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Contest: 12 Androidified Cruzer Lite Galaxy Nexus Cases Up for Grabs! (Updated: Winners Picked)

Back in January, the Android fanboy in all of us could not stop talking about these Cruzer Lite Androidified cases for the Galaxy Nexus. Not only did they offer protection at a reasonable price, but they fit perfectly onto the LTE Nexus (can even be squeezed over the extended battery) and let you show off your Android pride in your favorite color. They are simply put, awesome.

Since we love to give stuff away to the amazing DL community, we worked with our buddy Joel who produces them, to line up just about every color in their collection for you today. Yep, we have black, grey, purple, green, white, red, yellow, orange and more that you will have a chance to win. Ready? 


1.  In the comments, explain to us what “Androidified” means to you.
2.  If you aren’t already, feel free to follow us on Twitter and Facebook.
3.  At 4PM Pacific today 10AM Pacific on Saturday, we will choose the winners and update this post.

Update:  Extended the contest until tomorrow morning!

Update 2:  Winners have been picked! Check your inboxes and Twitter DMs throughout the day.

Good luck!

And be sure to check out their entire case collection and Facebook page for more.

  • P5stover

    deif-i-diordna. if you say it backwards you get complete euphoria for the next 30 minutes!

  • Brassman1990

    Androidified to me is the process of converting a Crapberry or iFail user into an Android addict like the rest of us!

  • Androidified means never being satisfied.  Always pushing your phone to go above and beyond what it was created to be.  Personalizing your phone to you so that anyone else that tries to use it will look like a fool for even attempting to master a device more powerful than they could imagine.  It’s about pushing the limits and being on the bleeding edge.  Not knowing if your MMS or bluetooth is going to work with the latest and greatest ROM, but not caring, because suddenly you’re running Android instead of yesterday’s lame 4.0.3.  

  • Oz1421

    Androidified – Taking An Android & Amplifying It

  • Timfantry

    Droid Does

  • Dan

    To me, androidified is to be saturated with the Android experience. You might BE androidified if you’ve added that word to your personal Swype dictionary!

  • Ron_Swanson

    Androidified is an adjective used to describe awesomeness. Such as my moustache….

  • tehserver

    Androidified is Android everything.

  • Let’s see. An android is a humanoid robot. I suppose to be androidified would be to be enveloped by a robot. Hopefully in a good way, unlike how a Cyberman might do the job.

  • Justinlightner

    Androidified is what AOKP’s swagger mode toggle emulates.

  • Reply N

    Androidified – little green droids on my phone

  • Chris Ryan

    Androidified means the epitome of being
    an Android enthusiast, you live and breathe the green guy.

  • AlonsoRomero

    Adroidified wat better way then to always show that cute little robot that we all love… it means nothing more to me than pure android pride… I love that little robot!

  • I just Androidified my wife and my buddy Mike at the same time.  It involved vibrating Light Sabers, Ice Cream Sandwiches and converting them both from iPhones.  

  • Jason Brown

    What Androidified means to me: unlocked, rooted, and ROMed. 

  • JayCity23

    Androidified means…..A New case for my Galaxy Nexus. #ThatsAboutIt 

  • Cliffswain1

    Androidified means to me – (its simple) EVERYTHING NOT iphone, but at the same time EVERYTHING GREAT!

  • Simple, open, unified, and free.

  • kselby

    It means that you talk about Android so much that your friends no longer want to talk to you.

  • pharmdy

    Androidified = what I want my galaxy nexus to be. thanks!

  • David Smith

    Androidified is when I think I should make an app that converts text to r2d2 noises for giggles.

  • Jana

    Taken over by Android :p

  • Kenny Coan III

    Androidified means that I have the most BA phone and the most BA case!

  • Barlog

    Androidified is what happens to me when my girlfriend gets pissed off with me for ignoring her. “Your soo Androidified!”

  • Barlog

    Androidified is the name of my new band!

  • Cmr2337

    Androidified is what happens when u take the blue pill from Morpheus!

  • Jonathantheunicorn

    Androidified means taking full advantage of the greatest and most customizable mobile technology ever created.

  • Scottyb112

    Adroidified is when you want to drape yourself in android.. AKA Geek bling 😉

  • adrianc14

    Androidified to me means the act of putting a little Andy on an item to show the love for android. Much like how people put apple stickers on items to show off apple fanboyism. By putting Andy’s on our items, it shows our love for android.

  • Edgar C.

    Androidified is that look of amazement and jealousy that iPhone users get when they get a look at the Galaxy Nexus.

  • xlDIGITALlx

    “Androidified”- to me means, “Android being in its best form”.

  • yusukekenshin

    “Androidified” is what happend when Chuck Norris round house kicked his iphone

  • yusukekenshin


  • rooster215

    androidified to me mean doing what ever you want to the most awesome mobile os ever

  • yusukekenshin

    “Androidified” is what happend when Chuck Norris round house kicked his iphone

  • “Androidified” to me means surrounding myself in the geeky goodness of multi-flavoured , deliciously named and feature-rich futuristic gizmoz that upgrades every 6 months.  🙂

  • Mimsyborogove923

    Androidified = Freedom, innovation, community focused. 

  • GazaIan

    Androidified (verb, past tense) – to turn one into a total Android addict.

    Example: Ever since GazaIan has used Android, he has been entirely Androidified, now owning 5 Android devices, having an Android themed room, and even working on Android.

  • Androidified is something you say whenever your talking to an iPhone user explaining how much better your phone is then theirs. Applified….. uhh sounds dumb.

  • “Androidified” means no matter how much someone else is singing praises of some other platform, in your mind you know that the green bot I’ve got in my pocket trumps them all. * smirk *.

  • MrSteve920

    Androidified means that I have a collection of old phones just sitting away because I buy so many new android smartphones, and that when someone asks me iOS vs. Android it is my duty to rant and rant until they have no other choice but to pick Andy.

  • Androidified?
    I’m not really sure what it means exactly, but it sounds heavenly :3

  • Kim

    Androidified means Andy came and threw up on me and what came out was a Droid spattering of awesomeness!

  • Alex Pena

    Androidified means my two year old knows how to use my old droid X. My NEXUS needs protection!

  • Cool_loser08

    Androidified means i can show the world my beautiful nexus covered in a fun coloful case and having them feel dumb for having a iphone, amirite?

  • shazam81

    “Androidified = portable.” He writes using his lapdock 500 and motorola droid razr.   I bought a smoke one for my nexus and a black one for my droid maxx.  Wish they had clear for the Maxx…  bought 2, maybe I should win 1 free.

  • Mark Lukowitsky

    Being all in with Android