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Rocket Weasel Jets its Way onto the Android Market, 64 Levels to Fly Through

Rocket Weasel has plenty of potential and is a good cross between Angry Birds and Cut the Rope. You launch your rocket-equipped weasel into the air and solve the “puzzles” to capture the farm animals without being caught by the farmer. It’s good for a, “Awe, that’s cute” moment plus there are plenty of levels to keep you busy. If you enjoy these types of games then we have no problem recommending it. However, if you enjoy more complex games that test your skills, then you should probably go check out Osmos HD or ShadowGun

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  • cns2007

    Why does it need access to phone information?

  • it’s like angry birds/cut the rope

    • Yes…exactly how it was described it the above article.

      •  i didn’t read the text

        • feztheforeigner

          Then you should not have commented…

  • picaso86

    mmmm it reminds me of a lame game called Angry Birds.