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Google Ups Android Market App File Size Limits to 4GB, Gives You Until App Fully Downloads Before Starting Refund Period

For a couple of years now, especially when downloading big 3D games, users have had to download an app or host file of sorts from the market and then take extra time to download the actual content of the game  through that host app which can be upwards of 1-2GB. The problem from a consumer perspective, was that the 15-minute refund window for apps started once this initial app was downloaded. But by the time you finished downloading the rest of the meaningful content (that 1-2GB) that would allow you to use the app, your window might have expired. So should you decide that the app was a waste of money, you would simply be out of luck and unable to get a refund if your download didn’t finish fast enough for you to test the app.

As of today, that changes completely. The Android team announced that developers now have the option of uploading two “expansion” files of up to 2GB in size each (4GB total for the math majors in the building). This essentially means that developers won’t have to host their apps outside of the market for you to download. This also means that your refund window will not start until these expansion files have finished downloading. Cool, right?

The standard file limit size remains at 50MB.

If you are a developer and need more dirty details on this, hit up the source link below.

Via:  Google Developers

  • Jon

    Open the flood gates! 

  • WAldenIV

    It should read “4GB total for the non-math majors in the building”.  I’m pretty sure the math majors can add 2 + 2.

  • Eric Payne

    This should have been done from the beginning.

  • 来看看,收啦

  • ????? gooogle???

  • E A butler

    Very good news and on another note, can the android store open the full market to China so that i can download my apps without putting in my T-mobile sim or waiting until i go home?   C’mon android you are almost there…… I dont like stealing software but, its either steal from you or buy the (Cr)apple version!!

  • John

    Hot damn! Finally. This has been one of my biggest gripes in the Market

  • dsim91

    About time

  • Trueblue711

    Good job Google. Now please make it so the developers can choose the return period of their apps.

    • feztheforeigner

      As a developer, I would greatly appreciate the ability to choose the refund period. However, do realize the majority of developers would probably choose to negate any refund period.

      Bad for consumers, good for developers…

      • Mack

        Google should just give the option to extend the return period if a developer chooses to do so but not eliminate it all together. 

        • Noyfb

          Why is it only 15 mins? it used to be 24 hrs. Why not at least 1 hour?

          • Jon

            Because it was probably abused. Imagine someone at an airport that just wants to play a game for an hour or two and then quickly refund the game when they are done with their flight. 

            That’s why the 24 hr period was nixed. It allowed for abuse. I do agree that 15 minutes is way too short. It’s really difficult to get a good feel for an app in 15 minutes. But many apps will have free trial versions that let you check out the app before purchasing, so that helps a bit. 

            I do think it should be 30 min to an hour. 

  • This oughta be really helpful for Sega, who can’t seem to get any decent servers to host the extra files for their games.

    • Knight12

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    finally.. now i might buy some more games and also the extra downloads always sucked… wasn’t fun… lolz. but finally… 

  • FINALLY!!! Hopefully no more extra downloads after downloading the app. Now i might buy some EA and Gameloft games. Now Google, raise the refund period from 15 minutes to 1 hour.

    • Ralph Puerta

       Gameloft downloads typically test for compatibility before downloading.

  • Blood

    ” The standard file limit size remains at 50MB.”

    So has the file size changed or not? I’m confused.


      yea, the file is 50mb but i think thats the app and the other 4 gigs now are add ons to the app.. but they somehow install together… its what im thinking, but yea if they update them we should have extra installs through an app like a gameloft app for ex..

      • Jacob121791

        The actual application file still has a 50mb limit but the dev can “attach” 2 data files to their apk file that will be downloaded with the apk file through the android market.

        Hope that clears it up some. Its good news 🙂

        • Blood

          Makes so much sense now thank you.