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Sony Google TV Update Rolling Out, Thought to be a Security Patch for Root Method

A couple of weeks ago, a root exploit for the Sony Google TV units was finally discovered, giving a bit of life to a platform that even after Honeycomb, has yet to attract a wide audience. When it comes to rooting though, it’s a constant battle between devs and manufacturers who think that security is of the utmost importance. And rightfully so, rooting an Android device can be a bit troublesome to those that have no idea why they are performing such a task. What I’m trying to get at, is the fact that a new update has begun to push to some units that is thought to be a security fix to patch the previously mentioned rooting method.

One of our readers received it this morning, however, my Blu-Ray unit is showing that it is up-to-date. Rumor has it that the update will pop up for everyone starting Monday and will prevent you from rolling back your recovery and OS to the vulnerable version that can be rooted.

So if you want root on your Sony Google TV unit, better do it now before it is patched forever.

More at GTV Hacker.

Cheers IgotGAME and BostonB!

  • EzDoesIt

    My Sony Google TV Blue Ray player has already been updated to be a 3d blue ray player. If I do the root now will I be able to get this back?

  • Wow. Lock it all down. Then just ‘consumers’ will buy…

  • RickyGrundyJr

    i jus got the update. the change log only stated system stability improvements.

  • digitalicecream

    What can we do with root?

  • Joe

    Why do they care so much? Is there special Sony apps they want you to buy?

  • edaddy

    Good to know. I will not be buying any Sony products from here on out.  

    • Anon

      Word.  Don’t expect much support for local media sharing — Google wants everything stored in their almighty Cloud, where they can control it/sell it.  Lookit, HDD’s are cheaper than dirt now. 

      Btw, Sony also joined the DRM Police a long time ago. 

  • BostonB

    I had to decline the update! Lucky for me it does let you decline because I have not rooted yet. My guess is that it will pop up every time I turn my TV on though.

  • So glad I got rid of that piece of crap.  My old Incredible hooked up to my TV has a lot more functionality (aside from BlueRay) than this thing.

  • Just the fact that they are in a rush to close the root makes me want to do it that much more!  I know what I’m going to be doing this weekend!

  • Towelie420

    Once rooted, what can you do with it?  I am really not all that familiar with Google TV’s abilities/uses in the first place.   
    Can google TV do 3D?

    • Yes, the Sony Google TV box was updated to be 3D capable. Without root, networks have decided to block GoogleTV. So you can’t go to abc.com, etc. and watch their online programming even though it is free for everyone else. In addition, hulu is blocked for some ridiculous reason. Basically the networks are being greedy. Root allows all that to be bypassed. It is awesome.

      • Towelie420

        thanks for the info!
        My TV does hulu, but I am still interested in GTV.  what else can i do with it? 

        • EzDoesIt

          My Sony Google TV Blue Ray player has already been updated to be a 3d blue ray player. If I do the root now will I be able to get this back?

      • digitalicecream

        Sorry about that, I see you already answered some questions here.

  • Rooting my GTV was the best move I’ve ever made. It is finally the device it was meant to be. Thanks to those at GTVHacker.com that figured it out.

    • digitalicecream

      Sorry I’m off topic, what have you “added” to your GTV to make it that much better? I have one, I’m contemplating. Push me over the edge?

      • sixohtew

        hulu.com nbc.com new kernel and future kernel support and modified flash kernel to all pretty much all blocked content to be viewed.

        • sixohtew

          *modified flash plugin sorry