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Team BAMF Releases Their First Galaxy Nexus ROM, History Tells Us This Will Likely Be Good

If you owned an HTC Thunderbolt at any point during the last year, rooted it, and tossed on a custom ROM, there is a good chance that it was one of Team BAMF’s. They basically took over that whole scene from the get-go and never let up. So now that they have finally released their first ROM for the Galaxy Nexus, you should probably think about giving it a look even if you have become attached to one of the other 2-dozen available.

In this ROM titled “Paradigm,” you will find an AOSP 4.0.3 base with some of 4.0.4 thrown in. They tossed out all of the “useless” tweaks and mods, but left you with enough to add to the stock experience. You will still find customizable quick controls, an LTE widget, custom clock, customizable lock screen apps, and many of the rest of the “must haves” in Nexus ROMS. Again, this should be a good one. 

Download:  ROM | Google Apps


Download the ROM and Google apps files to your phone. Reboot into recovery. Make a backup. Wipe data and cache. Flash the ROM. Flash Google apps. Enjoy.

Full support and additional details at this Team BAMF thread.

  • Blackcloudsilverado

    I have waited to put a from on my phone but this from had so many things I wanted. Let me tell you it is AWESOME!

  • Kevin Zukerman

    Anyone know what to do if this goes into the opening animation for over half an hour? I’ve had long loads on the first try with my old Captivate, but this seems too long by a lot.

    • Ghost

       Sounds like a boot loop to me.  I experienced the same thing when loading the AOKP Milestone 3 ROM.  To fix it I just rebooted back into recovery and wiped my data and dalvik cache, then while still in recovery I flashed the ROM again and it worked.  Sometimes a couple of wipes doesn’t hurt to make sure nothing isn’t hanging over that’s causing the hang.

      • dieringer scott

        The samething happened to me   But i cant get into recovery.   WHen i do the volume down and power to get into it.  I just get into fastboot with a start option..  HELP HELP HELP

        • Kruser411

          You have to do volume up and down at the same time and then it will allow you to toggle into recovery using the volume button.  In addition make sure you wipe when switching ROMS to avoid boot loop!

  • Wade Wilson

    Looks really good…but it’s a no go for me unless the hidden menu bar mod works. I’ve gotten too used to having a full 4.65′ of screen estate.

    • Kruser411

      Which ROM do you have?

  • akazerotime

    They had me at Boot Animation + sound file.  Now that is the hotness right there..

  • theineffablebob

    Why does my Galaxy Nexus keep losing data and how can I fix it?

  • Jason Purp

    I need to be able to hide my menu softkey. So unless that’s an option, I cannot use this.

  • Trevor Blain

    Just gave this an install, and while it does have some nice features, I have to say I am still partial to Gummy. gummy just seems to have more options to customize, and seems to run smoother as well. Nothing against BAMF intended. Nice first release though.

  • Bigwavedave25

    Kellex!  Nice touch on the animated gif.  It totally grabbed my attention from the main page.  I like it.

    Looking forward to giving this a shot, tried it on my old DINC for a short time.

    • CORYK333

      Noticed that too, pretty slick Kell

      • Bigwavedave25

        I just found out that the image was taken from the Team BAMF site forum page (follow the link at the end of the article)…

        Nevertheless…   Now, I can’t wait till we have .APNG (animated .png) image files for app icons on our desktops!!!  Might make things a little visually crazy, but would still be cool.

  • KMLN

    too many roms on gnex I tried out BAMF but I’m so use to  AOKP i just flashed to AOKP 27 with IMO latest kernal it has the bet battery performance for me so i’m sticking with that.  this rom was great and I did notice some things being quicker in the UI

  • ddevito

    Running 4.0.4 – it runs so well I will wait for a 4.0.4 based ROM. 

    • Delatechoe

      As soon as the 404 source drops you can bet that team bamf will be basing it off of the new code (especially since 404 fixed a pretty serious android.core bug)

    • snowblind64

      Same here. 4.0.4 brings bug fixes and enhancements to the G-Nex. Camera, radio, and browsers are so much better and faster just to name a couple of the many improvements.

      • Dshudson

        Yeah ok.. radio is no different.. please 


    To be honest, I have unlocked my phone. Haven’t tossed a rom on yet and I haven’t seen a need to yet. if there was a rom making the camera better I would be on it fast, alas, that’s not possible. once the phone starts acting dated…at that point, I will flash a ROM or 3. The way I see it, as of now all roms are trying to duplicate what I already have. What I have is working fine, for now. Just my 2 cents

  • jjrudey

    Just flashed it. Pretty awesome

  • ddevito

    LISTEN UP GOOGLE WALLET USERS (especially those with the Secure_Element issue)

    An update of Gwallet in the Market is on the way very shortly

  • m0derator

    Hmmm… Their host seems… Odd… 

    • Adrynalyne

      Really, bro?  Do we offer browsing capabilities, folder support or anything else goo-inside.me does?  Its a file host.  It offers an md5.  Ohnoes.  I will talk to the owner of the host to change the words so as to not offend your delicate senses.

      • CORYK333

        Come on dude, you’re forgetting that this is the droid life comment section A.K.A the most fickle & easily butt-hurt community around. Thanks for your hard work Adryn, dont mind the circus clowns.

    • Adrynalyne

      I talked with the guy who takes care of our hosting.  This isn’t even our host.  So…you are gonna have to find somewhere else to poke at us :p

  • Skyskioc

    AOKP With Black Ice Themes ! FTW

  • I wasn’t a fan. The settings icon in the notification window switched between toggles and notifications, but wouldn’t take me to settings. I thought this was dumb.

    Really cool start up animation and sound. I liked the notification toggles.

    In the end though, I went back to AOKP.

    • if you used aokp then you know that you have to press and hold the settings icon to bring you to the settings. /facepalm

      • Evan Knofsky

        Which you can change around lol. /facepalm

      • This point is irrelevant because you can’t even long press on BAMF. 

        But yeah, what Evan said. I just switched the settings so that the toggles are persistent and a quick press opens settings.

  • Havoc70

    Team Bamf FTW……………….. (AGAIN!)

  • MKader17

    What about soft key mods?

  • rocketdaddy

    Been waiting for the perfect ROM.  I like stock so well that I haven’t been willing to get a few new features at the risk of losing others that aren’t functional in the custom ROM (yet).  Is this ROM one for me to try?  If not, which one is?

    • AOKP. Seriously the best. 

      BAMF is nice, too, but I like AOKP better.

    • Tweekex

      As for as performance goes, Codename Android has been best for my phone coupled with Franco’s Kernal. Tried AOKP but it severely lacked in performance.. May have to give this a shot though!

      • kidtronic

        Plus the battery life is incredible. I tried out AOKP for a week but ended up going back to Codename Android and the switch was refreshing to say the least. The customizations just make more sense. 

  • Rmclardy

    Just waiting on the Marugo version now … cant wait to try.

    • Adrynalyne

      Email me at me at gmail dot com and I will get you into the beta test.

  • droid209

    a dumb question here: do you have to download google apps for each rom separately?

    • nope. They all work. I flashed the gapps I got for AOKP onto Bugless and Gummy and it worked fine.

    • EC8CH

      Android itself is open source, Google apps are not.

      There was a big do to years back when Google sent Cyanogen a cease and desist order for included google apps in his custom android roms, so now you just download and install them separately.

      *edit* whoops, think I read your question wrong 😛

    • D3fault121

      Yes. Sometimes the devs will modify the apps to work with certain features in their rom. Other peoples gapps might work but you may have tons of force closures.

      • droid209

          thanks for all the replies.  i guess, to be safe, just download the gapps with the rom.

      • CORYK333

        You down with O.P.G.??? Yea, you know me!

        • Andrew Davis

          I’m just happy there’s another Arsenal fan on here. How did you like that 5pur2 game on Sunday?

    • http://wiki.rootzwiki.com/Google_Apps  This RootzWiki page should answer all of your questions.

      • droid209

         thanks for the link, and i should flash the correct version because:

        Flashing an incompatible package may cause a variety of bugs,
        boot-loops, crashes, force-closes, kernel panics, plagues, rashes,
        coughing, sneezing, headaches, diarrhea, vomiting blood, blood dripping
        from scrotum, thermonuclear war, unending Tic-Tac-Toe games, Mayan
        Doomsday, flooding, purple pustules forming on the face, a bricked
        device, exploding batteries, or nothing at all. Regardless, it is not
        recommended, and support will not be provided by any competent developer
        to a user who has done so.

    • Deltaechoe

      Team Bamf compiled their own set of gapps for this rom, so I would recommend that you use theirs

      • Deltaechoe

        That is assuming you are going to use paradigm ofc

  • Derek Duncan

    Verizon Nexus only?

  • Teng247

    saw this last night… although it is currently 2 in a line of roms to flash.  Currently on AOKP B26 w/ Trinity Kernal and loving it.  I have Gummynex next once im bored of AOKP, then BAMF.  Although i hear alot of good things about BAMF

  • I saw this posted last night over at rootzwiki or xda I don’t remember now haha. Having never had a thunderbolt I had never heard of them, but the rom sounded intriguing.

    After seeing they’ve been around I may have to actually check it out.

  • Aardvark99

    Owning a Nexus phone is like a full-time job…

    • MudRacer

      It is! I find myself putting things back to normal more than I use the phone.

      • PC_Tool


        Damn…it just gets better and better!   😛

    • sc0rch3d

      hell to tha yes….

      as a side note…i was ROFL when i got a text message via google voice which so happened to go off on my Droid2 (cm7), Nex (cm9), HP TP (cm9), and Chrome browser all at the same time.


    • For some; however, I will try this since they made my Thunderbolt great, however, I have GummyNex, it works perfectly, and I have grown tired of flashing and setting things up, since I have so much S*^$ on my phone.  GummyNex has made my phone boring, since there is nothing to look forward when everything works. 

    • Mattyb1085