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Tuesday Poll: Who Do You Want to Make the Next Nexus?

A lot of the talk this week coming out of Barcelona has been over who the next Nexus manufacturer will be. LG was the first to come out and make their public bid, but HTC wasn’t far behind, reminding the industry that Google has yet to make a decision. Samsung and Motorola have been quiet, but with Sammie receiving the nod the last two years, it would surprise us to see them get a 3rd consecutive shot. Motorola on the other hand is owned by Google now, so seeing them receive the first one post-merger would surprise us, however, you just never know with the way they have been talking.

Whoever does make this phone though, will be get Android 5.0 early and possibly create the next greatest phone ever. With the tech that was on display at MWC  from LG and HTC this week, you have to be excited about the 2012 Nexus.

Who Do You Want to Make the Next Nexus?

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  • angermeans

    I must say I’m shocked that all the people here still have an obsession with Motorola. I would have to say that is the least company I want to get the Nexus line (I like corners on my phones and devices and I also want a good screen). I hope HTC gets another or just keep giving it to Samsung, but lets see a quad core Exynos in the next one.

  • I say YES to Motorola as long as they have an unlocked bootloader!

  • i really hate moto phones.. Hopefully google changes some crap and it all gets better, but as it stands right now, if it was a moto phone, i would have to pass.

  • Interstellarmind

    Also: HTC’s been doing great work unlocking boot loaders and giving customers what they want. Samsung has run the well dry on the nexus- time for something new.

  • kixofmyg0t

    I cannot believe Motorola is in the lead on this…….are the “G-Nex” owners asleep or something?

    Ive watched for over a year as this place has turned into a Moto-hate battle ground and everyone gobbles Samsung’s dick. 

  • Interstellarmind

    Obviously, the majority of you need to get over Moto. The OG Droid was the only good thing they did. HTC all the way! (Great chips, great cameras, and sound thanks to beats)

    • Azndan4

      Anything is better than Motorola.

  • Fawzi94

    Moto build, sound and radio, with a Samsung design and screen + stock android = biggest win ever.

  • Want googorola to make it. Unlocked bootloader, stock android os, on that crazy good moto hardware. It’s like the OG Droid all over again. I got it, they can call it the Droid Nexus. It’s like Galaxy Nexus but less horrible Samsung and more epic og droid style motorola.

  • HTC G1 as the first Google Phone have totally fail product and Google get struggle. 2 unit Samsung with Nexus name also have fail product. I have Motorola Razr, Motorola Droid Razr, Samsung Galaxy S2 and Samsung Galaxy Note. The screen of Motorola Razr and Motorola Droid Razr more awesome than Samsung Galaxy S2 and Samsung Galaxy Note. I hope Motorola will release Motorola Nexus X or have name Motorola Nexus Razr.

    • Azndan4

      You are retarded.

    • mustbepbs

      Not sure if serious? RAZR display vs Galaxy Note? That’s even more ridiculous [email protected]:disqus ‘s comment.

      • RagingBull

        Watch your mouth, nothign I’ve said is as rediculous as anything you’ve said.

  • Yvestr


  • Mr.Pinky

    Whoever does make this phone though, will be get Android 5.0 early
    >phone though, will be get android 5.0
    >will be get android 5.0
    >will be get

  • Motorola!

    j/k, lol

  • Jonathan V Ly

    It will be Samsung. They have proven in the Nexus line and the SII line that they know what the Nexus enthusiast wants. Maybe HTC has a chance, especially with the work they have been doing with the HTC dev website for unlocking boot loaders.

    Motorola will and should not get a Nexus opportunity. HTC and Samsung have both made their skins but Samsung is the only one that has not locked a bootloader.

    Motorola has shifted blame to everyone except itself. HTC has retroactively unlocked TONS of boot loaders for their phones, and while its not the openness of a Nexus, its better than what Motorola has done. Unlocked my gf’s incredible 2 and guess what? Its on Verizon, which Motorola had said before that they were preventing them from doing it.

    Also, there is the Nexus line too, which should be the model.

    • guest

      Its funny that some of you think getting to build the Nexus is some kind of great great honor. Like google flies you out to a 5 star hotel and hooks you up with a kinky asian masseuse if you get the contract.

      I mean is it just me or isn’t it bidding to build a phone that won’t really outsell any other device and has limited carrier appeal? Is there something I’m missing that makes the Nexus program so great?

  • Sporttster

    Absolutely no way with Moto. Locked BL’s and unresponsive management. Forget em….Sammy….

  • CeluGeek

    Samsung’s Nexus phones are inferior in hardware specs compared to their Galaxy S equivalents. Somehow I feel Samsung did this on purpose so as to not have the Nexus phones cannibalizing sales of their own flagship devices. I think the next Nexus should be made by a second-tier manufacturer; maybe Pantech or Huawei. This is so the Nexus can be the best phone possible.

    Since I expect Google to continue the charade of Motorola being a separate division for one or two more years (to avoid a revolt from the other OEMs), I’m not expecting a Nexus device from Moto in the near future.

    • JaeLim

      No that was because Sammy’s Exynos processors in SGS series did not work with LTE radios. So they used the inferior OMAP 4, which interestingly is the same processor Moto likes to use.

  • Abba dalla

    Why would people vote for motorola? Did everyone forget how they still have not come through on a promise to undo bootloader locks or unlock them? HTC makes some of the finest devices, which also have some nice cameras, which Samsung doesnt have, and motorola kind of has. On top of that HTC makes some nice hardware to run on as well, but i could see people voting for samsung with the new processors they are using. HTC however will use their new hardware to hopefully help get rid of their god awful android battery issues. Sony doesnt bring anything to the table, LG is just a follower, and someone else, maybe Acer or even google themselves???? 

    • Whoopwhoop

      I voted for Motorola because I want my next Nexus to have good speakers, good reception, good build quality, they can buy the display from Samsung or LG for all I care, but I really don’t even mind their qhd pentile panels as it is, but the first three are my requirements and the way I see it only Motorola does those three consistently.

  • Jwhap

    I would like to see Samsung screen and design, Motorola’s radio and build quality, HTC’s unique ability to grab gps quickly!

  • Rhoward

    Why does the nexus have to be built by one manufacturer??? Google should just take the best of what technology is out there and put it into one GOOGLE branded/manufactured phone. Personally, i would like to see a phone with Motorola’s built quality/materials ,samsung’s beautiful displays ,HTC’s camera’s ,and a new quad core processor. It shouldn’t be about who builds it. I should be about what actually gets put inside of the device.

    • because that would be an unprofitable logistics nightmare maybe? Think about it, you’d have to source parts from from at least 4 companies or more, ship them from the suppliers who build those parts for those companies, and have them assembled in some google owned factory, which to my knowledge doesn’t even exist.

  • Heres what I would want:

    Samsung Super AMOLED HD Plus screen.
    Samsung Exynos quad core A15 processor.
    Moto radios, speaker, and build quality.
    HTC Camera.

  • Cannot express how badly I want a Droid Nexus made by Motorola. Droid line devices have been the best I’ve used. Combine that with the unlocked bootloaders that motorola refuses to give us and you’ve got one hell of a device. Until HTC shows me that the One line is truly different from the last year of HTC devices I can put no faith in them. LG definitely isn’t ready on the hardware side to make Google’s flagship and Samsung has had its turn (and done fantastically). Sony has shown us some great devices but they’ve only been on the map a short time.

    I would hope that the next Nexus device is fully, 100% open. By that I mean that will launch on all 4 of the US bigs as well as full compatibility with the subsidiaries and of course internationally. So far, someone has been left out in the cold on each Nexus release. Verizon users were very upset about the Nexus S while everyone but Verison subscribers feel a little slighted by the carrier’s exclusive hold on the G Nex.

  • delta echoe

    Motorola as long as they don’t put one of their crappy screens in it

  • weapon x

    I don’t know why you guys are acting like you don’t want moto to make the next nexus. Look at the numbers you guys are posting up..it’s moto by a long shot..why? Because like all of you know (but may not all admit) Moto makes the best phones. Period.  Solid and functional. I truly believe that if given the chance, they will put an HD screen on the next Nexus phone. You know you nexus owners wish moto had made the last nexus..I know most if not all of you voted for Moto as the next maker…Just like us Razr owners  wish that the Razr came with ICS, you Nexus owners wish it was made by Moto…not Crapsung

    • No I am glad samsung made the nexus. Moto screens suck. Whats the most used thing on a phone… the screen. Don’t think moto will make the next nexus just because google owns them now. Then are still going to chose between multiple companies.

  • Elpresador

    I vote everyone gets in on it….Samsung screen, cpu; HTC camera; Moto radio, body hardware

  • Azndan4

    If you buy another Motorola phone you are an idiot. Just a blind sheep like all the iPhone users. Motorola makes the worst phones now. Why? Pentile, low resolution screens. Locked bootloaders. Buggy software. Defective hardware on two of my last three Motorola phones.

    In addition, informed consumers should recognize the fact that on multiple occasions Motorola has made promises to unlock their software and broken those promises. Not to mention their inability to own up to their own mistakes and simply blame them on verizon. Just look at their diasapointing sales numbers and the lack of developers supporting Motorola’s phones.

    • weapon x

      People can choose to buy whatever the hell they want. You are entitled to your opinion like everyone else, if you don’t like moto..don’t buy it, but do not attempt to sound like you are some professional in the mobile field…the only idiot here is the one that cannot respect his fellow androidian….

    • shooter50

      Homey, its not the Razr with disappointing sales its your beloved nexus. Outside the nerd community no one even looks at the nexus.

  • dylan84

    Definitely want to see Moto do the next Nexus phone.

  • U Mad Bro? No But Your Mom Is

    I would like for Google to make it themselves. 

  • With the way Moto has been going I don’t understand why any android fan would want them to make a nexus phone.

    • TheAwesomessMan

      I’m sure it won’t be locked a lot of people assume Google won’t allow that to happen to their Nexus plus I believe the screen would probably be updated to Super AMOLED HD. Just think a phone with probably the same thickness as the Razr Maxx if not smaller with a 720p/1080p Super AMOLED HD display, a 2mp FFC/8mp RFC, a 3500 mah non-removable battery with 16 on-board memory and 32gb pre-installed micro sd card. Also, a 2.0 ghz quad-core T.I. Omap 4470 processor with NFC included. All wrapped in a Motorola build quality phone of 4.7 in.

  • Kuboo99

    While not likely, the Asus Nexus Padfone. That would be pretty sweet.

  • I love my GNex and loved my G1 and DInc, but none have the radio, sound, or build quality of my D1. A Moto Nexus would be the tits!

  • David Hayden

    I voted for Motorola, but I wouldn’t mind a Sony Nexus.

  • I didn’t really know what to look for when I got my first phone and I just got lucky when I picked the Droid X, which was perfect for me since the dev community heavily supports it, and when I get a new phone in 2 months I’ll be getting the Galaxy Nexus because that customizability from the devs is probably the most important thing to me. It’s just an added bonus that it gets new android versions first, and is good hardware. So I figure if it has that moto-mojo we seem to like (even though we bitch about Blur), and is now sort of incorporated into Google, and earns the Nexus name, then it will be awesome.

  • Wingroa13

    It should be called Motorola Nexus

  • cloud36426

    I have been completely satisfied with Samsung Nexus devices. Good build quality and can’t beat the screens . Moto really has turned me off.

  • Yellowcanary73

    Why dont they update the Galaxy nexus and fix all the problems before moving to 5.0

    • KevinC

      you can’t be serious.  you think android 5.0 is going to come out before any galaxy nexus updates?

  • Craig

    There is no hesitation here. Nobody makes a better radio than Motorola. I would love to see the next Nexus being built my Motorola and instead of just building it for VZW make it a completely unlocked global phone that supports CDMA, GSM, and LTE.

  • Qwerty

    Ahaha, Motorola is winning by a landslide. Is that really a surprise? But if they did make the next Nexus, or any other Nexus device ever, all the other OEMs will bitch and cry and move to other OS platforms. 

  • KRS_Won

    Food replicator require 6GB ram and 11,000mah battery.

    Should include solar power, too.

  • Shane

    Motorola radios and build quality with a Samsung screen and openness would make me one happy boy, but that’s a little unrealistic to say the least.

  • Bionic

    Yanno what, im , me, this guy is gonna build it.  IM gonna start a company called “BORG”  and the phone will be called the Borg Nexus.  When the phone boots up it will show a rotating cube and it will say “you will be assimilated.”   It will feature:

    – 4.7 inch super HD 2040p HD screen
    – 5.5 GHZ QUAD CORE 
    – 4GB of RAM
    – Phaser emiter for self defense
    – Fallatio port
    – wireless HDMI 2.0
    -802.1 wireless b/g/n/t/r/z
    – holographic projector
    – 100 terrabytes of cloud storage
    -50GB onboard storage
    -food replicator (tea earl grey anyone?)
    – 10,000mah battery

    • don’t forget refrigerating, umbrella, and teleporting capabilities

    • Wyveryx

      – Fallatio port huh? O_°
      New meaning to jacked in? Better yet, you better unplug soon or you’ll drain your battery 🙂

  • Armorthane

    As long as it’s on Verizon and has a battery on par with the one in my RAZR Maxx, I’d take it in a heartbeat if it was built by Motorola!

  • I want a Moto Nexus.  Yes they lock their bootloaders, but a Nexus would be unlockable.  Moto makes great well built hardware and their radios are the best in the business.  

  • The Nexus program is ridiculous — they should let any manufacturer work with them to make a phone with the latest version of Android, provided they agree to make it a pure ‘Google experience.’ That’s what we all (mostly) want anyway; all the carriers and manufacturers should have them. Then maybe ICS wouldn’t still be on just one phone after four months!

    • TheDude

      Google creates the updates so a larger number of phones would be a burden, and a distraction. That being said, I don’t see any manufacturers out there rushing to put out an all AOSP (plus proprietary bits) phone.

      Hmm, I wonder if Google drops licensing charges and lets the oem do the rest.

  • WickedToby741

    I want HTC to take a shot at it with a Tegra processor. By the time we’re looking at the next Nexus, they could easily have the Tegra 4 ready with LTE. HTC can make some really solid devices and the only draw is Sense. WIth a Nexus device, that’s no longer a problem. They should call it the Nexus One X. Or maybe just Nexus X.

  • Maniko (Meister_Li)

    Also, Motorola really doesn’t deserve a Nexus. They just don’t see the people using and buying the phones nor of the people developing for the phones as their customers. Their only customers are the providers and they buckle to their every demand like spineless idiots.

    They need to change their attitude, otherwise they can go and rot for all I care. And even if it’s just 15-20% of customers that care… Those are still enough people to warrant attention. Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC and Asus all realized that, but Motorola is still stubborn as ever.

    • Bionic

      motorola will come along, they just fired dipshitt.  he was the one holding them back

    •  True, Just because they make a Nexus doesn’t excuse them from ignoring the current customers.

    • They also make crappy screens. 

      • kixofmyg0t

        They dont make any screens. They buy them just like everyone but Samsung. 

  • How about Nokia?

    • Bionic


    • KevinC

      be serious.  they dont have a single android phone

      • In all seriousness though, I think it would be interesting to give sony a chance.

  • Bionic

    Imagine a Motorola Droid Nexus MAXX.  A nexus phone with a 3500mah battery and motorola build quality.  helllll yeahhhhhh

    • Except the screen would ruin it. It would have to have the Super AMOLED Plus HD screen for me to buy it.

      • tharealoc

        yeah cuz that razr screen sucks…*sarcasm*

        • staticx57

          Compared to the GNex or Rezound it is.

          • RagingBull

             bullcrap, the Nexus’s screen is just the same screen with more pixels and inches and less brightness, the Rezound’s screen is less bright, has duller colors and it washes out easier.

          • staticx57

            Don’t forget they are much sharper than the Razr.

          • RagingBull

            touche, and it would matter to me, but I don’t watch movies on my phone or anything less than 10 inches  and hand held for that matter. Still it is what it is.

          • mustbepbs

            You’d have to have your head pretty far up your a$$ to not see a gigantic difference between the GNEX/Rezound screens and the RAZR screen. It’s like night and day. I can smell your buyer’s remorse from here, friend.

          • RagingBull

            Hey how about you try to refute something I said instead of basically going “nuh uh!”? And you must be smelling your own upper lip, because I don’t own any of the three…still months away from my upgrade chief.

          • mustbepbs

            So why argue that the clearly inferior screen not only by specs, but all of the reviews, is on the same playing field as the GNEX/Rezound if you don’t even own it?

            If you can’t tell the difference between 540p PENTILE and 720p, you need your eyes checked. Yes the GNEX is pentile, but it’s almost impossible to notice, whereas the RAZR’s is simply impossible to ignore.

          • RagingBull

            Because I’m not arguing by reviews and I don’t need to own the device to know what it is and is not?
            When I see a verizon store, sometimes I go inside of it to see what all the hubub is about. They’ve got Razrs, they’ve got Nexuses(Nexi?), they’ve got Rezounds and they don’t seem to mind if you mess around with them.
            You say I need my eyes checked, I say you probably need to take the phone away from your nose when you’re using it, if you can make out subpixels on the Razr’s display. Yeah I don’t have perfect vision, just about average I’d say. Not like I walk around with coke bottle glasses.

          • mustbepbs

            But how can you read the writing on the wall and deny it? You don’t even have to get close to it to see the subpixels and graininess. The display is a thousand times better on the GNEX/Rezound.

          • RagingBull

            are you not getting that I don’t see subpixels at a normal viewing distance? I’ll say it clearly for you. In a Verizon store, side by side, at normal viewing distance, I do NOT see subpixels when looking at EITHER from a normal viewing distance. I’m sure they’d show up on the Razr well before they did on the Nexus, but I wouldn’t be caught dead having my phone that close to the front of my face.

            Look fine, if you see them and it bothers you so much, and that’s all you care about, cool whatever it’s a thousand times better. Howvever I think for the rest of us, with human and not Killer Whale/Eagle vision…nah, not even close.
            And I’ll only say this once more, the Rezound’s display is definitely NOT that good, already covered it, won’t go into reasons again.

            I will say this though. I saw two that had a crazy green tinting to them at two very close stores. Moto might have some quality control or calibration issues with those panels. Samsung did have some issues with their S3 powered SAMOLED+  equipped devices in the past though.

      • kixofmyg0t

        Google the Motorola XT928. 

  • Jak_341

    Forget Motor. No company that locks a bootloader and uses a crapoy skin deserves a Nexus. Samsung has knocked both Nexi they made out of the park. Personally, I would love to see Google sign Samsung ro an exclusivety contract to be the sole maker of Android phones.

    •  I agree with the first half but would like to see diversity in Nexus manufacturers.

    • Bionic

      crappy skin?  are you trying to tell me ANY of the skins are “good?”   

  • cbstryker

    Anyone BUT LG! Please for the love of everything holy, NOT LG!

  • Katobugs

    If moto makes a slide out nexus…hello new OF DROID lol. That will bring motor back into the playing game, then maybe they will see how much everyone hates blur…..

    • Katobugs

      OG ..Moto …dam auto correct..

    • NO NO NO NO SLIDING KEYBOARD!! Sliding keyboards are a old people that can’t get used to on screen keyboards.

      • JarHead

        such verbal garbage…
        I’m 24, I travel on a regular basis, and when I’m not in close proximity to a computer I use my phone to send out urgent emails. I’m not about to sit here and type out 4 paragraphs on a screen, it’s just not natural, and having the keyboard on screen limits your ability to check what you wrote as you write it. On screen keyboards will never fully replace a good hard keyboard, whether you would like to admit it or not

  • cb3ck

    Nokia.  Slap some new hardware in the 900 body, upgrade the display, and you’d have a sure fire winner.  At times I find myself lusting heartily after that beauty of a phone…