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Reminder: Verizon Leap Day Sale Happening Now, Save $100 on the RAZR MAXX and Galaxy Nexus

You probably all received the email reminder, but in case you didn’t, we wanted to make sure you saw it. Verizon’s Leap Day sale is live and can save you $100 off of any 4G LTE smartphone. The $299 Galaxy Nexus and RAZR MAXX can be had for as little as $199. You will find the Bionic for free and the DROID 4 and regular RAZR for $99. Not a bad day for a smartphone purchase.


  • N8shon

    I ordered the Razr Maxx today for 150 off, 100 off for leap day, 50 off for NE2, total price 149.99 plus tax. Nice. I need the battery life and I enjoyed the regular Razr when I had for a couple weeks around Christmas time. I returned it because I needed more life out of the battery being the heavy user that I am. I think I’ll be happy with the Maxx’s 3300 mAh beast. I considered the Nexus, but I need a louder speaker phone than the Nexus offers, and I am more impressed with the build quality on the Razr side. I also think the camera is better for what I do with it. I have nothing against the Nexus and I’m not a fanboy of any particular manufacturer, but I’m gonna try this Maxx out and see what happens. 

  • Buniteer

    after quite a few hours of pondering between buying the nexus or razr maxx i finally decided to go with the nexus…. lets see if Android 4.0 beats longer batter life

    • N8shon

      I did the opposite. Let’s see what we think! I’m not loyal to any manufacturer at all so let’s see if we both end up happy. Both phones are the best choices on VZW right now. Nice choice!

  • Just upgraded to the Nexus with overnight shipping for $227, heck yea, couldn’t pass it up. Will be my first venture in the Android world without a physical keyboard, I hope I like it, was definitely tempted on pulling the trigger for a D4, but I have a bad feeling on the screen, and I want smooth ICS right now. I’m not that concerned about the lack of SD card slot, because I don’t use that much storage, I still have space left on my 16gb card in my OG. Hopefully the camera is good enough for the few pics I take here and there. 

    • gian

      im on the edge right now between the two because ive always had a keyboard, but nexus looks so good

  • Matt Pethel

    My wife surprised me yesterday with buying a RAZR upgrade. She got one for herself as well. Store was out of stock, so they had to ship them to us. I see this sale today, had my wife call them up and tell them that if we had known about the sale, we would have waited to buy them today. Customer support credited our account with $200 as they do a price match up to 14 days within purchase date.  Score! 

  • I just talked to Verizon, guy said that my region has a $100 off of upgrades to 4g smartphones going on right now anyway until may, so if I wait till my new every 2 discount on the 15th of march, I can get $150 off of a Gnex, so yea, I can wait 2 more weeks

    •  Same thing heard when I called.  I live in San Antonio.  My upgrade is the same date but I’m going to a store right after work and picking up my Nexus.  Just sold my DX without knowing I needed to have another phone lined up to take it’s place.  $150 bucks off is dope  and good news for my wife’s renewal on the 15th.

  • I just talked to Verizon, guy said that my region has a $100 off of upgrades to 4g smartphones going on right now anyway until may, so if I wait till my new every 2 discount on the 15th of march, I can get $150 off of a Gnex, so yea, I can wait 2 more weeks

    • Falcon825

       what region are you in

  • SteveP

    Such BS.  My upgrade is in 2 weeks, so I called CS to ask if it could be moved up to today.  The person was more than happy to do a manager forced upgrade but they would not match the online price.  C;mon!  Same company!  What difference does it make if I call or order online?

  • was anyone able to use their “loyalty” discount with this?

  • Would it be possible to get the phone free today if I were to trade-in my Droid Razr for the MAXX (Motorola’s twitter page tweeted a trade-in deal. See below)? According to the website, the Droid Razr nets a $230 trade-in value.


    • Nevermind. After further researching, the trade-in deal is only for Motorola, not a Verizon tie-in. My bad!


    I called 800.922.0204.  wifes upgrade was at end of march.  i had to forward email i received and was given the discount.


    I called and they said it was regional (my region).  they allowed me to upgrade a phone a month earlier than i was supposed to (3.30).  No extra fees, just a nice upgrade with $100 off!  I asked about the other deal posted a few days ago, lady had no idea.
    My experience, if you are super polite to them, they will (in most cases) try to help you out without being dickish.  Thanks to vzw, i upgraded my wifes phone and might get some nookie!

  • JesseA

    My upgrade date is Saturday, 3/3/12, but when I called Verizon they agreed to let me upgrade today so that I could buy the Nexus at the Leap Day price.  The customer service rep told me that I would have to pay some sort of $20 penalty, but when he placed the order he said that his computer did not charge me that extra $20.

  • R3B3L

     And like always Verizon customer service is trying to bend me over telling me I don’t qualify for this phone and it is only for new customers or lines.  Sigh…new 2 year extension should make this qualify.  Getting sick of them always telling me I’m eligible for a promo and then afterwards telling me I’m not.

    • Mike McCrary

      You can order it right on their website, it’s for both new and existing customers with upgrades available. Don’t know what the problem is.

  • Nukeboyt

    Am I missing something.  I had two phones eligible for update and got a Rezound last week for $99.  With today’s “special price” a Rezound (for the other line) is $99

    • BlueLetter

       the Rezound promotion ended yesterday, at least thats what the Verizon guy in the BJ’s told me

  • CeluGeek

     So if you sign up for service now, does your contract end on February 29, 2020? :p

    • r0lct

      Oh boy, just got two people to upgrade today, they are going to be pissed. 😛

  • hfoster52

    If you have bought your phone and are within the 14 day return window they will price match.  I just did this for my wife’s Droid 4.

  • Uncle Paul Hargiss

    NOT ONLINE ONLY – I just ordered my wifes Gnex from telesales this morning and had it billed to my account. 

  • r0lct

    For all you soon to be new Nexus owners Amazon has the extended battery for $28.88


    • Uncle Paul Hargiss

      Verizon Still has the extended battery for $25. Just ordered it with the gnex this morning via telesales. 

    • Bobby B 187

       What does the REGULAR battery get?
      What does the extended get?

      • r0lct

        With the half off deal the price difference between extended and regular is $5.  For me it buys around an hour to hour and a half.  

  • Boooo.this is an online only special. I just stopped by VZW store and they had no idea a sale was going on. Called VZW they told me I had to of purchased the phone online to get $100 back.

    • Uncle Paul Hargiss

      How Many times DO I HAVE TO SAY IT??? NOT ONLINE ONLY!! I just ordered my wifes gnex this morning via telesales and billed it to my account. God… 

  • LegalAmerican

    So I selected overnight shipping for the Maxx.  Will I actually get it tomorrow?  Cause on the first page it said “Will Ship By March 3rd”

    • Ben

      It will overnight to you when it is available.
      Edit: So it will ship by march 3rd normally with 2 day shipping you’d get it on March 5th (depending on weekends etc). Overnight will get it to you by March 4th.

      • WishingIhadanewphone

        It’s not shipping until 3/12 now..

    • Uncle Paul Hargiss

      idk, Telesales promised me my wifes gnex will arrive on friday.. perhaps they are out of stock on the maxx?


      razr was backordered (mine was shipping tomorrow instead of today)

  • htc thunderbolt

    so tempted to get the gnex right now but there’s so many new phones coming out this year what do you guys think i should do!!! 

    • LegalAmerican

      Honestly, the Quad Core will be cool but I just see it being optimized for tablets more so than phones.  I was going to wait on the RAZR Maxx but I honestly don’t think Quad Core will be THAT much better than Dual Core for what I use a smartphone to do

    • what ever you buy it will be old in 4 months…so I’m confused too

    • r0lct

      Guessing from previous phones it’ll likely be 3 – 6 months before most of those show up on Verizon.  If they can’t brand it Droid they don’t seem to be in a rush to get it.
      Do you want to keep using your existing phone for that long? 

      • htc thunderbolt

        i don’t mind the phone i have right now. i do really want to wait for a quad core phone, eh i might as well just wait…. haha i’m sure the price for the gnex will go down to 199 again once verizon starts getting the newer phones this year.

        • r0lct

          IMO if your phone is treating you well and the rom/dev support for the GNex doesn’t interest you enough to pull the trigger then you’re better off waiting.


      Gnexus bro

  • jaworski

    Just upgraded 2 lines… one is out of contract and the other is 15 days before contract 🙂

  • taxman

    I had to pay 299 for my nexus (upgrade from X). the CSR said the promo was only for customers who did not previously have a data plan. Anyone verify this? I want my $100 back, just want to know I won’t be wasting my time.

    • millzbury

      CSR is wrong. I ordered G Nex for $199. Currently have data plan and rocking D. Inc.

      • taxman

        thanks. I called. they cancelled order and said I could do it online to get the $100 off. I tried. Now I can’t select the droid x the upgrade. IT says it needs to be activated. Why can’t this crap just work? I guess I’ll call again.

        • millzbury

          Weird. But definitely call them back. Good luck!

  • Rbc1206

    Got the Rezound for free.

    • Digellon

      How, showing 99 for me

    • Kmerrill001

       how did you get the rezound for free?

      • Rbc1206

        Online chatted w/Rep from Verizon at Midnight, they had mentioned that the Rezound should be showing up as Free. Contacted Supervisor in Customer Service, who honored the chat receipt. Upon speaking w/the Supervisor, it should be noted that the price really is $99, but because the online rep offered it to me for free, they waived the fee, and it ended up being free for me.

        • r0lct

          This is my experience as well in regards to them honoring mistakes.  Just have them go back to the chat log or recorded call and they always honor it.

  • sillyrabbittricks4kids

      No sorrow for those who pay regular prices for soon to be reduced once fell for the Bionic now I watch where I step

    • Yes, I learned where to step too, as I also made that same mistake, and while I dont have any complaints about the phone I just wish it wasn’t forgotten about within a month. 

  • Just ordered my Nexus. Had it overnighted.. this will be the longest 24hrs ever!

     Good bye shattered Bionic. 

    • How much for the shattered Bionic!?

  • Dannygberg

    I bought my Maxx on launch day for $299.  Any chance I could get the $100 price difference refunded?

    • probably not, because its only within the 14 period.. but you could call them and try. 

    • Ben

       Won’t work. Like Erica stated it has to be within the 14 day WFG return period.

  • fallenshell

    yeah… it’s a shame that to upgrade to either device via the website it insists i give up my current unlimited plan and pick up one of the new “data” plans

    • NikGRTW

      Except you dont… Just upgraded to the Maxx and kept my unlimited.

      • fallenshell

        how did it not force you? Every time I try to either the maxx or gnex it says i have to choose a new plan (I have a really old unlimited data plan).

        • AranelAlasse

           I got a cell phone at best buy, once, and they messed up my data plan (new employee) when I got an upgrade.  i went to a verizon store, and they said to call customer service.  the lady on the phone was really easy-going and set my entire plan back to how it was before best buy messed it up.  so don’t worry too much.  you can probably get your unlimited data back, if you call in.

          • Ben

            When that happens the CSR can submit an ‘Inactive Pricing Request’ to try and get the old feature back on your account. People run into that issue a lot when they are waiting on their replacement phone to come in and activate say a “basic phone” in the meantime. They lose their unlimited data. Inactive pricing USUALLY fixes that issue.

        • If you are on the unlimited plan now it will have the “unlimited plan”  selected for you to just click “next” on.  The apparently note if you are 3G or 4G by the plan, but the data/rate remain the same (unlimited).

        • Kal5el

          The option you want is Unlimited Web and Email for Smartphones, not one of the data packages. Should be on the far left

          • fallenshell

            I’ll have to go back and check

          • Ben

             Odds are you are referring to an old Alltel unlimited data plan. You may have to change to one of the newer plans.

        • Ron Perlman’s Jaw

          My option to keep Unlimited Data was selected by default (in a blue box to the left).  I almost overlooked it since I was expecting to have to select my data plan.  Maybe you overlooked it also?

    • evltwn

      That applies only if you are adding another line, otherwise you will be able to keep your unlimited plan.

  • Shannon Hoff

     The earliest upgrade on our account is in April but I really wish I could take advantage of this to ditch the thunderbolt for the nexus.  Why do these things always happen when I can’t take advantage of them.

    • If you call up VZW and complain enough about how awful the Thunderbolt is, it’s probably close enough that you can find someone to give you an early upgrade.

      •  I did this when i had an LG Dare to get a Droid 1.   Complain enough and they’ll give you what you want.

        • Yep, I did the same thing going from an LG Voyager to a Droid X. Sometimes you have to hang up, call back and get someone else.

    • naterecording

      As quiklives said, it’s definitely worth a shot.  I would think that they’d much rather keep you for another couple of years and sell you a new phone than quibble over a couple months.

    • r0lct

      Call and try, my brother did the same thing.  They told him that offer was only good for online orders but then got the manager involved.  He wound up with an early upgrade (he wasn’t eligible for another month or two) and $50 off instead of $100.  Not bad.

  • Kal5el

    I went to a Verizon corporate store this morning to buy a Nexus and was told the deal was online only, so I ordered it.  Be here tomorrow.  Just letting you all know it’s online only, not sure if it said on the deal page.

    • naterecording

      Woah, is it overnight shipping?  That would be great!

      • 2 day shipping, overnight is $12.99

        • Ron Perlman’s Jaw

          If you live close enough to their distribution center, as I do, FREE 2 day shipping will get there the next day as long as the order is processed by 3pm. 

      • Kal5el

        I paid 12.99 for overnight.  I saved a 100, I figure it’s a net gain.  And I’m impatient, my OG feels so slow these days.  Need 4G…

        • naterecording

          Yeah, $13 isn’t bad at all.  Good to know.

        • I just ordered and overnight shipping was free for me. 

  • huskerhog

    Verizon also has the car mount for the RAZR MAXX in stock today, on sale for $39.99. 

    • picaso86

       Do you have the link for this? I cant find it online…

      • HuskerHog

        I got a call from a Verizon rep who told me last week she would call me when they were in stock.  I would call Verizon.  I also got a 25% employee discount which made it $29.99.

  • Curren$y

    Purchased the nexus 5 days ago today, called up Verizon just now and they gave me the price match guarantee, credited my account the $100 and I’m a happy camper 😀

    This promotion does work for upgrades.

    • LiterofCola


    • naterecording

      Did you purchase your Gnex for the full $299 before getting the discount?

      • Curren$y


    • travis

      I just did the same thing!  Upgraded Saturday for $299, called them up and they credited my account for the $100!  Just made my day DroidLife!!

  • Thanks.  My OG Droid won’t be worth quite as much

  • Worth a shot.  Thing is i’m past due until tomorrow so I feel like I may be pushing it 🙁

    • naterecording

      Meh, the salespeople probably don’t care, they just want to sell you a shiny new phone!

  • It would be 250 fro me w/out the promo.  Do I not get the extra 50 if I use that?

    • naterecording

      I asked them the same question.  As I expected, they said you can only use one promo at a time.  You do still get double data, however.  

      Try asking in the chat and see if VZW tells you anything differently.

  • Shnyda

    The Razr Maxx is freaking sweet, ICS or not Moto is going in the right direction

    • picaso86

       I just bought it 🙂 I cant wait to install the ICS ROM.

      • nicotinic

        *This DOES work for upgrades I tried with the Rezound and the Nexus. I’m eligible for a discounted upgrade and the price reflects this deal. *

        You won’t see the reduced price til you accept the plan and review your order.

    • N8shon

      Just ordered one. How do you like it? 

  • ItchyEyeball

    oh how I wish I had an upgrade…I should of had one but my wonderful mother took it for a schmiphone…

  • R3B3L

    I am debating getting the Galaxy Nexus, but knowing that all the newer better phones will start showing up in spring, should I get this or should I wait?  My Droid X is still doing me well, but been wanting a 4G phone for a while.

    • Get it.. knowing Verizon the newer better phones won’t be here till fall. I came from a droid x and love every minute of it. I love it even more after rooting. The reception may not be as good as that of the X, but hey no phone is perfect. 

      Or get the RAZR. It’s pretty awesome too and you can’t beat 99 bucks.

      • Bobby B 187

         I am coming from an “X” too that is rooted.  Love it.  I just bought the NEXUS (for me) and the RAZR (for WIFE)

    • naterecording

      I’m in the same boat.  I did notice that used DX’es are going on eBay for $100+, so it’s worth considering that you could make even more back toward the cost of the Nexus.

      • Bobby B 187

         I am listing mine on eBay ASAP and getting the Nexus.

        • CORYK333

          Try listing it on swappa, love that site

    • AlexKCMO

      Man, I’m in the same exact boat, except I’m thinking the Rezound (free phone for buying a $100 pair of headphones :P). 

      I’m trying to tell myself, that unless you buy the phone the day it comes out, it will be overshadowed as the flagship within 3 – 4 months. 

      The SGSIII looks incredible, and I’m actually interested in the PadPhone, but by the time those are released, we’ll hear about a 4G radio that consumes 1% of a battery during a full day of idle, has a 5″ 1080p SuperAMOLED screen wall-to-wall, has an octa-core processor, does your laundry, dishes, windows, and picks up women (or men) for you based on advanced Google searches.

      The waiting game is just an endless cycle because the biggest and best is always around the corner on a spec sheet somewhere.  I keep telling myself I won’t be any happier if I buy later or buy now. 

      • naterecording

        Right, exactly.  It’s always hard to tell if you’re getting that “perfect” phone at any point in time, because there’s always something better coming out.  My justificaiton behind the Nexus is that it has a great screen and ICS, so I’m always guaranteed to be the first in terms of software updates.
        I think that processor speed is a moot point because it makes only a minor difference in comparison to the efficiency of the OS, IMO.

        My biggest desires above my DX are the slowness of the camera and wanting a little larger screen (and 4G will be nice, too), so the Gnex addresses all of those things.

        • AlexKCMO

          I like the G-Nex with 2 exceptions.

          1) Camera (at least compared to the Rezound)
          2) Build Quality

          While the G-Nex will be first for all the ICS updates, it won’t necessarily be first for JB and beyond updates.  If I remember correctly, the Nexus S still doesn’t have a stable ICS build officially, and CM9 is not really around the corner for it yet either. 

          Because of this, I think the Rezound is the better buy because once CM9 is official on it, it will be updated just as much as the G-Nex.

          Just my opinion though.

          • naterecording

            Keep in mind that megapixel count doesn’t alway equate to better images.  Granted, I haven’t look at side-by-side comparisons, so it could very well be that the Rezound takes better pics.  I typically use phone pics for posting online anyway, so I generally find the extra megapixels kind of useless.

            As far as build quality, I must admit that I was a bit disappointed with the Gnex, especially next to the Razr and Rezound.  My mind changed a little when I got to handle one that was housed in a thin case.  It still felt hefty enough but also made me confident that it would be very tough to drop and break.

            Of course, we’ll all have our opinions on these things, and the Rezound looks like a great phone, as well.

    • Nexus phones hold their own longer than other phones, in terms of updates. 

      There’s always going to be something newer coming out…I went from a Droid X to a GNex, and it feels like a huge upgrade to me. YMMV, of course, but that’s what the return policy is for. 🙂

    • r0lct

      Unless you stream/tether a lot don’t buy for 4G or I have a feeling you’ll be disappointed when the new phones come out.  However if you really want new hardware/software then pull the trigger.

  • 1bad69z28

    I just recieved an email this morning from VZW about this promotion  I’ll pass lol

  • dsnotgood

    Going to wait for the note

    • Djyosnow

      Ditto ?journal?