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Skitch on Android Updated, Includes Ability to Draw on Maps

Skitch is a fantastic app for people who want to be more hands-on with their devices and the media they keep on it. Take a picture, draw on it with a stylus or your fingers and make it yours. Perfect for the artist in all of us. Starting today, you can now draw on top of maps to give people personalized directions to the newest hot spots in your town. Go pick it up and have some fun!

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Cheers Helper!

  • MekoSuka

    This app is getting torched for permissions. 

    Just a suggestion here, but perhaps in future reviews, it might be noteworthy to give everyone a heads up when an app is going to ask for permissions which in this case seem questionable at best.

    Still got love for DL tho!

  • Yeah seriously, did Evernote kick you guys a spiff or something? I’ve yet to find a reason to use anything by Evernote that I couldn’t basically do with GDocs or Quick Office for free. This might have been cool, but wowza those permissions are sort of thick headed.

  • webby

    Even with GPS on, when in the app, it does not show ones location.  Plus it captures a map as you have it on the screen before you draw on it, so you can’t move to another part of the map.  For myself, both these factors really limit its usefulness when in Maps.

  • Cool, but chances are I will never use this feature unless I am working at CTU…. KHLOE, gimme dem schematics.

  • Jim McClain

    I like it

  • realfoxm

    This didn’t get very good ratings due to excessive permissions that it requires.