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Received Calls From Verizon Asking About 4G or Your Galaxy Nexus? A Few of Us Have

Within the last couple of weeks, I received a call out of the blue from a Verizon analyst of sorts that wanted to talk about my phone. He definitely did not know that I was the dude that writes for Droid Life, but was instead calling to see why I was using my Galaxy Nexus with 4G LTE turned off. You see, I had been at a Portland Trail Blazers game a few days before that and from what I gathered during our conversation, Verizon was seeing how well their network was holding up during a sporting event that housed around 20,000 people. They must have noticed that a large enough group of people who had 4G phones in the arena were only using 3G. I say that because the specific question to me was, “We noticed you were at the Blazers game the other night and had 4G turned off on your Galaxy Nexus. Did you manually turn it off or were you having connection issues?” 

While this caught me a little off guard, he gave off the impression that he was calling all sorts of people, which was confirmed to me by another reader today who was at that very same game and received a similar call. When I responded with, “I turn it off on purpose…” he cut me off before I could finish because he knew why. Horrible battery life, something he had heard from almost everyone he called. That was his only question and the call was over.

But also this week, we heard from another reader who received a similar call, although the Verizon rep asked even more questions over a 20 minute conversation. They were curious as to whether or not he had rooted his Nexus or was using a custom ROM, if he had camera issues, how 4G to 3G handoffs were going, did he have white or black screen flashes, any random reboots, etc. Notice that many of those are issues that have filled up countless forums since this phone debuted?

It’s tough to tell if the our post-Blazers game calls were related to this lengthier conversation, but it made us curious. Has Verizon received enough complaints about the phone that an update is finally coming? Are they simply assessing network performance? What is it?

Has anyone else received a similar call? Attended a sporting event recently that was followed by a call from a VZW rep? If so, what did they ask?

Cheers brian and Will!

  • droidroks

    I’m also on my second GNex and this one seems to be worse than the [email protected]:disqus can you confirm through the network of people you know if this is in fact a 4G/LTE or device software or hardware issue? After calling VZW 12+ times they issued a ticket for me and said they will have an answer for me with 48-72hrs. Once I hear what they have to say I might trade in my device for a different 4G/LTE phone. 

    BTW, I hear the loss of data and or voice is due to the phone not being able to authenticate itself properly with the towers. Any thoughts?

  • Granted

    Anyone who does not think this story is truly creepy, well you have a defunct head. All the data harvesting they do is supposed to be completely anymore, but it’s not like I ever believed that load of crap. But this just proves that there was nothing anywhere near anonymous about what happened. I find this incredibly creepy and I wouldn’t have answered a damn question, but instead I would have grilled whoever had called and made them thoroughly explain this breach of my privacy. Then I would demanded to speak with their supervisor. The terms of service let’s them collect data for sure, but I have yet to read a single one that says it’s not anonymous.

    There is absolutely nothing anonymous about them calling you. They have your phone, then that absolutely means they have access to your account and know every single detail about you. The fact that Kleenex finds this breach of privacy so benign is unbelievable. Not only would I raise hell with the people calling me and everyone I could get ahold through Verizon. But I would immediately bring this to the attention of privacy advocate groups and other people like the EEF, and user rights proponents. Another good reason I absolutely never turn location services on, and never use any applications that use them. Not that there are not ways beyond this to locate people, but why give these snoops the upper hand. And I could care less about Verizon’s intentions in deciding to place the call and abuse their power. They wouldn’t like it if I kept tabs on them and gave them a ring at home. And anyone who thinks this doesn’t affect you or it doesn’t matter, well you’re just ignorant to the fact and not really seeing the big picture here. I guess it will take a personal breach of your privacy and trust in the future to make you wake up.

    Anonymous data my @ss.

  • Jbjork70stpl

    They’re asking because the GNex is an over-hyped piece of crap.  Why did everyone drink the GNex Kool-aid?  Seriously people, it wasn’t that great and still isn’t.

  • whoster69

    I had a call and was busy so I asked them to call back.  They said they would and never did.

  • Soga

    you can really see that verizon actually CARES for their customers lol unlike that death ball AT&T 😛

  • RoadsterHD1

    I was thinking about trading in my Bionic for a RAZR and yesterday i did a side by side comparioson cause a friend of mine has a RAZR and what I found blew me away. 
    1. I compared data speed in a fairly good area for speed. My Bionic was faster in the up and down loads on about 7 test I took. The RAZR dropped to 3G and my Bionic stayed in 4G. The RAZR eventually returned to 4G and retested them again. The average score were Bionic down was 8Mbps and UP 5 to 6Mbps. The RAZR was 7 to 8Mbps down and 1 to 3Mbps up. My down at my home is 20 to 28Mbps and up is the same.
    2. The screen on the RAZR is more color saturated than the Bionic, but looking further I discovered the reason for the saturation on the RAZR is because it has a blue tint to it. You can really see it if you look at the RAZR’s screen side ways. This causes the brightness to go down.. Bionic screen is brighter. The gray scale really tells the story. Bionic’s grey scale is blacker and whiter more true. The RAZR is blueish even greenish at times. Look at the power widget and you will see what I’m talking about. Open GOOGLE-MAPS and it’s obivious that the clarity and color is better on the Bionic. To make this more interesting I compared the GNex screen and it was worse than the RAZR. 
    3. The RAZR was faster onthe bench marks but in everyday use you will not notice the difference. 
    4. All the Verizon 4G phones have data drop issues, Bionic’s “were” worse but are just like or better than most now after the 902 update. 
    5. Pentile Screen can be seen in direct sun light, the other HD amoled screens can NOT. Pentile will show what’s called compression on low resolution video but that’s because Pentile is more focused and clear than the others. I use “Vplayer Version0.99 and Daroon Player and play back High Def 1080i video and it looks incredible, no compression and no lag. The video recording at 1080p look incredible. But put crappy video in and it will give you crappy video out. Colors in my opinion are more realistic than the RAZR. For poor quality video the Bionic tends to favor reds, so I use “screenadjuster” and “filter your screen” to adjust for this. Netflix has different resolution streams and you can tell the two. For the most part Netflix does and incredible job and the streaming looks great. Please know that different player play differently on any phone. The old version of VPlayer is allot better that the newer versions. Daroon player play high quality HD video very well.
    6. The speaker is louder on the Bionic.
    7. I decided to keep my Bionic and not get the RAZR or the RAZR MAXX.
    We have high end phones with high end screens, use high end video and you will be happier…   🙂  

  • I didn’t ,but if I did, I surely wouldn’t tell them if I were running a custom ROM. 

    Frankly, it’s kinda creepy that they’d be so up front with you about how closely they are monitoring you, if you ask me.

  • If you are not in a major metropolis 4G device is useless it wont be available for at least another year. The couple of times I did get to use it while in Det, Lansing or Grand Rapids the battery drain was so hideous that I was like F this I gonna just use 3G. We as the testers are paying for technology that has not be perfected yet. 

    • A good portion of your southern neighbor state is LTE (small cities + many rural areas that get the benefit from areas such as Ft. Wayne, Lafayette, South Bend, etc.)..

  • T4rd

    I got a call out of the blue the other day about my Galaxy Nexus too.  But they only asked if I still had my “Samsung Galaxy Nexus” and if it was the original one that I had bought.  I told them “No, I had to exchange it due to random reboot issues.”  Then they asked if I exchanged it for a different phone or for another Samsung Galaxy Nexus and I told them I exchanged it for another Galaxy Nexus.

    At that point they just said “thank you” and hung up.  I was a little confused as wanted to ask what the call was for, but she hung up before I got the chance to ask.

  • @Kellex  Quick question. Was your phone on a business plan or is it your personal phone? There is a reason why I am asking this.

  • dulum

    Is that even legal?

  • JohnPA2006

    That’s silly they would ask that.
    easy guess, battery life, duhhh can you hear that now verizon???

    Come on like they really dont know why people turn 4G off.
    they want the phone to last more than 6 hours.

    • John, that’s really not true.  Sometimes people will turn it off for battery life, yes.  But other times, you’re in one of the countless areas where 3G hits against the 4G barrier (either on the edge of, or within one of the 4G cities), and it’s an absolute pain to use the phone as it keeps switching between the two.  At other times, wireless tether becomes disrupted and has to be restarted every time 3G and 4G switch off.  The hand-off question Verizon is asking is, in my view, one of the most important because if there weren’t issues with it, they wouldn’t be asking it.

      • I never turn 4G off on my Nexus and consistently get 10-20 hours of battery life depending on how I use it. That’s excellent. That’s the whole day..

  • BroRob

    That call seems a bit “Big Brother” to me. I prefer the out of sight out of mind approach to information gathering! lawlz

  • I used to get decent battery life and could go all day with a charge on my normal usage.  Now I can’t even get through work.  This is just recently.  

  • Dan Ralaston

    I myself received a call from VZW RE: why I had turned off 4G on my GNex and moreover had I rooted it or installed a custom ROM.

    I asked why he cared and at first he said because it was against VZW’s TOS, but then later said that they were trying to determine if customers were happy with the device “as is” or if they needed to modify it to make it better.

    I did state that I had rooted the device and that I purposely kept 4G turned off to conserve battery.

    He then asked if I had rooted it to tether “illegally” and I responded that was none of his business and hung up on him. For what its worth, I do not tether off my of my phone because work provides me with a DATA card.

    • cguella

      First, they are very concerned about the revenue that they may be losing with rogue tethering from rooted uses.  Second, they are concerned if you can connect properly.  In reality, the GNex has connection issues, needs radio and/or system updates to improve 4G/3G coverage and switching.

  • Just_Some_Nobody

    Kudos to Verizon.  I’ve never gotten a call like this from AT&T.  I doubt I ever will.

  • nobody72

    Personally I would raise privacy issues; as they are clearly tracking you in a fashion that is (IMHO) inappropriate.

    • Its inappropriate that they call you up after records show that you were in an area where there was an event with ~20,000 people, and those records show that he has a Galaxy Nexus (there’s a few out there with bad radios) with 4G disabled. That’s not inappropriate. They “track” everyone who is on their network. Sounds to me like they want to make sure their network isn’t performing poorly..

      • Nobody72

         That’s the point. Unless you have enabled verizon location service; they should not be tracking (or saving) your location. That is the meaning of privacy and they are violating such privacy.

        Naturally if the person has enabled verizon location service then the situation is a bit different.

        This is very different than if you call verizon to report an issue and they ask for your location.

        Anyways I’m fairly sure this would make an interesting case in court.

  • 4g is almost non existent with large amounts of users.. Did the Disney leap year stitch and about half way through the day (as the park filled to its max) my 4g started going out.. Some times it would connect but by 9pm (once they reached capacity) 4g and 3g was no where to be found.. 🙁 

  • Thelegendofdavid

    I’ve actually had no signal for the past three days. I thought there was something wrong with my phone so I took it back to costco and they exchanged it. After they set up my new phone, we discovered that the new one they had given me was having the same issue and loosing its 4g signal. Ive called verizon and have had several discussions about the signal issues i have been having over the past couple of days and they told me they were going to look into it and get back to be withing 24 to 72 hours. 
     As of right now I have a brand new nexus that I cant use cause i have no signal. Just f-ing ridiculous!

  • Rob

    I received a 20 minute call last night with most of the same questions about my 4g connection, rooting, camera issues, screen touch issues, 4g connectivity issues, keyboard issues. She was speaking very quickly and through the conversstion asked some questons in several different forms. I wonder if they aconcerning the upcoming software update?

  • DeathfireD

    Verizon has been calling a lot of people about their service in general. My family received a call asking how our service has been within the past month. If we had plans to get a 4G enabled phone. what phones we where thinking about getting. How we felt about the pricing…etc. I think they’re getting really serious about fixing the current issues that have been giving the company a bad name.

  • Rayoflight

    I received a call and the rep told me to stop touching myself. I was like “What??? How did you? Huh?” Scary.

    • r0lct

      That’s what you get for sexting their support reps.


    wish they called me… random reboots lately just started… not good. and 3g wifi handoff sucks.. i put it on cdma to save battery life, besides there isn’t 4g where i live yet and it takes forever to get 3g back on.. 

    • Ivealwaysgotmail

      Same here, No random reboots until about 3 weeks ago, Now ive easily had 10 instances where my phone randomly vibrates and i look and its restarting. … Very strange

  • Zebra

    “Sir, are you running a custom ROM?”
    “Ok thanks” – hangs up and voids your warranty in the system

  • weapon x

    Holy smokes!!!! If they know where you are and when you were there, and if you were on 4 or 3 g, they have to know you are rooted. They only ask to confirm what they already know. I think the gig is up for us phone hackers. They know who we are and they are formulating a plan to erradicate us…permanently…

    • Nah, they can’t know that.
      4G and 3G tower antennas are completely separate assemblies with completely separate backhaul. I assume you knew they can pull up a record to show where you were recently (based on the towers you were connected to within a certain timeframe) and they can easily figure out “Oh, he only used 3G the whole time.” because your phone only pinged the 3G and 1xRTT voice towers. Think man. Think.

  • Verizon just called me and told me to stop reading this…but my phone is off….(dun dun dun)

  • QtDL

    The Verizon rep knew you were at the game because he was sitting behind you looking over your shoulder the whole time. They’re watching us…..

  • Manuel Olague

    Just got my nexus a week ago. I randomly lose my connection a couple of times a day for a minute or two and sometimes my signal indicator in the notification bar isn’t correct. For me it’s not a big deal though. I usually use that minute to play a game and I figured that this is probably not unique to me and an OTA update would come soon enough that would address these issues. Now that I know one might be coming,  😀

  • Korey Page

    Well I know that my friend got a call about her GNex which they asked her questions and they ended up sending her a new one stating “the first run of phones were defective”. This was last week in the Virginia area. 

    I haven’t received any such calls. 

  • X2caleb2X

    Do you think verizon is able to detect if you are using a custom rom and not the stock rom?

    • kixofmyg0t

      Yes. Well at least people with 3G speed hacks. 

    • Sam

      think a bit. . . . if they can read the gps and phone state they already have a backdoor into the phone.

  • 0pusX

    I am in Southwest Michigan, Non-4G area, and last night when I was in the shower, my wife answered our home phone and talked to someone who said he was with Verizon and wanted to speak the owner of the Samsung Nexus phone. The caller ID read “Research Center” and was a Michigan telephone number.

    She told him I was not there and he said ok. They have not tried calling back today but had called 5 times in the past 2 days.

    I tried calling it back but it is just a recording for “Mountain West Research Center”

    I really hope they call back as I cant wait to tell them I got rid of the phone because it was embarrassing that my phone had 1 bar of 3G while the guy next to me had full bars of 4G on his Droid Charge……

    • You seriously got rid of it based off the # of bars? You’re an idiot and do not deserve a Nexus…

  • jcorf

    I got the same call because I have been turning off my 4g on my nexus a lot to conserve on battery.

  • Miniperez87

    2 days after i got my nexus a Verizon rep from the Gresham store called me and asked those same questions. Had I installed a new rom, how was the lte cdma hand offs she even suggested I go to the classes they have at mall 205 lol.

  • SilentPatriot

    Interesting that I am STILL waiting to hear back from Tier 2 Network support after reporting this issue several times and asking for some help.  I have it forced into 3G all the time for the battery life and radio switching slowness.  Only reason I would throw it into 4G would be for tethering.

    Very interested in learning more about the hardware/software testing possibilities mentioned.

  • Jayrod718

    And everyone wants to bash on Bionic Owners, HAHA now the Nexus has complaints too. 🙂

    • kixofmyg0t

      Dude the “G-Nex” has tons of problems by itself. The trolls here are in denial. Remember its a phone that “stock gets 10+ hours of screen on time” LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

      • napes22

         Your post instantly lost all credibility when you wrote “LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL”

    • My thoughts exactly.  Best part is, since the .902 update, my connection, system & battery life have been rock solid!  With the recent push from dhacker, hashcode, droidtheory, the new droidhive.com and rombot, and gummybionic, tranquilice, and miui builds in the works, I am a happy crackflasher 😀

  • Jkbane

    So Verizon is now a stocker creeper company

    • SD_Scott


  • Jonathan Ofalla

    I received a random phone call from Verizon a few days ago.  My call was short and simple.  They asked how I liked Verizon service.  I said it has been working great for me.  Afterwards they mentioned some promotion and that was it.  I use a rooted Galaxy Nexus running stock 4.0.4.

  • I wish they’d call me about my Droid Bionic. I have a few thoughts on the performance of THAT device.

    • I’d say if you are still having problems after the .902 update, give them a call.  I had problems and the CLNR they sent has been rock solid.

  • Jim McClain

    maybe they realized the nexus is a piece of crap and are thinking of giving us all out money back

    • r0lct

      I think being a troll voids your warranty.

  • imronburgundy

    I doubt they give a damn about the fact that you had 4g off due to terrible battery life. More worried about if their network sucks or not.

  • Did he ask what the score was?

  • Brianmuenter

    The next Nexus phone should not be a Samsung…. They’re phone hardware is about 1 notch above apple…. +crap.1     Use motorola or HTC or even lg!!

  • P5stover

    nope. Just random reboots.

  • JoshNeal

    The closest I’ve come to that situation was a monster truck show at the Pepsi Center in Denver, about 3 weeks ago. It was probably less than 20k people, but FWIW, my 4G worked fine. HTC Rezound.

  • Crack Monkey

    Did he ask weather you noticed the cameras recording images randomly through out the day? Did he mention that the reason for the bad battery life on 4G was because they happen to use 4G to collect personal information through GPS, cameras, and the microphone because it allows them to track people in real-time, oh I’ve said too much… 😉

  • No calls here. But I also leave 4G off unless I’m about to actually do something that uses data actively. Additionally, 4G is available in the core area of my city, but my house is in the suburbs where it is not. So, if I left it on all day, my battery would definitely nose dive.

  • master94

    Verizon always does this in my town, its how they assess their network since they are obsessed with their network.

  • David Verba

    I wish they would do more than ask questions about all the problems. I wish they wouldn’t allow devices to even be released with all these bugs. Granted I like my Nexus, it’s a lot of fun, but also frustrating at times. I just want ONE solid device – OG Droid was great, but even that – not solid. This is why the iPhone will always ultimately win, and can completely understand why. While I’ll never own a iPhone, (less the phone, more the business of Apple) people want a device that just flat out works, and works well. I’m still waiting for the Android world to release said device.

    • Violator702

      Because there r so many iphones with lte

    • Don’t let the corporate hype get to you, the iPhone and its iterations have their fair share of issues.  The user is simply not made as aware of those issues as they are in Android.  Granted, the signal may be *slightly* more consistent, but that’s just as dependent upon the network as it is the device.
      Smartphones are incredibly complex, as I’m sure you know.  While it is certainly possible to design, build, test, and debug a device, the issue is that such a device would have a very high cost and could not use current-generation hardware due to the amount of testing involved.
      And even after that, once the phone is released, not even a heavily curated store like Apple’s can ensure system stability no matter what combination of applications are running concurrently.  Some apps simply don’t play nicely together, even if they have completely different functions, and are extremely stable on their own.

  • Ahku Droid

    I guess you should have been using your MAXX instead so you didn’t have to worry about battery life.  Sorry, I had to do some reverse trolling.  LOL

  • For the ones that fine it creepy they knew where he was, you guys know that setting in GPS about the Verizon GPS? Well…there you go. Need I explain more, or should I say they used it? 😛

    • jaymonster

      You do realize that the GPS is not needed to figure out that somebody is hitting a specific tower, right?

      • I didn’t think I needed to add /sarcasm at the end, but, I guess I do.

  • Did he start listing all the dirty websites you go to? 🙂

  • viewthis74

    they know me well. i’m on my 2nd G-Nex, about to be on my third. the first one rebooted about twice a day, everyday. this new one seems to have radio problems. one minute i have a data connection then when i text or use the web it drops the connection. lame :/ 

  • Babyboy14622

    Gn sux and has alot of issues

    • dieringer scott

      Wow you seem smart YOU MUST BE CORRECT

      • Especially because he can’t spell “sucks” and “a lot” correctly.

  • eagletrippin

     I must be the only one, but I can’t say I notice any improvements in battery life when switching to 3G on my Galaxy Nexus … the phone just flat out sucks (in terms of battery life). It’s the only thing that makes me long for my old Droid X…

    • RadicalPie

      Switch kernels

      • eagletrippin

         Sadly…I do not know what that means… 🙁

        I’m rooted, and unlocked…but that’s as advanced as I get :-/

        any help?

        • rohdawg

          Get in the Forums Man!!! Everything you need….it’s right there!
          (to be read with William Shatners voice in your head)

  • I purchased a Nexus on January 9th and had data problems with it the very first day I got it. I decided to let it go for a bit in case they were having 4G issues since it was dropping ALL data connection and not going from 4G to 3G. Long story short, I received a replacement which was even worse than the first one (dropping data 10+ times an hour). It wasn’t until I received a second replacement phone that came with a sticker showing that it had passed all tests including LTE and this one seems to be a winner now. There is definitely a problem with the radio hardware on these phones. The only way I could get them to keep a connection was by switching it to 3G only.

    • Ginosylum

      Not that you should have to, but if you root and put 4.0.4 on your phone it fixes almost everything. A good chunk of the nexus problems are software, not hardware. Is it perfect now? No.. But my phone running 4.0.4 is what this thing should have been coming out of the box.

      Official updates are coming, your phone will be fine

      • Actually, I did that with the first phone I had and it didn’t help. So I put it back to 4.0.2, un-rooted it and locked the bootloader back up before returning it to them. This one is stock and working perfectly. I’ll be loading up 4.0.4 on it soon enough.

      • Jim McClain

        thats the keyword thats bad  ‘almost’   almost fixes everything

  • Tim Swann

    at least we know VZ is respecting our privacy and not monitoring our phones like carrier iq

  • zepfloyd

    Verizon isn’t stupid. They know people using a Nexus are more inclined to understand technology and ins and outs of their phone. Nexus users are more likely to provide useful info they’re looking for. 

    • Just_Some_Nobody

      Not based on a lot of the posts here.  If they talk the way they type, wow.  Just wow.


  • BobtheGreatII

    I received a call too. It was a lady. It went to voicemail though basically saying “Hi there this is (insert name) and I was calling to talk to the owner of the Galaxy Nexus”. Then she hung up. I didn’t think too much of it. But if it was about 4G that would make sense. Since I don’t use it because there isn’t any 4G coverage where I live.

  • Tim Swann

    I tend to have some handoff from 4G to 3G issues, but I keep 4G off for the most part since I am not covered by 4G. Where I work there is 4G, but my building doesn’t have the best reception. Although i spent a week in LA on business and kept 4G for most of the time.  I do notice that when 4G goes out across the network I have issues connecting to 3G. That issue needs to be addressed. 

  • toughguy

    No call to me yet, but here is a probable script:  I see you have your 4G turned off?  Yes, it is off because I am too close to the tower, only get 3G spotty at that.  Have you reported your issue?  Of course, that is where I learned about being too close to the tower..  Conversation becomes garbled and cannot make contact after the last word tower……..

    • Tyler Cameron

      Jokes aside I just had a mental picture of that.. and god damn you have to be VERY close to the tower but not under the antennas..

    • Wow, that tower must be practically in your backyard.  That sucks 🙁

  • I think it’s more scary that he knew exactly where you were :-/

    • Liderc

      Anyone can find out where you are if they hack into your GPS, we all carry a GPS in our pocket, it’s pretty easy to find out where someone is located. 

      • cantcurecancer

        That’s not how it works at all, they are using their technology (cell towers) that you use to track you. Verizon can easily triangulate where you physically are using multiple cell sites (or even just one cell site under certain circumstances, just much more inaccurately).

        Not one respectable mobile company is tracking their users via GPS unless they have good reason AND have explicit opt-in permission…unless they want to be slapped with copious amounts of legal issues.

        Drop it with the conspiracy theories.

        • Liderc

          I’m not talking about the cell companies, I’m talking about anyone that wants to can track a device with gps enabled. 

          I’ve done it before to track a cell phone, it’s very easy.

          • cantcurecancer

            Maybe if that cell phone gives explicit permission to an application where the developer can track the user, in which case it’s not any easier than getting a user to install a virus.

    • jaymonster

      They put towers directly in an arena. Somebody uses that tower during a certain time frame. I’d say it would be scarier id they couldn’t derive that information from their systems.

  • I live in Portland, yet to turn off my 4g, never had any issues with it to warrrent it

  • Completely irrelevant but I’m hoping someone shed some light if only for the sake of community.

    The other day I had the option of ordering the Razr or Galaxy Nexus at a heavily discounted rate. I chose Razr (NOT Razr Maxx) because of the screen size. I’ve only had it for a day and can still change my mind. Hows the battery on Gnex? 

    • Tim Swann

      I am running Liquid Beta 5 on my G-Nex with Extended Battery and I get easily a day of use out of it, but I am failly light user and keep 4G off unless I know I am in a good 4G area. 

      • Thanks y’all 🙂

        I’m going to really try this phone out for a week. If it doesn’t work out, I’ll trade for Nexus. Thanks again!

        • You done goofed buying a razr over the nexus.

          • I know why the Nexus is generally superior. Its just that the screen is needlessly large. I came from the Galaxy S (Fascinate) and I’m finding it a little hard to adjust to the RAZR’s size as it is

          • Jim McClain

            id trade my nexus for a razr  maxx in a minute , much better phone

      • Bamf w/trinity kernel, 4g on and I get 24hours out of it, w/standard battery 🙂

    • 4n1m4L

      I hear its good, and the extended battery is only 25 and hardly adds any heft

      • Ivealwaysgotmail

        The galaxy nexus is a great phone, The battery can be bad if your in a fringe area w/4G ON
        BUT With the extended battery ( the first extended battery that adds so little width etc that i actually PREFER the feel of the Extended battery as it makes it easier to hold) It really is a great phone. Definitely needs to be charged every night, Or get the battery charger and have your Standard battery in there all the time.
        YOU CAN swap the Extended for the Standard battery WITHOUT changing the backing (if you shake the phone you hear a little rattle, but the battery stays firmly connected)

        So a spare battery in your car/purse/pocket/or at work makes this thing a CHAMPION

    • N8shon

      Get the Maxx. I had the regular Razr for a bit around the holidays and returned it because I’m a heavy user and I have no desire to baby the battery all day every day just to get a full day’s use from it. It was an enjoyable phone but wouldn’t last as long as I need it to. I receive the Maxx in the mail tomorrow and I’m looking forward to using 4G all day and night without having to turn on/install a bunch of battery life nannies. 

  • I’ve received a call from them but I wasn’t at a sporting event

  • That’s just plain creepy. I wish they would have called me to ask me why my 4G was off almost the entire time I owned my Tbolt while I was at a Blazer game a few weeks back. I would have given them a piece of my mind. I sold that piece of junk and bought an Incredible 2 and haven’t looked back. Until LTE doesn’t require a 3300 mAh battery to get through a full day’s work I’m sticking to 3G/wifi.

  • Jake Storms

    Wonder if this has any relation to the response letter to the unlocked bootloader question the other day?  Could be preparing a legal defense and using Nexus as part of it since it’s the only somewhat officially unlockable phone.  I could see them accepting this phone in the way they did just to build such a defense.  “See here, we have this unlockable phone and LOOK at all the trouble it and it’s users and their custom modding are causing!”.

    • Conspiracy theorists unite.
      Insert “just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you comment”

      • Jake Storms

        Hah.  Yep, meant to be that kinda comment, but it really is odd they actually came out and said they don’t like unlocked phones on their network finally not so long after FINALLY allowing a more officially unlockable and modifiable device on the network.  What I find silly is the people afraid to admit they unlock, root, and mod their phones.  Why on earth should there be anything at all wrong with all of that if you have ZERO ill intentions so much as desire to get the most out of your device.  I even find the idea that free hot spot hack use is pretty silly as you are paying for data and many are on plans that didn’t even have specific contractual use restrictions on how that data was used if they have a data plan from the era before tether plans existed. 

        • jaymonster

          I was right with you… Up until the tethering issue.

          i can go back as far as 2005 and find the “no tethering” clause in my contract. If you go back further than that then sure… Go tether… At 1xrtt speeds.

    • I’m thinking…no.  All HTC devices on Verizon are officially unlockable, the Nexus is officially unlockable, most LG and Samsung devices can be unlocked (not sure if they’re official or just really easy to crack).  Even Motorola is rumored to be in negotiation with Verizon regarding unlocking their bootloaders (I wish them good luck with that, considering what Verizon just sent out). There is no way they can mount a legal defense based upon customer experience.  It can be used to bolster their arguments I suppose, but they’d need to have an equal amount of data from non-rooted/unlocked customers of the same device, and that still wouldn’t prove anything, as the network in their area, their exact position, time of day, network traffic, weather conditions, etc. all have an effect on wireless communications.

  • In the words of No Doubt. “I screen my phone calls”.

  • Drummer62

    I was called from a second party survey too. He must have asked me questions for at least 20 minutes. All the same stuff you mentioned. 4G, screen issues, reboots, many other things. I told him I have my 4G turned off because it wont stay connected and the hand off to 3G sucks at the moment and until they get that fixed it will remain off as I don’t like to have to keep waiting for 3G to kick back in. I thought that was supposed to be seamless I told him, it is anything but that on the current firmware! I sure hope this means that an update is forthcoming because the 4G connection stinks so far and I am in the Chicago market where it is supposed to be good! 

    • Which radios are you using?

    • S_T_R

       Leaked 4.0.4 build (with included radios) has much better handoffs, is faster/smoother , and doesn’t randomly reboot (not yet in the month I’ve been running it at least).

      Battery life is better in general, with 0 drain when sleeping. Unless…you’re in a low signal area, where it sucks even harder than before.

      • tjmonkey15

        I wonder why 4.0.4 hasn’t been released OTA yet.  I’ve heard nothing but good things about it (other than your low signal comment, and that sucks).

      • Drummer62

         Right, but I am not rooted and am hoping they can get the official update out. I have not read a negative comment about it from anyone and wonder why the delay in releasing it. It makes no sense that without any negative feedback at all about it that it has not been pushed OTA to our phones yet 🙁  Here’s to hoping that it is released soon!

  • umm would you tell them that you rooted your phone if they asked? 

    • amosk

      NOOOOO! I don’t care if they’re 3rd party. I would only admit that here, if I were …you know…rooted 🙂

  • Marvin de Pano

    Just my opinion: their 4G LTE network is not ready for prime time.

    • It’s not a question of who’s network is ready, it’s a question of who’s first.  People will sign up for it even if it’s not perfect.  By the time the other carriers have caught up, Verizon will have already nabbed a TON of customer, even if the other carriers’ networks are better. Verizon is the most popular carrier in this country not necessarily because their technology is bulletproof. They’re the most popular because their network is HUGE and covers pretty much everyone everywhere.

      • Marvin de Pano

        Right, I totally agree with you. You basically expounded on my 1 sentence.

    • Fattie McDoogles

      You have to have a network up and running with people on it before you can troubleshoot it. There are millions of issues that you cant test in a lab you have to have it out in the world. VZW’s network will be the largest and most stable first. Everyone is at least 6 months to a year behind them as far as size and stability is concerned. They will all have blackouts just like Verizon did they won’t get the press Verizon’s did before it will be expected because people saw it with Verizon.

  • Liderc

    I’m curious if they’re doing this now so that they can follow up with you to compare your answers after the OTA is released.

    • 4n1m4L

      This. Measuring customer satisfaction directly.

  • JMarkman

    That’s really creepy. So Verizon is keeping track of where you are and what settings you have enabled on your phone while you’re there? I’m normally not one to worry about privacy or tracking, but that seems over-the-top. 

    • It’s their network, they know your device ID and what account is associated with that ID.  Get used to it.  It’s not a huge deal unless they sell that data to other companies.

      • Fattie McDoogles

        Agreed. Its like if someones in your house or using your car. Don’t you have a right to check on them from time to time and see what they are doing?

        • More like someone renting a house or car from you, really, rather than it being *yours* in the sense that you use it all the rest of the time.

    • jaymonster

      They *Don’t * know what your actually “settings ” are… This is why they are asking *IF* it was turned off or *IF* is was a connection issue.

      Of course they have a way of knowing who pinged the 3g tower in the arena, that’s not creepy… It is obvious.

    • Of course it will sound creepy when you make it personal like that. In reality, this is not creepy. Think about it… you want to get your calls and texts and emails, so they have to know exactly where your phone is and how to get to it — the entire service is based on them knowing where each specific phone is at all times. Further, what they are doing is called load testing, and this is constant testing that is done by every single entity that provides an electronic service (phone carriers, ISPs, websites, etc.). They don’t care what YOU do, but rather what devices on their network do.

  • I was around the superbowl madness all week and didnt get a single call.

  • Guest

    Yes, I received a call about my Nexus from a survey company on behalf of VZW

  • Aardvark99

    Did he ask what you were wearing at any point in the conversation??

    • rals

      He wouldn’t have to ask, since he already has 90% of his personal information about him. 

    • 4n1m4L

      Nah, he already knew.

    • js

      Why would he ask that? He already knew what Kellex was wearing, he was looking right at him!

    • FortitudineVincimus

      Maybe he asked how those 23rd row seats were and how he liked that popcorn and if that jersey was keeping him warm.

      If they called me like that , I would have been like “wtf”

    • D+T→n(14.1MeV)+α(3.5MeV)

      He didn’t have to, they just activated the cameras remotely O_o

      • Noyfb

        Holy SH&T, Verizon has become Big Brother. Literally tracking the Glalaxy Nexus Users. I’m Starting to wonder if they listen in on our conversations that we use with our phones. I know they read our text. The forced Bloatware has every permission granted to them already. 
        Speaking of which, If I root my phone can I remove Verizon Bloatware?

        • dreadnatty08

          You can freeze it with Titanium BU.

          • Ralph Puerta

            please remove this comment

          • Ralph Puerta

             All bloatware can be removed if you want to. I haven’t crashed my phone outside of removing key android elements. (not hard to restore an HTC or Nexus phone from a soft brick.)

  • Took a 20 minute survey this weekend. Asked same questions. They also said we would be possibly included in testing hardware and software in the future if we agreed.

  • that’s kinda scary that they were tracking you and knew that your 4G was off…

    • agreed

      • Definitely a little odd for a VZW guy to call and say “Soo…you were at the Blazers game the other night…”

        • I wouldn’t think they would have access to that kind of info as a rep.

          • Fattie McDoogles

            They don’t Verizon give them a list of people who were at the game to call and poll. Thats all. They then turn around and give the data back.

          • 4n1m4L

            It was probably a network engineer.

        • jeremygoldstone

          No doubt. But it’s all points of data. You figure they’re going to know whether you’re on or off the network, that’s just a given. And you happen to be using the Rose Garden’s antennae for three hours during the game. It’s not exactly Sherlock Holmes level of deduction to figure where you were. 

          Course, now you know if you’re going to commit a crime, buy a burner. 

          •  true, but I never actually thought they looked at that data…

          •  Usually not, but if they noticed that a tower is oversubscribed…

            I mean, would you rather they just throttle everyone?

            Verizon wants to move people to LTE because of the network capacity.  They know that battery life is worse (especially because of the same lower frequency that makes it penetrate walls better), but they still really need to move people to LTE to avoid congestion.  They don’t want to be AT&T.

          • Fattie McDoogles

            No… if you’re gonna commit a crime leave your phone in the car by a different tower lol

          • Cphilano

            now this is a thinking man’s answer. lol

        • Will Rehse

          But lets think for a second.  If your GPS is not enabled and you go to google maps, it still finds the nearest cell tower.  So how hard is it really.  Also, I was checked in like 4 times at that blazers game.  pretty easy to determine where I was.

          • Actually, if my GPS is off it just says ‘unable to find location.’

          • r0lct

            That’s for navigation, not maps.  Unless you have network location turned off as well.

          • Balls

             and even then..

        • 1bad69z28

          Funny and not surprising that that the major telecoms know your whereabouts with that device, what a lot of people don’t realize is that the military and government can easily listen in on your device without you ever knowing it.

          When I was in the military and working on the US Border for a special assignment we have a little outpost there that would monitor drug cartel cell phone traffic.  It was very nice to know what Joe the drug dealer was either bringing in or how the drugs where coming over and where. It made our intelligence very easy to st up certain traps of course.

          Your devices are wide open more than most 99.9% people realize from big brother and the technology doesn’t stop there. You’ll be surprised how a cell phone calls can still leave a trace and pulled even after you hang up.

          .I have seen a lot of cell phone technology used in ways you wouldn’t believe by the NSA and DIA.

          • Yeah, the “roving bug” was referenced in an opinion upholding the constitutionality of the wiretapping device.  The FBI used a bug that would listen to anything audible to the mic, even with the power off.  Which is why some attorneys when discussing highly sensitive matters with clients either 1) remove the battery from all phones in the room, or, 2) do not allow cell phones in the vicinity of the conversation.  See  http://news.cnet.com/2100-1029-6140191.html

          • 1bad69z28

            Yes, I know about this and thats totally true but what I am referring too is a little bit beyond the FBI and wouldn’t be outted for public knowledge. Let’s just say if you make a call and hang up, take out you battery and your still in the neighborhood, that signal is alive, your conversation is floating around with A and B points of location. So the question is how do you grab that signal and what technology allows you to do other things with that signal. Yeah, it gets pretty complex when you start talking bandwidth and communication technolgoy from NASA that helps bring a common cell phone signal from a time ago to present.

            Pretty cool stuff the government/military is working on 🙂

          •  I guess I’m having a hard time conceptualizing it…. they aren’t tapping the phone, but finding a way to capture the previously transmitted conversation?

          • 1bad69z28

            Correct, think about space and television signals that are still floating around 🙂 NASA has been playing with that type of technology since the 60’s. NASA currently uses that same type of technology for a vast arrray of communication for space endeavors I am told. As military guy my job was to see the technolgoy go to work not to know the specifcs but I could ask questions and they could respond if they wanted to tell me lol 🙂

          • Cphilano

            man aren’t you still bound security protocol clearance? i have plenty of family in the military and they refuse to let this type of stuff out.

          • Mike

            They probably told him all the fake stuff because the psychology profile showed he would go on the internet and blab about it.

          • G-Nex

            That was good!

          • 1bad69z28

            That technology has been out for some years now, 🙂

          • cizzlen

            Dude I didn’t know you had such a bad ass job. Your name seems more fitting now lol.

          • 1bad69z28

            Anyone that joins the military and serves our country has a bad ass job. We should all thank the men and women that has served our country. I’ve been lucky enough to see things that a lot of our military personnel has seen in action to defend and protect our soldiers and our freedom.

          • cizzlen

            True that. 

          • 1bad69z28


          • Tim_Horton

            The thing here to remember is if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear. 

          • D+T→n(14.1MeV)+α(3.5MeV)

            Only silly people say things like that.

          • Dliuzzo110

            Dia? Detroit instatute of arts?

          • 1bad69z28

            LOL Try Defense Intelligence Agency LOL Good one 🙂

        • TheRealBeesley

          There is NO way a cell tower can pinpoint you to an area as small as a basketball court.  Unless you’re on the only tower around for MILES, and even then, its still very doubtful.  Sorry, I believe they called you, but it just doesn’t make any sense that they “knew” you were at the Blazers game.  (Unless of course you had Wifi or GPS on at some time during)     A

          Anyone else find it odd?

          • PSU_DI

            Not at all it is very common for VZW to saturate sporting event locations with additions microcells along with COWs, especially when they are doing 4g network testing in a new location.

          • Ah, but if your phone is in range of three towers simultaneously, then it’s quite an easy matter to triangulate your location.

        • Tim_Horton

          The irony is the guy I go to for seeing whats public in the Android world these days is surprised that VZW has their analytics dialed in so tight. heh. 

          If it makes you feel any better if you were an iphone owner they could have probably told you what seat you were in: http://www.dailywireless.org/2011/04/25/spotlight-mobiles-meridian-indoor-gps/

    • Scott

       I was thinking the same thing. 

    • John Davids

      Off-putting? Sure. Scary? No. We all elect to participate in being tracked by using these services. Its in the dozens upon dozens of pages of EULA / TOS agreements you sign before you can use their network and their phones. If anything, I applaud Verizon for doing that focused of testing. 

    • As I’ve said before.  They’re not explicitly tracking you, but you can be sure they know which devices are connected to which towers and keep track of that info.  And they can associate your account with your device, and then bam, they have your location.  Not a big deal unless they sell that information to third parties.

      • S_T_R

         Which, unless you specifically OPTED OUT, they assume the right to sell your information (in aggregated anonymized form) to third parties.

        They sent my the form letter with a URL for the opt out a week after I activated my account last December.

      • nobody72

        The fact that random people are looking at this data with such detail (enough detail to call you and ask about your experience at a certain location) implies that this data will likely leak in small buckets. What if the person in question was a well known celebrity or politician at a well known gossip spot (pick your favorite flavor – gay bar; prostitiute house; someones house; …) how long till the gossip starts flying…

        Anyways I’m fairly sure this is illegal as it would violate any sort of reasonable sense of privacy. It is one thing for there to be a legitimate issue (you call asking for support (for example)). Just a question of them calling someone that cares enough to test the legal waters.

        Having the data is understandable; but browsing through the data at this level is where (imho) they have crossed the line.

        Heck – how would you like it if your isp provider (comcast, verizon, pick your favorite) called you up and ask you about your experience visiting a particular website (yes every isp provider can track every website every customer visit if they wish).

  • They don’t call and ask me questions.  VZ hates the north east.  We never get anything!

    • Chuck

      that’s the truth!

    • CORYK333

      Cant speak for the other states, but it could be bc New Yorkers such as myself would tell ’em to f**k off pretty quickly

      • LionStone

        Hehe…yea I was thinking I’d f with them myself…”Naw man, I wasn’t at the game, what are you talking about!?”

  • I’ve received no such call but would love to talk to them.  It’s nice to know Verizon actually cares.

    • John

      You are a funny guy

      • Ok, they only care because they want to make more money, but they still care.

        • Fattie McDoogles

          lol Its better to have them care for the wrong reasons than not at all.

  • How did they know you were at a Blazers game?

    • Derek Stiles

      Location enabled.

      • jeremygoldstone

        I doubt it’s even that insidious. He was using the Rose Garden’s transmitter for four hours during the game. Odds are, the research was for 4G phones using 3G on that tower for 3 hours or so during the game. 

    • Fattie McDoogles

      Your phone pings the tower closest to your location. If your pinging the tower  by the arena for 3 hours during a game… its a good guess where you are.

    • Their towers were probably so accurate and triangulated in that area that he COULDN’T have been anywhere else.

  • yea they called me too. I thought it was just marketing so I hung up and blocked the number….oops