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Contest: Win a Samsung Galaxy Note from the Exynos Team – (Updated: Winner Picked)

The Samsung Exynos team reached out to us a couple of weeks ago because they not only love the DL community, but they know how much we love the power of their processors in phones. To say that we drooled a bit over benchmarks and the performance of the Galaxy SII last year would be a massive understatement. In fact, the Exynos dual-core chip that debuted at last year’s MWC inside the SGS2 set the bar so high that I’m still not sure that many of the current dual-core chips even compare. And what I mean by that is the Galaxy Note that sports a dual-core Exynos, benchmarks higher than almost any other phone on the market, right now. It’s a beast of a chip, folks.

So with their Exynos 4412 quad-core chip being demoed a week ago and their next-gen quad-core 5250 sampling now, you can bet that there will be a hefty Exynos mark put on 2012. There has been a lot of talk about competitors’ chipsets already making their way into phones and tablets, but understand that when Samsung’s next Exynos SoCs are ready, we’ll likely be impressed, again. And who knows, we may just see one of them this week at Mobile World Congress. 


Update:  We have a winner!

Joe Case, who demands Exynos because power + power management is a must.


To help continue the buzz that the Exynos processor created at last year’s MWC, the Exynos team would like to hand out a Galaxy Note to one of our fantastic community members. All they want to know is why you demand to have Exynos chips in your phones. That’s it. Is it because of power management? Their tendency to have next-gen GPUs for gaming? The massive power? What is it? Drop a comment below with a reason why you prefer their processors to others and you have a chance to win one of the hottest (and biggest) phones on the market today.

Prize:  Galaxy Note

Instructions:  In the comments, let DL and the Exynos team know why you demand Exynos in your phones and tablets.

Winner:  The contest will run from the time of this post until the end of Mobile World Congress, March 1, 2PM Pacific.

If you want to learn all there is to know about Samsung Exynos, be sure to check out their dedicated site. This is a landing page for the geek in all of you and is surely the spot that their quad-core chips will land on very soon. It may also help inspire your entry to this contest.

  • I wanna put some speed in my life.. That being said, I demand Exynos processors and the Samsung Galaxy Note!   Beam Me Up Scotty!

  • strife

    plz give 1

  • It’s not what Exynos does for me, it’s what I do for them!  That’s why i deserve to win 🙂

  • I want it I WANT IT!   That’s why i demand Exynos!!

  • We all want the best, that’s why we all should demand Exynos in our phones and tablets.

  • If you want the perfect solution for your precious gadget phone, then there is only one; Exynos.

  • s.one

    I wish I knew more about Exynos chips

  • Young

    I demand Exynos chips in my smartphones and tablets because i demand the best and thats what it is. From design to actual results these chips are made to perform specifically withthe rest of samsungs hardware and android builds. Unlike the competition who uses generic tegras or other arm based processors Samsung designed these chips specifically for their products for better performance, better battery life, and better graphics among others which shows in every benchmark. Why else would you what something else when Samsung has taken the time to carefully design these chips to be the best with their product line and the best among the competition.

  • JoelMic

    I just need one. Need I say more

  • Violator702

    I demand Exynos chips, because I spend an insane amount of time on my phone. I need power to play my games with no lag. I also stream and browse a lot, so I’m hoping this chip will make my battery last longer than my current processor.

  •  i demand exynos because i demand progressio in todays mobile platforms , inovation and creativety fuel tomorrows concepts 

  • Duke Campbell

    i demand exynos because the world is not becoming a better place but with exynos atleast my life is

  • I demand Exynos because it sounds like Xena, Warrior Princess, and she’s a babe.

  • I text like a rabbit in heat.. Therefore, i need a very fast phone to keep up with my amazing speed. I demand Exynos, because its just like me, it wants to go fast!

  • Scottyb112

    I wanna have the coolest & fastest phone on the block.. Thats why I want the Galaxy Note the the Exynos processor!   Now I demand you make me win lol

  • I feel the need.. The Need For Speed!!   Thats why, I need a new Galaxy Note by Samsung, with a blazing fast Exynos Processor!!   No actually, I demand it!

  • Mike

    I demand a Exynos processor because I don’t something like an Intel processor that will just overheat. Plus, mobile graphics is the next big milestone!

  • Bing Pan London Chen

    I cannot contain it; Exynos is too fly

    Its 2Ghz processor, when the rest boast 1.5s? 

    And I can’t forget about the 2X Cortex A-9 speed

    With multitasking power to serve my extreme ADD

    And that 1080p video recording, what secrets it will reveal!

    Only to be topped by that 3-D, where everything is real. 

    It’s all hard to believe when you can’t see it with your eyes

    Oh, how could we forget–this is the company with not one, but TWO Google Nexi.

  • On one side of horizon when quad cores are entering into the arena, Exynos Dual just showed them why it is the champ on all fronts and just having higher core count doesn’t really matter.  What matters is the power within.

  • Bing Pan London Chen

    I cannot contain it; Exynos is too fly

    Its 2Ghz processor, when the rest boast 1.5s? 

    And I can’t forget about the 2X Cortex A-9 speed

    With multitasking power to serve my extreme ADD

    And that 1080p video recording, what secrets it will reveal!

    Only to be topped by that 3-D, where everything is real. 

    It’s all hard to believe when you can’t see it with your eyes

    Oh, how could we forget–this is the company with not one, but TWO Google Nexi.

  • Bing Pan London Chen

    I cannot contain it; Exynos is too fly

    Its 2GHz processor, when the rest boast 1.5s? 

    And I cannot forget about the 2X Cortex speed

    With multitasking power to serve my extreme ADD.

    And that 1080p video recording–what secrets it will reveal!

    Only to be topped by that 3-D, where everything is real. 

    It’s all hard to believe when you can’t see it with your own eyes

    Oh, how could we forget–this is the company with not one, but TWO Google Nexi.

  • I demand Exynos because it runs faster than Usain Bolt, and that man is fast. I am a heavy user of my phone, so a slow phone just won’t do.

  • Egotiator

    Cuz it’s the best, and i want the best, and i don’t want to settle for anything less.

  • I demand Exynos in phones and tablests because you know well, it’s a good way to stay in shape…no but seriously it is for the performance benefits and the excellent power management that I have seen from the many benchmark tests floating around the web.  

  • jksong83

    I demand Exynos in my phones and tablets because its the fastest out of them all! The performance destroys the other dual core chips!

  • I demand a Exynos chipset in my phone due to the simple fact that other processors can’t not even rival the complexities and plethora of inovation samsung has brought to the mobile world and Mobile World Congress(MWC). It provides the smart phones and tablets of today with exemplary gaming performance and allows an all around snappy experience for such a tiny device. The Exynos processors has such great performance it push the Samsung Galaxy S2 and all variants one of the best mobile devices of all time, and even making the recipient of the “Best Smartphone” award, and the maker of the device and processor Samsung “Device Manufacture of the year.” This chipset is so mind boggling it rivals that of netbooks, and even some laptops. In conclusion this is a revolution the the mobile world, since it’s introduction at Mobile World Congress last year it has skyrocketed to the must have of any smartphone. That’s my reasoning behind my demands for the Exynos chipset in my smartphone.

  • computethis99

    I demand only Exynos chips in my phones and tablets because there is no other logical choice. Nothing outperforms Samsung’s Exynos chips for power management, next-gen GPUs for gaming, massive computing power or anything else you need/do. It is a no-brainer. May the power be with you to beam you up too!

  • I dont care what processor is in it, if its free, I want it hahahaha 

  • JaeLim

    I demand Exynos processor because it’s obviously the most powerful processor and only one that uses ARM GPUs, unlike other processors following Apple in using that power hungry PowerVR. And I also demand it because Samsung disappointed me when they put OMAP 4 crap in my Galaxy Nexus.

    And also 4.65 isn’t big enough for me.

  • Kamesen

    Samsung Exynos and the Galaxy Note: one small tablet-phone, one giant leap for mankind. Power management, next-gen GPU, massive speed!

  • guest212

    because well that is a dumb question. who wouldnt want it 

  • Rolando Caloca Olivares

    I demand better performance and lower power consumption! The world (and apps) are moving to multithreaded world!

  • Jiwan

    I demand it to be fast and last all day 🙂

  • I demand Exynos processors because doing so could win me a phone!

  • four_zero40

    Exynos because history has shown that this processor was pretty optimized for the Samsung Galaxy SII series. Not only this, but it also had amazing battery life for such a huge screen. Keep on keeping on with Exynos! Forgot to mention the number one thing. IT’S A DAMN FAST PROCESSOR!!

  • four_zero40

    Exynos because history has shown that this processor was pretty optimized for the Samsung Galaxy SII series. Not only this, but it also had amazing battery life for such a huge screen. Keep on keeping on with Exynos!

  • thunder_perfect

    I demand Exynos in my phone because it’s a boss. Exynos can handle all my abuse and heavy phone usage 😉

  • tedbrian

    I demand Samsung Exynos in my smartphone because I am looking for only the best. The best speeds and processing to run HD games. I want it to make me want to hesitate to reach for my tablet or laptop because the gaming is just as good and even more portable! Phew, what a mouthful. But yeah, I need to get rid of my prison of an Apple product I’m attached to for something that will blow everything else out of the water.

  • i demand the best and fastest processor on the market, therefore i demand the Exynos processor

  • jnemesh

    I DEMAND a device that has a processor made by the same company making the rest of the phone! Less bugs, less finger pointing, and a device that is optimized at a higher level than using generic chips!  I DEMAND Exynos processors because it means BETTER performance and LOWER drain on your battery!

  • BenChambliss

    I demand it because them mugs are baaaaaad. Oh yea!

  • I demand exynos because i want the all around smoothest experience i can get. With an exynos i know i will be able to play the latest games, run the latest apps and not have to worry about my phone slowing down. Power management is like no other whether or not your a power user 

  • Ron_Swanson

    Exynos for the extra power under the hood.

  • David Chitown Nexus

    I demand Exynos processors in my phone because Samsung puts the Exynos in Sexynos.  That is all.  And because they don’t get as hot as the tegra chips that burn my goonie bird. 

  • Dean

    Cant wait to see what the Exynos could do.

  • Kalil Stoudmire

    I demand Exynos because it’s the best mobile processor for gaming and has better battery life

  • Knighterrant30

    I demand exynos because I want a processor that’ll give my phone real power to handle everything I throw at it without draining my battery!

  • I demand Exynos because they are made my Samsung for Samsung phones. This makes the OS run smooth like butter.

  • kentrburton

    I demand Exynos! Cauz its its blazing fast

  • Mariano Corzo

    I demand Exynos chips because I want a smooth experience in my phone!

  • Because I gave up on Motorola and that whole fiasco. I’m in IT and recommend Smartphones to alot of people. From now on I’m going with Samsung and the power of the Exynos processor.

  • Last two Nexus phones used the Exyons processors. Good enough for Google good enough for me.

    • JaeLim

      Nexus S used Hummingbird and Galaxy Nexus used OMAP 4.

  • Ahmad Yasser

    I demand Exynos because I know I am getting  the top of of the line components for my money.

  • Colonel_Awesomesauce

    I demand Exynos because Xenu demands it.

  • yourlove3

     Faster, stronger, smoother, longer. The ultimate experience for all. The
    only way to make it through the day. But in the end we will all say;
    Exynos all the way!

  • I demand Exynos becasue it is simply the best

  • NYKO

    I “DEMAND EXYNOS” processors so I can finally benchmark them and get my management to finally agree to move into the future.  We need a hardware refresh NOW!  #SILLYARCHAICMGMT

  • I demand an Exynos chip in my mobile device because of it’s processing power and the reliability of Samsung. After being an avid Motorola user, my Galaxy Nexus has proven that Samsung knows what they are doing and Exynos chip is backed by a powerful name.

  • I demand an Exynos because of one thing – Power.

    I crave fast performance. speed.

  • I’m demanding Exynos chips for their superior power management capabilities.

  • jakymiwm

    I want the best performance I can get!

  • Troy Fillerup

    I demand exynos because I want a smooth, fast experience on any device I use.

  • ddh819

    i demand Exynos because it is 2012 already.

  • Rigoberto Cabrera

    Sir Exynos come slay the Snapdragon and save me!!!

  • K

    I demand Exynos for my phone to compensate my other short comings!

  • Matthew Hoffman

    I demand Exynos because their chips are fast and efficient.

  • CBrown57081

    Samsung makes the best phones, period… Now combine that with Exynos procssors, and you’ve got the sexiest, most powerful and reliable phone out there. I demand an Exynos Processor!

  • Rototek007

    To be honest I feel that Samsung has the best products on the market and it all starts with the inside of the product.  Not only are the Android products fantastic (And I do love the Exynos Processors) But the rest of there lineup is just as fantastic.  I recommend Samsung to everyone I talk to.  Love There products…….

  • crazysamz

    I demand exynos for the amazing speed and battery life

  • Bharath Ramesh

    I want some exynos love as its used in one of the most popular android phone Galaxy series.

  • Modern life demands wicked, unadulterated, human multitasking personality… we deserve a mobile platform with the robotic-like precision we’ve come to expect from our true personal computers.  Exynos can deliver us from device shortcomings.

  • y2222K

    I demand Exynos because it is just outright fast

  • I demand Exynos chips because after trying the rest, nothing else compares. Kudos to Sammy for raising the bar for mobile gaming, processing and great power management. I would absolutely love to try out the Galaxy Note.

  • Derrick Galindez

    because i got 99 problems and not having a Exynos powered phone is one

  • Rcrow490

    I want Exynos! I want Note!

  • LewisSD

    Because its the best

  • Brnwlsh652

    I demand the exynos processors in my phones because they are the superior processor by far and everything is so smooth and fluid ….its keeps my phone so snappy and extremely responsive compared to any other android phone ..also I’m a Samsung fan boy I love all their products because the quality is so great and they are by far the best out there …I love my samsung galaxy s 2,galaxy tab10.1,galaxy tab 7 that I won from Samsung personally in NYC at their amazing event to showcase the 10.1 before it was out for sale in the summer …it was lit of fun meeting all the Samsung and android website guys …..PS I’m head over heals in love with my vzw Samsung galaxy nexus!!! .thank u

  • RashadGattis

    I am going to simply say that they make the best processors.

  • It’s simple, I want the best processor in the world.

  • I demand the Exynos chip so that I can dip it in salsa. Wait … what kind of chips are we talking about?

  • I demand Exynos processors because my international Galaxy S II is the fastest phone I have ever used, hands down. Which is why I won’t by a Note through AT&T…

  • Samsung has always had a good idea of performance, but that is taken to the next level with the Exynos chips.  I cannot wait!

  • we need the exynos processor because they are not also the fastest processor on the market , they are also the strongest ones , they are the best when stream hd and use a lot of apps at the same times , they can handle they’re work better than any other processor.

  • mthomas2953

    We the People in the GREAT USA Demand Exynos processors in ALL of our Samsung Products regardless of carrier. The European version of the Samsung Galaxy S2 is a great phone and runs circles around any of the US versions of the phones. Sammy please dont make this mistake again. Offer the same exact phone for the entire WORLD as your direct competitor does 😉

  • Reybie

    I need the faster proc to play words with friends faster 🙂

  • mthomas2953

    Exynos is the BEST Smartphone Chip period. As it demonstrated its prowess, power and strength in 2011. Its a PERFECT Marriage between Smartphone and Processor. Last but not least its very FLUID.

  • I have a need for speed! Exynos speed!

  • rolltidedad

    I’m like Ricky Bobby….I WANNA GO FAST!

  • lowspeed

    I hear it’s great :-p  Plus I want a free phone.

  • Bill

    Who doesn’t want the latest and fastest processor?

  • MBP

    I demand Exynos chips in my phone because there are winners and there are losers and neither Samsung nor DL would make me a loser. 

  • VinMessina

    The Samsung Galaxy II with its Exynos processor was voted best smartphone at this year’s Mobile World Congress. Need I say more?

  • kevin b

    I demand exynos for its advanced gpu for gaming and top notch power management to help go all day long with out any worry.

  • I demand Exynos because all else pales in comparison.

  • Daniel Jeffrey Mann

    Samsung Exynos chips are the best!!!!!ftw.

  • I demand Exynos in my phones because of how inferior non-Exynos phones now make me feel. The only person on earth that wouldn’t need Exynos on their phones is Chuck Norris. Because he doesn’t need phones to communicate. He communicates directly through roundhouse kicks to the face.

    The rest of us need Exynos on our phones.

    Dare I say… we DEMAND it.

    • (Photo from: https://plus.google.com/107882945158242787051/posts/DmPcQT6cEME)

  • Josh Fulton

    I demand exynos because of its power and long term value. A year later and competitors are just now catching up!

  • X Stepup

    I think this chip would be great as it would have great power management. Their tendency to have next-gen GPUs for gaming. And the massive power.

    Keep it up!

  • DuoWing

    I demand the Exynos in my phones because it’s a processor that runs everything quickly, smoothly, and does a pretty good job not killing my battery. Also Exynos is just a really cool name to say and write.

  • I simply demand, because Exynos. and the voices told me i have to have this.

  • Dan

    I honestly don’t demand Exynos chips, but would love to have the pure speed goodness, but also need/want LTE.

  • Steve Smith

    Why Exynos?  Because I have the NEED for SPEED!

  • Kevin Raymond

    I demand Exynos because I want to have the absolute fastest phone possible.

  • Chris420o

    Im not going to sit here and kiss samsungs coolie like the rest of you users because there are better chipsets out there from intel and such who focus purley on making chips. That being said i will say that i would love to see how this processor hangs with the best because all the literature sounds great but i would like to see and feel it in person. Power management and gpu are most important to me at the moment so i would love to see gow ics runs with this chipset. In conclusion, give me the phone. Tha k you in advance.

  • ToddLower

    Get Exynos working with LTE and I’ll demand it for my next phone!
    Or give me a phone with Exynos in it now and I’ll figure something else out

  • UndergroundWire

    I demand Exynos for my next device because of its eye blazing performance plus the name is fun to say.

  • Etaprime

    I demand exynos because 18 hours of battery life in my epic touch. nevermind the benchmark scores real life performance is where its at from gaming to browsing to movies this chip needs no dip.

  • Jeremy Wilson

    I demand Exynos in my next phone due to the speed and functionality it will provide.  No longer will I have delays and lag when I Skype my family or multitask apps for work.  (Really big fan of the DDR2 Memory that is used in the Exynos 4) This will definately be an upgrade from my Snapdraggon Processor in my Dell Streak.

  • The choice between OMAPP and Exynos is like being asked of if you want 10 dollars or 10 hundread dollar bills or if you want Chuck Norris to fight for you or Peewee to fight for you.  Exynos is better and supperior and yes, I want chuck Norris to fight for me too.

  • Adam Minichelli

    I just want an end to general UI lag in ICS.

  • Zachary Manville

    I demend Exynos because I demanded it the oter day and didnt win.

  • FusionSaint

    Speed, reliability and power all make Exynos processors awesome…. With those three qualities who wouldn’t demand it in their phone?

  • peezwizz

    I demand an Exynos because it’s like driving a hemi!

  • Nicholas Vettese

    Samsung is at the top of their game, and they know how to make an awesome product.  The Exynos processor is an awesome piece of technology that deserves to be placed in products across the spectrum.  

  • Escobarretje

    I demand an Exynos chip because my Tegra 2 right now… is just missing some things. It can’t play full HD smoothly, it has actually has horrible support for custom roms (and that is my biggest complain). Samsung with their Exynos chips seem to handle this all so much better!!

  • paulmike3

    I demand a Exynos becasue it’s clearly, hands down, no questions asked, without a doubt, the best precessor currency can buy (even if it’s not on sale yet)!

  • Just_Some_Nobody

    Speed and stability.  The Exynos is specifically why I purchased my SGS2.

  • mike

    I demand only Exynos, because they are great.  that is all.  Give me free stuff. kthxbye

  • Exynos = fast = I demand!

  • jinpin14
  • I need the speed!  Time is money!

  • Tuna

    I demand Exynos so I can multitask all day long, without worrying about battery life at the same time. 

  • Emiliozamboni

    superman speed

  • Motorsports601

    As a consumer who needs the best i demand exynos. Samsung u have the best screens, chips , and styling so let us have it asap! And i dont mind paying xtra for the elite handset

  • I demand Exynos because Samsung makes fast phones, so the Exynos must be good

  • Because nothing clocks, performs, or respond (especially under root & mods) than an Exynos chip.

  • Spoken Word™

    I “Demand Exynos” processors in my phones because they kick ass in comparison to other mobile processors. And after all, who wouldn’t want the best in the products they buy?!

  • dnL

    I demand exynos, because who would want to be the turtle when you can be the hare.

    I demand exynos, because why would you want to get a smart car when you can get a Ferrari for the same price.

    I demand exynos, because it’s just that awesome to demand it.

  • Kyle

    Because I want a phone as fast as a Kardashian marriage and as smooth as the ride on an A class Mercedes. As you can tell by my analogies I know the luxuries in life. If you want the best go Exynos. That’s why I demand Exynos.

  • Sanchezl99

    Exynos is the best processor out there right now. That is why I demand it in my phones and tablets!

  • droidify

    Because I’m tired of seeing the international Samsung phones with Exynos chips beat the pants off the US variants. I need some of that action!

  • Jari-Jukka Annala

    I need more power and performance in my tablet and phone. Exynos is good choice for that.

  • Demand Exynos in our phones and tablets we do. Awesome it is.

  • poop

    I need it for the quality and performance it offers!

  •  I demand an Exynos processor because…. I WANT TO ROCK THE WORLD FROM MY POCKET !  *-* MUAHAHAHA!

  • Oscar Botelho

    i demand Exynos because i want new technology that runs efficient and it can game!

  • DustinWilkins

    I demand Exynos because it is fast. Yep!

  • Paul vd Kerkhof

    The reason I want a Samsung Exynos in my phone is because it’s like having a small Chuck Norris in there, there’s nothing it can’t handle!!!

  • Alexandros Georgiou

    Because Exynos  synonyms in dictionary are no lag and powerful!!

  • Andrew

    I demand Exynos because I want speed!

  • nsnsmj

    I demand Exynos because it is one of the best mobile SOCs available, and once Samsung moves to the newer Exynos it may be the best.

  • nickingninaj

    I demand Exynos because apps seem to just run smoother than on other devices. Going to go great with ICS!

  • MUST HAVE exynos

    I don’t know much about the chips, but I know when there’s an exynos chip built in my smartphone I’ll get the best performance. It’s just a chip I can put my trust in and I won’t be disappointed.
    Thanks to exynos chips I always (and my friends) enjoyed android smartphones (unlike other people). So yes, I always demand exynos chips in my smartphone

  • g7

    I demand Exynos 4 Dual 32nm, because it offers better 3D and CPU performance while consuming much less power than top AP seller Exynos 4210. It’s obvious Exynos 4 Dual 32nm is the perfect choice for my next-generation cutting-edge Smartphone and Tablet PC products.

  • Brendan Turner

    because Exynos is the walrus. goo goo g’joob!

  • Antonej3

    Powerful CPU for everyday activities and dominant GPU power for gaming, all packed into a chip that will have my phone running all day?? I need that in my life!!

  • Cscarbough

    I need th Exynos chip in my life like the fish needs ocean water flowing through its gills

  • Exynos chips > all other chips on the market today. Thats why I demand Exynos chips in all my phones. 

  • Exynos chips > all other smart phones chips. Thats why I demand Exynos chips in all the phones I use. 

  • D C

    With great processors come great games! bring it on! i need the Exynos!

  • The Exynos is a beast! that’s why i need it!

  • Robtown77377

    Cause they be the bomb!

  • I demand Exynos because I’m fat, slow, and lazy…  Exynos processors are real fast, so therefore it would give me that boost of speed to get me through the day!  Thanks Samsung & Exynos, for giving fat guys like me a chance to say we’re fast at something!!

  • AceXMachine

    I demand exynos for the only reason anyone should demand a proc…kick ass performance!

  • For the simple reason that we in america  have seen how far behind performance wise samsung phones are compared to there international cousins. The Nexus and Note being the most recent examples. Show me some love.

  • Nick Notte

    Speed and performance are the first two things I look for in a device and Exynos delivers in spades.

  • I demand Exynos because nothing else will help me stay connected to my family better while stationed away from home!  Whether it be just checking their facebook on the go and commenting to let them know I love them or Skyping for a few free moments when I can, only Exynos delivers the power I need.

  • Lubrahunterjr

    Exynos is the shizzle.

  • Josephasmith1

    Samsung brings something totally unique and powerful to my phone by designing an amazing processor that can only be found in a Samsung device. The beauty of owning a Samsung with Exynos is that all that technology is in the palm of my hand and I can do things that people with other devices can’t do with their devices. I need the features and speed that only Samsung can deliver for my busy life and technology needs. This is why I demand Exynos!

  • I demand exynos because they’re powerful and energy efficient! 

  • guest

    I demand Exynos because it can run touch-wiz smoothly, you know it’s good then.

  • zach richardson

    Because I love my galaxy nexus

  • Guest

    I like it because it generates a lot of heat and kills my battery quicker!

  • BAoxymoron

    I need Exynos because my phone is the original droid with a 600mhz single core processor… I’m a heavy phone smartphone user using it for music, navigation for caterings, games, information and everything in between and because of how little ram I have I’m constantly forced to wait a good 15-2sec just to open up contacts… I really need a new phone, a more powerful phone….

  • Marcus Reid

    The mobile demand is great and I demand to have Exynos chips in my phones to handle the greatness.

  • ShinwhaKim

    Just like computer graphic cards, it’s all about the numbers in benchmark! (which I hope to translate to real world performance) With Exynos being at the top for benchmark atm, I want Exynos!

  • Akilig

    I demand Exynos because i need that bleeding edge power and performance! I’m Exynos or bust!

  • I’d really like to have this.

  • xFenixKnightx

    I demand Exynos because I know it delivers. My coworkers GS2 on Sprint is insanely fast, even with a ton of apps installed and even with all of his screens full of apps and widgets. Results speak for themselves. Exynos is a must for my next device.

  • Anjie Cai

    xynos 5250, 2ghz quad core 32nm technology based off cortex A15, newest mali gpu (i hope). Why would you not want a beast like that? It better be in the galaxy s 3 lol,it will blow any other phone out of the water if it ships with a processor like that

  • KRS_Won

    I Demand Exynos because of the 50% lower power consumption while perfoming 2x faster!  Bring the Pain to the Game!

    • KRS_Won

      And when I say Exynos, it’s like Samsung is giving my a hug and a kiss!

  • shmigga

    I demand Exynos in my next phone so I can run a beautiful live wallpaper without any slowdowns! Everyone needs Exynos!

  • I want a phone that runs smooth with no hiccups and that phone can only be the Samsung Galaxy Note with the one and only top performing Exynos because it boosts with the push of a button like NOS!

  • I demand only Exynos chips in my phones because I want best in class performance.  The Exynos processor has the power to run tomorrows apps today while at the same time being incredibly energy efficient.

  • Muzafar Umarov

    None of the phones I have used have caught up with me… You say Exynos is fast? Well give it to me then I will say if it can catch up with my life style.

  • Vhern89

    So that i can pwn my brothers Ipad 3 when he gets it and have him drool all over the floor when he sees my galaxy note and slip and drop his ipad and then most likely crack his screen. MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  • Do you really need me to tell you a reason I demand exynos? Their name speaks for itself. Top quality and performance.

  • If it helps make touchwiz and hc 3.2 actually run smoothly on my gtab 10.1, then I demand Exynos!

  • SicMe1Kanobi

    Exynos is running my life now, and will continue to run even after I’m dead in the grave with me. That’s the power of Exynos. I want An Exynos device inside my casket… Amen.

  • kselby

    I demand Exynos because I like everything I own to be smooth as butter.

  • cokm4n

    I’d like one. The Exynos chip sounds super futuristic and cutting edge, unlike my misspelled phone, the cliq.
    I mean, really? cliq? Come on Motorola, you’re better than that!

  • I don’t care if my next phone has LTE, it will kill the battery faster anyway. HSPA+ is more than enough for me. I need exynos in my next phone.
    and please stop making a US variant for every phone you made.  

  • Moimon

     I want exynos in my phone because my phone will be less lagging while it performs multitasking

  • kevinivek

    I demand Exynos because it’s by far the coolest name of all the processors!

  • Freezr

    Because I’m. Boarded with all other processors and the phones they go in. new faster and better is always cool since it expensive to go racing around in my sports car
    also because leo laport will not stop talking about his Note

  • Brandondaddy

    My dream phone was the Galaxy S II but Verizon didn’t carry it.  I am hoping they will carry the rumored Galaxy S III.   This Exynos chip is amazing in terms of raw power.  It is the beating heart of a smartphone.

  • Jk43235

    I demand the Exynos because it blows the competition away! Who wouldn’t want one? Their benchmarks say everything. Beast!!

  • Freddy G

    Because I want the top of the line processor. 

  • Because Exynos is fast. How fast? Freaky fast!!!!

  • TheCheapGamer

    I demand performance and Samsung delivers with the Exynos chip!

  • Stretch

    I demand exynos processors because they’re awesome and I want a Galaxy Note!

  • Kal5el

    I demand Exynos because ze Exynos, is sExy,no?

  • nipcarlover

    I demand Exynos as it is the fastest processor around!
    Would love to win!

  • Falcon34

    I only rock the Exynos processor because I want to be the one who not only wins the race… but breaks the record, too.  All other processors come in second, and there is no consolation prize.

  • Ali

    I demand Exynos for overall smoothness of the ui

  • Shadow18z

    Because users love the idea of better performance coupled with reduced power consumption.

  • Because they literally put magic into their chipset.

  • Wotdefcuk

    because Exynos brings a whole new Ex(ynos) – etreme to mobile computing.

  • Rhinehart57

    I demand Exynos for long-life and performance

  • Luketastic1

    I demand an Exynos chip simply because it’s the best out there and I only want the best for my smartphone! 

  • Exynos and Samsung are pair made in heaven! I demand great performance and that is exactly what I’ll get from it!

  • eliteJAE

    I demand Exynos chips because of their next-gen GPUs, power management, and refreshing aspect that Samsung will be playing a bigger role in the processor game.

  • I demand Exynos because I’m a speed demon.

  • dwboston

    I bought my unlocked International Galaxy Note specifically for the Exynos processor.  I demand Exynos for the incredible video and great battery life.

  • Exynos sounds like it kicks some ass, I wouldn’t mind having something with one in it.

  • Wil Broussard

    Ever since I got a phone that had an Exynos chip I will not buy another phone unless it has the same chip in it.  To use another phone without an Exynos chip would be a sin in my book.

  •  i like it because i want the best game i played ever

  • 99ctsv

    I would demand Exynos on my phones for faster downloads and more multi tasking power among many other things. Now when we speak of quad core processors will the phones or devices that have this processors lack on battery life? Perhaps manufacturers will upgrade batteries with more mAh.
    In any case It would be nice to put it to a speed test.

  • Comptech661

    I demand it for battery performance.  End of story .

  • SilentPatriot

    I demand Exynos for HD video and games!

  • Jakebrandon82

    I want the best smartphone. One that wont be outdated a month làter. One that can do everything i want and more. To have the best smartphone you have to have the best processor why settle for “almost” when you could have Exynos?

  • Al Chandler

    The phone is nothing with out the ram and CPU. Since the ram is not increase (which it should). Exynos keeps your phone running flawlessly if your ram runs low.

  • Why other phones don’t have powerful GPUs is beyond me, the Exynos was the first gaming mobile processor, and is still the best!

  • patrickmaher

    Exynos in the SII set the bar. Can’t wait to see what the SIII will be packing.

  • Royredman

    I demand Exynos because I want the best of the best!! No person would chose the second place victor instead of the first. I would rather take Kobe Bryant than Shaquille o’neal any day of the year. No one wants a sub-par processor to ruin the phones reputation. The Galaxy Note is a great phone and having the Exynos processor baked into it makes the phone twelve times greater than I thought it was. Having a fast processor that I can ALWAYS depend on is important. When I have the worst of days, I hope that my phone isn’t an issue on its performance. In clear words, Exynos has a fast processor, and a fast gpu! I don’t want anything but the best processor with one of the best companies for android. Exynos, please answer my prayers!! 😀

  • Pete

    I demand Exynos in my phone because its the fastest smartphone efficient processor available and its not going to get to out-run by anything for at least a year.

  • rock1234

    The Exynos Dual core processors have already proved that they can provide the most fluid screen navigation and also showed best results in the Benchmarks. The one direction we can go is in forward manner by increasing the processing power and cores and at the same time reducing the power usage(the biggest drawback of Android phones). 

  • jdsingle

    Because I don’t know any other processors so why not one with a cool name?

  • Royal2000H

    I demand Exynos for its stable power and efficient processing architecture!

  • TankerTough

    Since the nexus s and galaxy s1 and 2 are both exynos processorsand I’ve had all 3 phones, they have been top of the line phones. They all run smooth as butter so I would buy another phone with an exynos because of their consistency. The galaxy note has had a lot of buzz and I think part of that buzz is because of its exynos processor.

  • Vincent_tjs

    I want power and I want green so therefore I choose Exynos

  • Nathan Devall

    I demand Exynos in my phones because I’m on my phone all the time and I need the battery life and performance. My phone needs to be able to keep up with me instead of me waiting around on it.

  • Kdude Master

    Despite all of the comments about weird spellings of Exynos involving the word “sex”, I like it for the blazing fast performance, the cool name is a bonus. Samsung you have outdone yourself, hope the quad core version is just as amazing!

  • I like the high performance per hz

  • I demand Exynos for multi-tasking power!

  • G_lick

    I demand Exynos because it’s the only chip that I’ve seen that can make Android run FLAWLESSLY. Exynos is the King of mobile processing. 

  • Jim Holmes

    Until today, I had only seen a few articles on DL regarding the note and its specs. But today I met a friend for dinner and he showed me this incredible new toy. He has a european Galaxy Note and I spent about an hour drooling over it. So as a result of dinner tonight, I can be sure one thing henceforth, I WILL DEMAND Exynos in my next phone

  • I would enjoy having the Samsung Exynos in my phone so I could feel the power right in my hands. Plus everyone would see how cool I was with a fancy new gadget

  • Jagdeep Singh

    Reason why I want the Exynos is simply it’s insane power and gpu. I want a phone that will take all I throw at it pdfs, word documents, pictures, and most importanly large image files of X-Rays. I’m heading off to College for Med-School and in the world of medicine you can’t wait for things to load. 

  • Cxandroid

    It really is a great all around processor!

  • Function… Power… Efficiency… These are the things that all people want from their devices, but with an Exynos processor, you get all that and more!  I could only dream of having this device!

  • Kevie D.

    Same reason I use Old Spice….. P-P-P-P-P-P-POWER!!!

  • Awesome graphics and power, while still conserving battery? Plus triple displays? It doesn’t get much better than this

  • exynos is just plain amazing…enough said

  • JustisLewis

    Battery life plus performance? What’s not to like?

  • I demand Exynos because I’ve experienced its power in my Galaxy S2 International version.  It’s the best and most responsive device I’ve ever used!

  • Carl Gaines

    Exynos is quad core graphic processor, which makes it far better than any other. The performance on any device is way better for gaming, videos streaming , its an overall winner, so why chose anything else to run yor device.

  • Tripsyk

    We demand Exynos because they just completely stomp every other processor. TI should stick to making calculators for my calculus class.

  • Harrison Stovall

    I need it to do stuff… fast.

  • Atenkiang

    I need the exynos because it is the way of life

  • hood rich

    so i can tell the women i do

  • I demand Exynos because when I get a phone, I need it to last 2 years until I upgrade. Having Exynos means that I’ll have the processing power to get stuff done until my next upgrade!

  • StCProShop

    I demand Exynos cause I use my phone for every thing from work to leasure. I need it to be fast, efficient and reliable. Exynos is the only thing I trust for all of those.

  • Jroc869, Cool story bro

    In the infamous words of the great Ricky Bobby

  • Idlexr7

    I need more power for apps and games and video chatting with family when out of town

  • humidity

    I demand Exynos because I want to be at the frontier of technology!

  • Twofourturbo

    I demand long lasting battery.. So in that area, Exynos has me covered.

  • Zander_206

     I demand Exynos for
    its Green technology. I can share multimedia content with native triple display,
    showing what’s on my phone up to three different displays, woot! With Exynos you get a Crisp full HD
    display and it has powerful 3D technology to go along, I mean come on I’m drooling. Not to
    mention the amazing seamless multitasking bread in to coincide with a multitasking platform, ANDROID. Amazing next gen gpu to take any new graphic packed game thrown at it. Exynos, has the best
    performance while achieving the lowest power consumption in its class, speaks for
    itself! The sad part is all I can do is dream 🙁 How about a Galaxy Note to have all this at my fingertips!!!

  • Vanessa Louis

    I demand Exynos so Angry Birds willl work better.

  • Philip A. Kaiser

    I demand my phone be fast, no hesitation, house fly reflex fast. I demand my phone to be smart, not just calculator smart, capable of plotting a trip through hyperspace smart. I demand my phone conserve battery power, not like a hybrid car conservative, more like the space station conservative. I demand Exynos in my phones, because I demand.

  • Collin Galloway

    I demand Exynos cause I hate processor power drain.

  • Dana Simmelink

    I demand Exynos because I want nothing but the best the fastest and the most beautiful in my hands!!!

  • ncsurob

    I demand it because Samsung is behind it.

  • MainePhrame

    I demand Exynos in my next super device because of the Battery/Performance ratio.  What good is a phone if it cant get past noon?  What good is a phone that can barely run a couple of apps at a time or struggles to stream Netflix HD?  This is why I demand Exynos in my next super device.  

  • I demand Exynos processors in my phone or tablet because its just that Damn Fast. No others have been able to compare( I have tried them all) in streaming,rendering, and over all UI fluidity.

  • Jodeci888

    I need the Exynos processor for 1 single reason !!!!! I am sick and tired of watching a video on Youtube and feeling like I’m back in the 80s watching a old school chinese/kung fu flick on channel 11 (I live in NY), with all the voices first and mouth movements second. NO more lagging !!! I feel like I’m having damn flashbacks.

  • RonRef95

    I love the Exynos chip it just seems to always to blow the competition away. When I heard about the Galaxy SII coming to the US I was so happy until I found out it wasn’t coming to Verizon. Now I’m rocking the Droid charge waiting for the Galaxy SIII no matter how long it takes (hopefully its coming to Verizon) can’t wait for Quad core Exynos. 
    P.S> Please chose me for the contest I want a Exynos phone I could use until Quad core Exynos phones come please. 

  • They have the SOC GPU which is the best in town!

  • ErieT30

    Power wait.  Power yep.  Power in power savings in pure power and in game power yep Exynos power. 


    Because speed is a deal breaker when you need info now. That’s what I like about exynos on my galaxy phone.

  • B Anthony929

    I demand exynos in my phone and tablets because it maybe the only thing that can help me keep up with 7 children and still have a life…..i like the practice but didn’t expect so many results 🙂

  • I demand Exynos because i use the hell out of my phone all day every day. Phones can’t just be to make phone calls they have to be about you whole life at the touch of a button and at the first second of an idea, we have busy lives, the last thing i want is to be waiting around, i want to multitask without feeling like i have limitations because my phone can’t handle me 🙂 

  • Clift

    Most manufacturers don’t care about GPU performance.

  • I demand Exynos for multi-tasking power, games, internet, hd movies, and music.
    I demand the Exynos quad core!

  • I would prefer an Exynos processor because clock for clock they somehow smoke the competition is almost every test bench.  

  • I demand Exynos because I want tomorrows technology today. Exynos chips run faster then anything else I have seen on the market relatively. Samsung wants to be the best on the market and you can see that in their chips and phones. They are letting artist be creative and not just putting out a product based on deadlines and cost cutting.

  • Tyler

    I demand Exynos because of speed. Processors are now finally becoming as fast as the Galaxy SII. Nuff said.

  • Eric Richardson

    I need me some Exynos in my next phone so I can turn my phone into a jet and fly myself to an island. IT’S THAT GOOD. 

  • Blaudy Rodriguez

    I demand Exynos on  my phone because it makes it awesome-r ! That’s why i love Samsung galaxies !

  • Exynos is just the best, nothing can really match. Cant wait for the new generations chips Samsung has baking in the oven.

  • justbaum30

    I demand Exynos in my phone and tablet because I want to be running high quality games only seen on computers on these devices.  Because I want productivity and good battery life.  And most importantly, I want some smooth animations.

  • koridawn

    I like my operating system to be powerful and fast.

  • larry_thagr81

    I demand Exynos in my phones and tablets because the Exynos team has managed to increase processor performance, and make the processor more energy efficient at the same time.  Bravo Exynos team and give yourselfs a pat on the back for this impressive line of Exynos processors. 

  • I demand Exynos for multi-tasking power! My Exynos day
    consists of phone calls, games, HD movies, music, internet, and anything else I
    can imagine!

    I can’t wait for the Exynos quad core!

  • I demand only Exynos chips simply because the rate of change for mobile OS’s is significantly high. I Think everyone needs a processor that can simply keep up with all the constantly changing mobile operating systems!!

  • Ryan Hecht

    Oh yea and I would love to win myself a tablet 😀

  • thor

    I demand it because, well quite frankly, who doesn’t like free stuff? 😀

  • Ryan Hecht

    I demand exynos because I want the best possible hardware in my tech. Always, on exceptions!

  • Exynos is the muscle car of processors. It is fast, ballsy and will get you every time. 

  • Yaamean2009

    I’ve never experienced an Exynos chip in action 🙁  But I’d like to be shown the light!

  • Geovany Hernandez

    I demand Exynos because I want to have the best out there. Also, apple sucks.

  • DanielAgoot

    I demand EXynos because I demand EXcellence, crave EXcitement, and EXpect EXplosive speed!

  • I demand Exynos because it is the next logical step in technology. Quad core has arrived to Laptops, it is now only logical for phones to be honored with quad cores as well, to increase the usefulness of mobile technology. 

  • The New Samsung Exynos 5 dual core based on the 32nm fab is really a great step in the direction we need for our Smartphones.  As applications get more and more useful, they need more and more powerful processors.  The only problem has been battery life.  Bringing us more power with greater efficiency while delivering a beautiful design is a Win, Win, Win.  

  • harryharry

    The Exynos seems like it provides amazing performance that would impress anyone from a tech aficionado to a random person on the street.  I had a chance to test out the Note and was very impressed by its stutter-free, lagless, snappy performance!

  • Calvin Williams

    Why I demand Exynos:
    -IT’S FAST

    How important it is to me:
    -I spend a lot of time telling my friends how much better the galaxy S2 is vs the iPhones. They say the battery life sucks with Android phones. I just tell them Samsungs are different. They make this processor which makes the battery last way longer than the other Android phones. It lasts longer than the 4s battery.

    -I am switching to AT&T or Sprint from Verizon because Samsung didn’t get to use the Exynos processor in the Galaxy Nexus. I didn’t deem the Galaxy Nexus a Samsung phone. Samsung phones are known for their screen quality, speed, thinness and battery life. So if I can’t get the complete Samsung package, I need to switch to another carrier. 

    My number one choice would be to switch to AT&T and get the Galaxy Note. Samsung took the perfect phone, made it a little bigger, pumped up the speed and resolution, and even added in a stylus. I would be so happy to get the Galaxy Note

  • IFragU

    I demand exynos because my OMAP 4430 doesn’t compete!

  • josh persaud

    They’re the best. No question about it.

  • I demand a Exynos for the same reason I don’t drive economy cars, its all about the speed! vroom vroom!!!!

  • cranky

    For the performance!

  • Roga

    I demand Exynos in my phones because you told me I NEED it!

  • Cflores860

    i demand exynos because i demand g note !!!!!!

  • Daniel Sutherland

    The sheer power it possesses satisfies my every technological craving.

  • There’s a good reason that Apple uses Samsung processors so extensively, they’re the best. For tablet and phone gaming, I demand Exynos.

  • I demand Exynos in my phones because it is simply the best and comes with the best hardware ie the Galaxy Note.  The need for a very fast processor is more important than ever with the more complex games and apps.

  • Aaron Thomas

    I want the fastest experience possible and that means Exynos.

  • I’ve got a Droid Charge, I love Sammy products, but can’t deal with the single core. Give me double core Exynos or give me death!

  • john monsalve

    i demand it only because with out it there would be no such thing as lag free! i demand it because its the best for everything! 

  • I demand power, this is why I demand the Exynos. I hate lag and when I click on an application I dont want to wait for it!

  • Christopher J. Martin

    I demand a Exynos Processor in both my phones and tablets because the Exynos is an Unmatched   mobile processor. The Tegra Platform provides all the raw horsepower and graphic intensive Butt Kick that I require in All my devices. 

  • Shuetteman

    If it’s Exynos it’s great!  How can you go wrong with Samsung….

  • We Demand Exynos Processors because we are all speed demons!   We want the best & the Fastest.. So therefore we want Exynos!   an Exynos Galaxy Note on Verizons LTE would be amazing

  • Donald Shockley

    I need an Exynos because my phone needs to be able to do what I want, when I
    want. If it doesn’t have the brains/processing muscle to run the latest and
    greatest apps I might find I need, it’s a waste of money.

  • Why?  Well, just move that “S” and it’s Sexy, no?

  • I need Exynos in my smartphone so that I can run buttery smooth apps with no lag time… great performance and great graphics

  • Mrtubbs22

    I need Exynos in my phone and because I need to show all the hating iphoners what they are missing.

  • Mattxl

    Being a indie game developer I like to have the power to create the worlds I imagine so that I can bring them to other people.  That’s why I demand Exynos… 

  • Mr. mine

    I choose exynos processor over any other BC its bigger faster and stronger then any other one out there such as the differences grin the international and att galaxy note …the quadrant is better on international with 1.4 exynos over att Qualcomm 1.5…

    • Adanti

      I demand Exynos because and as power-user type consumer, I want to have the highest caliber internals in all my devices. When it comes to smart phones, Samsung Exynos is unparalleled and unrivaled. I deserve nothing but the best, and in this case, it’s Exynos.

  • Breynold09

    I demand Exynos because i need a reliable processor that i can trust to multi-task and run aps smooth as butter, Plus this Phablet (phone/tablet) looks sick and i want to get my hands on one.

  • Sean Rowe

    snapdragon….it’s whats for dinner! Exynos ftw!

  • poorboy168

    I demand Exynos to make my birds Angrier 

  • srh12

    I demand Exynos because of the laggy device I’ve been putting up with all this time. Enough is enough, goshdangit.

  • Accounts

    I demand Exynos because it makes it easier for me to imagine that my phone will actually remain relevant beyond the 1st year of a 2 year contract.

  • Arman Samimi

    I demanded Exynos before it was cool

  • Jakewoodblues

    Cuz for once in my life I want to be an early adopter!

  • Because only EXYNOS, KNOWS how to rock my mobile addiction!!!

  • I demand Exynos for better battery life while owning performance

  • I also demand Exynos processors because they seem to be one of the fastest, if not the fastest mobile processor out there.

  • I demand an Exynos because kitten videos are serious business

  • I dont always drink beer, but when I do its Dos Equis. When I want a Tablet, it has to have Exynos at its heart

  • Kuboo99

    I demand Exynos processors because they seem to be one of the fastest, if not the fastest mobile processor out there.

  • because droid-life.com demands it so?

  • Nicketmaster

     I demand Exynos because I demand my technology be as excellent as it can possibly be.

  • drt054

    I DEMAND!!!!!!!!!! Exynos processors in my phone mostly because I have no idea what the heck it is and would like to test and see for myself 🙂   

  • IanKellogg

    Exynos processors are consistantly at the top of the benchmarks as well as the battery life rundown tests. I really want that level of performance and battery life in my phones.

  • Plinko0

    i want it because it’s better than what i have now.

  • Nicketmaster

    I demand Exynos  because I demand the closest to perfect my technology can come.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Man.. the amount of blah blah blah blah blah in these contest posts is gross.

  • Dschmidt87

    Because its quad core and destroys all inferior processors!

  • Jason Brown

    I demand the Exynos chips in my phones simply because I demand nothing but the best for my phone in terms of speed, power, and performance.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    F you Exynos! I only roll with Tegra 3 and that companion core.

  • yazan hasan

    well it has stunning graphics will be my first smart phone and superphone it looks gorgeous iv always had interest with the s pen and also the DISPLAY ,SIZE and the PROCCESOR ITS JUST SO AMAZING PERIOD

  • I demand Exynos chips in my phone so that I can show iPhone users what they are missing.

  • kt8

    Exynos for game performance all the way. 

  • Sakorda

    I’m tough.  Some would even say I’m difficult.  Sometimes in business, that’s not always a bad thing, especially if you expect the best!  When it comes sending video imagery over my smartphone, or playing the latest complex interactive game, only the BEST will do… and that’s why I DEMAND Exynos on-board all of my handheld communication devices!  When it comes to video processing on my smartphone or tablet, nothing else will do!  Because my clients demand the same from me!

  • g_what

    Exynos processors are the best. Period. That’s why I demand Exynos.

  • Robert Walters

    I demand Exynos because I demand Exynos!

  • I demand Exynos because they are in the Galaxy Note that I want to win ^_^

  • Andy Lee

    I demand Exynos chips because I want the best possible mobile media/gaming/web browsing experience!

  • peetah

    In a world where “good enough” just isn’t good
    enough anymore, demand the best; demand Exynos.

  • Cuff Him Banano

    I demand anything that Big Red is against.

  • Exynos is a great processor.  Fast frame-rate, low latency in all apps,  that is why I demand it.

  • zaraza

    I demand Exynos because is the (Exy)NOS for phones!

  • PuzzleShot

    I demand Exynos processors in my phones and tablets because Exynos continually proves to be the driver behind the most recognizable and impressive Android flagships, the Galaxy S series of phones. Each new member of the S series is awaited by tech enthusiasts with bated breath because they know that it will be the phone to beat for a good amount of time, and as Samsung begins to develop more powerful chips this can only become more true. With the Exynos powering other, non-Samsung devices, the same amount of anticipation could come to any Android phone, boosting the ecosystem and creating a powerful argument for the platform as a first option for the average consumer. With more revenue flowing into Samsung, the Exynos chips will continue to be developed and outperform other processors time and again, and no one will have to compromise performance when they choose an Android phone.

  • Mike Spann

    I demand 

  • jezlyn

    I demand Exynos because the performance is proven. Between the international Galaxy Note and the version released for AT&T, the Galaxy Note with the Exynos processor had much better performance. Besides, when a manufacturer uses their own processors in their devices, they can optimize the whole device to efficiently take advantage of the processing power. So, Samsung devices with Samsung processors are what I demand.

  • JaseYANG

    I demand Exynos because it’s made by Samsung

  • joefrank1982

    I DEMAND Exynos in my phone and tablet because I demand ALOT of my phone and tablet…everything from random youtube searches to running an SNES emulator for a few hours. The bottom line is that I need my devices to keep up with me the WHOLE day and with Exynos sipping on the battery life that’s possible.

  • Almostadr

    When I think of quality I think of Exynos.. I cannot wait until the new chips come out, I am a big fan and look forward to getting my hands on your great products!

  • Shahr1

    I demand Exynos in my phone or table because it is beast which provides raw power to make the video streaming lag free and also great for playing games.

  • Rami

    Exynos processors really changed my mind about Android regarding performance and battery life. After switching to the galaxy s2 I noticed a huge boost in performance and much longer battery life. Keep them coming.

  • Timfantry

    Simple two words “The Best”

  • faster and faster multitasking 
    Exynos 4412 quad-core give to me baby

  • Ff1198

    Plain and simple, it just works….

  • WhoaManWtF

    I demand performance for gaming, working and well… lets just say there are other cpu intensive activities that I can only get the proper speed and reliability with Exynos… Therefor I demand a Exynos.

  • Nelson Siegel

    I demand Exynos because it has the best integration between components on the phone. Samsung phone + samsung processor make a great team!

  • Quyendg

    I want Exynos because I am cool.

  • Patrick Kerby

    ! I have had many cell phones since Verizon first came out! I haven’t found a smartphone out here yet that is as good as the Note! I could only with you guys could make this Note or a phone like it with a full keyboard that is as well balanced as the Note! Power management is great the first of its kind and I pray u guys put this Exynos in every phone then maybe the phone won’t freak out like my DROIDX did and my droidx2 is still freaking out!!! So I demand you guys put these processors in every phone for speed, flexablity inside and power management!

  • JS629

    I actually don’t currently demand Exynos chips in my super phones, however if provided with the opportunity to put one through its paces I may start demanding Exynos chips in my phone and my tablets.

  • I demand Exynos chips in my phones because the end of the 5th age of man is upon us. Simple as that…….Think about it……….still thinking?……………..the 5th age of man.

  • muggy

    I want the Exynos because it is simply the best processor out!

  • Hugo_boss_lives

    we no want tegra

  • I demand it so I can not have to keep my phone plugged in wherever I go and run amazing HD games.

  • Tomkochansky

    I demand it because…….. wait, there are other processors? Huh.

  • Joseph George

    I demand a Exynos chip in my smartphones and tablets because they offer the ultimate performance, while still saving power for my mobile gaming, video capturing, video streaming, and photo taking appetite. And because of power-hungry activities, I demand the best chip for my smartphones and tablets, therefore I demand Exynos!

  • bla bla bla.  Im going to make this easy for whoever selects the winner.  I want the newest tech out there. And this is the newest tech. If I win, I tell all my techie friends how awesome it is, and they in turn tell their techie friends and so on and so forth.  Marketing the awesomeness is what counts.

  • 1bad69z28

    “Can’t Wait” to try the Galaxy Note with it’s Exynos new dual-core chip as well as the new and exciting Exynos 4412 quad-core chip.

    I demand Exynos because of their innovative technologies and leveraging thier deep sub-micron expertise in high-performance/low-power technology. That’s why I love Samsung products and how Samsung’s mobile devices and tablets outperform the rest. 

    I’ve owned a handful of Samsung  devices and all of them were outstanding.  Can’t Wait to test the new line of quad core processors. 🙂

    The new Galaxy Note looks like a winner and i can definitely see where Samsung is headed with this device.

  • I only use EXYNOS because it fast and its hawt!

  • Exynos provides great performance and battery life.

  • Michael Collins

    Ever since i had a Samsung I loved it! They make amazing Processors! Their phones are awesome and smooth! Gaming is becoming more and more demanding on portable devices, so the processors are gonna be demanding!

  • Guest

    It is unique. 

  • Jose

    I demand a Exynos processor that can be rendering my HD games efficiently and still save me some battery life!!!

  • Tsabhira

    I demand Exynos because I feel a need… a need for speed!

  • Brian Walker

    I have purchased a few games on my phone that would run much better on a bigger screen, but I’m not sure if I want the full size of the tablet. Exynos in a 5.3″ screen would be the perfect combo to run the high end graphics I desire. 

  • Brandon Winter

    I DEMAND EXYNOS IN MY PHONE!  That’s the only option for me.

  • t t

    who wouldnt want to give the ipad a smackdown?

  • i will not allow any other processor inside my phone. if i am paying now $300 for a phone for two years, it must be able to perform the best in all categories. chip manufacturers nowadays are forced into removing key factors to meet the requirements of the mobile space. i demand Exynos because only this team knows how to truly combine compute power, graphic power, energy consumption, and true multitasking without compromising. Exynos is a truly state of the art and future proof platform to build a mobile device on. Samsung FTW. Exynos FTW.

  • Samsung’s Exynos processors are just like their phones, rock solid.  Where all other vendors lack, Samsung will listen and make it right.  The awesome designs and over the top specifications have me certain the Samsung Galaxy SIII will be my next phone.

  • Willtron

    I demand exynos become I am awesome and exynos is awesome. Plus I’ll rep it hardddddd. Starbucks? Yes. Ralphs deli aisle? Yes, sir!  But what about Runyon Canyon!?!? Yesss DAMN it.  

  • J. Wolf

    What’s not to love about Samsung and Exynos??  I demand only the best, which is what they are.

  • Xiizero15iix

    I like and would love to see the exynos processors be on alot more devices, simpy because of its power and speed, also when i play a game i wont lag a bit or get hot( maybe sometimes) but its still and amazing processor to say the leaat.

  • AliK

    Because Exymos chips are clearly speedy Gonzales 🙂

  • Steve Peterson.

    I want exynos Note because it is simply the best chip currently on the market.

  • Mikedeamicis

    Because I want lighting fast search results when I ask my tab the weather on mars for tomorrow or whats on the menu at Norms diner at the rings of Jupiter.  I also want bad ass graphics performance for all those games that keep me from doing the important things I should be doing on a daily basis. Oh yea, I also want for the process to not drain the battery like a fish net.

  • I need this in my phone as my droid incredible and its tiny screen and although nice processor struggles on angry birds. I WANT TO PLAY ANGRY BIRDS!!

  • evil-doer

    I demand Exynos simply because it is the best mobile system on a chip on the market today.

  • Kraymanbauer

    I demand it because I cannot spell nor sound out the name if their processor. Having one in my device would be a great conversation piece. ” what processor you running?

    Nit sure really…its an x something or other

    Really?! Fascinating!

    Yes it is! Its made by Samsung so it must be the best!

    Oh yes I concur!

    As do I.

    And so on and so on….

    • Kraymanbauer

      Dumb auto correct just lost me a contest cause I sound and read like a waterhead…..

  • Kyle

    I demand Exynos processors in my phone because they are fast.

  • Underfundedmandate

    I demand exynos just because

  • maxkobi

    i Demand Exynos because we can push its limits and it can take it… last i checked it was over 9000!!!

  • Jlaurence24

    I demand a exynos processor because they are as fast and as sleek as the name exynos!

  • I demand the power of the Exynos to power my superphone to protect me from the rise of the machines. I can imagine that an Exynos processor is the only one powerful enough to stop a terminator, even though they’re probably powered by the same chip so thats why they’ll inevitably win. If im using a Exynos powered tablet I can command my own robot army and defeat Skynet all on my own, and then I will be crowned king of the machines!

    • Boodiggity

      This is exactly what this contest is all about

    • bearwithabeard


  • I demand Exynos because I need someone to lead the way into reliable and functional Remote Desktop-capable hardware for phones and tablets.

  • RC

    I demand Exynos in my phone coz it is in the biggest and baddest phones out there and I want them here in the states. Life without Exynos is like digital media without any osss (zero’s)

  • Kernschatten

    I want my next device to have an Exynos processor for the battery life and insane performance levels.

  • RED

    It will help me pick up chicks. Bigger is better, right? Then why not have the BIGGEST AND THE BEST!!!!????

  • Legomancer

    I demand Exynos processors in my phone because they are easily the most powerful, yet still very efficient.  They’re still at the top of the charts a year later. 🙂

  • I demand an Exynos in my phone because I want my phone second to none…

  • I demand Exynos because it’s actually faster than my laptop (which stopped working last week) no joke. And, it’s great with power management, which we could really use on smartphones.

  • ticker47

    I demand Exynos because if I do, I could win a Galaxy Note.

  • Dan Livingston

    Always love better battery life!

  • dfecko

    I demand Exynos simply because they’re quacktastic!

  • I demand Exynos bc my laptop is too damn heavy to lug around. 

  • Aaron

    Because I want a processor from the company that takes shots at Apple!

  • Nopants

    Battery Life.

  • ExynosFTW

    I demand Exynos because it is smooth and fast no matter what I am doing…

  • bigredandroid

    Exynos makes the best processors available. A phone or tablet isnt fully funcitional without Exynos porcessors built in. Any other porcessor limits capabalities.

  • Cflores860

    i demand exynos becuase i demand perfection!!!!!!

  • wait… that’s why big red will demand it.

  • gundl0726

    I demand the Exynos in my smartphone/tablet, especially at Galaxy Note, because the other APs out there (Snapdragon/Tegra/OMAP/etc) are all nothing but pure crap. I’m begging you guys to please consider putting your very own Exynos APs in the Galaxy line, rather than the other ones. 🙂

  • Bc increasing my battery life by 50% means I can pay more in voice/data overages.

  • r0lct

    I demand Exynos because DL told me to. 😛

  • N8shon

    I love the risk that Samsung took when releasing the Galaxy Note 5 inch tablet/phone. I am a person that wants a smartphone and a tablet, but can’t afford both. I demand the best processor in my combined device, and that is the Samsung Exynos, bar none. 

  • CeluGeek

    I demand Exynos so I have enough power to ditch my PC and not feel the pain of the downgrade.

  • I demand it because it’s better than Apple’s AX chips.

  • Because there is a crosshair on the Apple A5 and Exynos is going to pull the trigger.

  • David H.

    can’t say I can demand Exynos, not having tried one myself, but I’d sure like to have a reason to do so.

  • Exynos is the most powerful processor out there! No need for lagfree fixes or ridiculous tweaks to get it to be full speed and completely functional! Everyone should demand that it’s put in our devices! That’s why I got the AT&T Galaxy S II! They know how to make a phone.

  • Mrbigfeathers

    I demand Exynos because that’s what I have to do to win this Galaxy Note.

  • AndrewMc93

    To decimate the competition. Why else. Dont ever tell me to get a Snapdragon. Exyno’s any day.  

  • Rich Amio

    Exynos..there is no substitue. 

  • Because Exynos is the anti-SonyXE?  Also, it’s a pretty nice proc 😉

  • IlanAlpert

    I demand an Exynos in my next phone because it will give me the power and speed I need to keep up with me. Other phones just lag behind 😉

  • ahokin

    I demand Exynos because I like my phone’s software to be optimized for the hardware it runs on. By the hardware being made by samsung and the software customized by samsung I know I’m getting a great product. No other smartphone or tablet plays games, browse the web, stream video, stream music, email, text, download apps, download movies, download music, create content, post comments on Droid Life better than a phone with an Exynos processor. And if your phone doesn’t have an Exynos processor? YOU JUST GOT SAMSUNGED!

  • I demand the Exynos because my patients can’t afford me to be slowed down by inferior processors.  

  • Alamony

    I demand Exynos processors simply because they can actually work faster then I can. No wasted time waiting around here!

  • Mrcoorsbeerman

    I demand Exynos processors because they spelled it wrong.. The “s” on the end should be the first letter..  Because, they’re Sexy… no?

  • Ben G

    i work hard 
    i deserve the best
    for me there is no plan b
    exynos or nothing
    i will not settle for second best
    i demand exynos

  • I demand the Exynos because when I need a new ham recipe or a butcher shop I use my phone to look up a new ham recipe and ham friendly butcher shop. If there is the Exynos in my phone then I can get the ham and ham recipe faster and get ham related information faster so I can enjoy the hams. 

    Do you see what I’m getting at here?

  • I demand Exynos in my phone cause without a processor my phone wont work.  🙂

  • Because the 
    Exynos team says so!

  • Matthew Arthurs

    I demand Exynos… noone else holds a candle to Samsung’s ability to deliver a quality product at a price we can afford!

  • S_T_R

     I demand Exynos because it is FAST and powerful while being power efficient as well.

  • s2556

    I only rock Exynos in my super phone because I simply need the best to stream my HD porn! no lag all gag!

  • MKader17

    I demand Exynos because it gets me the Galaxy Note, and the Galaxy Note gets stuff done!

  • Lee

    I demand Exynos chips in my phones because I want to be on the cutting edge of technology. It seems that these chips could be the next best thing in the mobile tech world. Why wouldn’t I want the best hardware in my device that I use and rely on every day.

  • I demand Exynos processors because they are the only phones that last. By last, I mean they are the only phones I can stand using and don’t throw out my car window when loading an app takes 5 or more seconds. 

  • Tsteege

    I demand the Exynos because good looking phones and tablets are only as their processors.

  • Steven Letourneau

    Because you can’t put Chuck Norris in your phone, I will have to settle for the next best thing: Exynos

  • Samsung seems to have understood better than others the architecture and framework that can take advantage of the Android OS, making their Exynos devices run faster and smoother than any other SoC.

  • Zachary F

    I demand Exynos because they provide the best performance and battery life in the devices they are in.

  • napes22

    I demand Exynos in my phone because I don’t like slow things.

  • Multitasking, glitch free speed is what I need.

  • Bigwavedave25

    I demand Exynos because when something is important enough to make a “demand”, it should be for the best… EXYNOS!

  • tjmonkey15

    I demand Exynos due to the seven letters preceding its name:  Samsung.  High quality products for my high quality needs.

  • ninjalex76

    I demand Exynos chips because they make my phone run smooth as butter which means I can use it to make cookies and brown toast. 

  • Relic419

    Exynos is a beast, plain and simple! Samsung, Y U NO Exynos in all your phones?

  • i demand exynos in my phone and tablet cause it ain’t 1990’s where technology was slow like a snail.

  • I demand exynos chips on my phone cus im still running the DInc snapdragon. I crave more cores! I want to samsung my friends with the bestest and greatest. fin. 

  • Quentin Williams

    I would demand the Exynos chip in my phone because I just want the latest processor in my devices.

  • Deslotnick

    I demand Exynos because it is the future.

  • The samsung exynos processor itself is very impressive and always ahead of the other processors. Therefore, me likey.  

  • GianCarlo Bregaglio

    I demand Exynos in my phone because my Galaxy Nexus doesn’t have one!  And also because my last Samsung phone, the Droid Charge, didn’t have one.  Hopefully I can now experience Exynos by winning a Galaxy Note!

  • Because it can create an island then transform it’s self into a jet a fly me there.

  • Tweekex

    Simply put in power and performance they are at the top. I have yet to play with one but from what I have seen I would love them!

  • I demand only exynos chips because they are tiny beasts! You know what they say, big things come in small packages. This tiny chips don’t pack a punch, they’re packin heat!

  • Manly Man

    because I’m a manly man and I demand a manly-man chip in my devices!

  • Liderc

    I demand Exynos chips in my phones and tablets because they’re great chip makers.  They’ve proven that they’re working to improve battery life while retaining power and speed and that’s all we can ask from a CPU company. 

  • I’d prefer it because it’d be free!!!!

  • We demand the Exynos processor in our phones, because we are a addicted to speed, and its simply the fastest.. Now getting it to play nicely with Verizons LTE would be great, then you have a winning combo.  I would like to have a Galaxy note along side my Galaxy Nexus!   

  • I demand Exynos on my phone because there is no other way but forward! Being a movie enthusiast is not a good way to live life these days as the amount of movies released every month is more than what I can handle. I therefore take advantage of the free time I’ve got during my commute, but I will admit that getting those videos play in my phone is such a pain in the arse! 1080p without the need to encode for a phone is really amazing, plus throw in the power efficiency feature and I guess we have a winner here!

  • Djones04

    Because I like my underwear to match my outerwear.

  • Michaelp5150

    I demand the Exynos in my tablet and/or phone because it is simply the BEST! This thing will handle anything you throw at it and MORE! Cant wait to get my hands on the new Samsung Galaxy Note!

  • Exynos seems like the fastest option on the market right now, and I can’t wait to see the benchmarks for the quadcore! I have seen the dual core in action, and it’s definitely reallly speedy 🙂

  • John Z

    Simply the best

  • I demand Exynos in phones and tablets because Samsung is a reliable and quality brand.

  • Jeffrey Hewitt

    I demand Exynos because it has a top of the line everything, graphics gaming and general use.  It seems very fast and I would love to have a device to try it with!

  • Vinay Kumar

    I like my beautiful companions to have the power of a beast inside. 

  • Kilo720

    I demand the Exynos in my tablet and/or phone cause I want faster better results when I am using my tablet and or phone for gaming, multitasking without the speed dropping or battery eating fast

  • Greyhame

    Why I demand Exynos:

    1.) Simply the most powerful processors out there for mobile devices.
    2.) Bragging rights against i*hone owners in every benchmark.
    3.) Samsung is continuously pushing the boundaries of technology, leading the way with Exynos, and I love having the latest gen tech.
    4.) Bragging rights against i*hone owners in every benchmark.
    5.) Samsung optimizes their processor to the Android OS brilliantly, so the overall experience is flawless.
    6.) Bragging rights against i*hone owners in every benchmark.
    7.) My Samsung Galaxy Nexus could use a break from me constantly toying with it!
    And finally….
    8.) Bragging rights against i*hone owners in every benchmark.

    • ahokin

      The Galaxy Nexus doesn’t have an Exynos processor

      • Greyhame

        Never said it did. It’s a Google phone made by Samsung, so I mentioned it here. If Google hadn’t outlined the hardware requirements and honored their partnership with TI, I’m sure Samsung would’ve used their superior silicon.

  • JonathanR

    I demand an Exynos chip on my phone because I love being SAMSUNGED!

  • Exynos puts the E in Excellent, for its ability to give the best of both performance and battery life. Amazing stuff! Can’t wait to see what other advancements it’ll make in the future.

  • nobody72

    Image processing; super smooth high profile 720p video playback with no artifacting; tegra 2 just cannot cut it.

  • Iamstacylynn

    becauce it doesn’t get better than that… thank you Samsung!

  • Derrick Lathrop

    Why? Because Samsung makes the best phones with the best hardware and the Exynos chipset is the best.

  • Vicsueb

    I demand the absolute latest technology available to me, and I expect to pay more to have it. I wouldn’t settle for less! When you compare the latest bench marks It’s clear, Exynos has achieved that position. When you consider you have to commit to a 2 year contract, you demand the very best.

  • Kuhndawg25

    I demand the Exynos in my tablet and/or phone cause I want faster better results when I am using my tablet and or phone duringbmy job to prove better care to my patients and provide better information faster and quicker to the hospital.

  • CN

    I demand Exynos because it has earned it’s title as the best mobile SOC out there, and deserves to own more market share

  • DrScrubs

    I demand Exynos because it is bleeding edge technology.

  • balthuszar

    i demand exynos because…why not?

  • I demand to be on the cutting edge of technology and have the latest and greatest items ASAP

  • J. Mo

    I demand Exynos because I need a faster GPU.

  • I DEMAND Exynos chips in my phones because no engine runs better. No Kia engine in my phone, only Ferrari’s

  • iSlackerz

    Curious why I demanded Exynos?  Simple… it was a no compromise choice.  Performance (CPU & GPU) that blows away the competition when needed and it sips power like an elderly British woman sips tea.  That’s why when I first read about the GS II coming to the U.S., I waited… and waited… and waited (mostly patiently) for it finally hit my carrier of choice.  I went out the day it was announced and purchased it. 

    I passed up numerous phones to wait for the GS II and haven’t regretted it for a moment.  That’s why I will continue to demand Exynos.

  • Tom Stroeder

    After reviewing the benchmarks on the Galaxy Note It has been decided that a superior chip such as the Exynos, in a superior phone like the Galaxy Note, should of course got to a superior individual.  Namely My Wife! It would make a Great Gift for her upcoming birthday!

  • elprophe cuevas

    Exynos and I started “humming” together some time ago. I am patiently waiting for big red to give me my next Exynos phone. I demand the best so I demand Exynos!

  • Jaime

    I need Exynos because I’m tired of phones that lag. I FINALLY want to own a phone that can handle all of my daily phone activity. The Exynos processor seems like it might be what I’m looking for…only one way to find out…I need to own one for myself. 😉

  • shazam81

    I demand Exynos in my phones because I need the power!  I’m a programmer and graphic designer and movie editor and…  and…  and I need the kind of power that only an Exynos can deliver.  I need a Samsung Galaxy Note with Exynos to rule the world!

  • Bennette

    I demand performance. I demand the best. I demand Exynos.

  • TimXer

    Exynos ROCKS!  Mess with the best, go down like the rest!

  • mr_taxi

    Samsung Exynos.

    Superior performance.Better than the rest.Samsung Exynos.Never fails to excite meIn more ways than one! ;)A phone without you,My dear Samsung Exynos,Isn’t worth owning.

  • nidhi

    The Exynos 5250, is capable of processing 14 billion instructions per second..What more could one have asked for really ??? It enable users to enjoy crisper video images on their mobile devices and  offers a host of peripheral functions including, a full HD 60 frame per second video hardware codec engine for high resolution 1080p video recording and playback, a HDMI 1.4 interface for sharp and crisp multimedia content transmission, along with a diverse scope of embedded booting device interfaces such as SATA, UART, USB and external ports such as USB3.0, eMMC4.5 and eSD3.0. it is indeed totally WOW and all these features makes it a perfect demand for a tablet user. 

  • dantman072

    I try not to be too demanding, but I do demand the best out of my electronics – and the Exynos is just the processor to meet-up with my very demanding demands!

  • Why would I demand Exynos?  The real question is… why would anyone demand anything less than the best?  But I guess I would mostly use mine for gaming.  There is a lot of down time in my line of work, which means more time to play!

  • Easy, so I can read this site faster!

  • Cyclone_Cy

    i love the power!

  • Haloruler64

    There are others that are as obsessed with Exynos as me?! I demand Exynos because they provide what is by far the smoothest experience possible on Android. The Samsung Exynos powered devices are the only ones that exceed the smoothness of the competition, be it Android, iOS, or even Windows Phone. I refuse to buy a phone without one. 

  • Don’t know if it was done, but:

    I used  to demand the best processor, ’til I took an arrow to the knee.

    No really. I need something fast so I can run FL Studio Mobile when they decide to finally finish the android version.

  • i prefer Exynos processor on my phone because it is really smooth in handling almost everything u throw at it so i prefer it over all the other processors. 

  • i demand exynos because it is more battery friendly than snapdragon or omap processors, and packs a greater punch!

  • i n33dz t3h f4s7 pr0ce550rz

  • kevs09

    got quad-core power??

  • Taglogical

    And yet Google demanded an OMAP in the Nexus… am I doing this thread wrong?

  • MyStillRemains

    Because it’s speedy!

  • Acar B

    I’m no size queen. Always thought the Note was too big! But learning what that beast is packing inside makes me wet! That and the multitasker in me demands only Exynos. 😉

  • Veridor

    I demand Exynos in my devices because I hate lag!

  • Gizmo

    I’d like to stay loyal to Samsung since I still have 1yr to go stuck on my contract.  My friends do know me as tech savvy supposedly.  My friends call me gizmo, which cracks me up.  I’ve only ever won a box of stale chocolates. So to hear about Exynos, utilizing new technology is an most awesome concept. 

  • Cabraswell

    I demand exynos because they continuously outperform other chipsets. I wish my Nexus had an exynos!

  • I demand Exynos because technology is advancing like a runaway train! This is an amazingly awesome train ride and I definitely do not want to miss this! 

  • I want the best in my phone and everything I have read and observed, Exynos rocks!

  • Gthomsen0529

    I demand exynos to keep up with my friends galaxy note

  • I have got to get me some Exynos. Tegra is good for games – But i need the POWER of EXYNOS becuase it not only does GAMES – It does EVERYTHING ELSE!!! TEGRA come get some! Prepared to be served by the power of  Exynos. In short “ALL OUR BASE ARE BELONG TO EXYNOS!!” I gotta GET me some EXYNOS QUAD CORE BABY!!

  • cashclay

    Lag is the bane of all Smartphone users and Tablet practitioners alike! Exynos FTW!

  • TCStheSecond

    I demand the best. “e” is the best.

  • Nick D

    I demand Exynos because when I buy a device I want it to be the best there is until its successor comes along. There’s no competition.

    • Nick D

      For the record, my birthday does happen to be March 1. I’m waiting to see what mwc holds before I choose my next phone. At this point I’m just waiting to see if the galaxy s 2 drops any more before I commit. It’s the Exynos that keeps me stuck on it.

  • I have the original galaxy s device and I still love it…but I would LOVE an upgrade and I want the galaxy note…i really like samsung hardware and software compared to other oems 

  • Bbjunkie23

    I demand exynos chips cause I want the biggest, the fastest and the best when it comes to electronics!!

  • I demand Exynos in my devices cuz my Wife says we have to keep up with the Jones’ , who just happen to be our next door neighbor, and I ALWAYS do what the Wife says.  ÷(sbdcy

  • Lars

    demand Exynos because I want my phone to like my cars and my women.

  • Jaishb2

    I demand Exynos because compared to other Processors they Contain Good Qualities Such As 4G LTE, Sonic Fast Processor(s), and Not Cheaply Made. The Employees at Exynos or Samsung actually put effort into designing and making these! Please Droid Life Tell Them Thank You From Me, JB.

  • Vangie Bartolay

    I demend it because..i feel that it really works fast ..!!☺

  • Mergie_24

    I demand Exynos processor because i want a Galaxy note..♥

  • Skittleoid

     I demand Exynos because it is the only chip I feel confident enough to put up against my moms iphone 4s and cream it. The sheer power!!!!! The status!!!! The Best!!!!!! The Exynos!!!!!!!!

  • srh12

    I demand Exynos, because well……its in demand. 

  • dito

    I demand Exynos because all the power doesn’t mean anything if the battery goes dead.

  • RealGame22

    No one knows what it means…Its provocative. It gets the people going !!!

  • drparty

    Mainly because I want the fastest smoothest Android experience possible. At the moment, thats Exynos.

  • nmwhit06

    I demand Exynos because I know I’m getting tons of power so I can push my smartphone to the limit! It takes on intensive apps and hardcore multitasking like it’s nothing!

  • Bently Wong

    I demand an Exynos because I want power.

  • Mason Mathews

    I DEMAND EXYNOS in my phone because of the perfect balance between power efficiency and incredible power that allows me to use my phone smoothly with incredible gaming power while having all day batter life at the same time.  

  • Phonix2k

    It’s quite simple, I want to have a good, stable phone that does what it should and does it well, and for that to be spot on, i NEED a Exynos.

  • ryancooper143

    I demand exynos, because I switch from app to app, while playing angry birds, while listening to pandora, while having to use my phone all day away from a charger, that’s why I demand samsung and exynos

  • Mohamad Sami Moghamis

    I demand an Exynos, simply because it is SAMSUNG

  • PaulQ

    Easy. i want maximum power with minimal drain.

  • Daja62

    I wouldn’t even think of owning a phone with out a Samsung Exynos processor when you have experienced the fastest processor in the industry why settle for anything less? Its like comparing a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport 267mph vs a Ferrari Enzo 217mph Both great cars but hard to beat the Buggatti @ 267mph.Hard to beat the Samsung Exynos for the same reason SPEED!

  • Jdemaninco

    I really love the combination of power and efficiency the Exynos offers and the Samsung Galaxy Note is the DROID I’ve been waiting and longing for!

  • I demand exynos cause I love Samsung:)

  • Neil Lauinger

    You need a powerful chip to power the largest Samsung phone on the market. We all know what happens when LTE carriers replace the Exynos with a different chip… The performance decreases and the phone is not as fast and crisp. Please make a Exynos chip for LTE so the LTE crowd can have the best of the best… We demand Exynos chips because we want the best!

  • Arnmsctt

    Because I love games and laser-cats.

  • Chris

    I demand an Exynos because the performance of the devices that utilize the processor is nothing short of stellar. Some argue that the other chipset manufacturers make the best processors. No matter what, if it isn’t an Exynos, it isn’t mine, period. I demand the right to have the best and most powerful processor on the planet to speed through my daily tasks, and I demand to know that it will never let me down. This is why I do not only demand, I NEED the Exynos processor. Without it, I would never be able to achieve half of what I do with it.

  • GazaIan

    I demand Exynos in my tablet because, I’ll be totally honest, no other SoC can beat the Exynos. It’s a freaking powerhouse at work.

  • I demand an Exynos processor because I don’t want my phone to turn into a slow Apple Phone. Yes I said Apple Phone because I heard someone got sued for typing the brand name iPhone into a comment. Hold on one second, I think a lawyer is ringing my doorbell.

  • Danny_E

    I demand the exynos processor because I want to be able to quickly be able to tear through my daily processes such as browsing the web and playing games. The exynos would be the best possible processor for that! 

  • Soga

    I demand an Exynos in my HTC Rezound bc it can help conserve power!! My battery life is so bad… GIMME AN EXYNOS CPU!! 

  • Mike M

    I demand Exynos because I desperately want a phone that can run Ubuntu for Android in all of it’s glory.  I’m awaiting the day that I have my desktop and phone in one unit. Honestly, there’s no other chip with the specs that this chip has.  It does’t take much to run Andoid, but it requires a powerful chip to run Ubuntu desktop and not feel a lag.  This chip is the best on the market.  It will most definitely give the best experience with running both OS’s concurrently.

  • Lane252

    Exynos is like having some freshly made Unagi its like Raw Power that goes and goes

  • Daniel James

    Dear Droid Life and the Exynos team,

    I demand greatness in all my devices; that is why I demand Exynos. From all the benchmarks and specifications I have seen, devices running Exynos seem to run circles around all other, inferior, devics. It is for that reason that I’d love to get a Galaxy Note. Thank you guys for even giving us the opportunity of winning one!

  • FinsFinlay

    I NEED it because I have SO many work files that I need to send out amd edit quickly! And my old iDevice died or crashed waaaay too much!

  • Smoovebcoffee

    I demand exynos because I need all these things- gaming, power, and battery life to fit in my pocket! Thank you samsung!

  • Curtcarter6

    I love Exynos because of its overall speed and it is good on battery life.

  • Randy

    There once was a man wanting a Samsung Note

    But the processor that came in it was such a joke

    If only it came with an Exynos Chip

    This phone would then become a number one hit.

  • Swift_LawnGnome

    I demand Exynos because I want to be able to hold a console quality game in my hand.

  • imronburgundy

    Battery tech seems to not be stepping up, so I think an awesome processor to help with that downfall would be great.

  • Dre51298

    Because Samsung makes the worlds best Electronics that’s why: best electronics best phones best processors period !

  • jiggaman508

    Two words.. raw power. I swear my fascinate (single core hummingbird) outperformed my sensation (dual core snapdragon s3) in most areas.

  • Ian Reddoch

    Because ”
    30 percent lower power-level over the previous process generation” means more juice left over for the rest of the day without plugging in my device!

  • joeyfeffer

    I demand the best processor the mobile world has to offer, and the Exynos Processor breaks the mold.

  • Maniko (Meister_Li)

    I demand Exynos because they have very nice and detailed publicly visible Documentation unlike Qualcomm or Nvidia.

  • kolrone

    Because snapdragon just isn’t cutting it

  • Steve C.

    i demand Exynos because i want the latest and greatest.

  • Dominick_7

    I demand Exynos processors because they make the faces of all other smartphones melt off and explode as if they looked inside the lost Ark of the Covenant! Um, also.. Because it can handle a sophisticated video editor as found in the International Galaxy Note and pretty much anything else thrown at it, which would seriously impact on the go work for the better!

  • minibinifini

    I demand Exynos because I need the speed! Almost all of my technological devices are by Samsung!

  • Stonewolf05

    I demand 
    Exynos because it is simply the best for mobile devices. 

  • mrd613

    I demand Exynos simply because I do not want a mobile phone that lags.

  • Mr.Pinky

    Exynos is the fastest dual core SoC. beating out texas instruments, qualcomm, and nvidia. it’s the best of the best and thats why I look for it in my devices.

  • I demand Exynos in my device because the technology is further beyond it’s competitors and and great for us.

  • knoll

    I demand Exynos in order to watch mlb games via my handheld device!

  • Andrew

    I demand Exynos because I want as much speed as possible.

  • Power management of course!

  • Peteeerw

    I demand Exynos, because A5 just doesn’t cut it anymore.

  • I love how samsung is pushing newer graphics processors with exynos.  Plus the custom ARM architecture allows samsung to really tweak their designs.  I MUST HAVE IT!!!

  • I demand Exynos because i’m not one for settling. There are no substitutes with Exynos. I demand the best.

  • Hugh

    The Quad Core Exynos….accept no substitutes..

  • Jastreaty

    Just because I want it.

  • Jennifer King

    I demand Exynos because a state-of-the-art processor helps me do my job better.

  • Jonathan Bond

    I demand the Exynos processor in my tablets and phones to compliment by tiny giraffe and my gold remote!  Bring Exynos to LTE so can have the processor to keep up with the network.

  • The reason why I demand Exynos in my next phone can be summarized in one word: POWER.

  • Dravis

    I demand an Exynos in my phone for the same reason I carry a .45……they don’y make a .46 yet


    Snapdragon, TI-OMAP, and Tegra, names that incite laughter when shopping for  a serious handset. Ever since I bought my second major phone following my Galaxy S, the Exynos processor in the Galaxy S II simply blew everything out of the water; with a dual-core that decimates all chip sets, and raises the bar for performance, whilst STAYING THERE, there’s just no alternative when building a “super phone”. What other processor offers unrivaled performance, while still keeping a perfect balance of GPU performance, and battery life? That’s the reason why I can’t settle for any phone were it to omit the cream of the crop, the Samsung Exynos processor!

  • dukenilnil

    An anagram…why do I DEMAND EXYNOS? Because we should all DEMAND SEXY, NO?

  • I demand Exynos processors because Pentium III just won’t cut it anymore


    I demand Exynos because it puts and keeps me ahead of the curve for a long time and I know I won’t have hardware that obsoletes itself as soon as it is released!

  • SubMatrix

    Exynos = Sexynos. No other procs match up to it right now, that is why I demand my phone to have one powering it!

  • RyanML

    I demand Exynos in my phones and tablets because they are THE top of the line processor.

  • Byoung513

    Coming from the days of Dos 1.11.13 to today and bag phones to the original DROID, the Incredible, the Bionic Bionic, Rezound, and now the Nexus, if you are the King of the hill, LET’S ROCK!

  •  I demand exynos in my phone becausemy cell phone as it is would be laughed at in the 80’s,that’s how bad it is!..

  • lorenzohm

    Why should i get an Exynos ? Easy, i will love to check by myself the best contender to be the chip inside the next Nexus device.

  • Jr2201

    I demand only the best for all my technology needs!

  • Comparing to other processors, the Exynos chip is amazingly stable and reliable.When i found out that the galaxy nexus didn’t have a Exynos processor i almost cried D: !
    But the power and stability of the Exynos processor impressed me by using my friends galaxy S II.
    The experience was buttery smooth!!!
    Even very much unrelated a quote from the movie Schindler’s List kind of reminded me of the efficiency of this processor, “power is to have every justification to kill and we don’t”
    instead of killing people, in this case we are talking about a phone battery life and its performance.
    so in summation i believe that this explains why all phone must have Exynos processor, because of there efficiency and performance.

  • Jack Danini

    Exynos are simply the most powerful processors out there! They are excellent for gaming and media.  They are the magic behind the magic of powerful devices like the GS2 and now the Galaxy Note! Processor power matters to me above all else! Keep making great products Exynos Team! 

  • GP_1

    Simply because its one of the top processors from the top manufacturer. 

  • masterxchief

    I demand Exynos in my mobile devices because it absolutely destroys every other processor out there. Exynos is always ahead of the curve and makes all devices without it seem like a joke!

  • MattSweeden

    I demand Exynos because many phones become sluggish when playing HD games or doing many tasks, and I’d love to be able to power through.

  • Djanusp

    I demand exynos because the more power the better!

  • i demand exynos because when the angry birds take me to space, exynos takes me to SSSPPPAAAAAACCCCEEEEE!!!! Also lightspeed space travel, on the S.S. Exynos.


    I demand Exynos in my phone and tablet because I want to be fast enough to send out my last message when the Mayan Apocalypse begins.

  • znewman

    I demand Exynos because I need a processor that will keep up with all that I do.  Whether it is the need for multitasking power or gaming in my downtime. Exynos is up to task.

  • Seanfranb

    I demand exynos because I demand a real processor in my phone.

  • luigi90210

    I demand exynos processors because they don’t lag like aall the other processors in my tabphones and tablets. Exynos > tegra,ti omap, snapdragon, ect.

  • I demand Exynos because the ratio between performance and battery life is important to me.

  • I demand to have Exynos chips in my phone (singular, because I cannot afford multiple phones on multiple plans) because I want the ability to have a closer-to-future-proof phone in my hands! A two year contract time is too long to go with a deprecated device but Exynos chips can make that two year wait a little more bearable! 

  • Jermlbf83

    Because they’re the best damn all around processor, hands down. No need to explain.

  • crazyhobo5

    I used to think my Intel processor was fast, then I took a Samsung 
    Exynos to the knee.


  • Dknyc

    Because when you need more speed and power, the only way to go is Exynos.

  • Zachary Griffin

    i demand exynos because they will give me the power my droid x2 lacks.

  • Trippmcneilly

    I demand Exynos because it has a cool name. That and it’s Samsung

  • Refiler

    I demand a big phone with a tiny processor! I demand Exynos!

  • Baljinder Singh

    To have the power of a laptop, but with a battery of “4” laptops.

  • I want a faster phone with a better processor and these sound awesome.

  • GSAI

    Well that’s easy. When I play Gameloft games on an OMAP 4, all I get is lag lag lag, crash crash crash.

  • Bobby Jordan

    Exynos is superfast

  • Jls100167

    I demand Exynos because I recently had to out of circumstances start using a non Android based phone (read between the lines) and I miss the OS. I know that the Exynos will be so much better than what I have now. 

  • Thesmith7

    I demand to have Exynos chips in my phone because,of the
    massive power

  • Josh515

    I demand Exynos because it is the fastest and most powerful processor available, no contest!

  • I demand Exynos in my phone and tablet because I have two kids to chase around and I need to get stuff done FAST or I do not get it done.

  • I demand Exynos because I like to prove over and over why my Android phone is better than my friends iPhones. I love it when they say, “I’ve been Samsunged!”

  • Gej785

    I demand the Exynos chip because the performance is obviously a lot more powerful than any other processor on the market. When compared to the competition, such as T.I., Snapdragon, it blows everything out of the water in speed, smoothness, and functionality. Even with the latest T.I. chip, OMAP 4, it still lags behind the year old Samsung Galaxy S2 in performance. With a Ice Cream Sandwich OS, the Exynos would demolish anything in it’s path! I demand that Samsung only use these wickedly powerful chips for the best experience in the Android market. 

  • PyroHoltz

     I demand Exynos because I’m addicted to the next best thing.

  • Criminal

    because i’ve an old phone, and i need a replace 🙂

  • Kevin Voelker

    Because I want to run Crysis at full resolution @ 120 fps with no lag… apparently the Exynos can do this while playing my whole mp3 library and compressing 1080p video at the same time.

  • Sean27030

    Because Exynos processors are like Honey Badger.. they’re bad ass, they don’t give a $-Hit what you through at them…

  • Palmercurling

    Exynos powers the future, and makes my devices future proof, and keeps me from wanting to trade in for new devices. Plus when I buy a new one I buy more exynos! The performance is fantabulous.

  • Rcrook2

    I really need some exynos in my life. You guys and your chip rocks..

  • I demand Exynos to show iphone owners what a real phone can do with the right software.

  • Aleksortiz76

    Better question, why wouldn’t I demand a exynos chip in my phone?

  • I demand Exynos because it is the fastest, best technology. I want to be ahead of my time!

  • Why do I demand Exynos processors in my phones? It’s simple, really. I need a phone that’s a work horse, I need it to run faster, for longer periods, against the best competition… and still come out on top. I need Exynos, I need it bad.

  • Geekout

    I demand an Exynos because I have never had one before and I WANNA TRY ONE!!

  • I demand Exynos because Exynos offers the best experience on a smartphone. Buttery-smooth Android and excellent high-performance gaming capabilities make it an excellent choice!

  • Jared

    I demand exynos because i was tricked into buying a droid bionic! help me!!!

  • I demand Exynos in my tech because it is the best of the best mobile processor that runs my Samsung Galaxy SII flawlessly!

  • Bob

    I demand exynos processors because I can’t live with out blazing speeds and glorious performance.

  • Oldnavyshel

    I need it for performance! Seeing as how Samsung is the leader on performance I need the top of the line phones that they produce.

  • I want Exynos cause I want the best of the best and there is nothing wrong with that.

  • because of its awesome power management 

  • MJL

    Its the boss of all processors.

  • I’ve been demanding Exynos for a while now, but apparently somebody forgot to put a Exynos in the T-Mobile Galaxy S II. Hook me up with a Galaxy Note!

  • Exynos tends to blow all others out of the water. That’s why. 

  • topherct

    More performance and less power consumption.  Plus Exynos is an awesome name.

  • Because I like well-rounded performance and efficiency, and Exynos can’t be beat in those departments

  • I demand a high powered CPU and GPU.  That leaves only the Exynos.

  • Neutrontwin

    ME WANT EXYNOS!!! cuz its so much faster and benchmarks are insane

  • Jimneezy

    Because its been almost a year later since the last Exynos was introduced, it crushed the competition once it hit the scene and a year later its still the fastest most powerful chip today. Theres a reason why Apple went to Samsung in their earlier iPhone days for its processors

  • Don russ

    Because almost 1year later the gs2 with the xynos still out performs most is not all phones that are available to date and to accomplish something like that in the fast paced mobile industry is truly amazing.

  • cloud36426

    Exynos is ahead of its time. I would like to have a future proof device and with this chip you can have just that. A future proof device.

  • I demand the best and most powerful processor and thats Exynos. Everything else well why bother.

  • ericsorensen

    Because, as a single source supplier, Samsung can assure seamless integration of all components, including the cpu.

  • 1ofdakoolkidz

    Simply put Samsung makes the greatest processors in the world and the Exynos line puts all other to shame! Why would anyone want anything else?

  • Exynos processor always sets the bar, beast mode for both regular tasks and gaming makes for a processor I NEED!

  • I demand Exnyos because I want both performance AND battery life!  Only the best for me!  🙂

  • Jeff Badger

    Easy. The Exynos processor is by far and away the best at doing everything I like to do on my phones. From gaming to videos, it handles everything just the way I want it to.

  • Jeepguy04

    I don’t always need the most awesome processor on the planet, but when I do I choose Exynos.

  • Himal Limbu

    Exynos is just one of the kind PERIOD.

  • Danielseymour4

    I want, no, I DEMAND a exynos processor in my phone for insane speed, fluid graphics in 3D games, and also the cool name.. exynos. I actually don’t even know how to pronounce it.

  • Michael Persico

    It has best performance to power saving ratio of all SOCs

  • Paul Chenard

    the exynos processor helped me get my flux capacitor running. ill see you in 3012 suckas

  • i have a galaxy s 2 and have compared it to many other phones, it is by far the most advanced, fastest and efficient possessor and i wouldn’t want anything else powering my phone, lets me do everything faster while giving my excellent battery life 

  • nathan meacham

    When using a processor use the best, Exynos !

  • JMonkeYJ

    for me, it’s the GPUs. combining their best-in-class GPUs with the excellent compute cores is what could really push graphics on Android games, which is something i’d love to see!

  • Phil Williams

    I demand Exynos in my phones and tablets because it is the next step in the mobile computing evolution and I love to be at the head of the newest wave of tech.  

  • The reason I demand Exynos chips in my phones is because I rock a Samsung Galaxy S2 and it is a crazy beast of a phone.  I run multiple benchmarking programs against my friends who have a Motorola Bionic and Razr as well as HTC thunderbolt and even a Samsung Galaxy Nexus.  My phone kicks the crap out of all of them on the benchmarks.  Running Galaxy S2 with CM7 and not OC’ing the phone.  Awesome work Exynos.

  • socalrailroader

    Just an FYI, the AT&T Galaxy Note uses the Qualcomm MSM8660 Snapdragon (with Dual Core Scorpion’s Processor’s) @ 1.5 Ghz, the Exynos Chip is NOT compatible with LTE.  You might want to put that in your description, okay now back to the games.

    • socalrailroader

      I have the AT&T Note and the MSM8660 is every bit as good as the Exynos, and it’s clocked faster, just in case you were wondering.

    • That’s hilarious. They sent me al ink to the AT&T Note so I just assumed. But now will assume their PR person didn’t know better and the winner will likely receive an unlocked Note. Why on Earth would they giveaway a product not running an Exynos. Let me confirm.

      • socalrailroader

        Well, the Snapdragon in the AT&T note is every bit as good as the Exynos, but yeah, in an Exynos contest you would want to give out something with said cpu in it. 😀  If it is a WW Unlocked Note, it won’t have LTE.  The US and South Korea both have the Snapdragon version.

  • Quirken

    Because my current phone is sluggish and can’t keep up

  • ProfessAndObey

    I demand Exynos simply because they are the best in the industry in every regard.

  • Aaron Victoriano

    I have always liked samsung products from my nexus to my led tv, to my ram sticks on all my pcs to even some other gadgets at home. As for the exynos i do like the power and yet efficiency that u dont find in many devices out. I personally do not have experience from an exynos processor but from what i have read so far i would love to experience one now. Anything that effecient and that powerful is always a thing i look for in any electronic products i get. Especially a samsung product!!

  • miles1st

    I demand only Exynos chips in my phones and tablets because
    with a no nonsense company like Exynos (..y…
    …no. …..s Ex….) you have no sex
    because you need no sex if you have Exynos chips. They are just that good!
    There is always Viagra for those others with less, that don’t have the best!

    • Angelrod111

      I like real sex too much…I’ll settle for the OMAP 4460 and my Nexus!  =)

    • Cdevoley

      Sex sells way to appeal to the right demographic

    • bearwithabeard

      this is number 1?

  • Just give me the phone. We’ll talk about why I demand Exynos later. =)

  • Exynos has proven itself as the best of the best so far. Snappier and seems to work better with apps. So why would I want any other processor out there honestly!

  • I demand Exynos in my phone because I want something that works right ALL of the time.

  • Exynos provides the perfect combination of high power and low energy use so that I can be the most productive I can throughout the day without having to worry about battery life!

  • Though I enjoy the slow pace of living in Hawaii…I want the speed of a Exynos proscessor.

  • I demand an exynos simply because. There, I said it. 

  • DroidSales

    I wasn’t the biggest fan of the GNex (other than the open bootloader), but this is the first phone that made me consider switching from a RAZR. I’m incredibly impressed by the benchmark performance, and would love to play some games on these Exynos. Crazy fast!

  • Destroythanet

    I demand an Exynos processor with top of the line graphics so that I will never buy a Sony or Nintendo handheld system again and can use my Samsung phone to play games instead.

  • Madelinedao

    I demand Exynos because I like that seamless, buttery smooth performance that rivals the iPhone and the power management. 

  • I want to get my hands on a Samsung Exynos so I can compile AOSP on it! That way I can benchmark how quick Droid-life.com and Samsung.com loads on it! =)

  • Exynos Samsungeds me everytime.

  • Ircahn Gunawan

    Phones are like a box of chocolate. You never know what you’re gonna get.

    Except when it comes with Exynos.

  • Sax510

    I would just like to try it out and see what all the hype is all about.

  • Exynos has Max Power!

  • JfTaylor

    I demand Exynos because Samsung is the only cell phone maker that has never caused me any problems. Every other cell phone maker I have ultimately been unsatisfied with, a pure Sammy device seems like a good option to me!

  • KreeTerry

    i demand Exynos because thats what one does when one wants a galaxy note from Droid Life and Exynos 😛

  • Douglas Lin

    processor is one of the most important components of a smartphone and Exynos is the best!

  • DAT GPU…. what? I just really like playing games…..

  • I DEMAND an Exynos processor in my phone because I am an intense gamer that needs a great gaming chip and want a chip that is much faster than all others. We all want speed, why not give it to us?

  • Honestly, I don’t know anything about this processor. But it’s Quad-Core and has a pretty badazz name! Sign me up!

  • More competition and diversification = win for the consumer

  • jdrch

    I demand Exynos because I want the performance that only Samsung can provide

  • Andrew Briare

    Exynos is the next the logical step forward.

  • TheFutureIsNotWhatItUsedToBe

    I demand Exynos chips in my phone for the speed and battery management.

  • Jason Pitts

    Yes its fast, and Exy(no)s, you can’t run any processes on it. I would love a new quad core chip in a Galaxy note. This way I can tell all my friends and rub it in their noes! 😛 @DL – the sweatshirt is awesome. 

  • I want the best Processor on the planet and the Exynos fits the bill!

  • I’m a power-hog – I expect to have it in my cars, I expect to have it in my phones and tablets.

  • exynos is just so sexy no?

  • Sapko82

    my friend has a galaxy s2 that thing is smokin fast

  • Abendx

    Power savings and more power… who wouldn’t want this? 

  • SatyaChowdary

    Coz exynos is the best processor around, i would rate it higher than those great nvidia chips…

  • Im a college student at TCU and am always surrounded by iDevices that think they are the best in every way, shape and form.  I demand Exynos in my phone so that I can show these other devices that there really is another option out there that far exceeds the competition.  Android bundled with an Exynos chip will blow the competition out of the water!

  • Bad Bad Leroy Brown

    I demand Exynos in my phone because I don’t drive slow cars, own toy dogs, or order drinks with umbrellas. 

  • Gperiotto

    I demand Exynos because it gave me a change to win a Samsung Galaxy note!

  • Ben Schulz

    I demand Exynos Processors to show my friends what their missing.  More specifically, to show my ‘i’ friends what true mobile power, speed and ease should look like.

  • zachjen

    I demand Exynos in my phones because it is the next advancement of power while still staying power effecient. Which these days is hard to come by.

  • I’m always looking for the fastest smoothest way to experience my mobile devices and Exynos delivers.

  • I deman Exynos because I want to game harder, and faster than ever before when Im on the go

  • The speed and battery life on my SGS is enough to convince me I won’t take anything other than an Exynos driven device.

  • phenotype

    Need Exynos for better battery life. My GN doesn’t last all day…

  • Billy

    Samsung’s Exynos processors have always led the pack in performance and longevity. Who would not want one?

  • Craig

    I demand Exynos to give my laptop dock world class performance. The perfect combination is to have a smart phone that can provide the same or better performance when docked than carrying around a dedicated MacBook Air.

  • d3

    If you want the best processor, only one choice , Exynos!

  • AndroidUser00110001

    Exynos just kick major ass and make Codename Android ROMs run so much better 🙂

    For those that have a Note already we have ported recovery to it


  • After playing with a Galaxy SII with the Exynos chip, compared to my Galaxy Nexus with the TI OMAP 4460 chip, I was floored at the speed and response of the GSII!  Also I pondered why that Exynos chip wasn’t in this beautiful phone of mine. I sure wish I could experience something like that!

    • AndroidUser00110001

      Current Exynos chips do not play nicely with LTE radio.

  • I demand Exynos in my phone because I need a boost in my phone! 

  • I demand Exynos because it just sounds cool.

  • tharealoc

    im tired of underwhelming processors that either have poor processing power or poor gpu power. so to have a chip that that is an overall monster is why i prefer exynos

  • 90anthony2pineda60

    Beacause I know how ti chips run I now how the tegra chip runs but never used/owned a phone or tablet that ran the exynos chips because sammy don’t let exynos play with lte…so let me have the chance at testing it out

  • I feel the need, the need for speed.  Get me that EXYNOS!

  • i demand exynos because it has great graphics

  • ChinChillin

    Galaxy note is a really fun and quick phone. Without the Exynos processor it wouldnt have the current capabilities that I love, for example: 3d graphics, seemless multitasking, and low power consumption. 

  • It’s the SCREEN!!  For GPS, even my 4.3″ HTC Thunderbolt is still small when I need directions on the go… and for movie/video viewing, I’d have to squint less… 🙂 And I’m sure Exynos will display all that w/o a fault or slowness!

  • Tharunsreekumar

    Because its performance precedes it…..,no one has to tell me that “this has Exynon”….,i can guess it by its performance!

  • magarig

    Cause it hase the coolest name of all the processors:EXYNOS
    Tegra and Omap souds soo boring..

  • Mngilliland

    I am currently using a Motoral Bravo, a phone which is behind most other android phones and tablets out there. I have also had it for almost two years and as you can imagine it is just becoming aged… I would absolutely love the new galaxy note.

  • Wsiembida

    It is seriously the fastest and smoothest chip set . I have had all if them and now have exynos chip and I will never buy another device without it in the device . You guys do a great job and now I don’t even use my laptop anymore . Keep up the awesome work

  • Twofourturbo

    Main thing people deamand with a Super Android Phone is Better battery. Since Exynos is pushing low power processing. I demand that! What good is a Android Device when the battery is dead? 🙂

  • I require power and longevity in my mobile devices. Looks like Exynos delivers both – quad-core performance with long lasting battery life!

  • JustAnotherGuest

    I demand Exynos because its the beast I want powering my phone!
    Not only is it a beast for its speed, power, and its GPU for gaming, but it’s also great because of its power management.

  • Jay

    Considering the Exynos 4212 has 50% higher 3D performance, at 30% less of the power of previous chips, just goes to show how Exynos processors will be the leading mobile processor of the next-gen phones.

  • BTLS

    I demand Exynos in my phone because I’m a cutting edge geek who demands the newest & most powerful technology, and the stats from this chip have already made me drool without even being graced by it’s presence yet!

  • Shawn McNaughton

    I demand an Exynos because I don’t want to compromise with my phone. I don’t want to wait for my phone while people are waiting on me – I need something that moves as quick as I do. I don’t want to have to shut it off because the battery is about to give .

    In short, I demand Exynos because life demands fast.

  • Nick Abdelsayed

    I demand having a Exynos phone because of its ability to provide the best possible on the go gaming experience while still being efficient enough be to get the most out of bettery so I can game and consume content all day

  • I demand Exynos in my mobile devices because I dont think it’s too much to ask for the best! The speed alone is enough to win my vote but the lack of heat generated when doing certain tasks vs’s other mobile devices is a big win with me as well.

  • Steve S

    Smooth, Fast, Efficent…thats the Samsung Exynos. Nothing even comes close!

  •  I demand Exynos in my phones and tablets because of the awesome multi-tasking capabilities, the sick power management, and the crazy consolesque gaming experience on a mobile device!!

  • I want the Exynos processor in my phone because It’s the fastest, most stable one out there. Yeah, a lot of phones and processors claim to be the best, But everyone know who’s the actual best 😀

  • Because I’ve been disappointed by every other major CPU-SOC that I’ve ever  had, The only one that was impressive was when I was using a Galaxy S, for a month or so, that’s definitely been the smoothest Phone experience I’ve had to date.  I’m definitely looking for an exnyos after I finally pull the plug on my nexus one.

  • Will Frame

    *Takes off sunglasses. Squints at the sun*. “I demand Exynos because only Exynos…can keep up with my demands” *Puts on sunglasses. Walks away*


  • andystolemywallet

    I demand Exynos because my Droid is slow and aging, relies on an external battery charger, and needs a replacement so it can retire.

  • Beach Nerds

    Simple.  Because the Snapdragon in my current note, just doesn’t cut it.  I need power.  Serious Power!.  I don’t care about LTE, I want power damnit.  I feel like Kirk to Scotty on a daily basis.  And the little Scotty in my LTE note is saying “I am giving her all she’s got Captain.”  And it isn’t enough.  I want to be like Sideous.  “Power, Ultimate Power!!!”  That’s Exynos.  That’s what I need.

  • Kie

    I demand Exynos in my phone because it makes internet kids cream themselves at the mention of it

  • Joey

    I demand Exynos processors because of it’s power, efficiency, and reliability. You just can’t beat that!

  • Julian Angue

    I demand Exynos because there is currently no supply of it.. in my hand.. currently.

  • Tom002

    I demand Exynos because Exynos = effIciency.

  • baldypal

    Benchmark scores…need i say more?

  • BostonFan87

    Exynos processors are pure power and thats why I demand them

  • Phil Austin

    i demand exynos because they give free stuff away.  and who doesn’t like free stuff?

  • Tnuts22

    When you want performance, you want a exynos. Watching the galaxy sii rip through web pages is amazing.

  • I demand processors with the most exciting names. 

  • Peter_dizai

    Well,sometimes your fleeing tells you to do something,when Exynos  showes up,feeling will takes the role again.

  • Wyngo Masala

    Because smooth performance can easily make or break how I feel about a phone.

  • i demand exynos because performance is my top priority! 

  • supra_2nr

    I demand the best technology possible in my mobile devices… right now that would be the exynos!

  • Eric

    Awesome ahead of the curve Performance by a great manufacturer, need I say more?

  • Kon-Kon Chao

    Once you go Exynos, you never go back!  And it was obvious when I picked up my first international version of the GS2!

  • netTony971993

    I want a quad core processor because the next logical step in mobile technology. just like how it went down with laptop computers. 🙂

  • KK

    Need the speed and the low battery process.

  • KgKallDAY

    I want a Exynos powered tablet. Pure gaming machine, and Exynos stands for SEX DRUGS and ROCKNROLL that appeals to everyone I would think?

  • Swsmac

    Exynos is the standard by which all others are judged. I have the Galaxy SII Att and love it silky smooth. Thanks Exynos Team!!

  • StealieSubie

    It’s simple. I demand it because the Exynos is quiet simply the best chip on the market. It delivers the best all around user experience by providing lightning fast UI as well as AMAZING 3d performance.

  • Joseph Ferguson

    I demand Exynos because having a faster, more capable phone with an Exynos processor means I spend less time switching to a laptop or desktop and more time getting things done!

  • tmull

    I demand it because I can! And because it’s shiny and new. 🙂

  • sam_evans7

    First and foremost is a butter-smooth UI; Exynos-powered phones seem to be the only ones delivering there.  Then, of course awesome gaming performance helps!

  • Dan

    Because I want the fastest speed with the best battery life

  • I demand Exynos for a couple reasons:  1)  better power management and core utilization than the snapdragon 2)  More efficient processor from a heat management perspective 3)  Higher clock speeds with better performance than snapdragon

  • Youllreachus

    is literally the only processor that let you look at iphone owners and say, “Oh, you think that’s smooth?”.

  • I always grab the best! Exynos is what I’m going to put my hand on next!

  • Mlarson6

    Simply because my first Samsung phone has been my best ever, by far!

  • Jason Frasier

    I demand an Exynos processor because Flux Capacitor technology isn’t available yet.

  • theblacksun

    Exynos has proven itself to be the best in class. It provides the power I demand in a smartphone to meet my productivity and high end needs! 

  • Because you can’t spell “Exynos” without “SEX”.

    • You mean cant spell it twice 😛

  • I demand the Exynos because Samsung makes the best phones, and makes a damn good processor so who wouldn’t want a Exynos, minus the whole LTE issue

  • Exynos gets things done! BAM!

  • i demand Exynos because i want to win this phone lol

  • Manuell Manuel67

    I demand in my mobile devices because is very much powerfull

  • Dpack

    I demand Exynos in my phones and tablets because they are the best around. Fast and reliable

  • WhoaManWtF

    Well it is quite simple my friend, I demand the best. I require speed for gaming, stability for productivity. And smoothness for sanity. All of these simple requirements make it easy to demand Exynos in my device.

  • alexander lyman

    simple, i demand the best in life, the best blog (droid life) the best hardware (samsung) and now the best processor (Exynos) with the best nothings impossible. 

  • I demand the Exynos because I am an aspiring Computer Science student heavily into programming, especially with Android. I want to be able to make today’s software technology at its greatest potential but I cannot do that with out a freaking amazing hardware. I am a phone lover and would sadly admit to marrying that phone haha. Quad core :O

  • Ballerado

    I need faster speeds in every aspect of my life. Except in bed, I’m a natural speedster in that aspect.

  • Snoylnaes

    Because it works. Plain and simple.

  • lamenting

    I’m demanding Exynos because Samsung was supposed to put that beast in the Galaxy Nexus.

  • MJ


  • Josh J.

     I like to stay ahead of the game.  With an Exynos processor, I can be sure that I am ready for the next extensive software update.  Or the newest, must-have app.  Or the latest in next-gen gaming.  Or a busy day out of the office, away from my computer.  I could really use that peace of mind.

  • SteelGator

    I demand it because it is Sexy, no?

    See what I did there?

  • I demand Exynos because why settle for anything less than the best?

  • Ben Leonard

    I demand a lot from my phone; playing games, while downloading and installing apps. but then i get a text. I demand doing all that with out a Hiccup or lag, I demand Exynos

  • ramifications

    I demand Samsung Exynos because I want the smoothest, fastest experience on my phone. The browser, games, photos all can benefit from Exynos. And it will last the whole day too!

  • I have to demand Exynos! my phone is my link to productivity; communications, reports, research, presentation – If my device fails, well, failure is not an option

  • I hate lag on a phone. HATE IT. Exynos helps me avoid lag. And that’s all I have to say about that.

  • I demand Smasung Exynos in my phones and tablets, because Chuck Norris would ROUNDHOUSE KICK me in the face if I didn’t.

  • To date, the Exynos has been the only processor that has enabled me to travel through time.  So far I’ve tried the Tegra 7, TI 9920, and the Snapdragon S11, and I have to say, the Exynos presents a smooth ride through the warp!

  • Tucker Nebel

    I would love it to play some awesome hd games…

  • jon c

    What Risc was in the 90’s to pc’s & laptopsl’s..Exynos is to todays mobile computing …..one step closer to powerful mobile computing…

  • Please delete this comment.

  • Darren Lattin

    I could never demand a Exynos, I’m too creative.

  • Tasty, power-sipping speed. Duh. 

  • Jon

    I demand Exynos because of it’s lower battery drain offering better battery life to phones and tablets. 

  • If you have ever used an Exynos device and felt it’s precision, speed, and ability to handle our growing application demands…you will never look back. 
    I want the best and demand the best and that’s what you get with anything powered by the Samsung Exynos processor.

  • Zachary Manville

    I demand Exynos because I want things DL tells me to want.

  • I like it because its powerful and yet energy efficient it beat every other processor on the market wish its good GPU. Galaxy S2 still a year latter is one of the android phones to beat

  • Lance

    I demand an Exynos in My phones and tablets because if your not going to use the best chips around, why even make a phone or tablet.. the other brands arent enven a consideration..

  • Eric Wilborn

    I demand Exynos because it’s obviously the next step towards Android being even greater. This is quite possibly the best option we’ll have to get a power device with great battery life. NEED MOAR.

  • antijeff

    Exyn0s & peanut and butter jelly

  • Cutsw

    I demand Exynos cause simply put, there’s nothing better! On a side note though, doesnt the AT&T Galaxy Note use a Qualcomm processor?

  • I demand Exynos because I want the best!

  • EdsonDJ

    I demand Exynos for phones because of its performance and wish it was on the Galaxy Nexus.

  • I DEMAND because Exynos allows for “future” demands of technology. When buying a mobile device its frustrating because the insides are outdated almost out of the box. With Exynos you have a processor that will last until YOU are ready to move to or upgrade a different device (most likely with nextgen exynos). That is a big Draw when selecting devices. Good on Ya Exynos!!!!

  • reason why i demand a exynos chip in my phone is because its simply fast and made by samsung. cant get any better then that.

  • aaron duran

    I want a phone that does it all, saves battery life, performs like a champ during the most complex game experiences, and powers the most central device to my daily adventures. The Exynos 3000 and 4000 series deliver dependability and are the only spec I check for in buying a new device.

  • Why do I demand Exynos chips?!? Because I want to CRUSH some fools with processing power! Simple as that.

  • Power management so I can use a gargantuan phone all day long w/o worrying about charging.

  • Arcospark

    This is just one reason to demand Exynos:  Because Exynos is the best!

  • I demand Exynos because I haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing a phone powered by an Exynos chip yet. 

  • ralphwiggum1

    Despite the AT&T Galaxy Note NOT having an Exynos processor, it’s a very useful device. I’m glad they increasde the size of the screen (vs. a phone) and didn’t just stop there but bumped up the resolution. My 14 inch laptop runs with the same resolution!

    I demand more Exynos devices because Samsung has proven their chips are much more powerful than the competition and usually available earlier (sorry nVidia). It’s more than disappointing that most of the U.S. devices remove the processor to support T-Mo HSPA+ and now LTE.

    Just for the record, I would prefer the international Galaxy Note just because it does run an Exynos processor.

  • kevintufts

    I demand the Exynos because when the phone manufacturer and the chip manufacturer are one and the same, trade-offs don’t have to be made.

  • Kern

    Battery life and performance. That’s what I demand in my mobile devices.

  • K Heemsk

    I demand exynos because I demand Samsung!

  • jcorf


  • pseudonym_b

    But the at&t galaxy note has a qualcomm processor… Samsung, you make no sense! If your processors would play well with lte, this problem wouldn’t exist. They’re great high quality processors, just don’t do lte. It would be awesome to have an exynos in my skyrocket, but it doesn’t. So sad.

  • djpayne2

    Lots of on time.

  • Iamkeeler

    I demand Exynos because they are like good cars. Fast enough to knock your socks off, yet will last until you die.

  • 2andFro

    I demand Exynos in my phones and tablets because I very much need the fastest and smoothest experience when working with my devices.

  • I demand Exynos in my phones because it’s got a pretty coooool name

    *Put sunglasses on and thumbs uo*

  • roosterk506

    Exynos Chips have an extreme amount of optimization, i demand Exynos because for me to buy a phone or tablet i demand the best and Exynos is the best.

  • I simply like fast processors, pretty simple. Yes this processor handles a lot, etc, but nothing better than opening an app super fast, being able to load games quick, etc. Would love to experience this processor, especially because I currently have an older generation single processor phone.

  • Tweekex

    The best, hands down.

  • Rob

    With all the great innovation from Samsung I need the smoothest processor available for a seamless experience…

  • skinja

    I demand Exynos so that my phone stays powerful well into the future.

  • yankeesusa

    I demand the exynos because samsung phones just rock and demand my phone to run smooth which samsung will make possible with the exynos.

  • john0214

    Cuz there supreme to the other processors and would really love to play games and watch movies on that size

  • Cakeangel Prodigee

    I demand Exynos because a snapdragon can’t touch it.

  • chris125

    The power and overall smoothness that exynos provides, buttery smoothness doing every daily task.

  • Jack Hoffman

    GPU performance is the only area that current Android phones lag behind the iCrowd.

    Exynos solves that…I demand it.

  • Because I’m a developer and I demand free stuff… OK. Not really!  I respect Samsung phones because they run like a dream. I can only imagine how fast the Samsung Exynos will be.

  • Todd B

    I demand an Exynos processor because of the massive power of it’s GPU. Too bad my Galaxy Nexus isn’t Exynos powered!

  • Christian Bennett

    I like my phones like I like my women, rediculously fast. Exynos or bust.

  • Nate Davidson

    I demand Exynos Chips because of the extreme amount of optimization that Samsung and Exynos have. I haven’t seen a more seamless SoC.

    Plus, it’s fast, 1.2-1.5 GHz?
    The MALI-400 is an extremely impressive GPU, and prior to that the SGX540.
    Exynos makes sure the tech isn’t just competitive; it ensures top of the line performance.

  • I demand Exynos chips in my mobile devices because they are the best one-stop shop for what I need my devices to do. Some processors are great at gaming. Some processors are great at conserving battery life. And some other processors are great for the enterprise. But no other mobile processor by the competition can do it all (gaming, enterprise, and great battery life) like Samsung’s Exynos processors!

  • Cakeangel Prodigee

    I demand an Exynos to power my phablet

  • monoik

    Because I had access to quite a few devices from many different brands and the ones having Exynos processors always came first in terms of raw performance and battery life. SGS II is still one of the most powerful devices on the market a year after its introduction! Beat that, Qualcomm!

  • seafarer76

    I’d love a fast and thrifty phone…

  • When a manufacturer makes their own processor, more than likely it’ll be optimized to the Nth degree. I can’t even imagine how well this phone will work with an Exynos. That’s why I want one.

  • Kyle K.

    I demand an Exynos processor because I want the best of the best. I have no doubt that the 5250 will outpace all other processors of this generation.

  • I demand quality, performance, and battery life. Therefore I demand exynos

  • Jacob

    I demand exynos because I demand a lag free experience and the note and its dual core architecture and the Mali-400 gpu deliver. I have yet to find a phone with a huge, gorgeous, bright, vivid screen like the note. Samsung has definately proved they have what it takes to develop, research, manufacture and create amazing hardware and in turn devices. Even as we enter MWC I’d still take a dual core exynos over a cruddy tegra3. Why? Because the exynos is still able to compete. I look forward to the extremely powerful, and power efficient quad cores that Samsung has announced and watching them crush the competition as well. Keep up the good work exynos team!

  • Awesome Specs + Swanky Moniker = Must Have!

  • The Exynos is excellent for stable power consumption and speedy multitasking when on a call and utilizing a few different business applications.

  • Sagar Patel

    I demand Exynos because I have no idea how to say it, and I anything I can’t say must be awesome….

  • Speio

    I demand that which I cannot have (Verizon GN customer here).

  • RayLebron

    They offer amazing performance with an outstanding battery life.

  • EvanTheGamer

    I will not enter this contest because I refuse to have anything to do with that dreadful company AT&T. Thanks, but no thanks.

  •  I demand Exynos because I need performance AND green-conscious technology in my devices!

  • nwd1911

    I demand a Exynos for the fact that they are more efficient than other processors.  Why not have the most efficient processor instead of one with “five” cores?

  • Efficiency, efficiency, efficiency. This is a processor touted to have up to 50% improvements in battery life. I like the thought that my battery might actually make it through a day without having to carry an extra or finding an outlet!

  • Kirk: “Scotty, we need more power.”
    Scotty:  “I’m given’ ya all she’s got Captain.  If you’d let me upgrade her to the Exynos processor, we wouldn’t be in this mess.”

  • bsnarles


  • Duke Campbell

    If you have to ask why you need an Exynos, well let’s just say your not ready for it!

  • Danieljeffrey Mann

    There amazingly fast

  • Admalek04

    I demand an Exynos processor because they are the best processors out there and I demand the best out of my smartphone.

  • Kuboo99

    I demand/want an Exynos processor in my phone because I have heard that they blow away the competition.

  • Fast and powerful – need I say more.

  • Connor Brinton

    Adrenaline 6 HD, developing the latest apps, and completing schoolwork at breakneck speeds? I demand Exynos, nothing else even comes close to fast enough.

  • angermeans

    I demand exynos in my android phones because it is simply the best out there and performance shows.

  • Matbag

    I demand Exynos because it is the only processor that can easily handle the rapid progress of phone technology today.

  • Hunter

    I demand Exynos because I need the power to run games and other high level apps. Plus it continues to decrease my dependency on my laptop.

  • i demand speed and performance, i demand Exynos

  • I demand Exynos, because I frequently play emulators on Android. With Exynos and the Galaxy Note’s large screen, I’ll have all the power I need and more.

  • Because who wants the rest of that crap when you can have the fastest processors on the market

  • Travis John

    I don’t always use exynos but when I do, I prefer exynos.

  • I have a need for speed in my mobile devices. 

  • Peter Fong

    Exynos blows everything out of the water. Plain and simple.

  • I want the best…end of story.  Why would anyone not want the best in clothes, acountant’s, cars, food and especially tech equipment.  You play lead or follow but you can’t do both.  So if you are a follower….follow the leader.

  • allen spurr

    Mainly because I’m a sucker for the newest and the best.. Plus I’ve never won an online contest so it’s most likely this won’t even get read 🙂

  • Tyler Hartzheim

    The more power the better!

  • burntcookie90

    Because of how much better Exynos is than it’s competing counterparts.

  • Seriously.GivemeanExynos

    First I tried the Tegra, but it was too cold. Then I tried the OMAP, but it was too hot. Then I sampled the Exynos and found it to be JUST RIGHT. And I DEMAND more.

  • Owewil3225

    I demand Exynos chips is my devices because they are pushing massive benchmarks and opening capabilities while having great power management. Plus, Samsung and Exynos go together like peanut butter and jelly. Best combo in the world.

  • Bernard Maurer

    Be boss, Exynos….

  • I demand Exynos because I want an top of the line processor that will exceed all my expectations while giving me great battery life.

  • Jamarcus White

    One word…….EXYNOS…When i think EXYNOS I think Flux Capacitor….When I think Flux Capacitor I think Time Travel…..When I think Time Travel I think how terrible I would feel without this chip in my smartphone…..And when your riding in a 
    DeLorean and your stuck 1955 and need 1.21 gigawatts having a Galaxy Note with an EXYNOS processor would sure come in handy…Lame I know but not everyone has a Delorean with a Flux Capacitor……LOL

  • Kevinharris2011

    The reason i demand exynos in MY phone is simply because i love how smooth and buttery they are, the phone feels like its gliding. i played around with one, and i was SHOCKED by how amazingly smooth responsive and lagless it was. the gaming was great. multitasking was amazing. I need this 🙂 please?

  • I would love to be able to harness the full power and platform that is Exynos. More speed, power management and a stronger GPU for gaming!

  • Simple.  Because they don’t suck.

  • Bentley3215

    Exynos….with a sexy name like that, plus the power it has and the money it costs?? That’s everything a man wants right? SEX, MONEY, AND POWER!! alln1..

  • nochum

    I demand Exynos because they’re cool enough to give away free stuff!

  • I’m a developer and want to create apps that take full advantage of the latest technology!

  • stevers

    I demand an exynos processor because Samsung is the top Android OEM already. Add their.amazing processor to a device like the GS2 and Note and you have a pure win. If you have ever used these devices you can tell its just how android should feel they make a processor than can make a sometimes laggy UI the most amazing experience out there. When I’m watching HD movies no lag, flipping through home screens no lag, playing GTA no lag. Other processors that say they are up to these standards don’t
    even stand a chance. The perfect chip running one the sleekest smart phones out there. This is why I demand Exynos. And cause terminators obviously run on them.

  • Because for the moment, it seems to be an untouchably superior mobile processing platform.

  • nightscout13

    Anytime an OEM constructs an in-house SoC, you have quality control, and better compatibility with software, as perfectly proven by Apple and the A5 chips. So, yes, it is better that Samsung build and installs 
    Exynos into all their phones.

  • Jmasterj

    I demand Exynos because of its GPU power.

  • I demand Exynos because I am sick and tired of waiting for 30 seconds to two minutes for apps to open and to switch between apps! I have better things to do with my time (like read more Droid Life articles!).

  • Julio Hijar

    I deman exynos b/c id like be able to use my phone for than just a few hours without having to charge or sacrifice any other functions on my phone.

  • villian1998

    I would live to harness the power and speed along with a blazing LTE phone.

  • TheMan876

    I want Exynos in my phones and tablets to make them so buttery smooth!

  • Cmonnats23

    I demand Exynox in MY smartphone because its finally a next-gen processor being implemented in phones today! Too often phone companies are caught putting old hardware in their ‘top of the line’ phones. With the Exynox processors there’s no lag between creation and implementation! Also Exynox manages battery so stinkin well you don’t even need custom kernels to improve battery life! 😀

  • Stud Muffler

     Exynos does sound like something extrime…

  • Abbie Rosario

    I demand Exynos since Samsung knows more about processors than anyone else.  For example, why would a fruit company seek them out instead of other companies to help usher in how smartphones are built and designed now.

  • S Allen

    I demand Exynos in my mobile devices because the performance to energy tradeoff is an extremely important factor in daily use of a mobile device.  I want power without havung to waste energy to get it, and Samsung knows how to make efficient and powerful processors!  I was pretty disappointed to find that the Exynos didn’t get selected for the Galaxy Nexus and would love to be able to use it in the Galaxy Note. 

  • Aardvark99

    I demand Exynos for great performance with great battery life!

  • Dearest Droid Life and Exynos Team, I would like… NAY… I demand an Exynos processor because of its 3d gaming abilities. I am a big mobile gamer, but my current devices don’t work too well with the most cutting-edge games. That all would change with a product housing an Exynos Processor!

  • Grand Theft CD

    I need one bad.  I demand power!!!

  • I demand Exynos in my phones/tablets because of their well recognized reputation and quality!

  • socarwolverine

    I demand exynos because I never wanna see my phone lag, no matter what or how much I am doing.

  • BikerBob1789

    I demand the Exynos chips in my phones simply because it’s the best performer available.

  • Juliospluto

    I demand Exynos for the ability to multi task and play the latest games with ease. And Exynos works amazing with my SG2 Epic 4G Touch.

  • I demand Exynos processors in my phone because I hate lag. And want a GNote.

  • Koftheworld

    I just demand that an Exynos-powered device in my pants…NOW!

  • curtis206

    i need power and speed to meet my demands

  • YourMainDude

    Simple…Anything Running Exynos is like a breeze of air. You breathe it , You Need it

  • I look at Exynos as setting the bar and measuring all other processors against. The power and power management is just the bomb!

  • Isola1954

    I demand Exynos because of the performance benefits!

  • Tommy Thompson

    I demand Exynos because it’s the only processor that has the ability to keep up with my demanding life. With Exynos I don’t have to worry about being able to do something or how long the battery will last. It just works.

  • Shane McKeever

    The Exynos processor allows one another very easy reason to pass on the ihoopla. Buttery graphics along with beautiful screens bring great joy and offer a load of jealousy amongst the clones.

  • ocdtrekkie

    They just add that extra smooth response, it’s why Samsungs tend to feel faster at the same clock speed.

  •  I demand Exynos in my mobile devices because it is simple faster than other processors. My SGS2  is still beating most of recent devices. When I’ll be choosing next phone, I’ll stick with Exynos one more time 😉

  • I demand Exynos processors because they are simply the best.  They have been for a while.

  • Mr2man07

    I use remote access software, specifically Bomgar, to work check and work on servers and computers remotely and use my phone and tablet when I don’t have access. This would help a lot with running the fairly large software!

  • pd240

    I demand an Exynos processor for the speed and the good power management. It was one of the first dual core mobile processors and its still leading the market.

    I wish they would have used them in the g-nex.

  • Rech Vanny

    I demand the Exynos chip on my phone and tablets because of its beastly raw processing power! Rawwwr!

  • Rcross111

    Exynos is hands down the top performer, I demand performance and Samsung Exynos delivers. I owned all the top phones and IMO Samsung is king. Exynos will be in every platform in no time.

  • Up to this point, I haven’t demanded one. However, the best way to get me to do so would be to provide that experience to me as an avid android user. I am a proof is in the.pudding kind of guy. If your product is great, you’ll win me over 🙂

  • Jack_flash

    Me gusta galaxy note y su pawer con Exynos , saludos 0.o

  • AlexKCMO

    I demand an Exynos processor in my phone because it has the best performance according to benchmarks and battery management.  Every video I’ve seen showcasing the power of Exynos processors is extremely impressive and shows Android running buttery smooth, who doesn’t want that?

  • J.B.

    Because Exynos is fast and efficient.


    I demand Exynos because I’m POWER HUNGRY! 

  • I demand Exynos because I think it’s great to see competition in the mobile processor market. The more ships in the sea, the more water is raised, and the tide lifts all of those ships (or chips, in this case, if they can stay dry…). So more power to Exynos.

  • MelindaGrubb

    I need the power management. Nothing sucks more than draining your battery from mismanaging your power draining apps.

  • Keith Sorota

    Because a new phone without Exynos, would be Inconceivable!!!

  • Interstellarmind

    I demand exynos because I’m always on the move and need the power of mobile computing. Exynos is a work horse I need to stay upto date, produce content as well as consume it without skipping a beat.

  • Adam Staggenborg

    I demand Exynos because it is the best for performance and power efficiency

  • Stephen Shugert

    With a highly competitive atmosphere around phones now-a-days the best of the best is needed to be the top dog in the smartphone world. The Exynos is this chipset giving us speed, stability, efficient power, and great battery life. I DEMAND this processor because I want the best on my android device.  

  • Joe

    in mobile gaming speed is everything. I need it like i need air. I demand exynos!

  • DeeMat

    I demand more power (that’s better managed).

  • MR

    I demand Exynos for the sheer power..

  • John

    I demand it because the performance far surpasses any else out there. I want EXYNOS!

  • Kiter86

    I demand Exynos because I am looking for the best performance with great power management

  • moelsen8

    exynos processors seem like mythical beasts and i’ve heard nothing but the best about them since the sgs2.  very interested in the note, would love to win one.

  • I use a CAD machine on a daily basis for what I do at my job. There have been many times when I am at lunch or at home and an idea will pop into my head, but I cannot act on it. I could see this phone with its stylus being a huge aid in putting my ideas to paper instead of having to remember them off the top of my head or a poorly drawn napkin doodle. 

    Good luck to all other entries!

  • Tony Le

    I demand the Exynos because I need to have the latest and greatest.

  • icantremember

    I demand Exynos because I demand SATISFACTION!

  • Steve G

    More power!

  • middlehead

    I demand shiny things and Exynos is a shiny sounding word. 

  • Dan

    I demand an Exynos because I demand the BEST!

  • Samsung Galaxy S line of phones Exynos a match made in heaven. what else is there to demand. nothing else even comes close.

  • seth drasner

    I demand Exynos because its just that much better

  • ManBearPig618

    I demand Exynos because I am power hungry.  Not in a tyrannical dictator sense, but in a I-want-the-best-chip-in-the-world sense.

  • Rob Haney

    I like the Exynos processor because you don’t have to sacrifice performance on them to maintain a decent battery charge throughout the day. They do a fantastic job managing the battery! 🙂

  • PicoDeGiao

    It seems the Exynos is consistently out-performing the “other” guys. Why wouldn’t I want that in my next phone. 

  • Graham

    I demand Exynos in my devices because I need something faster than this rickety old X10.

  • Sagis99

    I don’t always demand the best processor, but when i do, i demand an Exynos!

    • EC8CH

      well played my friend

  • Kinfolk248

    hell i demand an Exynos because Im tired of moto, samsung, lg, etc putting last years processors and cpus into devices and saying oh this thing flys, then the next day you year that three months later the next generation of chipsets will come out. then when you actually get the damn phone it glitches, doesnt flow smoothly, stalls with multitasking. just make a phone worth a damn and be done with it. 

    like a wise man once said, “a lazy man will do his job right the first time because he doesnt want to have to do it over and over again…!!!” 

  • I demand Exynos processors in all modern phones, because I would like to have affordable access to on-the-go editing of complex 3D graphics and photographs. My work demands it from me, and having an alternative of a quad-core laptop in your hand with capabilities to do professional resource-heavy tasks is really something every technical-savvy person will surely enjoy.

  • I demand exynos because I can’t stand that the GSII with gingerbread runs smoother than my Galaxy nexus with ICS. What gives!

  • Teng247

    I demand Exynos because anything less would be un civilized 

  • Larry

    Its gotta be the gaming

  • tech247

    I want better battery life…..and a free phone.

  • Frankly, Exynos  is just well built. It does what you want without bottlenecking or slowing down. Plus, I like to run some pretty demanding stuff beyond just games. Heck I’d love to get Ubuntu on one of them too!

  • Nerdy Desi

    I like Exynos because I’ve only heard good things about it, never a single negative thing, except maybe the lack of LTE support.   : )

  • shnickburton

    Exynos, yes please.

  • Rob

    I demand a Exynos processor because I love the butter!

  • Angryunibrow

    The only reason anyone should demand it, Performance!

  • IamLIGHTspeed

    I “demand Exynos” because the name is simply awesome. 😛

  • Feras Hanano

    Because it’s faster and smoother than most of the processors out there, if not all!

  • Slot_Machine

    I demand Exynos processors because i must have…. “POWER!!!!! UNLIMITED POWER!!!!!!!!!”

  • Greg Payne

    I keep needing more processor power as I use my laptop less and my phone and tablets more and more, that’s why I would DEMAND having Exynos in my phone and tablets.

  • GreenTeaPT

    I want the hot new thing

  • Champlification

    I demand Exynos because SPEED

  • oxzide

    I don’t demand a Exynos, I’m waiting on the Intel Medfield. But it’s all good I like the OMAP in my Nexus. Can I still have a Galaxy Note for FREEEE?!

  • dieringer scott

    I demand Exynos processors because they are god when it comes to mobile phone processors.  Also Giraffes 

  • FarmerTechno

    I demand Exynos because, quite frankly, I demand perfection from my devices. Combined with cutting edge hardware and the best looking interface in mobile today, Exynos is the top dog on the market.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Exynos can eat poo.. I want Nvida Tegras all day long.

  • Jonathan Ly

    I demand an Exynos processor because I know it means 3 things: Quality, Performance, and Stability. As a phone enthusiast, I was disappointed when not all the US SGS II’s did not have the Exynos processor. 

    I know if I get a Exynos phone that it will work stunningly well, and can rely on it. 

  • Lmrojas190
  • I demand Exynos in my phone and tablet because i need blazing fast power and wont need to compromise on good battery life!

  • Alex Barry92

    For buttery smooth multi tasking!

  • Michael Franz

    In this day you have 3 main chips, TI OMAP, Qualcomm Snapdragon, and the Samsung Exynos.  Granted i own a Galaxy Nexus, but i could of only imagined what this device would of been like if they included the dual core Exynos processor in the hardware spec.

    I’ve used the other samsung devices and everything just feels like pure warm butter.  On top of that the power consumption tends to make most call this the Hybrid vehicle of the smartphone chips

  • RadicalPie

    I demand an Exynos processor because there is no reason not to.

  • Michael Forte

    I demand Exynos because it is cream of the crop as far as processors go. The Galaxy SII and Galaxy Note with Exynos provide the smoothest and most compelling Android experience ever.

    • 1bad69z28

      Ok, whats up with all of these “I Demand” lol  in the comments, I really don’t hear of too
      many people on Droid Life demanding “Anything” LOL 

      I hear more of “I Demand an unlocked bootloader” or I Demand ICS on the next certain device. 

      Jeez get creative people!!!! Ok done with the rant lol 🙂

  • ChaseMaag

    I demand the Exynos processor in my phones because it is simply the most powerful of all the processors I have used.  It is not exactly necessary to have more cores when you can get a better experience without it.  These are the best in experience that I have found.  Thanks for the opportunity to share my thoughts on the processor.

  • Evan Knofsky

    I demand Exynos, because of how smooth it makes phones run. I have yet to find a phone who is as smooth as the GSII.

  • J Tylergunnell

    Its all about battery life and efficient hardware.

  • I demand Exynos because I feel the need, the need for speed!

  • Garrett Shields

    The Exynos is unstoppable!  I have one in my SGS2 and it truely is the best processor on the market.  I’ve killed Tegra 2s, Snapdragons, and OMAPs, but I literally can’t kill the Exynos with anythign I throw at it.  Simply Amazing.

  • Josh R Ingram

    I demand awesome processors with awesome names. Exynos is the most awesome and radical name I’ve heard.

    I was once about to get mugged by three guys until I said “back off guys! My phone has an Exynos processor in it!” I’ve never seen people run away so quickly. Luckily for me they did not realize I was bluffing. That’s why I need to win this contest. Next time this happens they might demand proof. Please don’t let me get mugged!

  • Mike

    I demand exynos in my phone because it offers the fastest speeds with unmatched stability.

  • mtyedavis

    Optimal performance and superior battery life.

  • because that’s the coolest named processor ever!!!!

  • J.Knight

    Because let’s face it. Samsung has put out sone of the most innovative hardware android has seen, and Exynos takes that to the next level by giving us so much handhold power we will question the value of our desktops and laptops.

  • Because they are faster then the speed of light

  • Dacatalyst41

    I demand Exynos processors because they are like having a Hemi with solid gas mileage. The snappy response AND solid power consumption makes it difficult to want anything else!

  • evltwn

    “More power, argh, argh, argh.” Tim “The Toolman” Taylor.
    If it can make my phone perform better, I want it.

  • 11knives

    I live the Exynos chips because they go well with a nice onion dip and a beer.

    • 11knives

      *love #i can’t proof read

  • Michael_NM

    My wife wants a Galaxy Note. If she doesn’t get one, she might kill me. Therefore, I demand Exynos processors in order to save my life.

  • Phil Whittemore

    I demand Exynos (Even though i’m pretty sure I can’t pronounce it) Because I want the tightest level of integration between the CPU and Hardware manufacture to deliver the best user experience possible.

  • It’s all about the power!

  • Annduhroo

    I demand excellence, performance, and the best; I demand Exynos.

  • wiz

    I demand Exynos for the ability to have top notch processing ability and power at my fingertips which guarantees smooth and speedy interaction with my phone, balanced with the power sipping attributes which conserve my battery life and get me through a day of use worry-free.

  • I would demand Exynos processors to keep up with the high demands of end users and applications.

  • Why do I demand the Exynos processor? Because the snapdragon processors put in the US versions of Samasung’s awesome phones are pure garbage. They aren’t as smooth as the Exynos and the only thing preventing me from getting a Galaxy S II or AT&Ts Note. 

  • Ben Young

    i demand an Exynos processor because i want to be the only one of my friends to have it 🙂

  • BrianWenger

    I demand Exynos because almost everything I own (besides the wife’s iPhone) is a Samsung product. They deliver the best quality at an affordable price. Regarding processors, it’s obvious that marrying all the hardware in a device is important, and keeping everything under the same manufacturer is a huge plus for quality. Delivering top of the line performance also helps.

  • Grayson Grouge

    because it is simply the best processor for android, coupled with the awesome Mali 400.

  • Mack

    I demand an Exynos processor because I have a buggy Droid X2 and it is slow!!

  • ddevito

    I demand Exynos in my phones and tablets because I expect nothing but the best, and forget the rest!

  • I demand the Exynos because it provides the smoothest Android experience there is with the efficiency to keep my phone going all day!

  • DigitalEnforcer

    We Demand it because it’s one step closer to the Holo-Deck (which was also run on Exynos Processors)

  • Matt Lauer

    The integration between a phone and their processor can help increase efficiency. Samsung has done this with their Exynos line of processors and galaxy phones. Also, Exynos sounds bad ass.

  • I “demand Exynos” because it’s simply the fast processor on the market, whether we’re talking about benchmarks or real world use….it simply can’t be beat.  To me its the only processor that is truly future proof.

  • For the performance!

  • Dsim91

    I demand exynos because I need all the pure power for gaming and I never want to see my phone lag samsung rules

  • Skippy423

    Because it is so butter smooth no lag and down right fast

  • Benchmarks mean nothing to me. Real world experience says that Exynos is king of the hill.

  • I want high power cpu with good battery life and awesome gaming graphics!

  • Brian Guarnaccia

    I demand them for my internetz!

  • hkklife

    I am a bit confused here….a VZW-related fan site is running a contest to give away a phone for another carrier (AT&T) in a configuration (Snapdragon) that doesn’t even use the Exynos chip from the team sponsoring the giveaway? These guys just nees to hurry up and get the Exynos to play nice with LTE and get a Galaxy Journal out ASAP for VZW!

    • bigdav1178

      I demand Exynos in my phones and tablets… to work with LTE. Otherwise, its a great processor platform that isn’t going to reach its full potential.

      Get Exynos working with LTE, and I’ll demand it in my tech any day.

    • Guest

      The phone is the international model, not the AT&T model.

  • MatthewJohnston

    I demand it because the performance is so far ahead of everything else it actually lasts. Most devices are outclassed in no time these days but a Samsung device from a generation behind can still hold it’s own if not excel. 

  • Alexander Maxham

    I demand Exynos because I need the fastest phone and tablet running Android available!

  • mikesuds

    I am desperate to have a powerful CPU that properly handles power management. I am also a huge fan of the Samsung UI known as TouchWiz. Best in the biz.

  • Edwin M

    I demand Exynos so I can finally play some of these high graphics games. I would also love to play them without having to worry about the battery so much. This is stuff I can’t accomplish with my current phone.

  • I don’t demand any certain type of hardware in my phone. I demand a smooth, fast, polished experience.  Hence my refusal to buy anything but devices that run stock Android.

  • C M

    I demand the Samsung Exynos because I don’t want to settle for less than the best!

  • Droidzilla

    I demand the best for my device, and Exynos delivers that. Best CPU performance, best graphics performance, and best battery performance. It’s a troika of awesome.

  • Brian Azzi

    Simple. Because Exy-Knows! ; )

  • Matt Tithof

    I demand Exynos because it’s made by Samsung. Nothing can compare to a Samsung product, not even Apple!

  • Tabe

    I demand Exynos processors in my devices because I demand innovation and cutting edge performance!

  • I demand Exynos in my phone because i want to be top performance for the years to come!!!!

  • Caprica_6

    I demand Exynos in my phone because the hybrid is offline, and it’s the only thing that can jump this basestar.  

  • htowngtr

    I demand one because gaming on Android has been the best with it. I have a Nexus and while it’s nice for development it’s not exactly a performance phone like one with Exynos.

  • Keyan X

    I demand the Exynos chips in my phones simply because it’s the best. It’s the most powerful, fastest, longest lasting chip available out there.

  • EC8CH

    Before I buy a tablet, I demand not only a Exynos processor, but a quad core one…

    Let me know when you’re ready to take my money Samsung 🙂

  • I demand Exynos in my phones, mainly because of the power and the fact that the GPU is perfect for those HD games that require a powerful system.  I’ve only experienced snapdragon processors, so I demand a change 🙂

  • Joe Case

    Power + Power Management makes
    Exynos a requirement for me!

  • Will

    I demand Exynos because I’m always looking for the very best of performance.