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Contest: Win a Limited Edition Droid Life T-Shirt! (Updated: Winner Picked)

We know that a few of you were unable to purchase a limited edition Droid Life t-shirt or hoodie since we only gave you a few days to jump on them, so to make up for it, we wanted to give one away this evening. There aren’t many left, so these last few are almost extra limited in a sense. Printed on American Apparel cotton, these are some of the better t-shirts you’ll put on your sculpted Android body. They are so soft, your nipples… never mind. Ready to win one? 

Update:  A winner has been picked!  Congrats to @daanmogot!

How to enter to win:

1.  Follow us on Twitter and Tweet the following message:

Damn, this is a hot Android shirt from @droid_life! – http://goo.gl/SxKqw #android

2.  Tomorrow morning around 10AM, we will pick the winner and notify them via DM.

Good luck!

  • 1bad69z28

      Congrats daanmogot  Hey Kellex if I wanted to buy a hoodie or T shirt can I still purchase one from you??

  • Sidney Sosin

    I would like to be the world’s oldest computer nerd/hoodie wearer.  In three months and five days I will be 88 years old.  I started with microcomputers in 1978 with a KIM-1 board from MOS Technology which had 1K of memory, input with machine code via a hexidecimal keyboard and output via six alphanumeric leds.

  • Paul

    The hoodie would be awesome. I’d rock it for sure.

  • Dc

    Ooooh, this would go well with my two new Galaxy Nexuses… Nexi?

  • I’m crossing my fingers in hopes that I win the hoodie…

  • Sentrisno Thendera

    I would love to win this ..

  • Higher_Ground

    Damn, I would love to win me a hot Android hoody from @droid_life!  – see what I did there? 🙂

    Seriously, I’d wear that thing even though it’s like 80 degrees outside right now!

  • htc1

    by the way, what is “DM”

  • WCDave

    Since everyone is under the assumption that them saying they want a hoodie will enter them in for a chance to win it, I’ll jump on the bandwagon:

    I would love a hoodie.

  • rhecht

    If I win this I will send in a picture of myself farting bear assed all over my brothers iPhone while wearing whatever you send me!

  • Kellex, let me get that hoodie, holmes! 

  • Scott

    I posted to Twitter but I’ll post here too b/c it won’t hurt if I win.  I’m moving up north in the summer and one of these will come in handy soon!

  • Vantucky

    Hey Kellen, I could save you some money on shipping!!! Pick me and I will pick it up.

  • If i win the hoodie, I’m donating it to CryoSteve!  If i ever find out who the hell he really is…

  • Awesome!!! 

  • znewman

    I would love a hoodie.  Thanks for all of the contests lately Kellex!

  • Ben

     Well I am following on Twitter but if I were to win… I would cut the sleeves off of it and rock it constantly at the gym. I’m sure it would help me push out that extra rep or two when I’m struggling.

  • Tweeted the message.. @jaydude28:twitter 

  • Hoping for the hoodie!!!

  • I realize too late that my children are my real treasure…

  • Benjamin Chow

    I would wear it @ work to make all the apple fanboy here jealous 🙂 and take a picture and post it everywhere I could

  • Michael Franz

    Can i please finally win something.  I need to nerd out at work and make everyone else jealous.

  • Just tweeted it…would be awesome to win!

  • Drewfus0929

    Winning anything would be fantastic. Shirt or hoodie!

  • Shaunwin

    I would proudly rock a DL shirt!!

  • Heroicmonkey714

    While we’re at it, why don’t we start making T-shirts/hoodies with the names of the Nexus Roms… Can you imagine how badass a GummyNex hoodie would be?

  • GT500_Grad

    Woot Woot For Hoodies! 

  • Underfundedmandate

    I rock the hoodie like Aqualung

  • Nkmett15

    Looking forward to a new shirt!!!

  • I’m a college kid and can’t afford clothes, lemme get one!

  • Non g rated article. Me gusta

  • That’s a sick shirt! But a hoodie would be nice because it finally feels like winter outside for once today! 

  • Twofourturbo

    Would love to we DL contests move over to Google+

  • Hoodies too!? /want

  • nightscout13

    Hoodies are good when you have to go shooting at night.

  • Christian Melendez

    A free Droid hoodie from Droid Life is in the top 5 of my bucket list.  Make it happen guys!

  • A hoodie would be sick. My current hoodie is falling apart and I need a new one any day now anyway.

  • ilovetechnology

    *sings* Yeeeees, I love technology, but noooooot as much as you, you see. Pleeeeease can I win that hoodie. Always and forever…

  • Calculatorwatch

    I want one! I’m a CS major so an android hoodie would actually get props from my classmates I bet. Already rocking the androidified nexus case so this would just make it better.

  • bobbymay1

    I would love one of these! Broke college kid, 🙁

  • Tweekex

    Wish I could have afforded a DL shirt/hoodie. Been following since January 2010, but as with most people times are tight right now.

  • Madelinedao

    Limited edition items are so cool!

  • I want one.. 🙂

  • I only wear hoodies…Always.

  • Zakrytyobrien94

    Its cold here 🙁 I need a hoodie:D

  • lungzb

    For some reason I don’t see my comment anymore! Either way again I’m a Big Guy so I’m gonna need that 3XL in that Hoodie or Tee if I Win! If you got any that big left you should pick me 🙂

  • lungzb

    Im a Big Guy…gonna need a 3XL In that hoodie if you got any left! Also in that Tee! Either way Count me in!!!!

  • burntcookie90

    Hoodies?! WHEREEEE

  • Hands crossed *Drum Rolls*

  • bffhusker

    I’d wear this at the office on casual Fridays around my @pple-lovin’ co-workers. Gag. ‘Course, they wouldn’t get it.

  • Jallen23

    My wife said she will show you her boobs if tou give me a hoody!!

    • 1bad69z28

       What else is your wife willing to do for a t shirt LOL   j/king man 🙂

  • Evo4emperor

    why not give away the sweatshirt instead ?!?! I love the sweatshirt > the shirt… i cant afford to buy on right now… Im a new father and im in escrow for a house = really tight budge!! 

  • Bluedevils0000

    Id love me some droid life gear. Im a large, want my address too?

  • jay

    Hoodie is even better than tshirt! But I’d love either.

  • MetalWych

    Sounds awesome…

  • Ror1997

    Well might as well say why i want a hoodie. Im 14, and of course everyone is an apple fanboy. (some kid has a Iphone 4, ipod touch, ipad 1&2 and i told him to get the nexus and he said he has to get the iphone 4s because its the lat thing apple made) But im the only one who sticks up for android at my school. I bring in my acer a500 and my galaxy nexus and proudly use them while other kids stare trying to do the same thing on thier iPhone 4s. See if i had a Droid-Life sweater i would wear it proudly everyday. And when the apple fanboys come over to annoy me by asking them what my high score on temple run is, ill simply ask them if their site for apple updates gives out free sweaters. 

    Lol thanks Droid-Life for doing these giveaways, im entering the twitter one now

    • zUFC

      give it to him ^^^^^^       I hate when the whole school is for one thing.

      Ror can show them what up with his new Sweat shirt.

      • 1bad69z28

         Ok, you had me till the zUFC said give it to him, this sounds like two friends trying to win a hoodie so they can share the same hoodie at school lmao!!!!!!! or sell it to the highest bidder at school, or some cheerleader has made a bet between the two. “First one that buys me a hoodie get a date ” 🙂

        • daisyville

          @ 1bad–Do you think they made the bet on a grassy knoll, too? LOL!

        • Ror1997

          I go to an all boys school. Dont exactly want to date a cheerleader from my school…
          And no i dont know zUFC

          • 1bad69z28

            LMAO!!!!!!!!!! Ror good to know that your not playing ball with your cheerleaders LOL

            @daisyville, No not a grassy noll LMAO man, you guys are bad 🙂

    • My parents never paid for my cell phone.  Now a 14 year old has a nexus and a a500.  What is the world coming to?

      • Higher_Ground

        seriously, not trying to hate, but @ 14 yrs old and has a gnex and a tablet?  Let someone a little less fortunate win a freebie 😛

  • Hard to imagine I went so long with my OG Droid before finding DROID!-Life

  • F1veO

    I would rock the hoodie in Minnesota!!! 

  • Danielseymour4

    I would love a hoodie to wear at high school. Everyone uses iCraps.

    • Ror1997

      Lmfao same, i tell them their phone is my app drawer

  • i bet that hoodie would keep my nipples and…well, never mind. hope to get something!

  • Krismith724


  • *crossing fingers*

  • A hoodie would be sweet, gotta have something to warm me up while I’m enjoying that ice cold Ice Cream Sandwich on my Galaxy Nexus.

  • Hoodies!! HAHA!

  • Dpowell.99

    I am cold, toss me a sweet D-L hoodie please! 🙂

  • I would love a hoodie! ‘Specially if it’s just lying around. They’re meant to be worn! By me. =]

  • smokeey

    I could use a hoody you know.

  • Geekout

    i would… but I don’t think i could tweet the word damn on my twitter 🙁

  • I like chocolate

  • Anthony Armando

    FREE SHIRT! ZOMGWTFBBQ!!!11!111!!!!111!!!

  • Give me one because you can hand deliver it and I will hand you a beer!

  • JoelMic

    I need one 🙂

  • Jason B.

    Pick me, pick me! I think I deserve something for all the info I have sent through emails on Verizon release dates.. 🙂 

  • Twittered! 

  • kixofmyg0t

    No Twitter sorry. :/ 

    Wait a second……does this shirt have a reinforced nipple area? I need that…..

  • LOL @ that post… My body is ready…. (for this shirt)

  • Jerrymen88

    All my supervisors have *phones and I have a android I would like to see their faces when they see me wear this shirt

  • Jared Tinari

    I honestly really want this shirt for one reason, to rub it in to all my friends with iPhones faces. The amount of crap I take from them is unbearable, they just don’t understand. I want/need to show DROID dominance even more! (crossing my fingers)

  • Scott M

    Me no twitter…
    Looking forward to a non-twitter contest for a change…

  • RashadGattis

     I am trying to win this shirt so I can wear it 2 weeks from today!

  • Steve

    Do I have to

  • I have sensitive nipples and love the look of the shirt so……
    My body is ready.

  • daisyville

    I’m holding out for something pink. A pink stylus would be cute!!! =D

  • Jacob121791

    Yo Kellex i am a poor college student and can’t afford to spend that much on clothes.  If you would be so gracious as to give me one I would where that thing freaking everywhere!!!!

    • If you’re a college student, it might benefit you to learn sooner rather than later that wear and where are different words.

      • Jacob121791

        Lol good point fine sir. I was typing fast so i could get to class Believe It or Not…..

  • Damn, I was just looking to buy one of these earlier today. Apparently you can’t buy them anymore. Would be awesome to win one. Or a hoodie.

  • You should give one to me. I would wear it at high school and rub it in all my iPhone friends faces. haha. 


  • tbaybe

    Can I plz win something?!

  • Michael Forte

    Give me some Droid Life swag, I beg of you!

  • <3 yew.

  • John

    freaking sweet!

  • Eric Payne

    I hate Twitter, but i would love to have one of those epic hoodies!!!

  • If you have an extra Verizon Galaxy Nexus lying around I’ll take that off your hands instead…just sayin’…

  • T Hall

    Please be my first win from Droid-Life!

  • 11knives

    I’ll have a T-Shirt and a Galaxy Tab… Thanks!

  • NorCalGuy

    I need the hoodie to go with my Andy v the world t shirt… the Andy on the dl design is mad and ready to take over the world just like the one on my T-shirt… the perfect way to start a conversation with an apple fan boy lol

  • QtDL

    How about you just give it to me? 🙂

  • subiedude85

    Those are some spiffy looking shirts, let’s the need in all of us make a fashion statement.

    • subiedude85


  • For those not on Twitter, don’t worry. We have a few hoodies lying around that we will try to give away as well, possibly in the comments. 😛

    •  Hoodies > T-Shirt. 🙂

      • waveGuide3e8

         I would rock a Droid-Life hoodie whenever I wasn’t at work if I had one. Especially a zip-up one.

        • TCStheSecond

          Id rock it at work.

          • pezjono

            Heck, I’d rock it to sleep if I won!

    • KidFlash1904

       Oh man I hope so cause I really wanted one of those hoodie 🙁

    • ooooooooooo I’d love a hoodie. Who designs your shirts? It would be sweet to maybe have a contest for more designs!

    • 1bad69z28

      Kellex if I should win a Droid Life Hoodie or T Shirt I promise to take a pic inside of the Apple store in downtown Palo Alto Ca lol 

      Home of the Apple fanboy nation 🙂

      • That would be great!

        • 1bad69z28

          LOL, I will promise to also take a pic wearing my Droid Life Hoodie or T Shirt at the Genius Bar in the Apple store while holding my Galaxy Nexus and showing the awesomeness of Android (In good taste) 🙂

    • Cmonnats23

       hoodies you can wear multiple days in a row 😀 id love a hoodie 😉

    • I would love a hoodie. Feel free to notice the little guy.  I am referring to myself here not some other little guy. LOL

      • 1bad69z28

         Lmao thanks for the clarification 🙂

    • I would like a hoodie! coolest design ever dealing with my favorite phone software and one of my most visited sites 🙂 plus I love ice cream sandwiches…. the real thing, too!

    • Xbjackel

      XL please

    •  Awesome! I bought the one from last year. Still lovin’ it xD

    •  You should make the contests’ FaceBook friendly too!