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App Developers Take Note – Official Ice Cream Sandwich Stencils are Available Thanks to the Design Team

When Ice Cream Sandwich arrived, not only did it introduce a bunch of new and exciting features, but the Android team also brought us a new UI. And with that UI came a new style, which means new stencils for app developers to update their apps with. Since updating apps to be ICS-compatible is the topic at hand for a number of devs these days, the release of the ICS stencils should make you incredibly happy. Now, get to updating!

Via:  Android Developers Blog [Downloads]

  • So I’m confused, and I posted this question on Matias’ G+ post too.  Does the software SDK not provide standard widgets that would use these images.  Don’t tell me a dev has to create their own widgets and explicitly use these images.  That seems really bad and would definitely lead to Android not having a cohesive look to it across all 3rd party apps.

    • Faaborg

      Android has standard widgets, the stencils are just for creating mockups.  Like playing around with different ideas in a blueprint before you start construction.

  • tupian87
  • Barock Oboma

    ICS on T-Bolt now plzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • patapongirl

    This makes me really appreciate the design of ICS – it’s so elegant yet so simple and straightforward. 

  • Michael Forte

    Too bad a lot of apps are just bad iPhone ports…that annoys me so much.

    • Ummmmmmmmmmm, what?

      • Michael Forte

        I notice some apps will have those iPhone like buttons, or tabs on the bottom. Or even a back button when all Android phones already have them.

        • Those must be crappy apps you’re using, there are many great Android exclusive apps, Go Launcher, quick settings, beautiful widgets, etc

          • velocipedes

            He’s talking about actual applications, not just tools and widgets, i.e. Words with Friends. It looks like a hideous iOS application, didn’t use the Android menu button, and keeps the ugly iOS buttons.

          • Oh I see, well I don’t use that game and I don’t currently have ANY apps, widgets, tools, or games on my phone that are crappy iOs ports.

    • David Henry

      I agree. Super irritating. You can spot it as soon as you see a back button in the top left corner

    • ddevito

      1000% agree. But that’s also in part of laziness because it was written for iOS first.

  • Michael_NM

    Isn’t it about time for a new Droid Life “stencil?”

    • sc4fpse

      Isn’t it just time to redo the Droid Life app period? It’s downright awful. 🙁

      • Gwalker5

        I hate to say it, but the droid-life app is no help what so ever.
         I just launch the bookmark on my home screen and go to your site.

        • The app is pretty horrible, but I can’t even go to the site, even on wifi the desktop droid-life site takes FOREVER to load and is way slow.  The mobile site is pretty awful too, just a standard wordpress mobile plugin, which is fine I suppose, but I wish it was better.  The Verge has a truly awesome mobile site.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    As a graphics guy, I snatched them up to have in misc web projects

  • ddevito

    YES – FINALLY!!!

    Next step is for Google to make their own IDE and get rid of Eclipse once and for all.

    Imagine, a (real) full blown cloud based IDE.

    • GQGK

      eww… I would hate Google making an ide. let them stick to what they’re good at. Have you never programmed before or what?

      • ddevito

        They’re good at software, so yes I want an IDE. And I code all day, every day, at work and at home. I hate eclipse. I hate its built-in layout editor 100x more. 

        I hate Apple, but XCode is far and away the best IDE I’ve ever used, particularly Interface Builder, which is now completely built into XCode. And for what it’s worth, it shows. iOS apps are better designed and better looking, and that’s not a coincidence – and it’s not just because Apple has to approve them.

        Eclipse sucks. NetBeans is even worse. Eclipse always throws phantom errors, particularly when starting a project. It’s annoying, and it’s got to go. 

    • KevinC

      cloud based? um, no.

  • KleenDroid


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