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Avira Comes to Android, Your Security Woes Have Been Answered

Have you lost your phone? Or even worse, has it been stolen? There’s plenty of security applications out there for these awful situations, but there’s a new player on the field and its name is Avira. This company is no stranger to security. Avira has been trusted in protecting business information and personal information for years now, so they aren’t just another newbie looking to get their start in the Android game.

The application has all the regular security fixings you might need and then some. It has a screamer in case you have lost your phone, a GPS tracking feature, ability to call the owner if the phone has the app installed, and even a battery tracker so you know how long you have until you phone dies. It could almost be the beginning of an awesome action movie. If you’re into being safe on your phone, then give it a try and let us know what you think.

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  • I still like SeekDroid, which lets you remotely locate and control your phone via both the Internet and SMS. It’s lightweight too.

    Anyone notice that Mobile Defense is back up and running now? They were one of the first on the block but went on a long hiatus while they were in beta…

  • Anonymous Coward

    Avast! is perfect. Not switching to anything else.

  • Not compatible with the Gnex…… Next 

  • Not compatible with my Rezound in the Market, but it would have been compatible with my old Droid X.  Hmmmm.

  • U-P-G-R-A-Y-E-D-D

    AHH this is NOT compatible with ICS. 

  • gougougou


  • sabrina D

    I had not used this but i personally use Comodo Mobile Security for my Android mobiles and it serves best 🙂 http://bit.ly/yGBVD9 

    • bad link!

      • sabrina D

         Can i know why its a bad link ??

  • tharealoc

    It’s nice because it’s free and doesn’t have the av built in like lookout. It seems to work well on the maxx but when the scream is activated, it can easily be turned down with the volume keys even when the screen is off. I do like it though because it located quickly and well. might be a keeper

  • grecko

    False Advertising…. Shows a picture of a g-nex in the ad, not compatible in store.

  • JSK

    Ill stick to Android Lost.

  • Vespadaddy

    Android market tells me the app is compatible with my ancient OG Droid, but not my Gnex.  What what?

  • Skennedy412

    Works for me on my 4g LG Voyager.

  • xxdesmus

    won’t install on 4.0.4 …wtf developers?

  • chepano

    i’ve always wondered how much these devs pay up for these posts…

  • boobooZilla

    Works great on rooted Tbolt.  Read some comments/reviews from people thinking this was anti-virus.  This is NOT anti-virus software.  It’s a locate, lock, remote wipe, application with a quick and easy web-based dashboard.  I like it so far.

  • richard melcher

    I use Cerberus, Its awesome sauce in a can. Has all these features and more except for the battery monitoring which is kinda really sweet. Only thing that sucks is each time I install a new rom I have to remember to enable the app once again, I wish there was a way to install the app to the bootloader or something so no matter what I could track it down. 

    • Cerberus does show battery life.

  • Csindelar

    Not compatible with stock Gnex!

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Installed and then uninstalled.. why? 27 second after registering, I get a notice via pop up and email “We would like to inform you that the Motorola Droid you registered on Friday, March 2, 2012 with Avira Android Security was removed from your account. The same device has been registered under a different account. If this is a mistake and you are still the owner of this device, please visit the Avira Android Security Forum for help with this matter.”… no thanks, screw you.

  • I only use lookout security. However, all I really need is the gps tracker.

    • waveGuide3e8

       Same here. If you are careful about what apps you install, then no need for Antivirus, just locating a lost phone.
      Now if this can perform the same functionality and use less RAM at the same time, I’m interested.

  • All I use is cerberus. I don’t need anti virus, works every time, and doesn’t rape performance. 

    • bjn714

      Plus being able to leave your phone in a room and make it say something out loud is pretty awesome too.  (And recording audio and taking pictures of the user, etc.)

  • Does not work for Galaxy Nexus

    • mustbepbs

      What doesn’t work for you? I just installed it and it works just fine. AOKP B27.

      • Tysoncrosby21

        how, just tried on AOKP B27 and no dice.

        • mustbepbs

          I sent it from the web market. Installed just fine.

          • Tatsuo

            Not me.  This item is not compatible with your device it says

          • mustbepbs

            Odd. It said from the web market that my device was compatible.

      • Thomas A. Swift

        Samsung Galaxy NexusThis item is not compatible with your device.

  • Michael_NM

    HTC prototype engineers are installing now.

  • SD_Scott

    Not compatible with G-Nex