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Contest: 12 Androidified Cruzer Lite Galaxy Nexus Cases Up for Grabs! (Updated: Winners Picked)

Back in January, the Android fanboy in all of us could not stop talking about these Cruzer Lite Androidified cases for the Galaxy Nexus. Not only did they offer protection at a reasonable price, but they fit perfectly onto the LTE Nexus (can even be squeezed over the extended battery) and let you show off your Android pride in your favorite color. They are simply put, awesome.

Since we love to give stuff away to the amazing DL community, we worked with our buddy Joel who produces them, to line up just about every color in their collection for you today. Yep, we have black, grey, purple, green, white, red, yellow, orange and more that you will have a chance to win. Ready? 


1.  In the comments, explain to us what “Androidified” means to you.
2.  If you aren’t already, feel free to follow us on Twitter and Facebook.
3.  At 4PM Pacific today 10AM Pacific on Saturday, we will choose the winners and update this post.

Update:  Extended the contest until tomorrow morning!

Update 2:  Winners have been picked! Check your inboxes and Twitter DMs throughout the day.

Good luck!

And be sure to check out their entire case collection and Facebook page for more.

  • P5stover

    deif-i-diordna. if you say it backwards you get complete euphoria for the next 30 minutes!

  • Brassman1990

    Androidified to me is the process of converting a Crapberry or iFail user into an Android addict like the rest of us!

  • Androidified means never being satisfied.  Always pushing your phone to go above and beyond what it was created to be.  Personalizing your phone to you so that anyone else that tries to use it will look like a fool for even attempting to master a device more powerful than they could imagine.  It’s about pushing the limits and being on the bleeding edge.  Not knowing if your MMS or bluetooth is going to work with the latest and greatest ROM, but not caring, because suddenly you’re running Android instead of yesterday’s lame 4.0.3.  

  • Oz1421

    Androidified – Taking An Android & Amplifying It

  • Timfantry

    Droid Does

  • Dan

    To me, androidified is to be saturated with the Android experience. You might BE androidified if you’ve added that word to your personal Swype dictionary!

  • Ron_Swanson

    Androidified is an adjective used to describe awesomeness. Such as my moustache….

  • tehserver

    Androidified is Android everything.

  • Let’s see. An android is a humanoid robot. I suppose to be androidified would be to be enveloped by a robot. Hopefully in a good way, unlike how a Cyberman might do the job.

  • Justinlightner

    Androidified is what AOKP’s swagger mode toggle emulates.

  • Reply N

    Androidified – little green droids on my phone

  • Chris Ryan

    Androidified means the epitome of being
    an Android enthusiast, you live and breathe the green guy.

  • AlonsoRomero

    Adroidified wat better way then to always show that cute little robot that we all love… it means nothing more to me than pure android pride… I love that little robot!

  • I just Androidified my wife and my buddy Mike at the same time.  It involved vibrating Light Sabers, Ice Cream Sandwiches and converting them both from iPhones.  

  • Jason Brown

    What Androidified means to me: unlocked, rooted, and ROMed. 

  • JayCity23

    Androidified means…..A New case for my Galaxy Nexus. #ThatsAboutIt 

  • Cliffswain1

    Androidified means to me – (its simple) EVERYTHING NOT iphone, but at the same time EVERYTHING GREAT!

  • Simple, open, unified, and free.

  • kselby

    It means that you talk about Android so much that your friends no longer want to talk to you.

  • pharmdy

    Androidified = what I want my galaxy nexus to be. thanks!

  • David Smith

    Androidified is when I think I should make an app that converts text to r2d2 noises for giggles.

  • Jana

    Taken over by Android :p

  • Kenny Coan III

    Androidified means that I have the most BA phone and the most BA case!

  • Barlog

    Androidified is what happens to me when my girlfriend gets pissed off with me for ignoring her. “Your soo Androidified!”

  • Barlog

    Androidified is the name of my new band!

  • Cmr2337

    Androidified is what happens when u take the blue pill from Morpheus!

  • Jonathantheunicorn

    Androidified means taking full advantage of the greatest and most customizable mobile technology ever created.

  • Scottyb112

    Adroidified is when you want to drape yourself in android.. AKA Geek bling 😉

  • adrianc14

    Androidified to me means the act of putting a little Andy on an item to show the love for android. Much like how people put apple stickers on items to show off apple fanboyism. By putting Andy’s on our items, it shows our love for android.

  • Edgar C.

    Androidified is that look of amazement and jealousy that iPhone users get when they get a look at the Galaxy Nexus.

  • xlDIGITALlx

    “Androidified”- to me means, “Android being in its best form”.

  • yusukekenshin

    “Androidified” is what happend when Chuck Norris round house kicked his iphone

  • yusukekenshin


  • rooster215

    androidified to me mean doing what ever you want to the most awesome mobile os ever

  • yusukekenshin

    “Androidified” is what happend when Chuck Norris round house kicked his iphone

  • “Androidified” to me means surrounding myself in the geeky goodness of multi-flavoured , deliciously named and feature-rich futuristic gizmoz that upgrades every 6 months.  🙂

  • Mimsyborogove923

    Androidified = Freedom, innovation, community focused. 

  • GazaIan

    Androidified (verb, past tense) – to turn one into a total Android addict.

    Example: Ever since GazaIan has used Android, he has been entirely Androidified, now owning 5 Android devices, having an Android themed room, and even working on Android.

  • Androidified is something you say whenever your talking to an iPhone user explaining how much better your phone is then theirs. Applified….. uhh sounds dumb.

  • “Androidified” means no matter how much someone else is singing praises of some other platform, in your mind you know that the green bot I’ve got in my pocket trumps them all. * smirk *.

  • MrSteve920

    Androidified means that I have a collection of old phones just sitting away because I buy so many new android smartphones, and that when someone asks me iOS vs. Android it is my duty to rant and rant until they have no other choice but to pick Andy.

  • Androidified?
    I’m not really sure what it means exactly, but it sounds heavenly :3

  • Kim

    Androidified means Andy came and threw up on me and what came out was a Droid spattering of awesomeness!

  • Alex Pena

    Androidified means my two year old knows how to use my old droid X. My NEXUS needs protection!

  • Cool_loser08

    Androidified means i can show the world my beautiful nexus covered in a fun coloful case and having them feel dumb for having a iphone, amirite?

  • shazam81

    “Androidified = portable.” He writes using his lapdock 500 and motorola droid razr.   I bought a smoke one for my nexus and a black one for my droid maxx.  Wish they had clear for the Maxx…  bought 2, maybe I should win 1 free.

  • Mark Lukowitsky

    Being all in with Android

  • Jon1029

    Androidified…to show support for this awesome os!

    …sent from a Galaxy Nexus that wishes to be white.

  • Dougjohns

    IIt means that my MAXX is as well protected as it is stylish!

  • Jaredjessop

    Not buying Apple products.  No matter how good they look.  

  • Kokila

    Being Androidified means – being proud of being powered

  • Kbukowski

    Androidified means to eat sleep and breathe everything android. To always want the best android technology and being totaly obssesed with everything android that you want to display it proudly on your phone’s case. Aka being a bit of a android geek.

  • Cwpit81

    Having held a O.G droid at launch not knowing what was in your hand . Until getting attacked by a flock of isheep trying to convert me but only androfying myself to the game of android defying flocks of isheep. Now hold the power of true vanilla android of gnex technically my 4th android phone 2nd true pure vanilla android! Cause im. ANDROFIED!

  • Androidified is cool.

  • Joe

     To make your device stand out as being Android, by decoration, sound, or other artwork.  Also to publicly stand out as a Android fanatic by your clothes, speech, and thinking your phone’s operating system is the best in the world!

  • Ulnek75

    androidified means you’ve been set free.  your phone is no longer tied to a track and you can do with it anything you want (unlike applefied which is like riding a car in the amusement park that’s on a rail track).

  • waveGuide3e8

    Androidified is what happened to my friends when my OG Droid, while connected to my car stereo, would get a notification and go DRRRROOOOOOOOOOOID with high volume and loud bass. It’s a shockwave of Android dedication that shocks and excites the populous.

  • Gerret Walczak

    Android is pulling out a phone and someone asking “Is that a ‘droid”? And then I get the chance to show off everything it can do. That’s Android.

  • Androidified is not being an iOS and that is good for everyone.

  • jjl207

    Androidified means that something has been given  unparalleled power and flexibility, with the control to use it wisely.

  • je56751

    I think Androidified is being able to customize android the way you want it.

  • Clintphare

    A lot of great comments! 
    “Androidified”to me is what sets me apart from all the Apple loving, living co- workers I deal with day in and day out!

  • Stephen D

    Androidified means you were turned into an Android with the Androidify app. 

  • Vonny571

    Androidified = Open and Customized. Tricked out if you will. 🙂

  • Ninja’d, caught it before you commented.

  • Androidified means convincing one of your fellow apple fanboys of society that Android is far better and convince them into buying the most expensive Android device you could think of.

    • Stephen D


      The headphone port isn’t between his legs. It’s on the other side beneath his arm. 

  • MetalPhoenix79

    Something that shows how nerdy I am and proud of it.

  • Piotr G.

    You’re not Androidified unless you have one of the cruzer lite cases! 

  • Johnjmarin

    Androidified is
    droid life for life!

  • Rlblosser

    Androidified is an Android makeover. Invading Ambush Makeover.

  • baldypal

    Androidified means make it the best damn looking galaxy nexus on the block, no town, no world!

  • Josh515

    Androidified means I can comfortably use my phone with a slim-fit case, wherever I am, without worrying about damage from an unexpected drop.

  • Ed Bettinardi

    Androidify is:
    Shock absorbentMade from TPU materialSleek, lightweight designCutouts for all ports and buttonsScreen left exposed for full functionalityEasy to apply and removeAnti-scratch material…..BUT none of these:androidified nadroidified androidifide adnroidified sndroidified zndroidified qndroidifiedamdroidified ahdroidified abdroidified aneroidified ansroidified ancroidified anfroidifiedandeoidified andtoidified andgoidified andfoidified andriidified andrlidified andrpidifiedandroodified androudified androkdified androieified androisified androicified androififiedandroidofied androidufied androidkfied androidiried androiditied androidicied androididiedandroidigied androidibied androidifoed androidifued androidifked androidifiee androidifiesandroidifiec androidifief 

  • J. Mo

    Androidified is how Apple and Microsoft feel about the competition.

  • Artsantos24

    Androidified means being the lone voice of reason in a sea of Apple sheep at work.

  • “Androidified” means to have created a personality for your phone or tablet and be free to manipulate the UI and performance of the handheld as you please.

  • Scolo1988

    To be androidified is to be able to use your Android devices in every aspect of your life: phone, web,GPS, camera, car audio, home audio, computer, fitness, gaming console, personal shopper, etc. I am androidified.

  • “Androidified” means to create a personality for your UI and be free to manipulate your cellular or tablet as you wish.

  • Iamhuntham

    Androidified to me means; once you’re tired of your iphone 4 after a month, falling into a river with it in your pocket isn’t really a bad thing.

  • Yellowsnoe

    Androidified means that I turn into a robot when the moon is full.

  • Icehunter

    Androidified is demanding a little more savvy about tech. Androidified is maybe breaking the rules from occasionally because those rules are dumb to begin with. It is being a little off from the norm but being happy because its way more fun that way.

  • Bryant Wolf

    Androidified is trying to explain to your iPhone owning friends why you’re flashing a new ROM and Kernel while getting blank stares in return.

  • Andrew Davis

    Androidified means individualized. If you laid 20 Android phones next to each other, none of them would look the same. It represents people who dare to be different.

  • “Androidify” means to me that something had been previously running something else before Android. Such as mebby someone tossed Android on an iPhone. Or an iPhone user has been “Androidified” or assimilated to the Android collective. 😛

  • Androidified to me means being apart of the best tech community and best platform on the planet!

  • XoutlawX

    This seems like a good visual of what Androidify means…………toasty 😛

  • Bently Wong

    Androidified means that you have become a super fan of all things android.

  • Alershka

    Androidify I taking a stand, picking a side, Android or evil.

  • Waiting for list of winners…

    • mustbepbs

      Me too, wearing out my F5 key.

  • Kuboo99

    I wonder, does commenting multiple times increase ones chances of winning?

  • Auburngirl

    Androidified means having been seduced by the best mobile operating system out there and wanting to show it off. Kind of like wearing a wedding ring.

  • me a person that loves my android phone despite the amount of apple stock I own

  • Owewil3225

    androidified means to me to be free and enlightened on what a smartphone is capable of. Android is unrestricted and constantly evolving and growing. To be androidified you realize the true power, capablities, and freedom you have. We are a growing movement and many people think were “unique” because we talk about dessert named software highly.

  • “Androidified” means 8 weeks on from my last Blackberry and never looking back.  LTE Galaxy Nexus FTW!

  • mplacido9

    Androidified means making every electronic device I have bleed android green.

  • Cmonnats23

    To me androidified means not going with the flow of society. It means expecting, wanting, NEEDING something different from every other cell phone owner on the globe!

  • TankerTuff

    To me Androidified means to be able to set my phone apart from other phones and not just with a case. To unlock my phone and see my personally themed screens and icons and know it is mine.

  • Dat Nguyen

    It’s when you let as much of your digital life integrate with the Android lifestyle as possible!  Am I too late?

  • Androidified means awesome-sauce

  • To me, ‘androidified’ means breaking out of the norm, pushing the boundaries, and always striving for perfection.

  • daware

    Androidified is the only case option for me and my Galaxy Nexus.

  • Kiraalasmar

    Androidified – one aware and fully aware of the fact that Android is king and all others are inferior

  • Nativesonking

    Androidified means to me addicted to my android devices, my Galaxy Nexus, Droid Incredible and Asus Transformer. Android is a big part of my daily life.

  • Andrew Weckerly

    Androidified means that you take your technology seriously. You’re not some passive consumer of whatever new shiny piece of technology is pumped out. You want to dig in and get your hands dirty modin’ up your device and making it truly your own. Being androidified means when you’re looking at “skin flicks” online, you’re watching tutorials on how to create your own custom UI. Androidification is a status symbol that means you are not simply satisfied with your technology as it is, but truly want to push it to become something more. 

  • Tom Burke

    Being Androidified means being part of the Android Community and wanting every bit of Android possible in your life. I think we’re all a little Androidified 🙂

  • Rotn

    Androidified means showing off you love the android platform!

  • Mstolz1975

    Android = ulcer

  • tetd4

    Androidfied: The state of being totally committed to all things Android.

  • Christian Bennett

    Androidified means never letting anyone else forget that their I product means nothing to me.

  • I am made fun of at school! And androidified will make me even more noticed as that guy that doesn’t have an iPhone!!!

  • Androidified: AMAZING community who works tirelessly to improve an already amazing product. 

  • Danieljensen90

    To me, once you start working on roms it becomes helping the open source community and spreading the Androidified cause.

  • Aedwardw

    Androidified means that you are better than the rest.

  • vipergtx500

    Androidified = Android takeover

  • brendan


  • Androidified – knowing my phone is way cooler than everyone else’s, especially those with phones that have shatter-prone glass on the back for no reason…

  • zhengyou37


  • To be “Androidfied” means to become a revolutionized combination of both Human and Robot that extends the capacity for both love and work to extraordinary limits!

  • Packratako

    To me androidified means that you now belong to an elite group of techies dedicated to having the freedom to do what you want when you want to do anything on your phone. Being able to fully maximize what you paid for and to have the freedom the same freedom that our constitution brings forth to what we own. Apple eh.. well being androidified is better and being as one I am proud to bring presence to this name. I am androidified, are you…?

  • Xbjackel

    Androidified means you have one of the most powerful devices in you hand ever made

  • shamu11

    Androidified: the practice of changing the smartphone name to android by means of adoption of the almighty android.

  • Scruffy Bob

    Androidified: Covered in tiny green robots and enjoying it!

  • Kane Stapler

    Androidified: A term used to describe massive modification of something to make it standout and look attractive to all whom claim the Android name.

  • sahilm


    To me, it means the power to do whatever you want to the device. The power to tinker, change and customize to optimal use to you. It isn’t designed for the masses, for millions of users at once, it’s designed and optimized specifically for YOU. 

  • it means totally droided… Thanks for the contest!

  • Evan

    Androidified is being able to change every little thing about your phone

  • Bryant Wolf

    Androidified means coming out from under a rock after 50 years and opening your eyes to the world.

  • muscal

    Androidified is one who has been completely enthused with Android in everyday life. Not only does that person carve pumpkins into Androids, convince his friends to buy Android phones, purchase Android figurines, shirts and stickers, visit Droid-Life on a multi-daily basis, watch dancing Android videos with a smile, and take pictures with dancing Androids at sporting events. 

    …I think i just described myself. 

  • Tim

    Androidified is a way of life in the mobile world – and that way of life makes others that aren’t apart of it jealous.

  • allan

    androidfied is like having a swagger! 

  • luthe

    Androidified=a 3 foot plush Android watching over my lab bench in brightest day or darkest night

  • slapping Andy on the back of my G-nex

  • ANDROIDIFIED means that your life has quite literally be encompassed by all things Android

  • Androidified is just a word for FREEDOM! i can do whatever i want, to whatever i want, whenever! Customize and simplicity all in one WINNING

  • Jackpot2123

    Androidified means that i go suited up to school with android socks (RG3 STYLE) andy keychain with a green backpack with ANDY drawn in Black, Green headphones and having droid-life as my home page

  • TommyCurran

    Androidified- Is what you have become when you can’t help but have the latest and greatest Android anything. For example; I realized that I had been Androidified after owning an OG Droid, Incredible, Droid X, Droid 3, Droid Charge, Droid Razr & now my favorite Galaxy Nexus. I actually tried an IPhone 4S in-between the Charge and Razr but only had it for 2 weeks because ………….well lets just say I could not of gotten rid of it fast enough. I am Androidified. Living a Droid Life for life. 🙂

  • gnexlover

    Androidified to me means having a device that is mine, and can do what I want it to do, unlike those i* users.

  • harryharry

    Androidified (verb, past tense): to have been made awesome.   Example: “The Transformer Prime is like an iPad, only it can do way more, way better, because it has been Androidified.”

  • N8shon

    Androidified means being part of the best ecosystem in the entire consumer electronics universe! 

  • thesailingboss

    Androidified allows me to have a gaunt bugdroid on the back of my phone! (way bigger than the tiny little fruits on the back of some other FYI)

    • thesailingboss


  • Robert Walters

    “Androidified” means simply put an amazing platform that provides you to put your own personal stamp on every aspect.

  • Androidified is being secure in the knowledge that you’re running the superior OS, despite what the media and a certain company from Cupertino say.

  • Split630

    I’m just a Geek obsessed with Android.  No XBOX or gaming PC, just my Galaxy Nexus, and hopefully enough cash, and loose reigns from the wife, for my Birthday, and I’ll have a Transformer Prime. 

  • xxdesmus

    Androidified means “because I can”. As in,  “why on earth would you want to run nginx on your Galaxy Nexus?”   … “because I can.”

  • Whiteswanbrands

    it means I am cool!

  • Joediver

    I have 4 of these already. Joel did a great job on these. Perfect fit and feel!

  • Androidified in a nutshell sums up ME! I am an android nut to core of my bolts. I’ve been around since the start of this Awesome OS/Lifestyle(before the G1).  I’m Andy Tatted and live by the moto Live It, Love It, Android-Life. You really don’t get more Androidified than that 😉

  • Kawika T

    Androidified is what happened to me after I got a Samsung Fascinate when my Blackberry Tour died and not even considering another platform. It’s the love of the endless options and tinkering that you can do. But only to brick it and have to fix it. Which, at that time when I just got into the Android community, meant trekking cross my college’s campus from my dorm in a snow storm at 4am to the computer lab because they had Windows machines I could use and I had a Mac. But now 2 years later I’ve upgraded to a Galaxy Nexus and wishing I still knew how to code, and a machine for it, to contribute instead of just enjoying others’ work.

  • Nnutthowz3

    Androidified – To have android a part of everything you do everyday!

  • HuskerDroid10

    Making my life Android

  • Manuel Olague11

    I ordered this from amazon last week. Its a great case.

  • FinsFinlay

    Androidified means when something is completely Google-fied from head to toe! Just like the GNex!

  • Kendal

    Androidified means from from restrictions and from pretentiousness.

    • Kendal

      Or “freedom from”, even… ugh, apparently Androidified does NOT mean avoiding typos.  🙁

  • DroidDIY

    Androidified means being accepted into a community of people that are out to help each other and improve the group as a whole through learning, trying and communicating.
    It does NOT mean accepting what some big piece of fruit says we should have and when they say we should have it!

  • Skylordusa1

    Androidified means I am addicted to all things Android. I cant get enough of it. 

  • androidified means that i check sites like Droid Life that will help me pimp out my GNex with fancy cases like this 🙂 to go along with some custom ROMs.

  • Androidified means to be able to use and experience MY device the way in which I choose.

  • Androidified means making the phone your own. Making it look and act to match your own personality and not being pegged in to having things setup a certain way. It means being able to try new features that the Devs come up with on the fly and new themes to make it look like a completely new phone which in turn means never being bored. It lets you run the same phone for years without feeling like you’re falling completely behind. Most of all it means being part of a community that, in my experience, is always happy to help as long as you’re not looking to kang 😀

  • i think androidified could be applied to anything that is customer customizable 

  • Atnevon

    Androidified – Your Phone, Your Lifestyle, Your Style

  • Androidified means I will forever be single and living in my grandma’s basement

  • KiriusKris

    Androidify to me means choosing Android as my first smart phone and sticking with it. Getting onto Droid-Life as soon as I got my Droid Incredible and being on my 3rd Android device with Verizon in under two years. It also means being on my 2nd Android tablet in under a year and buying a 7″ Android tablet and customizing it for my learning impaired nephew. It’s making every theme from your Chrome browser, to your apps, and to your PC at work to have everything Android on it. Checking my RSS feed hourly to see if DL and AL have updated. Steering all my friends and family towards Android phones. Bleeding Android green and Ice Cream Sandwich blue!

  • Matthew Dezzi

    Androidified means already having one of these cases and loving it enough to want another.

  • Adam F.

    Androidified to me means liberation. When I hear Androidified I picture an army of liberated Androids going up against fruit wielding mad scientists bent on controlling the world. Whose side do you stand on? Do you stand for freedom and liberation or oppression and strife?

  • Kismet769

    Being consumed with Android. Phones, tablets, e-readers. And hacking all of them. 🙂

  • Jonathonflores6958

    Hating all things Apple, Microsoft, Blackberry & Apple again lol Android on my phone, Android on my computer and Android on my TV (or Google where available). Trolling apple sites and unfriend all friends not on Android. I hereby pledge allegiance to Google & Android. And I guess Motorola after the acquisition.

  • ankit199

    “Androidified” means to take the little green Android, and turn it into yourself, your friends, your family, anyone!

  • I believe “Androidified” defines a certain lifestyle choice.  More than ever, smart phones are an integral part of most of our daily lives. Some go as far as to consider their device a necessity instead of the luxury it was once perceived as.  Sometimes I feel like I would be lost without my Android device!  Hence, “Androidified” not only represents the freedom to augment my device and use it in a more personalized manner than its competition, but also it is an extension of who I am.  I wouldn’t go as far as to say it completely defines me as a person, but it has definitely changed my outlook and aided me in being the best I can be.

  • andrew z

    Androidfied is when you know you’ll never own another phone OS.

  • Bschapp

    Androidified IS the Galaxy Nexus

  • PicoDeGiao

    Androidify to me is the total embodiment of the Android lifestyle.

  • Lebeauc

    Androidify means to outfit your life with android, either through devices or accessories such as these cases.

  • Claytonhoppe

    Androidified means that I eat,drink, sleep everything android

  • Billy McGee



  • Natalie Campbell

    Androidified is what happened to my house and husband starting when the Droid came out!

  • Swift_LawnGnome

    To Androidify is to fully make your phone match yourself.

  • Something becoming ‘Androidified’ is when it is at its most-pure state. Something that works elegantly and works as planned. (Androidified: Nexus One. NOT Androidified: anything with Sense UI, MotoBlur, TouchWiz)

  • Betcmrekoapl2

    Androidified means something is as awesome as possible without mitigation. Sense, blur, touchwiz, and whatever LG is calling that awful skin are perfect examples of de-androidified phones

  • S Allen


    Constantly refreshing droid-life throughout the day in an attempt to satiate my unending desire to be in-the-know with all things Android and checking droid-life on Google Reader on my GNex to make sure I never miss a thing.

  • Androidified: haz bacon

  • WCDave

    Androidified (verb): To transform something average into something awesome.

  • tomwhite86

    Androidified means you love the freedom and possibilities that an open platform gives you. I’ve used Android on multiple devices and feel like I’ve just scratched the surface.

  • spliced249

    Androidified – Permanent swagger mode.

  • Tim Roberts

    Androidified means to make oneself one with your android. a marriage of man and machine. 

  • jgabler5025

    It means mostly open, customize-able, and having an amazing community.

  • Androidified means to be consumed by the awesomeness that is Android

  • Rancer

    Androidified means that every time you see an i*phone, you die a little bit on the inside.

  • tjmonkey15

    Androidified > Android-obsessed

  • Androidified to me is a lifestyle of refined class with a side of efficient ease.

  • Steven Letourneau


  • Luketastic1

    To be androidified is to be awesomeified. Simple as that. 

  • Underfundedmandate

    Androidified means robomansynth to me.

  • Androidified:  past participle, past tense of androidify (Verb)

    Taking part in or displaying a defiance towards Steve Jobs, Apple, and general corporate America; creating and using technology designed by the people, for the people.

  • Kal5el

    Androidified is what happened to my buddy yesterday when i showed him my brand new nexus. After he played with it, he looked at his iPhone like he hated the thing.

  • Awh2012

    It keeps me up to date on what’s going on in the technical world with cell phones they put up good post good reviews and I really want those cases thank you

  • Jeffcase55

    Well I think it means you eat ,sleep, work, live android. Not just me but my whole family is androidified. There’s no any other like this this! I’m greatfull to be part of such a family. Love this site, really hope I can get one of these great cases!!!!

  • MrBlonde04

    Androidified= putting Android into your everyday life from seeing your Nexus alarm clock go off in the morning, then popping in the shower while playing Google music and singing R.E.S.P.E.C.T. loudly. Then sitting on your green sofa and turn on an tv with tasty ics running smoothly in the background. Then looking up something to cook on your Android tablet. Then have an ice cream sandwich…to eat.

  • eak128

    Androidified is how I carry through life.

  • androidified is when you turn the swagger toggle to the on position and mean it

  • Cjl1092

    Androidified to me means that you have become infected with a lust for the latest and greatest in the world of Android ans will stop at nothing to get your daily fix of everything Android. Thankfully we have dealers like Kellex to keep us supplied and our hunger under control.

  • DemetriosBarnes

    Androidified is operating in a form of difference. Not the norm. Wanting to stand out and go left when everyone is going right. Making a name for yourself while creating your own normal.

  • skylog

    ANDROID*F*ED means doing everything you need better, faster and your way. oh, and living with out any “i”s in your life!


  • Cjharris1985

    Androidified is a lifestyle….an expression of one’s love for all android. If you feel anticipation for each and every new build of Android OS…you have been androidified…If the first thing you do is root your phone…. you have been Androidified…like I said to me its everything Android..its my lifestyle…. I’ve been Androidified.

  • nineleveno

    Androidified: What one becomes after one gets his/her first Android device (and consequently realizing that he/she is completely obsessed with all things Android).

  • Dannychavez79

     Androidified is somthing i live by since day one.somthing that is going to be taken to the next level ,somthing thats going take over the world….

  • Androidified is slowing paying more attention to my phone than anything else

  • Androidified means being at the top of the technological pinnacle. 

  • It means what my wife thinks that has happened to me since I got my first android phone and can’t stop playing with it

  • Mike Yost

    Androidified: When you worked all day, feel exhausted as hell, lay down in bed and right when you are about to go to sleep you see that your favorite ROM has been updated so you spend another 2 to 3 hours flashing it and seeing what is new…. Not that I have ever done this…. well maybe a couple times, well okay fine, every other night basically.

  • keithsmith22

    Androidified simply means FREEDOM

  • Androidified, hmm…  I suppose that’s what my wife would say has happened to me.

  • Androidified is taking something well known and visible and turning it into Android Swag by desigining it with an Android Theme. 

    Fun Answer: Anything Android that I can show off.

  • Twofourturbo

    Anything you stamp a Android on with the desire of standing on a mountain and showing off to the whole world. One day I’ll Androidify my self with a full back Android tattoo.

  • Deslotnick

    Androidified means a way of being in tune with the 4g world that far surpases that of iOwhatever. Android changed my life for the better and I know it changed yours as well.

  • Allan M.

    Androidified means pouring a while lot of awesome sauce all over a phone.

  • Tim Buchanan

    Androidified means to see the world in shades of green. With antennas. And open sourced.

  • Matthew Fura

    Androidfied = Android > Apple

  • tylerwatt12

     Androidified: Modified to pertain to android.

  • ikryptic

    Androidified is loving what android is. Loving all of its features, strong points and even its downfalls.

  • duurf

    Androidified – You are a android fan with little green antennas!

  • G_what88

    Androidified means something has been made up in the style or theme of “Android” (which refers to the operating system and logo created by Google).

  • Androidified to me is sticking with Android through thick and thin–not giving up and switching to that “other” OS because you don’t like one feature–because I promise you, that either the awesome Devs or Google will fix it, and make it better. 

  • It simply means being proud of your brand.  When you are a proud owner, you love to show it off.

  • Bigwavedave25

    Androidified takes my GNex to the next level. These covers are great and provide good grip with a tight tollerance. I have the black one and I use it every day. It actually replaced my Otterbox Commuter.

    I would love to have one in a different color. They rock!

  • Jeff Bank

    Androidified means to have an open state of mind (open source) and to be Android green from the inside out 🙂

  • It means I love and am excited about all things Android.  It’s not just a phone and/or tablet, it’s a community, it’s a state of mind, and it’s a state of being.

  • MidnightMirage

    Androidified is making your phone a reflection of yourself and supporting the developers whose hard work and dedication allow you to do so.

  • Royal2000H

    To be Androidified is to be unable to live without your Android phone for even one day

  • dodger55fan

    Androidified means I’m always running the latest version of Android on my phone, tablet, and tv, and I even have an android emulator on my pc … suck it, Apple.

  • Wingman520

    Androidify means to me a passion for what you enjoy out of your phone but respecting and knowing where it’s roots are from… It means more than just saying you have an awesome phone, it’s saying this is my phone… I know what my phone looks like, because to me I want it purely custom and different from the norm of what everybody else does and has on their phones, but tailors to what need on a day to day basis. Be it a case, a cover, a homescreen, or even a custom rom that completely shows people what something different… Not the same dreary device, for example an i*hone 😉

  • is it me or does the Cruzer Lite logo look like the Androids junk in the pic above?

  • Adam Serfling

    Androidified to me means freedom- freedom to find the phone that best fits me, on any carrier, and the freedom to customize my phone anyway I choose

  • Bdrsvt

    Androiified is an emotion. That feeling you get when you flash a new rom. The feeling you get when your favorite rom gets updated. When your favorite kernel gets a new update. The feeling you get everyday when you read through the new posts here on droid life and learn of something new for our phones or operating system. The list goes on. Everyday, I am ANDROIDIFIED by the versatility and support of the great android system and the community.

  • Androidified = Human turns into robot-like efficient meat machine

  • shnickburton

    Androidified is talking smack on all other phones! Cause if your androidified fan you know where the best is.

  • dplowden88

    “Androidified” is how I feel everyday after I read all the latest and greatest news from the BEST. SITE. AROUND. Droid-Life.

  • To me Androidified means you bleed Android blood. The idea of Apples iOS makes you cringe and your goal is to turn Apple cool aide drinkers into Android enthusiasts. 

  • Gralal

    Linus Tornvalds first born android child.

  • Usty

    Androidified means whatever you want it to mean (unless you’re on a Motorola phone) HAHA.

  • Ror1997

    Androidified is how i show my friends, that there whole phone (an iPhone) is my app drawer

  • Flyinion

    Androidified: adj. Being converted fully and completely to Android. 🙂

  • ANDROIDIFIED means Idk I just need a case I bought my G-Nex on Monday she doesnt like being naked!!  Proof >>> 

  • Micah Gemmell

    Androidified : The process of making something better. phone -> androidfied > smartphone.

  • Im_Not_With_Em

    To be Androidified is to achieve the enlightened state in which one comes to the realization that Apple force-feeds limited and gimmicky interfaces that is slowly creating a dependency within society upon simplicity, while simultaneously limiting the creativity and higher level thinking processes of those who populate it. To be Andriodified is to realize that any society that uses smartphones is in danger of losing its freedom and intelligence everytime a filter doesn’t apply to an Instagram, and that the Android operating system provides the only hope for nonconformity and the avoidance of Apple’s brainwashing.

  • Chris Filkins

    Androidified Apple Fanboy

  • Sticker

    Androidified is a lifestyle. Livin’ hard and fast

  • Androidified: A lot like being assimilated. 

  • Jared Pannell

    Androidified means to me the ability to do what you want with the most awesome phone OS ever!

  • NYAvsFan

    What Androidified means to me. By me. 
    Androidified (android-ih-fied; adjective)- the word represents a multitude of things in the world of Android. Namely 1) the ability of an Android fan to show off to the world (and particularly apple junkies) both the superiority of their mobile OS of choice and the incredible diversity it represents. 2) the act of an Android junkie to share with the world at large their love of  said addiction by possessing large quantities of Android related paraphernalia. 

  • slash19

    Androidified is letting the person next to you using their $phone know exactly what little green robot is behind that sweet phone you are using that they are secretly wanting.

  • Androidified means the love for all of the things your Android powered device does for you, that makes your life easier and more fun, that no other handheld device can do, and thats why you geek out about it and love cases like this. simple as that.

  • When your totally obsessed with everything Android.. ANDROIDIFIED!

  • Jerrymen88

    yesterday my two friends and i went in a *apple store and went thur at least 12 *pads and *phones and look for DROID LIFE in the browser and then just walk out with our G-NEX in our hands…They just got ANDROIDIFIED!!!!!!!!!!!


    If you have been infected and now bleed Andy green….your are truly Androidified!!

  • Drootz

    Androidified to me is being rooted and having complete control over your own device.

  • Barry Coleman

    Androidified stands for AWESOMENESS!!!

  • ibelieveinsteve

    Androidified means becoming so connected to your device, the lines between man and machine start to fade.

  • Tom Luley

    Androidified is something that I would say that makes my family think I am completely crazy, but sites like Droid Life think I am normal 🙂

  • Kfreemanii

    Androidified means you are 100% android! Droid is religion and daily part of your day. You dream,sleep and eat android

  • Phil

    Androidified to me means having Android as an integral part of your everyday life.

  • JamesU513

    Androidified to me means showing your enthusiasm for everything Android by sticking a big fat android figure on your phone!

  • Johnbombo

    Androidified is word that i copied from #1 in the instructions above (had to make sure i spelled it right) in order to win a snazzy case for my beloved GNEX.

  • Ivan92116

    Androidified means making something better by installing Android on it. 

  • Paul Jedlicka

    An Androidfiend is someone that just can’t get enough and thats me!

  • Maui88

    Androidified- A pure Google and Android experience that is in perfect harmony with a Nexus device!

  • Androidified: the effect of having all aspects of one’s life in telecommunications and social media powered by Androidware.

  • Legomancer

    Androidified means being an evangelist for Android and convincing every single one of my family members and wife (and most of my friends) to get Android devices.  My mom has now eclipsed me by picking up a Transformer Prime and LOVES it.  And now I’m jealous.

  • Kellygh5

    Androidified means you stick with one of the latest, greatest Android devices even though it has been unreliable and requires Verizon to replace, because you want to support the Android community as a non-tech, “know-nothing,” who relies on the community to answer questions that are the computer equivalent of “did you turn the power on” response; in addition, being Momma Androidified means you are allowed to tell (or lecture 🙂 )  your 3 kids (& all of their friends) why you choose Android over their Mom’s ip*#ne & why it’s not cool to be a follower.  This is why I need these phone cases.  It will dress up what will be replacement G’Nex  from Verizon, make me feel better about my love/hate relationship with the phone, along with looking cool for all those kids who are being brought up in an Apple world.

  • Androidified= Its when you believe in Android, and love everything about it. And You love to show off everything that is Android!

  • Pschluth

    I think that i am most deserving because i love me sone droid-life and lets fsce it the phone was 300
    00 after that who can afford a case. Plus i promote dl to my 400+ coworker for droid info

  • Sgiacomo84

    I can honestly give plenty of definitions for Androidified, but it all comes down to being the best at whatever you do – complete awesomeness everywhere, every time. 

  • Abran96

    Androidified simply put, means phone swag!

  • Anthony Armando

    androidified is when anyone or anything becomes a proud and devout member of the android legion.

    all hail our android overlords.

  • John_h_r

    Androfied mean to take something awesome and make it more awesome.

  • nbjesusfreak12

    Androidified = the complete domination of apple

  • Androidfied is rocking this case on your Android Handset along with Custom Android shoes shirt jacket and ll cool j kango hat with 2 four finger rings that real Androyd 4 Lyfe

  • Mimeo Ink

    Androidification is the process of replacing organic grey matter with positronic cybernetics. “Androidified” means the process is complete.

    Er, I’m sorry. Positronic *Exynos* cybernetics. Clearly!

  • Jlaurence24

    Means being able to do a million things more than the fruit!

  • Androidified means having the freedom to do what I want, when I want, how I want, without having to worry about being locked in to a brand.

  • shdowman

    Androidified means to be made part of the collective. Resistance is futile.

  • realfoxm

     Androidified means refreshing Droid-Life constantly throughout the day.

  • Androidified:  AN-DROY-DI-FIED
    Verb – Past Tense
    To Make into a Droid.  To modify one’s ways into all things based on the ANDROID product.  To live through Android. 

    For me – its the process by which a user or group of users make things work within the Android environment, whether it’s porting an existing app to run on Android phones, adding a green droid to a picture, or to evangelize the word of Android to peers.    

  • Bradley Albert Nemitz

    Someone or something that has become completely obsessed with or dedicated to android.

  • Gary Keeler

    Verb:Make it better by adding Android.Noun:Androidify.Exclamation:Used as an appeal for urgent assistance: “Help! I need to Androidify my iPhone”.Synonyms:Droid,Droidify, Droidified, Google, Googlify,Googleified,Awesomify, Awesomified.

  • roosterk506

    it means everything to me its everything great about having a smartphone, what i’m trying to say in one word “Androidified”

  • Darth_Imperius

    It means painting yourself green and running through the streets punching every iPhone user you see, and using the battle cry “Google” whilst you do it!

  • Hep

    Androidified is the meaning of life as we know it.

  • Jam120992

    i think androidified means to fully embrace android and take advantage of all of its feature big a and small 

  • Matt Ponkey

    Androidified = The state of being thoroughly saturated with Android goodness

  • Androidified- located on the x chromosome as a recessive gene (meaning it is more prevalent in men than women) causes an effect where you love android so much you die for it, literally. Androidified is disease that is becoming more common. becareful of mating with thus carriers. Applifed is even more dangerous as an X-linked dominant disorder. be safe. Peace Love ANDROIDDSHAHSAOISHUOISH 

  • Nexusman

    Androidified- to become one with the droid-. a symbionic melding of ones life that is bettered by the co-op of human and device

  • Androidified is a state after which an object has become closer to an android. Perks of being more like an android? More customized, cooler, more powerful, more intelligent, but the list goes on for awhile. 

  • B.

    Androidified = Making Non-Android owners GREEN w/ envy!

  • It means Android pride and style!


  • Androidified is when my wife keeps asking to use my GNex to look up or do something – when her iPhone is sitting right on the coffee table!

  • RadicalPie

    Androidified means to own a phone, tablet, bluray player, tv, watch, printer, all with android operating system. Also to read Droid Life and own a Galaxy Nexus.

  • Androidified is when you use as close to pure android but you have to have some bells and whistles Dev Community style. Neither my GNex or HP Touchpad are running base firmware, Cause I am Androidified.

  • J Money

    Androidified is that one little moment when you realize that you will be an Android user for life.

    As in: “Yo. Just picked up the Galaxy Nexus. That phone is BEAST!! I’m androidified now”

  • Androidified, to be converted from the dark side, i.e. iOS, Blackberry, or any standard messaging phone.

  • tomn1ce

    Androidified means to have your phone engulfed in absolute awesomeness……

  • bsnarles

    Androidified is what happens when you find yourself refreshing the droid-life webpage every 30 minutes during work in order to read about the next great android release and to make work go by a lot faster.

  • Androidified, to me, is when someone’s asking me about the next phone they should get (because I’m the “phone guy” in my circle”, and I successfully convert them from either an old feature phone or an iPhone, to a nice Android phone, and they’re happy with it! They just got Androidified, and it feels good.

  • Alex

    Androidified means not just being an android god, but showing it as well.  Making that famous “i love my iphone” line be used not less, but less confidently.

    or another way- Beauty and technology in one.

  • paul leland

    It”s like android the ability to personalize the phone to your specifications

  • broadwayblues

    Androidified means access to amazing devs that dedicate to? Either and money to get the very best from your hardware, no matter what carriers try to restrict you too.

  • Riseonfire

    Androidified = Freed

  • Sinp3cado

    It means to… uhm…. 
    Android up in your life?
    Add androids to your life?

  • Christian

    To me, being “Androidified” is comparing every number you see in daily life to the number of ROMs you’ve flashed to your phone – “Hey, slow down! The speed limit is 35 here!”…”Oh please, that’s only about half the number of ROMs I flashed to my phone last week.”

  • “Androidified” Means being cool and rocking the best phone on the planet!!!!

  • mbaldwin85

    Simply put, androidified means showing the world that you love total control of your device and are not afraid to show it.

  • Dr. Tosk

    Androidified: A state of enhanced reality achieved by the transmission of information with an android device

  • FALO

    Androidified. Illuminati. Same thing.

  • lightlong

    Androidified is one better than android-fried

  • bacchus71

    Androdified:  Synonymous with total kick ass!

  • JoeyM

    Androidified to me means that you use your Android device to its fullest capabilities while incorporating it into your lifestyle.  You go to Android for work, school, media, communication, and everything else.

  • Ben Leonard

    we all have android in some form, but Androidified lets you rep what got the whole thing started. its like a droid outfit for your phone!

  • Evil-D

    Androidified – being turned into a robot.  Like robo cop.  No, Androidified is being given the freedom to choose the phone you want.  No one telling me what is good for me.  Being able to install whatever I want when ever I want.  I embrace being androidified.

  • Ecomacho3

    Androidified= being able to resist becoming an iSheep

  • Adam Siekmann

    I have one. they look great and work well. Only complaint I have is that it wraps around the screen and a lot of pocket lint gets under it. Good luck to all!

  • Iamhuntham

    Androidified to me means; once you tired of you iphone 4 after a month, falling into a river with it in your pocket isnt really a bad thing.

  • Dan

    Androdified means never having to use a fruit device again

  • imronburgundy

    Androidified means you live and breath Android. I’m pretty sure anyone that flashes more than one ROM a day qualifies.

  • Androidified means unlocked, unlimited and unrestricted. It means I am free to do what I want with my device!

  • Androidified means a transformation of a young work alcoholic that had no life into a flamboyant phone maniac. In a good way of course. >>Me<<

  • Some people may say Androidified is being able to let your inner-geek out…
    Some people may say 
    Androidified is a way life…
    I say 
    Androidified is cool…
    By the way these cases are awesome! I picked up 3 of them when you ran the initial story on them…Since I already have 3 of them, if you pick me… just go ahead and pick someone else… I’ll donate my winnings to the next person you pick…Enjoy…

  • Bjcroteau

    “Androidfied” Definition: When every being of your life is totally and utterly consumed by anything android or “droid” related.
    Use it in a sentence. I would love to have my galaxy nexus be as androidfied as my life with a brand new black Cruzer lite Galaxy Nexus Case.

  • Kevin Dahlstrom

    Androidified = You have been assimilated! Live, breath and use Android only. Phone, tablet, Google, everything you are it!!

  • Androidified: placing andy stickers on everything I own.

  • Neptunesnerd24

    Yo dawg, I heard you like Android, so I Androidified your android so you can android while you android.

  • Androidified: pimped or decked out with android gear or tech.

  • Eric Payne

    To be androidified is to skin your life with the technological advances of the future.

    Blue please!!!

  • Michael Pachmayer

    Being Androidified shows people that I’ve gone all in on the best smartphone OS out there.

  • Moeyknight

    Androidified means that you have made something super awesome.

  • ZS

    Androidified is incorporating Android into any other part of your life. 

  • azholio

    Androidified means to me I’ll never consider the i-phonies walled gardens of lameness!

  • Calculatorwatch

    Androidified means publicly showing off your love of Android on the back of your awesome Gnex so that iPhone users start to say “Why is that guy so proud to have an Android phone? I thought iPhones were still the coolest… HOLY CRAP THAT SCREEN IS HUGE!!”

    Already love rocking the black and teal (and sometimes smoke) Androidified cases, owning a white one too would be the coolest thing ever.

  • wtm1417

    the effect android has on simplifying my life.

  • Oneder15

    Androidified, to me means using the system to its full potential with customizations and such!

  • rolltidedad

    Androidified = pimp my GNex

  • Antny1979

    Anroidified to means being open minded and having access to a technology that reflects that.

  • Androidified is that first time after seeing the I-don’t comercials.Then walking into a Verizon store to see what it was all about from the OG to Nexus and everything in between. And I’m still hooked.

  • Androidified: State of being satisfied but not restricted.  

  • Ryan

    Androidified ==  little android as is seen on the cases above. Pretty spiffy, I wants one!

  • Stupidzeus

    Androidified is showing pride in owning a device running the best operating system out there. I’m an android user and damn proud of it

  • ramifications

    To be Androidified is to be completely and utterly overtaken by everything android: to become one with your android. 

    (bleep!) (bloop!) …. DROIIIIIID!

  • Androidified – Standing up for common sense in a world of people who settle for less when far more is available. 

  • Sincere1121

    Androidified thanks for helping me avoid buying vzw accessories for my G-Nex . I hope I win today

  • RandomSF

    Androidified means all vestiges of iOS have been crushed out of existence.

  • JaybirdOSU

    Androidified…simply put…the anti-apple.

  • DrAndyRoid

    Androidified to me means being a part of the ELITE OS; having CONTROL of how they want their OS to fit their personal needs.

  • Androidified is a way of life and having the options to choose what you need because you don’t need to be spoon fed.

  • Androidified
    Swagger in one simple case
    Please give me this case!
    Haiku if you didn’t know haha

  • curtis206

    Androidified is the process of becoming an Android whore/slut/junkie.

  • It means understanding and embracing technology. Not settling for anything dumbed down to the lowest common denominator

  • Aaron

     Androidified = Android to the core

  • Cjtrotter85

    Androidified is a movement. The embodiment of all thing android. Its more than just a phone. Its a lifestyle.

  • smokeey

    “Androidified” – To have everything Android

    Yup, sounds normal to me.

  • Well ill tell ya what androidified means to me, it means that i have total freedom in my device to just….   ah hell i just want one of these neat looking cases.  🙂

  • Kon-Kon Chao

    Androidified means you have seen the light and realize how much freedom you have been missing out on!

  • Androidified means community, innovation, and customization.

  • Androidified isn’t that the opposite of Appleified?

  • Ma13ro

    Androidified is loving something so much you want EVERYTHING to be it!

  • “Androidified” Means that MY phone will stand out above all others because Andy the Android will be shining brightly on the back of my phone when I talk to people!!

  • Colin Zack

    Androidified means to have the ability to customize and limitless choices

  • chdir

    Androidified is when you take some hardware and make it better by giving the users and community control over it.

  • Androidified is using the phone without Moto Blur, or Sense, or anything gunked up by the manufacturers and carriers! Stock all the way baby!

  • Androidified means a lot to me.. Android and Andy or “BugDroid” has really given me a hobby, something i’ve lacked for years. From Android Mini Collectibles to t-shirts to stickers to phones.. my life really has become “Androidified.” Some may call it an obsession, some may call it being a fanboy, but i call it FUN. Its great to have something to collect, something to keep me busy, and even something to decorate my apartment with! Ever since I got my OG Droid, i’ve discovered a passion, something I could not claim i had for anything in previous years. My life has been Androidified, and possibly (to my girlfriend’s dismay), i dont think its gonna change any time soon.
    Ahhh this all makes me want to bake some android-shaped cookies to fill my Android Cookie Jar… yea, its up to that level now.. haha

  • Jstaff48

    Androidified means to get all giggly when you hear someones phone scream “DROOOIIIIDDD” when getting a text message. Droid4Life!

  • Mark Wilk

    Androidified is like “Pimp My Ride” except smart phones and Android. 

  • MSlab

    Androidified is being stalked by this little green robot dude. You think his intentions are good and just but one can never be certain. Looking into that blank stare will shed no light on his true intentions. It would be wise to keep on his good side.

  • Helen Read

    Androidified means I am all geeked out and ready to go. I’m not into Twitter or Facebook, but since I’m Androidified, I am following DroidLife on Google+.

  • Benjamin Mackie

    adjective – to become imensed in the world of android phones. Whether it is being fluent in jargon related to android devices (rooting, ROM, kernel, etc); touting android gear/accessories (t-shirts, backgrounds, cases, mini figurines, etc); and the strongest indicator, checking android blogs (such as droid life) religiously, because you trust them to give you better information than the companies that actually sell the products

  • Sara Rosensteel

    Androidified is what Google has done to cupcakes, donuts, eclairs, froyo, gingerbread cookies, honeycombs, ice cream sandwich, and the humble jellybean. What once was a delicious treat in the form of junk food, now is a delicious treat in the form of pure tech gluttony.

  • will bartlett

    Some with android on or in it

  • BrianWalls


    A: Awesome
    N: Never Not Awesome
    D: Damn Awesome
    R: Royally Awesome
    O: O-Face Awesome
    I: Imperial Star Ship Awesome
    D: Dayummm Awesome
    I: iPhone is not as Awesome
    F: Flava Flav Would Wear Android Around His Neck Awesome
    I: Is awesome like Unicorns
    E: Easy-E would inject it if it was a drug Awesome.
    D: Deebo from Friday Awesome

  • Androidified means people won’t ask me what type of phone I have when I am at my many social gatherings. It shows a giant ANDROID on it, WHOOOOOOOOOO.

  • Trampacek

    Androidified is a way of life

  • aaeagle

    Androidified is what the world is becoming as android takes over everything.

  • KRS_Won

    I wish Cruz er Lite would expand their RAZR MAXX cases, they make nice products. Hint, Hint.

  • Omegafl1p

     Androidified- the American dream for technology

  • strikeir13

    Androidified means having the freedom to modify my device as I see fit.

  • I just bought one of these cases less than a week ago, so I won’t enter, but I do want to mention the cases if any of you have questions. 

    They are fantastically amazing. I have the LTE GNex with extended battery and it is a snug fit around the phone. Easy to slip into and out of my pocket without attracting lint or hair. Comfortable feel and a nice rubbery/soft back. The only thing I don’t like is the open volume rocker and lock button, because I accidentally hit them sometimes but I am getting use to where they are and not hitting them. 

    Good luck everyone! These are great cases! 

  • Schoat333

    Androidified means immersing yourself in the world of android. A perfect example is all of those late nights, and packs of craft brews, spent working on and perfecting your ROM/Theme.

  • Lizz.0

    Androidified- what happens to a piece of i*crap when being pitted up against android.

  • i’ve been androidified since day one

  • V_vasquez2000

    some app on the android market

  • Jaskil1975

    Unfortunately, no one can be told what Androidified is. You have to see it for yourself.

    I know why you’re here. I know what you’ve been doing… why you hardly sleep, why you live alone, and why night after night, you sit by your computer. You’re looking for it I know because I was once looking for the same thing. And when it found me, it told me I wasn’t really looking for it. I was looking for an answer. It’s the question. It’s the question that drives us. It’s the question that brought you here. You know the question, just as I did.

    What is Androidified.

  • Dan Biechele

    Androidified = the state at which you understand you have made the superior choice of operating system and are able to let the *OS lemmings drone on about their product without having to come across arrogant.

  • Asimoalex

    Basically like “Samsunged”
    Just with android ex: replacing your brothers apple stuff with all android stuff?
    Maybe lol

  • Firelight

    Androidified – means mindless devotion  to have my phone my way. Root the sucker and make it MY phone. Not Moto’s or HTC’s or even Google’s.

    Thankee, sai.

  • Androidified means empowered, no boundaries.

  • nightscout13

    Androidified : When an individual frees his mind from the stronghold of Psychological Labor Camps.

  • Slider112



    Term given to the
    explanation by Android users to describe the limitless Android experience to
    non Android users: 



    As in: “…AND
    Droid can do this AND Droid can do that AND Droid can do that too AND Droid can
    do this also AND Droid can run that AND Droid can mod this
    AND Droid can tweak that AND Droid can theme this AND Droid can color that AND
    Droid can overclock this AND Droid can under volt that AND Droid can
    customize and control any damn thing on your phone you want AND Droid, AND DROID, ANDROID!


    “After rooting and
    ROM’ing his new Android phone, Bob decided it was time to share the wealth and androidify
    every last co-worker in his office”

    • Droid is a Verizon brand.  I actually would consider it an insult if someone called my phone a Droid.

      • Slider112

        I realize this; just a play on words.

  • Joe

    Androidified is loving your fully customized (and re-customizable) device … and having spent way too much money upgrading your phone before Verizon wanted you to upgrade your phone … 

  • Sagis99

    Androidified is hearing the “Droid’ notification sound and thinking that person should get an iPhone

  • pastaguy

    Androidified means turning something into a cool green robot

  • ANDROIDIFIED = Customization and a wonderful dev community that keeps us updated even when the carriers and manufacturers won’t!!!!

  • Projectaumaan

    Androidified is being the only Android enthusiast in a family of iPhone users, and having my device outperforming theirs. :p

  • Sinistar83

    Androidified means Android personified.  Means I can cusomtize my phone however I want, and will look better with one of the Andy Cruzier Lite cases to complete the package. 🙂

  • r0lct

    Androidified means not having to say “I Love Android”, people just know it.

  • Androidified – Built into a stylish self-aware bot. 🙂

  • Mswizzy3

    Androidified means something had been infected with the android virus.

  • MatBag

    Androidified means to stick it to “the Man” aka Apple!

  • Armando De Leon

    androidified is when you talk to people with “other” phones about all the features and abilities and pure greatness of the android system… then you get a random text/call/email from them.  “guess what… i got an android phone!”  my friend…. you just got androidified…

  • Androidified – honeycomb cereal for breakfast.  Donuts and eclairs for brunch.  Some “frozen yogurt” with lunch.  Cupcakes at a birthday party on the way home from work.  Made a gingerbread house at home.  Followed dinner up with an ice cream sandwich desert.  And bought the kids lots of jelly beans for easter. 🙂

  • dnruas

    Androidifly is a magical mystical feeling that one does not simply experience but comes through years of intensive and uncontrollable need to swag up their devices for magical unicorn awesomeness.

  • android4life

    Androidified is a way of life to me! My whole world is androidified. My phone, my clothes, I even have androidified my car!!

  • Nate Myers

    Androidified means awesomized. 

  • To me, Androidify means taking a bite out of the apple.

  • Sagar Patel

    Androidified is like getting iced….gotta get your droid on when you find andy…..

  • Bbjunkie23

    Androidified to me means smacked out in android fashion!! 🙂

  • Androidified = Assimilated 

  • Bmyton


    mkdir android ; cd android ; repo init -u git://android.git.kernel.org/platform/manifest.git ; repo sync ; make

  • Kill_Em_All_84

    Androidified is when you love android so much you even make an avatar of yourself as an Android! Androidify yourselves! https://market.android.com/details?id=com.google.android.apps.androidify

  • Anthony Kuan

    Androidified is getting turned into a Android bling!

  • Androidified is waking up everyday to grab the most open, customizable, fun, sleek, gorgeous operating system we have all come to love.  ANDROID. I am Androidified.  

  • To me androidified directly correlates with the word ease. I can do so much from my phone I don’t go to my laptop as much anymore. Especially my desktop. Whatever situation I may be in I feel some ease knowing I have my phone.

  • does it mean  we idiots are still wating for our updates for the nexus, to keep us from dumping it?

  • Pete LaCock

    Androidified means I’m trying to win a free case for my GNex.

  • IgotGAME

    Androidified means “I will NEVER own an i-ANYTHING”

  • steveliv

    Androidified is a way of life! It’s choosing a phone, tablet, etc that fits you, rather than choosing a device that is one size fits all.

  • Daniel Merriman

    Androdified: You see that iphone over there? Meh. 

  • Danielseymour4

    Androidified is when you turn beast mode on and destroy apple.



  • Walter White

    ANDROIDIFIED is my only toilet companion. 

  • llocknload

    To me, Androidified means stepping into the future. Coming from a Blackberry Tour to a Galaxy Nexus was one the best decisions I’ve made. I could have went to any Android phone, but I did my research and took the phone that I could take the full dive into Android with rooting and ROMing. I love the freedom that rooting and ROMing offers this phone and the Android platform itself. I can truly say that I and Androidified for life!

  • elemeno

    Androidified means customized how I like it. I want this case!

  • Prttyboiii007

    Androidified to me means, having the freedom to express myself through my mobile device; by endless customization through an abundance of apps and themes made possible by developers and the great Android OS. My Androidified experience is made possible through my Galaxy Nexus!

  • Weeklycells

    Customizing my phone my way…Every android phone I have owned has the same launcher with the same widgets and icons placed on the respective screens.  I love it

  • srh12

    Androidified – The moment you realize that suddenly anything is possible on your device.

    As in: “Dude I put down my iphone and started playing with this thing, after like I moment I was androidified. Want to buy my iphone?”

  • Androidified means not being iPhonified 🙂

  • Kuboo99

    Androidified describes my taste in mobile devices. 

  • Androidified to me means trying to bring Android in to every part of my life. Phone, tablet, TV, and using those devices as much as possible to to “androidify my life”

  • Kevin Raymond

    “Androidified” to me means an assimilation of Android into your life. After becoming an owner of an Android-powered phone two years ago, the OS has become increasingly integrated into my life. All of my classes, work schedule, and appointments are in my calendar, I have access to school and personal email, I’m never lost with Maps in my hand, and countless other third-party apps have made things simpler and more fun. My life has become Androidified, and I try to get others to take the plunge whenever I can. The endless ability to customize my handset coupled with the multitude of developers that support the OS is amazing, and I could never imagine using a different OS.

  • It means that I’ve lost the ability to rationally look at other platforms.

  • CJ

    Androidified means we are one step closer to “The Singularity.” Yeah, Google that and tell me Skynet isn’t real.

  • Trevor-kai Craig

    This is easy, Androidify to me isn’t a state of mind, it’s a state of being. To Androidiers, we enjoy that fact that we are apart of something that is constantly evolving and ever changing. We are able to have a single central tool to handle all tasks that life gives us, which is nothing short of a miracle. Androidify is to stand alone and to create our own legend, and NOT follow an already beaten path. WE STAND ALONE!

  • GawkerRedesignSucks

    Androidified means I don’t carry a mobile device unless it’s rockin’ Android, AND it’s all gotta be customized, tweaked, or modded.

    HP TouchPad running CM9 Alpha 2
    Rooted LTE Galaxy Nexus with free, unlimited wireless tethering! 😀  

  • Smockstack

    “Androidified” means I pay more attention to my phone and tablet than I do my wife.

  • For me, Androidified means being open source. 

    It means being able to customize my phone a million different ways.

    It means checking out users homescreens and building off those ideas.

    It’s booting up a new ROM every few days. 

    It’s laughing at people with iOS who are stuck with grids and no customization at all.
    It’s being free to do what I want with my phone.

    It’s having people come up to me and say, “What is that?!” because even though it’s Android they barely even recognize it once I’ve customized it like crazy. 

    It’s waiting in line to get the Galaxy Nexus because it’s a Nexus device and celebrating its arrival after weeks of waiting and crying with others on forums.

    It’s, most of all, having fun with my phone.

  • Atrex92

    Androidified means the takeover of the world where glorified I pods are seen as children’s toys and the Android platform is seen as the way to go for everything portable.

  • Alex

    It means to me to be transformed to Android fan.

  • Sirx

    Androidified means wrapping the victim in a tight green latex bondage.  Two short-length, metallic rods are then plunged into the victim’s skull.  The ceremonial priests in attendance then funnel a straw into the wrapping and pump several hundred pounds of liquid metal into the wrapping. 

    The androidified being is then placed into his or her ceremonial tomb, along with valuable possessions and, often, their entire collection of servants and cats.  That is how the process is done 🙂

  • Ajkahlon

    To convert an IOS user over to Android.

  • David Chitown Nexus

    “Androidified” to me, means total immersion in Android, giving mind body and soul, all to Android.  Where being green isn’t a bad thing, as you are now the focus of others envy.  Eat your heart out iWANT.

  • Brayden

    Androidified means I win one so pick me.

  • droid209

    androidified to me means breaking out of the mold and exploring the possibilities.  and at the end, if you decided the possibilities were not worth it, you could always revert back to stock and stay with the rest of the crowd…

  • androidified means taking an ordinary obhect or concept and adding in some representation of our little green friend. Making it different from the rest of the mundane clone products, just enough to make it cool with a hint of geek for those “in the know” something that can state your love for android usually in a playful way, without being smug or embarassing.

  • Unexpected62

    Androidified means I’m getting a new case!

  • Teng247

    Androidify = Android owns you

  • Arcospark

    In 1963 it was “Ich bin ein Berliner”.  Almost 50 years later, and it’s “Dude, I’ve been Androidified!”

    What else can be said?

  • Evo4emperor

    Androidified means that you have broken out of the mainstream fad and decided not to get a phone based on its popularity but instead get a phone based on making it your own and customizing it however you want it so that you can stand out amongst the sheep.

  • Androidified means anything not apple.  Being totally open source, open phone, open life.

  • MastaKing

    This is what Androidified means to me

  • comEvanFass

    Being “Androidified” is a lifestyle. It’s about being a part of the mobile revolution. You want a mobile operating system with a personality, not a cardboard cutout of someone elses ideal experience. You refuse to stand within the confines of the “windows” or take a bite of the “apple.” You are an individual and you need a phone that reflects you.

  • movalpolos

    androidified = freedom

  • Justin

    Androidified when while waiting on line or for anything else you start seeing a little green man and start getting an itch to pullout your phone to check for new roms and updates

  • Androidified means flashing a new ROM at least twice a week and enjoying setting up your phone again…and again…and again.

  • Androidified means being attached to your phone 24 hours a day

  • nsauce7

    To let your inner nerd shine through proudly

  • Brian Walker

    Androidified, to me, means being completely and totally enamored by my love of Android. Phones might come out on other platforms that are really great, but at the end of the day my heard belongs to Android and I’m never leaving. I have been Androidified.

  • Alaan

    Androidified is like a breath of warm spring air on an sun-lit open road after a long, cold winter.

  • Androidified means being dedicated to the Android OS and the Google suite of apps. It means managing your social, work, and family life through Google’s tools. Simplifying everything for everyone involved.

  • Keyan X

    Androidified means: to make it android, which means: to make it your own and set it free 

  • Androidified to me is when someone tells me they got a new phone I ask what version of android it runs before I ask what phone it is.

  • MFG

    It means persuading everyone to buy an Android phone, not an *phone 😛

  • Christopher Heuer

    Androidified means using Android and loving it!!!

  • JustisLewis

    Androidified means someone thing different to each person, which is what makes Android so great!

  •  Androidified means loliPhone

  • Brooks Barnes

    Androidified means having options and being able to customize…..screen sizes, widgets, bells and whistles. It also means people look at the “little green dude” on my desk and know I’m not an iSheep.

  • ravik212

    Androidified is a process that begins by linking your hair strands with your Android device to control an android avatar in a world without restraint and bad apples…

  • Jgiff

    It means freedom………just like the values of this wonderful country of ours

  • diggitydigs

    Apple sucks, Android Rules = Androidified

  • mechapathy

    To Androidify something is to give it near endless possibilities.

  • great case, now if the phone was as good as the case I would really be happy,way to many bugs in this thing

  • Rick Lopez

    “Androidified”  means instead of working all day , i keep droid life and my phone twitter on alert for Droid life updates, something tells me that for the last 2 half years im not the only person who checks this blog 24 times a day, just saying. MY GNEX could use a nice case 🙂 

  • John Lane

    I’ve Androidfied my like last two birthdays both of my cakes have been in the shape of andy. When I turned 22 I was rocking 2.2 so i had a large andy cake then I moved on and enjoyed ginerbread but to celebrate thatmy next phone was going to be running ICS on my 23rd bda I had a giant ICS shaped like Andy.  “Androidfied” is taking everything Android related and taking it to the next level. It is having an OG Droid running ICS  just to mess with. It is owning a Gnex that has been completely customized. It is having a fiancée that knows you are a nerd and lets you mod the heck out of her Cappy so she is running ICS way before our Gnex came out even though part of you died by not having it First. I androidfied my life and have been able to convert people along the way to join the right side. True freedom and no one has looked back.  

     Plus these were sold out when I went to go buy the green one however that smoked is looking pretty sexy and would complement m home screen nicely.

  • Violator702

    It means with great power comes great responsibility

  • ANDROIDIFIED means to me the freedom of choice. to customize our very different lives just the way we like them.

  • RGiskard

    Androidified means not having to apologize for the limitations of the OS on your phone!

  • Lisa

    androfied to me means my ifriends can talk to the droid…

  • Straight to the point, Androidified means that you use an Android device to enhance just about every aspect of your life. You don’t own or use anything beginning in the letter i. It means you have choices among various hardware manufacturers and features and have the freedom to do what you please with the devices and software. 

  • I bought one a while back, mine has little androids on the back instead of one big one,  dont really like cases, but I use this one, its great, nexus was a bit to slick without it,great feel,  get your ass one

  • Justin G

    Androidified to me means being a google fan boy always rocking a android device, staying connected on google + and surfing the droidlife blogs for new info about the ever grow android platform and community!

  • Derekblaney304

    It means alot to me because i spent all my
    tax refund money on my nexus without the

  • Adroidified means that there isn’t anything in your life that isn’t best utilized through use of the android operating system.  My work week, social life, hobbies, and wind-down time are each managed through my android devices, through setup, tracking, and implementation of each event that occurs throughout my day.

  • millzbury

    Androidified means checking Android Market multiple times for apps that have upgrades available….. 🙂

  • Sfbates

    Androidified means representing android 110% letting people know I’m rocking the hottest OS around.

  • You have denied the iPhone mania and joined the Android pack

  • Mike McCrary

    Androidified to me is knowing what the best mobile OS is to use, plain and simple. 

  • Michael Newson

    Androidified = Browsing Droid-Life multiple times a day to see what the next Rom,App,System Tweek, Etc you will do next

  • Fabyloso

    Androidified is the biz

  • djpayne2

    Means just say no to….you know….a#&%e.

  • Daniel L

    “Androidified” means….

    I can make my girlfriend jealous that my GN is clothed and her GN is nekkid.  That I can rub it all up in her face.  Unless of course I win the pink version…… then it will most likely be the other way around. 🙁

  • southstar24

    Androidified = unlimited customization

  • Androidified is taking it to the next level. We have terms in everyday use that talk about the next level. In gaming we say “raped” for playing well against someone else, in extreme cases of falling short or screwing up we have “fail.” The opposite is true for something beyond good and we say “epic.” When we say we are gonna go ” all kerouac” on someone it is a beating above all beatings. That is what androidified is to me, the next evolution, the betterment of whatever you are talking about. If you don’t think being androidified is better just ask Bionic Barry from Archer.

  • John

    Having the best mobile / cloud choices in the mobile business, and moving seamlessly from laptops to phones.

  • Androidified? That easy…its where what the community wants matters more than what the creators of the device want….in essence its everything that people hate about Apple. When we say we want androidify a phone we unlock it, hack it, and make it everything we want. 

    TL:DR. Androidified simply means that we make it the personification of ourselves.

  • Androidified means loving all that is Android – learning everything that you can about customizing your phone.

  • Blomgren23

    androidified is a way of life and the only way!

  • Hunter

    “Androidified” means protecting what’s important to me 🙂

  • Androidified: To check DROIDLife every second and another Android websites!

  • Androidified is all about customization and not being limited in what you want out of your devices

  • mtkregs

    Simply put, “Androidified” is when your phone has been officially pimped [insert Xzibit collar pop here]. 

  • Jamaicawind

    androidified means to me that i wont abort my next kid unless i get this case

  • Tatsuo

    Androidified:  To be saved by Bishop.  

  • Ortizkenny1

    Androidified to me is the ability to always be able to “one up” those Apple fan boys, and anyone else for that matter. I’m rocking my galaxy nexus with custom roms, changing the system colors to match my background constantly you can’t beat that level of customization! I love Android and my galaxy nexus!

  • Androidified: ‘Welcome, to the real world.’

  • Steven Trifu

    “Androidified” means being one with the droid 😛

  • jcorf

    Being freeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  • Kurtle

    androidified makes the world a better place.  It means open and true.  If the world was the same, all would be right in the world.

  • Androidified: To be continuously infatuated with being aware of the most recent Android hardware and software advancements, with a sense of a vital need to obtain said hardware/software, often accompanied by an overwhelming jealousy of friends/family/coworkers who have more modern devices than oneself.  

  • Chaddy4ever

    It means beating “the other guys” and having awesome devices.

  • SD_Scott

    Androfied = Having all your portable electronic devices (phones, tablet, etc) rooted and running custom Android roms and synced.

  • Tim O’Donnell

    Androidified: Customization, personalization, phone freedom,  everything that Apple isnt. Long story short, Droid>iPhone

  • Androidified- the acceptance that Google, the all knowing and all powerful, has determined what is best for your mobile life, and the conversion of the one to the google/android platform

  • Androidified means you’re on the good side in the war against irobots.

  • androidified, to me, means freedom. being able to do more than what already is there.

  • Rebuke78

    Androidified to me means an ultimate Android fan boy! Which most of us are and that’s why we purchased the G Nexus for that stock Android experience! Winning one of these awesome cases would just be icing on the cake!

  • Androidified means you live, breath, eat, and sleep Android.  And get nauseated at the site of apples!

  • StephenRice

    Androidified is an adjective used to describe accessories, devices, and clothing that have been themed or decorated to show pride in the Android operating system

  • Posey

    Beast Mode

  • Amatakirock

    Androidified means smile inducing and awesome. Android is a fun powerhaus.

  • Andrew Knighton

    Androidified to me means to have every thing Android within your reach such as your phone, tablet, another tablet, and your laptop downloading another rom

  • mikesuds

    Like all things Android, these cases are a perfect example of the customization and design that can go into Android products. I want to show off my Nexus with a huge Android on the back. Androidifying at it’s best.

  • cykotix

    Androidified means better and customizable.  🙂

  • NemaCystX

    Androidified means “Showing off my love for Android in public, so even the distant eye can see”

  • Androidified means making myself into an Android using the market app

  • jr25

    Androidified means being able to run through a wipe/flash blindfolded and in the bathtub.

  • gbenj

    Androidified means customized to whatever the heck you want your stuff to look like because you can.

  • Michael Bryant

    Androidified to me is synonymous with FREEDOM! I am free
    to arrange my multiple screens as I see fit, to add widgets and app icons in
    whatever space and order I find most efficient and useful for ME. Likewise I am
    free to use a free navigation app and NOT pay extra! Also I am free to pull the
    battery out of my device for the rare occurrence that it would benefit ME!

  • Prttyboiii007

    Androidified to me means, having the freedom to express myself through my mobile device; by endless customization through an abundance of apps and themes made possible by developers and the great Android OS. My Androidified experience is possible through my Galaxy Nexus!

  • Mister_Eff

    To be completely immersed in Android. To use the OS to love the OS and to not be afraid to let everyone know.

  • Tweekex

    The small green man we all know and love ninja’s your brain. Androidfied.

  • Androidified – not being an iFaggot

  • Garrick

    Androidified to me means integrating android into every part of your life. Theres nothing I do that doesn’t require me grabbing my phone for assistance. Driving, making meetings, going to school, communicating, listening to music. I would probably die without this phone.

  • Androidified: The act of pimping out something to the highest of honors, therefor being referred to from that moment on as an Android accessory.

  • angermeans

    Androidified to me means that more than just this great case. Androidified means that you are all in and love your Android device just for being what it is. Its diving through the internet daily to get the latest news and updates on our beloved OS. Its the open nature to be able to enjoy your phone for what it is and/or taking it one step further and rooting/ROMing your device to change ever little feature. Androidified is buying phones off contract because who can honestly wait 2 full years when so many great phones come out every year. Androidified is being part of the community, the community of Android. 

  • m

    an·droid·i·fied - /ˈændrɔɪddiəˌfaɪ/ 1.  to be androided-out from head to toe. 2.  to be fully immersed in the android movement, culture and philosophy.

  • thefullritz

    Androidified means freedom to customize your phone so that it works the way you want it to…..

  • Ryan

    “mkdir android ; cd android ; repo init -u git://android.git.kernel.org/platform/manifest.git ; repo sync ; make” + me

  • Androidified to me is donning Charlie’s Green Man suit with 2 pieces of celery attached to the top of my head.

  • Androidified means to add the android icon on top of whatever you’re androidifying. Its making the object more relatable, like android is. 

  • Androidified = You believe in the best operating system in the world, and will never be swayed

  • Adam

    Androidified – intimate relationship with Nexus-6 model.  See also Tyrell Corporation.

  • John Jablonski

    Androidified: The ability to use my phone how I want, and to load up what I want onto it. IOW, Nexus and Xoom, and, of course, OGDroid.
    Tuesday evening I was charging up my OG Droid and loading it with CM7 in preparation of retiring my Droid 2 and reactivating my OG. Wednesday morning I saw the $100 off special for the Verizon. Sorry, OG.

  • Androidified to me means that I have been freed from Apple fanboy groupthink. Freedom, sweet freedom!

  • mising

    Androidified is being at one with the Android metaverse…

  • Rick607

    Androidified : to be equipped for the use of Android. : to have increased strength of Android knowledge. 
    : to confound with mobile os knowledge, amazement, or awe in the Android platform.

  • Josh R Ingram

    It means when you Androdify something. Can I get a free thing now? I like never win.

  • topherct

    Androidified means customization and 3rd party apps that Apple does not allow on the iPhone.

  • JMonkeYJ

    To me Androidified means done up in some geeky but fun way having to do with Android.

  • Androidified means painting R2D2 green.

  • Androidified means making everyday easier and knowing that $300 you just dropped on a new device is worth having your family and friends think you’re going insane.

  • To me, “Androidified” means to be better than the rest. I know I have a supercomputer in my pocket, while my friends with i*hones merely have child toys.

  • Krunkem

    Androidified simply means to give the qualities of android to a non-android object. Bring it to that next level.

  • craig1989

    Open, free, not iphone

  • Androidified means making fun of my friend with an iPhone.

  • MikeD675

    Androidified to me means not having to play in only one sandbox.

  • prefix: From the greek root ἀνδρ- ‘man’ and the suffix -oid ‘having the form or likeness of’
    suffix: From French -ifier, from Latin -ificere , from linking vowel i + verb ficere, “make” or “do”, 

    “to make something having the form or likeness of a human”

    basically, to make the most humanly customizable, accessible, powerful, and generally bada$$ smartphone OS on the planet

  • Neutrontwin

    Androidified means EPIC CASE

  • Jsprakeg

    It means to have Andy nearby!

  • Lrgenius12

    Androidified means freedom of expression, one isn’t subjected to a bland mold. this is Android we think outta the box!!

  • Androidified: Means whatever I want it too and that can/does change. Just like my phone!

  • kfath1978

    the best!!

  • Kiter86

    Androidified mean being able to make the phone do what you want

  • Androidified means a total nerd devotion to Android as well as all of Google’s relevant services.
    It is an unwavering loyalty to the brand, but not a blind faith or belief that everything about Android is perfect.
    It is seeing and understanding why other people prefer an iPhone or a Windows Phone, but also realizing they don’t know what they’re missing in Android.
    It is understanding the intricacies and the power of Android, but understanding that in order for it to be truly great, that power must be beautiful, accessible, and easy to understand.
    It is trying to convince everyone you know to buy into Android while also explaining to them in clear terms what the pros and cons of Android truly are.
    It is not getting into pointless arguments with iPhone users.
    It is understanding the difference between stock Android and OEM skins so that you can explain why they exist, what the differences are, and their pros and cons to your friends and family.
    It is knowing who Matias Duarte is, where he came from, and why he is important to Android.
    It is understanding the differences between all the versions of Android, memorizing their numbers and names (2.3 = GB) and knowing what google added, removed, or changed in each version.
    It is obsessing over blogs, OTAs, UI tweaks, ROMs, rooting, wifi tether, app updates, Google Navigation, etc. etc.
    It is constantly posting to twitter, facebook, and Google+ about Android.
    It is understanding that Android is not an OS.  It is a mindset, a way of thinking, and designing, and creating.
    Androidified is not just using and loving Android, it is understanding it, breathing it, obsessing over it.

  • Eric

    Customized and rocking Andy of course!

  • “Androidified”  means optimized specifically for the Android Platform.

  • Kaufkin

    Androidified, loving life, eating fruit and spitting out the rotton bits.

  • sonicdroid

    Androidified is what iphone isn’t.

  • dhirensavalia

    Androidified means that my love of technology and interaction can be combined into an awesome OS. Androidified means I can enjoy the freedom of an open platform. Androidified means my passion for customization will not be hindered. Androidified means Love.

  • vtcapsfan

    Androidified: where everything important in your life has android somewhere , car, phone,.TV,.computer

  • Androidified means having the freedom to tweak my mobile experience to exactly how I want.  It also means not being able to live without that mobile experience without severe withdrawal symptoms!

  • Androidified: Being so into the Android OS that you stalk info about it and drive your friends insane with random facts about it and being up to date with everything related.

  • Androidified means:
    Android converts another Apple fanboy away from the iPhone.

  • jksong83

    Androidified means surrounding yourself in everything Android and Google!

  • Adam Staggenborg

    “Androidified” means I can customize my Galaxy Nexus any way I want!

  • Androidified is just a weird word we really need to stop using… but I like free stuff.

    • EC8CH


  • Androidified leads to swagger, swagger leads to girls, girls lead to the darkside!!!!

  • Androidified means having or pertaining to Android. While that may seem somewhat boring, it also allows for Androidified conversations, Androidified blogs… etc. So the combined Droid-Life and Android life is Androidified Life.

  • fallenshell

    Androidified means knowing you always have the option to change something (especially in areas concerning mobile entertainment and communication platforms). 

  • androidified means enhancing your daily life with google android products. Join the ecosystem kiddos!!! you won’t regret it.

  • It’s when you’ve been bitch slapped by Andy.

  • MaryB

    Androidified means *I* am in charge of my phone!

  • summit1986

    Androidified – /’an-droid-if-eyed/ (v.) To become one with the Android platform.  An existential state of euphoria and technological being.   

  • Retrokid223

    “Androidified” to me is something that’s not small, “fruity” and is not another meaning for  “innovation”. 😛

  • Ops400

    Adroidified = better than those silly iPhones people ramble on about.. 😉

  • Lito31

    Androidified to me means dressing something upcompletely as an Android

  • leetusername

    Androidified is fandom of not a piece of software, but a state of mind.

  • Dongoracing1

    To me its checking driod-life every hour for updates on the latest android news, this makes me feel that I am part of the Android community. Also lets not forget that I stand on the front lines in the battle with applesauce! My name is Daniel and I’m an Android!

  • crackrk

    Androidified means not being an apple fanboi and drinking their kool-aid. 

  • Androidified: Making Android such a big part of your life that you can’t live without it!

  • Will

    To me, Androidified means “Set free”, free to do what you want with your device, when you want, using whatever software you want.

  • Matt Lauer

    Nexus + Androidified Case > i*hone
    Nexus + 12 Androidified Cases > Apple
    Nexus + 144 Androidified Cases > Anything!!!

  • Androidified means I may win one of these got damn cases for my mf’in GNexus…

  • Androidified means I can do/install what I want on my phone. It means having SSH in my pocket at all times.

  • notthatsawyer

    Androidified – involves base (usually caustic soda NaOH) hydrolysis of triglycerides, which are esters of fatty acids, to form the sodium salt of a carboxylate. 

  • Shaunwin

    Androidified, one who is able to think for ones self, not blindly following something or someone that is advising you how things should or shouldn’t be.

  • I’d like to Androidify my phone more than I already have. I currently have a SU sticker on it but that’s more Linuxifying than Androidifying. These cases are the ultimate Androidifying for your phone! I LOVE them!

  • Androidified – Sticking with a young OS since the G1, brings tears to my eyes seeing how much it has grown.

  • Androidified – a phone touched by the gods of Google to be saved from the treachery that is iOS.

  • Androidified – being an iPhone user who sees the light…and comes to the dark side…there’s some irony in seeing the light and going to the dark side, drum pop 🙂

  • I have been “Androidified”… In addition to being a full time employee, grad student, reservist, Dad, husband, youth worker, hard-core gamer; my google reader says it all ”
    Since February 19, 2011 you have read a total of 96,404 items. Those are all “Android”!!

  • ryan_mcfadden

    Androidified is a sign of the world being taken over by Android!

  • Angryunibrow

    Means not dealing with an iPhone

  • Andy Bling

    Androidified is geek bling!

    Why the constant follow us on Facebook and Twitter crap, what about G+, real Android users use G+.

  • Derek Duncan


    Androidified means loving the Android platform!

  • Pharmkid771

    Androidified: complete surrender to all things android. The last mission I must accomplish in order to reach androidification, is to win a Cruzer Lite case for my GNex!

  • Ortega5

    androidified – anti iPhone user

  • Androidified, to me, means having the freedom to use my phone the way I want. No need to stand in the middle of the garden looking up at the walls. 

  • possomcrast1

    You take some random object then by androidifying it it become 1000 times better. Take a computer etch an android onto and 
    Voilà! you have a product that is 1000 times more amazing.

  • John

    Androidified is sort of like “bedazzling” but in a more nerdy/masculine sort of way

  • Kaz

    Androidified means not only embracing and loving the Android OS, but longing for the day it integrates all our devices from phones to laptops to televisions to.. to… refrigerators! It is embracing the technology to integrate our finances, our entertainment, our learning and our understanding of the world…

  • red014

    Androidified means getting stuff you didn’t pay for… 🙂

  • Jorge Leal

    Androidified means not accepting the social norm, putting creativity and passion before status quo, and delivering excellence.  It means never having to settle for less because there aren’t options but providing the tools and products that are as individual and different as people creating them and more importantly, the people using them.

  • Forrest Tracey

    Androidified means I’m not part of those darn “i” people that annoy the crap out of me thinking that their soooooo cool because they have a crappy Apple product!! 🙂

  • DanWazz

    Androidified means you believe in the android philosophy. You believe in choice and having a phone that does what you want it to do, not the other way around. Plus, little green robots are awesome.

  • Catacomb_bat

    Androidified means to me a full blown out Android nerd who loves the open source and limitless customization in an OS.


    Androidified:  Have become one with android’s platform and embrace it as well as its bloggers who share Android news. I LOVE ME SOME ANDROID!

  • Winner Winner Chicken dinner!

    Androidified means being so jacked up about the android world that you read droid-life every hour looking for some new tidbit that you didn’t already know. 
    Androidified means feeling a bit depressed when you have to use your computer for something. 
    Androidified means me!

  • Androidified means customization, openess, community, freedom, choice, and badass green robots.

  • sj1525

    Androidified means freedom and customization!!

  • Androidified is allowing me to do whatever I want to my phone! It’s all mine, hardware and software!

  • M1ghtysauc3

    Since mystified means utterly bewildered or perplexed, androidified pertains to the utter bewilderment which takes hold of iPhone users once they cast their eyes upon the GNexus. Not only are their souls crushed by the amazingly beautiful display, 4g speed, and custom (and stock) ROMS which make iOS look like a Game Boy screen taped on a toaster, they are equally perplexed by the phone’s ability to perform simple tasks, like display a widget, contain an app drawer, or not make the owner look like an enormous tool. They are , simply put, ANDROIDIFIED.

  • Androidified to me means being completely devoted to android and spreading the good word to those who arent android users 



  • Androidified = ability to show your pride for the brand, and YOUR phone. Roms, kernels, radios, whatever…. Customized to you.

  • Gibsonlp223

    Androidified isn’t just a lifestyle choice, its a state of mind.

  • Androidified to me means always pushing the limits of what our technology can do, never settling, always innovating.

  • Androidified = The new standard

  • whatsinaname

    Androidified: means freedom.  freedom to have the keyboard I want, the rom I want, the colors I want, the music player/service I want.  I guess the irony is that android is all about “I” but the competitor that has I in its name isn’t…. hmmmm

  • Edsanchez10

    What Androidified means to me is a way to display a fun and creative android version of myself.
    I can be any android cartoon of myself i want.

  • Androidified to me is living free! Your phone isn’t locked down to someone else’s standards, and neither are you.  You want to make a change to your phone? Go for it! It’s encouraged in the androidified world!  Same with your own life, no one is going to hold you back and you’re going to continue your life the way you want, and always improving it!

  • Lordv8r

    androidified means telling the apple fanboys to go f themselves cause you have the best phone os

  • Brandon Yang

    Androidified means one who has embraced the best mobile operating system out there!

  • squrel23

    To me, Androidified means showing loyalty and pride when using an android device.  Basically pimping that jive turkey OUT!

  • 1ofdakoolkidz

    Androidified, mean loving all things Android, and defending it even when your dead wrong! It means chuckling a little inside every time you see an iPhone, blackberry, and windows phone user.

  • Andrew

    Androidified- Open to be what you want, free to do what you want, and the power to get anything you want done. F*cking awesome.

  • Jorge Perez

    Androidified to me means being engaged and 100% committed to the android platform. It also means being proud of showing off the best OS in the business, it truly represents expression and freedom.


    To me, Androidified means having the freedom to do as I please to the things I own. By choosing Android, I choose what is right for me rather than give that opportunity to someone else. After all, if I had the same hardware as everyone else and the same software as everyone else, the only things that makes my device unique are the apps I choose to install and the picture I use as my lockscreen. I’m not sure anyone can express themselves with such limitations.

  • Hyphnx

    Androidified personally means to me that, some way Android has won you over in a way that you would never go back to any other phone operating system. Whether is be the pure speed and strength or the amount of features. We are all on this site because we are all Androidified.

  • GotSka81

    “Androidified” – An·droid·if·ied (verb): Past tense form of the word “Androidify”: 1) The action of being converted from any mobile OS to Android through seeing the awesomeification that is the Android mobile OS. 2) To apply an Andy Android to an item to show that it has been awesomeificated by the Android mobile OS. 

  • Kelly Larry Jr

    Androidified to me means that it is top notch, and it sets the standard for whatever it is competing with.

  • Ytram

    1. Resembling the attributes or characteristics of an android.
    2. Becoming a rabid fanboy of the Android mobile OS

  • Kevin D.

    an · droid · i · fied [an – droid – uh – fahyd] (verb)

    verb (used with object)
    1.brought into a more desirable or excellent condition: He androidified his health by taking vitamins.
    2.made (land) more useful, profitable, or valuable by enclosure, cultivation, etc.
    3.increased the value of (real property) by betterments, as the construction of buildings and sewers.
    4.made good use of; turned to account: He androidified the stopover by seeing a client with offices there.

    verb (used without object)
    5.increased in value, excellence, etc.; became better: The military situation has androidified.
    6.made improvements,  as by revision, addition, or change.

  • MattSweeden

    Androidified to me is what every Android fanatic is, but are sometimes mistakenly called Nerds or Geeks.

  • Smiddy3846

    Androidified – Android takeover

  • Matthew O’Sullivan

    Androidified is a simple term with a simple explanation. It’s the act of taking something that is boring, static and generic and making it fun, dynamic and original.

  • masterxchief

    Androidified means making i*hone users jealous of their stupid apple when they see my Android. Why yes, it is bigger than yours.

  • Jeremy Wilhide

    Androidified to me is the custom-ability to create a phone/tablet that is perfect for me.  No rules or locked down.

  • tomgillotti

    Androidified is an amazing term (and one I needed to add to my Swype dictionary, haha) because it best describes us Android lovers who are dedicated to the core to our favorite mobile operating system. For some if us it is a hobby and general interest, but for folks like those here at DROID life it has become a way of life (kind of jealous). To be Androidified, is to be so emphatic that you have Android decals on your vehicle, shirts that show off your love, and pay particular attention to everything new, old, and breaking in the Android world. I, my friends, am Androidified!

  • ten2o3

    andoidified is all things android: rooting, roming, theming, customizing, being in control…droid life!

  • you’re the guy who bought the OG droid and hung with it for so long until it died

  • Toonz

    Androidified means Androidified.. To be one with your android!

  • mordyF

    To me it means What superpowers you androidify (meta-morph) into !!

  • Aucenciom

    Androidfied means to me freedom! There is no other system out there that makes you feel like you “own” your phone. I will always be devoted to my green android buddy!

    • Aucenciom


  • EC8CH

    Fortified with Android epicness.


    This plate has been….. “Androidified”

  • Skimiks11

    Androidified: Never settling for norm.

  • Michael Forte

    Androidified to me means always trying to keep up with the latest Android phones, running custom ROMs, kernels and themes, and always keeping up with the latest Android news with Droid Life.

  • ryanmmoore

    Androidified means to have become ‘immersed’ in the culture of Android…
    an Android beanie and gloves in the porch, a Google TV box upstairs, android figures on the shelf in the hallways, several phones (each themed) and a tablet with andru chargers, a couple netbooks with android running them (dual booting with chrome)… heck, maybe a shirt or 2 (ok… 4)… there’s more but I’m starting to feel like a bit of a fanboi

  • Androidified is my life, EVERYTHING IS ANDROID. My tablets, my phones, my computer.


    I’ve been Androidified!

  • Androidified means having freedom. It means not being locked into an experience that takes away individuality and creativity. It also means being that nerdy kid that knows how to do everything tech wise 😉

  • Androidified means ease of use and fun for all!

  • Baker1015 Sb

    “Androidified” to me means being a part of the best damn OS out. Its about not being tied down. Its about not being a part of the yuppie masses. “Androidified” to me is a lifestyle and a kick ass one at that!

  • Androidified to me means “FREEDOM” 🙂

  • Phil Austin

    means giving us free stuff so we can promote android without shame.  i believe it’s working.

  • evilkokonut

    Androidified is living the android life

  • moelsen8

    Androidified means awesomeness.  I’d love to have a white case!

  • Androidified is to become one with android 

  • faganm24

    Androidified means that the Android openness and freedom has made you more open to donate to developers, sharing ideas, and not closing your views toward others.

  • Stevozip

    Androidified means fully and completely integrated into all things Android.

  • Androidified to me means being aware of choice as opposed to following the norm, truly being able to make something your own which is the very reason I went android as opposed to the Iphone three years ago. First phone being the Droid Eris, then the Droid Incredible at launch, and now proudly owning the Galaxy Nexus.

  • Androidified means business.

  • Champlification

    Androidified means that everything about you is Android.  Android shirt, sweatshirts, Android collectibles, and of course, Android phones.  Pretty sure if you own anything Apple, you can never be completely Androidified.

  • Jwhap

    Androidified is the freedom of choice!

  • Marvin de Pano


    A mazing
    N oteworthy
    D istinguished
    R eliable
    O utstanding
    I mpressive
    D ynamic
    I ncredible
    F uturistic
    I ntelligent
    E lectronic
    D evices

  • Grendel_Prime

    Androidified means running Android on everything even things that it shouldn’t!  Like my oven, my cat, my children…. everything!  

  • A.C.

    Androidified to me means the use of Android everywhere.

  • Abbie Rosario

    Androidified means that you can do to outside of the phone what Android lets you do to the insides, customize to you and how you like it. You don’t have to bow down to others, unless they have actually Androidfied themselves.

  • MikeyyyC

    Urban Dictionary

    1. Androidified                                               1684 up, 4 down

    After converting from an iPhone or a Dumb phone to a Android device and never looking back.
    Side affects include converting other people to Android devices.

    Random Guy – “Dude! What phone is that? It looks awesome!”
    Dude – “It’s the new Galaxy Nexus. Ditch your wack iPhone and get on my level!”


    “Androidified” means the most advanced system to contain all the things in our circle of life. Not everyone is ready to be Androidified!

  • Tony Pettinato

    Androidified – Embracing what the Android platform has to offer and using that to enhance your daily life, whether that is through the fantastic Google services, 3rd-party apps, or the mad swag your Android phone can provide.

  • Tuna

    Androidified: To rock the newest android equipment, with the best tips and insights from Droid-Life.com

  • androidified means a safe phone 

  • Thracks

    Androidified is my phone: a pure Google Galaxy Nexus oozing butter and swagger thanks to AOKP and the Imoseyon Lean Kernel. It can only exceed its current level of androidification with one of these cases. 

    I’ll take the black one. 😉

  • Erude01

    Androidified is showing your unique style to the world and still saying I’m proud to be apart of this unbelievable community.

  • InfrnalSky

    Androidified is replacing all of my gadgets with Android powered gadgets.  So long Windows, hello Android.

  • Fifthgear001

    To me it means not conforming to other people’s opinion of what the best is.

  • Gary Patrowicz

    androidified means open source for you to customize as you see fit 
    much like my linux os on my desktop

  • MTPenguin

    Androidified is the feeling that you can finally do what you thought all your other phones should have been able to do.  Android was the missing link.  When you happy, capable, and content, you’ve been ‘androidified’.  Once you have it, you can never go back!



  • StompIt

    Its the ultimate in Style and Sophistication…

  • xboxkid

    Androidified means the education of the blind iphone masses

  • Androidified means to me that everything I touch or interact with will one day run Android.  I want everything I own to communicate with each other.  One day it will happen!  

  • Matt Schepp

     Androidified   /ˌdɛfəˈnɪʃən/ Show Spelled[and-DROD-if-IED] 
    noun 1.  The obsession of a really cool.. typically green.. robot2. Really cool people.

  • Androidified mean addicted to checking your site at least every 15 minutes

  • To Androidify something means to endow it with customization options, giving the user full control of their product.

  • Jeffrey Helget

    I think Androidified means that whatever has been Androidified is tailored with the end user given the most power over how they want their device to work, rather than some big shot at a fruit company.

  • John Davids

    Androidified to me is freedom!

  • biggame

    Androidified means to root, ROM and control your phone completely. It also means following Droid-life.com for all the latest Android news and tweaks. Love this website!

  • Androidified to me means………Personality. It can show who you are and what you like, something “i” Can’t

  • Drew66

    AndroidifiedI means cool, badass… Not apple 🙂

  • Arda Akman

    Androdified means my work and play life have been enhanced to a level that would not be possible with any other mobile platform; “My life is Androidified”

  • MekoSuka

    ANDROIDIFIED: A state of mind so great, you turn green, start dancing, and go to NHL hockey games to mess with the opposing players (who are clearly iPhone fans).

    Example Androidified 1 –


    Example Androidified 2 –


  • Egut125

    Androidified to me is making my phone look better

  • Androidified means to become Androided. To become androided means you are just that awesome. Only true android fans can rock the Android Logo.

  • Vantucky

    I would like to have to whole world androidified. A much freer and more open place.

  • Androidified is he moment of enlightenment when the decision to eschew other forms of mobile technology (iPhone? Yeah right!) and accept the Green One as the only true lord of smart-phones. And what better way to show your support by having his little adorable picture on your sleek, snazzy phone case.

  • Androidified means unrestrained to me.

  • Dbond30 Db

    androidified means open and free, android is better than the rest simply because of this fact and that is why android devices are so amazing, plus come on now, that little green guy, best icon out there for a OS

  • Androidified means getting written up from work twice while browsing Droid-Life.  

  • Androidified means customization, to the MAX!

  • Cehrl7

    Androidfied means Android Rules, Apple Sucks !!

  • Androidified means never having to use anything ‘i’

  • Andril

    Androidified, is the feeling after winning sweet Android giveaway items.

  • Geoh711

    Androidified means showing off/proving why android phones are better than iPhones/windows phones/blackberry phones.

  • jtdfan

    Androidified means down with the Apple overlords and all hail the Google Empire!!!

  • jaykipson

    Androidified to me means the amazing feeling i just got after activating my new galaxy nexus 5 minutes ago!!

  • Timothy Wing

    Androidified = FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Androidified is being a flahshaholic, of ultra customizable ROMs!

  • Androidified is about individuality. It is about being who you want to be in every sense. Many people may own the same model of phone but unlike others no two Androids are exactly the same. And that my friends is what “Androidified” is all about. Being you!

  • Andrew Elliott

    Androidified is me being the nerdiest kid at the cool table. Or the coolest guy at the nerd table.  Not sure which.  And being part of the best technology community ever.

  • To me androidified means it contains awesome juice.

  • RashadGattis

    Good luck to the people in this contest. I already have 3 of these cases.

  • Androidified to me is embracing Android in every possible way. I love Android.

  • Travisjshepherd

    androidified is the condition of being in an android state, so much so, that you contact google to come to your home & test out their google home products/prototypes in hopes that you can control your home & environment with a Nexus device…true story.

  • Androidified to me means your life revolves around Android. I follow forums, tweets, news, buy phones, hate on Apple, and everything Google comes out with I use(Maps, Music, G+, Gmail, Contact, etc..) I just love Android!

  • “Androidified” represents a holistic world view in which Android encompasses every facet of mobile media consumption, creation, and communication. 

  • Michael Bowman

    When I became ‘Androidified’ was the moment I realized my Android device had Super Powers!!!!!!

  • AndrewScottRox

    This is my Android. There are many like it, but this one is mine. 

  • zUFC

    it means making my phone look better !!!!!!

  • Justin Koch

    Androidified to me means that you are completely engulfed in Android and using it to make your life easier and even improve it.

  • Michael Franz

    Androidified means open source, just as the original belief and thought of the OS itself.  The means to customize and do whatever you would like with the source and bring out a full Androidified experience.

    As much as we all disliek custom manufacturer UI Skins, they also display the ability to integrate into open source.

    FYI – I’d love that white of Cyan case =)

  • Androidified to me is more than just a logo on a skin. It is a stirring in the depths of your soul. It is giving yourself over to the Google Experience, letting it absorb your very essence. It is about “Don’t Be Evil.” It is looking at the options with a clear and objective view, and choosing the right phone for myself.

  • ss2

    Androidified means taking something cool and making it better with android. 

  • Bobby Jordan

    Androidified is open and FREEEEEEEEEEEE

  • Androidified means open-source community to me

  • mz

    When your overlay obsessed with everything Android, and still wonder what the hell an iPhone is! 

  • Chasm31

    It means accepting nothing but the most advanced and open platform on the market.

  • 1bad69z28

    “Androidified”  Simply put it’s a way of life (Droid Life that is)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Enough said !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Androidified – Means you understand android, android pride and great protection for a great phone.

  • ki11ak3nn

    Androidified to me means the utmost degree of Android bling. Anything that gets an Apple fanboys’ blood boiling. That’s Androidified.

  • carluverdrm2004

    “Androidified” means that while going through two iPods and crappy phones, and upgrading to a OG Droid one day….. I realize there is no going back. The customization and ability to do anything you want to each device makes Android the king, and it shows no sign of slowing down. I have been…. 
    Androidified. 😀

  • Androidified to me is using Android to fit my needs.  Whether it be building my own ROM or just changing a few icons but it’s customization to the max.

  • Kandlmurdoch

    The realization I’ve been absorbed into the coolest collective on the planet!

  • NexusIsBestus

    “Androidified” means the complete encompassing of one’s life in the Android world.  You live, eat, sleep, breathe Android.

  • teejaycard

    What Androidified means to me is to take everything you dream of, all your wishes and wants in technology and make it a reality.

  • Androidified means that all all things stem back to Android & Google.  I am tied into everything Google; therefore, I have been Adroidified.

  • Tyson Sukeforth

    Androidified is what it isn’t. It’s not conformist, it’s not regimented, and it’s not confined to a single ideal. It’s free to make of it what you want it to be.

  • James Payne

    androidified = nadroid + tibu + full wipe / swagger

  • ilovetechnology

    Androidified means sleek, fully featured, and configurable exactly the way I want (which in this case means having an Android on the back). Androidified means Galaxy Nexus 🙂

  • Skel

    Androidified = Like a boss

  • Mark Layton

    Androidified means to merge your existence into a superior form!

  • Androidified is a sense of identity.  Not a group of fanboys, but part of a community of like-minded users.  We are android.

    All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Especially those reminding you of an entity by the name of Skynet.  Have a nice day.  

    Oh look, a bunny!

  • ChuckDz3

    Androidified simply means that I *must* have one to fulfill my android needs for a case like this!

  • dbizzer15

    Androidified means open and free

  • Being androidified means not only owning android devices (as many as possible) but also trying to convert as many people over to the cult of android. JOIN US!

  • Dboombuki

    It means to me to become more then what u already are and to do more things then anyone else can.

  • Craig Lambert

    Androidified means giving that gnawed Apple the middle finger.  🙂

  • Androidified – The act of being unified with android.

  • Androidified – Open Phone leads to an Open Mind

  • Androidified – Clean, simple and style Android device protection.

  • ssjnimma

    Androidified to me is straight up SWAG!!! 

  • Ben Long

    Androidified is when android makes your life sweeter through all Google’s awesome products.

  • lamenting

    No wonder they’re backordered all the time.. D-L snagged them all. 🙂

    To me, Androidified = being able to do what you want with your phone.

  • duckphan

    Androidified means full customization, addiction to the Android OS, and not having to deal with things the i*hone can’t do.

  • IlanAlpert

    Being androidified means showing your true colors with the android icon.

  • Jon H

    Androidified is when you use your Galaxy Nexus as a 4G hotspot, your Droid Incredible as a SIP handset, and your Touchpad running CM to watch Netflix. At the same time.

  • @blemast3r

    Androidified to me means having loyalty and faith in the Android name and product. The freedom to do what we want, when we want.

    I’m Androidified, are you?

  • Illegitimi non Carborundum

    Androidified: What we all should be.

  • znewman

    Androidified means that I dive head first into the newest Android developments and only seek the best.

  • Androidified means fighting the hipster power that is iOS…LOL.  Seriously it means you are your own person, someone who wants to put their own spin on life, right down to their tech and not just use out of the box.

  • villian1998

    Androidified, is having a unlocked bootloader and customizing one’s phone

  • Sacco003

    Androidified- The fact that I am entering a contest on Droid Life for a case to the greatest android phone ever

  • The moment of realization that open source and community is the key to the technological future.

    Holla at cha boi.

  • Earn_jr_fan

    Androidified means never holding an iPhone again.

  • To me it means to “pimp” out your life android style. That consists of purchasing an “Androidified” smartphone case, making the most out of your android handset and informing others about Android!

  • Tferrell7368

    I have no *pods, *pads, *phones or *tunes. I am ANDROIDIFIED!

  • Chris F.

    What it means to me is freedom and to show me off in my own way. Non conformist!

  • Graham Wilson

    it means to have everything slimed in android green! 

  • spdivr1122

    Being androidified to me just means you have a passion for android and you love the software and hardware

    *nerd moment realization*

  • Androidified means putting the android icon everthing… 

  • Recsu

    Androidified is making a clear statement that the network is not the only thing of importance to the mobile experience

  • To me, Androidified means being all Android. It also means a little green Android person that looks like yourself 😉

  • Androidified sounds like you’re turning something living into a cyborg. Don’t know what that has to do with these sweet cases though.

  • Androidified means anything with pure sweet clean Android flavoring.

  • willsours

    Androidified is a way of life.

  • androidified means assimilated with the culture of android.

  • Tasmanian devil <33

    Androidified is having a nice sweet Andy logo on ur phone case like this one which will be miiiiiiineeeee!!!

  • Androidified means i cram your body full of android phones.. And surgically remove any areas of your brain tainted by certain other companies who sell fruit and fruit paraphernalia 

  • Androidified means that I eat, sleep & breath Android 

  • mustbepbs

    Androidified means to me that the case is so chock full of Android-goodness, it gives way and stamps a giant Android on itself and subjects itself to the Android gods, all in order to protect my Galaxy Nexus.

    What a good friend. I mean case.

  • ralphwiggum1

    “Androidified” – customized with sweet Android mascot in a non-ugly way.

  • jcuvs

    Androidified, to me, means having a phone that doesn’t make me want to slam it into the sidewalk.

  • Androidified means that I can make fun of all my friends who are iPhonies and can’t do all the awesome stuff I can!

  • jjrudey

    Androidified means having an Android on the back of the case. Right?