP the Roddenberrys

  • sylent101

    I kinda don’t want them to make a siri competitor, just because apple does something doesn’t mean they have to..siri sucks anyway..everyone I know says its annoying lol.

    • RedPandaAlex

      I don’t think anyone wants a Siri competitor. But I want voice commands to be more robust and do a wider variety of things, and provide spoken feedback rather than making me look at the screen. Hopefully that’s what they’re creating.

      • Futur Innovations

        Did you not hear Rubin explain what it was going to be? He said it was going to be like the computer on star trek. As in be able to talk to it while doing other things. For example, looking at a web page and you say “computer” then the phone says “how may I assist you?” Then you ask how the weather is in Hawaii while looking at a web page in the browser. There will most likely be a placeholder in the notification bar (like there was for the keyboard while it is active) to show that The Assistant is currently running and/or active.

    • I’m all for it. As long as it calls me Master Portela. 

  • tomgillotti

    Still waiting to see what utter! Will look like as a finished product.

  • Michael_NM

    Hey Google, nice ass… 🙂

  • zepfloyd

    Coming first to a Nexus near you!

  • ddevito

    This will be the Google Search Engine 2.0.

  • Andrew

    I hope she is blonde and well proportioned.

  • John Burke

    Sounds like it’ll launch with Jellybean… just hope it won’t be Jellybean-specific

    • kidtronic

      That would uncharacteristically Cupertinian of them. 

    • MKader17

      With the way Google has been going with the launches I bet it will be at first and I think that is great. Chrome Beta is ICS only with the intentions of adding compatibility to lower versions later.

      This allows Google to focus on making a great product instead of a good product that works on everything. This is also a bit of Google’s OEM control. If Google is popping out these great things only on the latest OS then people may go Nexus to get it. Also, it gives them a moment to look at the OEM’s and say, “Hey, if you want to be the best you need to keep up”. However, this could have the perfectly opposite effect and not reach it’s full potential because it can’t reach a broad enough audience.

      • ddevito

        This won’t be mobile specific, it will be available in Chrome. So it will indeed reach a large audience.

  • J Dub

    Will it really be 5.0? HC was a big departure from GB so I can see the version # change. ICS is a big change from HC being that it’s a unifying release. Will JB really be a big enough change to go to 5.0 or merely be more like going from Froyo to GB where they add improvements. 

    • RedPandaAlex

      Actually, I kind of think ICS could have been 3.5. It was a major refinement of Honeycomb more than anything.

      • sirmeili

        But wasn’t ICS really the convergence of GB and HC? If so, then it made sense to make it 4.0 as it really combined the best of 2.x and 3.x.

  • RedPandaAlex

    Make time go faster.

    • sc0rch3d

      gotta wait til version 15 – “Tequila”

      • Trevor Blain

        Gotta love someone that lumps Tequila in the dessert category.

        • Odd, I thought tequila went in the breakfast category

        • EC8CH

          Had one of these last night.