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Video: Hands-on with TSF Shell Pro, An Amazing 3D Launcher for Android with a Massive Price Tag

tsf shell pro android

TSF Shell Pro is out and damn is it expensive. If you are looking for a completely new take on an Android UI, it may be worth it though. I’ve been using it for most of the day now and have to admit that I’m impressed. The abilities it has that allow you to customize, move, copy, and interact are like no other launcher or home replacement you have ever seen. And after seeing some of the widgets that have been included now, you get the feeling that this is only the beginning of something incredibly powerful. Themes are coming, extra features are already being worked on, and we can’t wait to see them all.

Again, the price hurts, but as long as the TSF team continues to provide updates and new widgets, you may want to consider it.  

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  • Krustee

    I thkn everyone is forgettig that the SPB mobiel shell was $15.00 and lacked customization.

  • Krustee

    For me the only disappointment out of the gate was the limited amount of things you can put in a folder. I am used to have all my games in a singel folder. Also the box piece is not there, just folder.

  • Willard Potter

    Seems like an interesting home replacement… reminds me a lot of Bump Top.. 

  • Android Addict

    If it ever shows up as the free app of the day on Amazon I’ll try it out.  That’s way too expensive for a home replacement to catch on.

  • DasBoots

    I have been following this launcher for quite a while. I agree that the price is a bit steep, but I bought it anyway and couldn’t be happier. I really hope they keep developing it and release more widgets and features. 

  • EvanTheGamer

    Wait a second…is that an AT&T phone? SERIOUSLY, Kellex? WTF?

  • Lane252

    Kellex whats this AT&T crap i see on that phone ??? u betraying the BIG RED

  • chris

    I just bought it. its awesome!! yes alittle pricey but works amazing!! 

  • Benjamin Mackie

    What I cant wait for is some good showoff threads of what people have made