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Custom ROM Friday: Peter Alfonso’s Bugless Beast for the Galaxy Nexus

We have been following Peter Alfonso’s work ever since the beginning, so whenever we see him pump out new ROMs, we like to give them some spotlight. This release is Bugless Beast for the Galaxy Nexus. Downloads for the ROM have been available for a bit now, but with him constantly updating it and there even being nightlies, we figured we should point everyone to the newest and best download that’s available. 

Pete’s ROMs are known for their stability and excellent selection of customizations. It may not have as much razzle-dazzle as the AOKP, but this ROM can keep up with the best of them. There are some added live wallpapers, 180 degree rotation, and the notification bar toggles straight from AOKP. You can view the full changelog here.

You must be rooted to attempt the following installation!

Instructions on installing:

  1. Download the Bugless Beast zip file.
  2. Place zip on your phone’s storage.
  3. Reboot into ClockworkMod Recovery.
  4. Create a nandroid backup immediately before proceeding.
  5. Wipe data/cache.
  6. Locate BB zip file and then install.
  7. Reboot and enjoy the wonders.

If you have any questions or concerns, place them down below in the comments section and we will do our best to help you out. Owners of different devices can also get in on the Bugless Beast action by checking out Pete’s large library of ROMs on his site. Have fun and good luck.

Cheers @Pete!

  • Inthus

    Any mirrors for this?

  • Jospeh

    Can someone please give me a good debate-like answer as how Bugless Beast ROM and Codename  Android ROM differ!?
    (please no wise-crack answers, only good constructive & useful answer)

  • seo_company_uk_2012

    Thanks for the great info i shall look out for this new ROM.

  • Guys.. I used to be able to alot of help on here back in my OG DROID days ( it seems not you all have turned into a bunch of tech snobs but I still have hope)  Any I got the GNEX when it was launched but for some reason the unlock the boatloader just wouldnt work…( followed them to a T serveral times and just couldnt get it)  I hate not being unlocked and rooted, but I still love the phone so I digress.  I wanna try again but I have alot of music downloaded now as well as pics and other stuff that i dont wanna lose.  Can someone tell me how I can back this stuff up and try unlocking the boatloader again?  My email is [email protected] please help.. thanks!

    • Timothy McGovern

      Just plug your phone into your computer and move everything you want to keep from your phone to a folder on your computer. After you unlock it, just put them back on your phone.

  • not so much  good



  • trumpet444

    Man I wish I had a G Nexus just to be able to flash a new BB

  • ddevito

    He extended the life of my OG and I hope he does the same for my GNex. Keep up the great work.


  • Richard Hall

    Pete hasn’t been relevant since his non-AOSP Droid ROMs back in early 2010, since then they have all flat out sucked.

    • RobMorris

      They didn’t suck, his GPA series was a hit on the OG due to the great stability, light ram usage and great battery.

    • Are you kidding? You can f*ck right off of Droid life.

    • KidFlash1904

      I don’t agree that they suck, but his bugles beast rom for 2.1 was a monster. But since 2.2 I didn’t resolution notice any improvement over stock performance wise on my phone.

  • CT

    Large library? There’s 8 device I wouldn’t call that LARGE

    • That’s pretty good for just one person 🙂

  • zhengyou37
  • Hitman07003

    This rom is great I have use it for almost 4 days now batt life is excellant also yes it does have some mods it has its own built-in settings and yes you can change color of mod keys and more and it is very stable and fast over clock my default at 1350 sweet with no issue at all. I have tried them all AOKP is a great rom but this rom will give it a run for its money. AOKP and Beast by pete are the two best roms out I have been using roms since droid one. peace to all, my droid family.

    • neither the mod key color nor the 1350 are available in bugless… what are you running? custom kernel?

      • Jospeh

        Read the changelog, in it Peter Alfonso clearly states “Common: Add CPU Settings to “Developer options” (cyanogenmod)”

    • Jim Davis

      Does the ROM not include the . (period) key?

  • thesaber2000

    Im on aokp right now, but i love petes builds, they are really fast and smooth. Gotta give pete some props.

  • I have been running Pete’s code almost exclusively since week 1 of my og droid. Always the fastest, always the most efficient, but most importantly, always the most reliable.

  • jiggaman508

    hearing the name of this rom sure does bring back memories….. rip og droid

    • sgtguthrie

      Ditto! May my d1 rest in peace…

    • Steinb

      The only thing different is in the OG days, Bugless Beast was SUPPOSED to be kinda heavily modded.. Bugless Beauty was the nearly stock, silky smooth ROM… I haven’t heard of the Beauty name in a while.. Beast was always my fave.

  • knouse4anam

    Its all about Gummy Nex… best rom by far!

    • Droidalicious

      By far? You obviously have not flashed much..

      • M1ghtysauc3

        It’s called an opinion.

      • knouse4anam

        Thats just my opinion.. I really like gummy. In your opinion what rom would you say is the best

    • Seems_so

      I’ve only tried AOKP and gummy, but I gotta say I haven’t seen a compelling reason to replace gummy yet.

      • knouse4anam

        I agree.. ive never had any issues with gummy, its always worked for me

        i [email protected]:twitter does a great job

      • 1ofdakoolkidz

        You need to try bamf then, I have had gummy, aokp, bug less, codename, and by far band is the best rom made thus far.

  • AOKP!

  • David Hayden


  • zhengyou37


  • droid209

    can this one do something like this?   this was from AOKP.

  • AOKP has a built in nav bar hide option   does this?

  • zhengyou37


  • I used Bugless with my Droid X and it was awesome but im not sure I can give up AOKP it has been hands down the best ROM I have ever used!

    • John

      agreed. at least until CM9 becomes a bit more solid 😉

  • fvqu

    Wish it was 4.0.4

    • jathak

      It’s AOSP, so it can’t be 4.0.4 yet

    • Rodeojones000

      There is no such thing as a 4.0.4 ROM that’s built from AOSP. And the only ROM you should consider is one that is AOSP.

      • DaveTea

        My wife and I have both been on 4.0.4 since it was leaked and its really solid, neither of us have any issues with it. Battery life and performance are great…so I would say that 4.0.4 is a ROM that people should consider.

        • Drootz

          I have been running 4.0.4 on my gnex, also since the leak and have had zero problems.

        • Same here but wife phone is having radio issues. Conversations sometimes sound like they’re scrambled.
          Wonder if anyone else has this problem.

          • I’ve been random radio outages, It goes from full bars to none, abruptly. The phone thinks to kick into Airplane mode without the signal icon changing to a plane. When I try to make a call it says to take the phone off of airplane mode, when I lose radio and hold the power button as if turning off the phone the option to turn on airplane mode is on. This happens with out me doing anything or in the middle of a call… I have no idea what’s going on. I am currently changed to the January 8th ROM because I don’t get the same issue on that version of the ROM, just on anything that was released prior to that date. I thought that I was alone with this bug, and I have not received a reply from Mr. Alfonso on the issue. I have tried 2 different GSM Galaxy Nexus (Maguro) on AT&T and T-Mobile each in two completely different states (MO and RI). The issue persists 🙁 

            The Bugless Beast ROMs are awesome, it ran perfectly (better than stock), on the Verizon Galaxy Nexus (Toro)… does any one have any idea how to fix this? Or what’s causing it?

          • After posting my novel of a comment, I found this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JY2SNeQ5uUQ 

            I just installed it and I’m trying it now….. hopefully it fixes it. 

      • 3-4 weeks on the leaked 4.0.4 ROM and all the important issues that exist in 4.0.2 are gone.  It’s a winner.  

        I’m sure Verizon is taking their sweet time with it, but hopefully it’ll be released soon.

  • honestly.. even though i love all the custom ROMS and am running AOKP.. the GNex is the first phone ive owned that i dont exactly feel the absolute need to run a custom ROM.. notification toggles are probably the biggest positive for the ROMS .. but the small tweaks here and there help too .. google did just a flat out great job with AOSP ICS.

    • Stephen D

      I agree, ICS is awesome. One of the only reasons I’m on a ROM is to add a search key. 

    • I totally agree. With my Nexus S I was trying ROMs like crazy, but here I just get myself an app that does notification toggles properly and the rest of it is simply great with just the stock ROM.

    • sylent101

      I agree I flashed a rom and found that I was more pleased with the stock experience, the toggles were the only thing I missed.

    • Feel the same way. There isn’t anything that I’ve said “I hate this!” so far, so there’s no reason to go off of stock.

      As opposed to my OG Droid, which was pretty much a gang-bang slut of ROMs 🙂

  • Angelrod111

    How does this compare to AOKP?  Can u modify the soft keys?

    • TheMan876

      Soft key mods are a must.

    • John

      I don’t think they’re built in, but you can flash ’em, iirc.

    • Stever627

      Pete is almost stock… Not too many mods. On the og and gnex i have never run anything other than bb because there is no need to!

    • Mntarrou

      That is a negative!

    • Rodeojones000

      You can flash already made softkey mods, but because they mess with the SystemUI it will undo the notification toggles if you do (figured out the hard way). However, if there’s a particular color of softkey you want, just swap out the images. They’re found in the drawable-xhdpi folder within the SystemUI.apk. Took me less than 3 minutes to do so.