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Google’s Newest Patent Filing, Control Your Device With Motion-Based Gestures

Google is looking to introduce brand new ways to control your Android device with their newest patent filing. By simply tapping on your phone’s front facing camera or performing a gesture in front of the camera, you can begin many different types of actions for your device to perform. A good way to explain, is say you set the device to browse the web after you tap on the front. Once you tap on the camera, then you could use a gesture to search and browse web pages. Or, tap the camera and then use a gesture to control the music that is playing from your device.

Google makes a strong point in the filing that the processors used to make this work are Intel and AMD chips and not the usual names such as Snapdragon and Tegra. Could that mean Intel is helping Google in the development? It’s hard to decipher this early in the game, but it surely is exciting. Sound like something you wouldn’t mind having on your device?

Via: Patent Bolt

  • zhengyou37


  • “Tap the camera” because we really need more ways to leave smudges and stuff on the lens.

    I rarely use my phone in a clean room environment so I don’t think I’d want to spend time cleaning my V-Spec II Nur’s motor oil off the camera lens.

  • so is this Kinect for Android?  ah, i have a four inch screen, it’s not like i can stand a few feet away to preform these gestures AND actually use the device.  unless this feature recognizes eye movement, or “the eyebrow”, or flaring nostrils, i can’t understand how this is useful. 

    somebody clue me in, por favor

    • tapping the camera, makes sense. its like another button but its free cause it doesn’t take up any more space.

      The gestures, sounds cool. I love kinect. but your right, whats the difference of a few inches for me to do the gesture on the screen instead?

  • Tapionski

    This reminds me of a gmail hoax, let me try to find it…

    Found it: gmail.com/motion 

    Note how when you click “Try Gmail Motion” the silly box at the end says “At least not yet…”

  • Elwin2k10

    Whoa… I though Apple had a patent for filing patents first.  Google may have infringed on that, they better be careful…

    Sounds cool… swipe left to go back on a web page, or a gerture letting the phone know you want to open another app… I would mess with it.

  • With the “network” bubble I see this as a gesture based home entertainment control.

    Dock your phone and use it as a sensor to control your house.

    • NemaCystX

      It could in a way be some sort of answer to motion type of gaming too, especially if Google releases games for Google TV.  Think Kinect style gaming and or control

  • Why would limit a patent to a particular CPU supplier?  That would mean anyone could use your patented idea as long as they used a different CPU right?

    • NemaCystX

      because some CPU’s have more capabilities than others

  • tomgillotti

    Still waiting for utter! To be released! Looking to this to be a serious competitor to any and all voice activated assistants. After seeing what was made possible with the kinect from Microsoft, I believe this has a lot if potential in the future for mobile… And ad droid life posted a while back, one dev even paired the kinect with his Android device. Sooooo, this is a semi-proven technology already.

  • Sounds gimmicky, I probably wouldn’t use it. It’s cool, but I’d rather Google focus on other things.

    • KevinC

      because a HUGE corporation can’t do more than one thing at a time?

      • I know they don’t only do one thing at a time, but they still have limited resources (engineers and time).

    • CHRIS42060

       It may be gimmicky, but that is what sells phones.  How many people ran out and bought the iPhone 4S because Siri was amazing (and probably don’t use it today)?  Siri was the ultimate gimmick, but it sells phones (they still saturate the market with Siri ads).  Also I doubt Google is holding off any other innovations for development of this feature. This is something attention grabbing for television ads for those consumers (the majority) who are clueless about the specs of a phone or what open source is. 

      • Yeah, I get that. But we should still expect Google to be better than Apple, right? I work in an R&D department, and I see this all the time too — “cool” ideas get picked up by large teams and ultimately never get used by consumers, while useful ideas wait around at the prototype stage for years until everyone else starts doing it and the boss asks why we didn’t develop that idea first.

  • ddevito

    “Could that mean Intel is helping Google in the development? ”

    I’ve been saying this all along. Google is working very closely with Intel. You’ll see soon enough

  • ddevito

    I think Google is learning that innovation is also won in the courtroom (unfortunately). Good for them.

    I use to have a lot of respect for Apple and their products, I own a 2007 iMac and bought my family an iPad. 

    But with these redicilous lawsuits and the arrogrant iSheep and Apple crazed media it’s getting incresingly difficult to admire them. It’s a shame considering Apple’s founding pricinicples pale in comparison to their current ones.

    • EC8CH

      I don’t know… 
      redicilous lawsuits have always been a part of apple.

      They “borrow” heavily from Xerox to create a GUI then try and sue Microsoft over Windows.

      • ddevito

        I agree that they based the first Mac OS soleyl around everything they saw at Xerox, but they did make Xerox sign an agreement first. So legally they did nothing wrong.

        As for MSFT, they have no business ever f’ing with a company that not only helped propel the Mac in the mid-80s (VisiCalc anyone?), but also kept the company afloat when it was on its death bed.

        One of the biggest reasons I bought a Mac was because I ported ALL my linux shell scripts, small apps, etc (yes, personal ones, and yes I’m a nerd) over to the Mac and it worked seamlessly since OS X is built on UNIX.

        But as evident with their latest OS update coming this summer they are pushing out open source (new gatekeeper security that only allows approved Mac app store apps), and that pisses me off. My mac is my first and last. 

        (Not to mention the Darwin kernel that OS X is built on is completely open source). Bastardos.

  • Sure I’ll take it on my device. Will I use it? Only flashing the capability in front of my i*hone friends like I do with face unlock.

    • Liderc

      lol agreed.  I never use face-unlock, but the other night when I was talking with this girl who had an iphone I used it and she was blown away.

      If only they knew it was pointless =P

      • cizzlen

        Did she blow you away too afterwards? 

        • Liderc

          She had an iphone, of course she did=P

  • Chris Sandoval

    Finally. Never touching the screen of your phone begins!!!

  • Tatsuo

    too soon for an Apple patent joke?

  • The Observer

    Nope, not interested in using it, but it’s an intriguing idea.