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Verizon’s Free Galaxy Nexus Promo is Regional, Calling Customer Service Won’t Get You Anywhere

Over the weekend, one of our readers received the email of his dreams from Verizon. It included details on how he could get himself into a Galaxy Nexus for…free! The post caused quite the stir in the comments and across the web as VZW customers called every customer service number on the planet to try and find a way to get a similar deal. Most came up empty and we now know why.

According to Verizon, the deal is only available to the select regions of the country. Customers are also selected according to a number of criteria, so calling in to see if you qualify is not going to get you anywhere. If a mailer shows up on your doorstep or an email in your inbox, then you know you are in the proper region and meet their checklist. Basically what I’m saying is, stop calling Big Red.

  • supra_2nr

    i just got off the phone with customer service… first time i was told it was an online promo… the second time the girl asked her supervisor and my new free galaxy nexus is on its way!  

  • Strange_creation3000

    well i did notice they finally took down the link…. booooo

  • Strange_creation3000

    Soi was just wondering if any one around jersey or in the northeast was able to get one

  • skltr21

    i live in socal and was able to get them to upgrade me early at a 2 year contract price from the thunderbolt to the droid 4

  • I actually received the email and am being told that they decided to kill the promotion because of the amount of calls they are receiving from people who didn’t actually qualify. Thanks Droid-Life for posting this and killing my chances of a Nexus. 

    • jonny c

      Not Droid-Life’s fault for spreading the wealth of knowledge/information… Isn’t that part of why you follow this blog?

      Instead, I blame the folks who, instead of walking into stores to take advantage of associates not in the know, called the 800 numbers and not only were denied a free phone, notified the big wigs of what’s going on in the process.

  • Ben G

    All I know is that I didn’t get the promo sent to me…but I called customer service about it and they’re sending me a free Nexus.

  • ScottyfromGA

    Sorry for causing such a stir guys…enjoying my Nexus though!  

    • Dude

       Scotty, how much data have you been using a month recently?

  • Jimjk1968

    they told me it was fake! that was an easy way out!

  • Craig

    Call, call, and call again… tell them Kellex referred you and you want his deal!


  • Anthony

    warning: i believe that the supervisors online have received notice of this deal. within the past five people, i have gotten four people telling me to call 1.800.922.0204 and one telling me to go instore…

  • I also typically only use about 1.5-2gb of data not one of the “heavy” users listed

  • I like many other saw this over the weekend and said sweet! called the number listed on the flyer and found the department to be closed over the weekend.  I called back today after work and spoke with them and the guy had no idea about this offer.  I told him i received it via email from VZW. I talked with him a while about it and He gave me a case number and asked that I either bring a print out of it to a store or fax it to him for verification. Since i was already in the car I decided to just swing into the local store.  I gave them the print out and the case number and they came back 5 mins later and processed my order for a FREE NEXUS!!!! yep no hassle no arguing no nothing but a free phone.  Got to keep my unlimited data and the $20 discount i have on it as well.  Im in St. Louis MO and was no longer under contract as mine was up about 2 months ago.  I did not receive this email i pulled it off of here thanks Droid-life!

  • Got my Nexus ordered and it’s on it way. I didn’t even have to go into Super Dick Mode either 🙂

    • Anthony

      did you actually get an email? or just kept trying?

  • The main requirement to be eligible was use OVER 5GB of 3g Data per month.

  • I had to deal with a CSR today telling me it was fraud. Lucky for me, I had the chat transcript emailed to me where it clearly shows the Verizon sales rep telling me that the deal was valid.

  • VZWBilly

    I just had a customer walk into my store with a printed copy of an email with this very same promotion. His account had his address posted in New Jersey, and he already had a 3g smartphone. My location is in eastern Long island, NY. I could not honor the promotion at my store however I sent him to a nearby corp. location and told him to call me if it worked for him. Hopefully I will get some feedback soon.

  • [[[…babysmoker…]]]

    Basically what I’m saying is, Verizon chastised us thoroughly for encouraging you to pursue this so… stop calling them now so that WE can keep getting OUR free devices.

    Poor form.

  • iirundis05

    I have 5 lines and my bill is about 170 Per Month. 4 smartphones including Iphone 4 and Nexus and a dumb (flip) phone. 1400 Minutes, 10 Family & Friends, Unlimited Internet, Text and insurance on one line.  Iv’e only been with Verizon for 1 1/2  years. Its called sticking it to the man people. If you want it ask for it, if you get shot down try again. Didn’t take much but a polite phone call and a nice reps. As long as I have this plan I am never switching to any other carrier because in my case every other carrier is more expensive then Verizon. 

    • Dude

       How much is it after data and taxes?

      • iirundis05

        My bill is about 170 Per Month. Thats including Taxes and Data on 4 smart phones. 

        • Dude

           That seems impossibly low, am I missing something? The 1400 Family and Friends is what, 100? plus 120 for data, plus 30 for the extra lines. How are you getting it so cheap?

          • iirundis05

            No your not missing anything…. On top of my employee discounts of 22% off Voice and 20% off data I get additional discounts which all bring my monthly bill down… Without them I would be paying anywhere from 300-400 per month. I was told that as long as I remain a customer the discounts will remain. There are promotions going on that alot of customers dont take advantage of. All you have to do is ask. Thats what I did.

          • LAmDroid

            Would love to pull a fwe extras that I dont already have.  We’re paying 220$/mo after data and taxes. the only difference is we’re on the 2000 minute plan, otherwise, unlminited everything else w 10F&F. All discounts are indefinite.

            i think you meant 20$ off data, not 20%

          • iirundis05

            If your up to it go for it! 😀 Nope double checked its 20% off and the promotions we have are TALK TEXT DATA 20 and TALK & TEXT 9.99 DISCOUNT. So essential were only paying $10 per line for DATA. I LOVE VERIZON! Im telling you if my plan sticks this way then I’m staying put for ever! Best network and Best Prices! 

          • Asdfoih

            Same here. 5 smartphone lines, total after taxes and etc is ~$190 a month. Got the $20 data/text discount on all 5 lines, plus 20% off from work. I have no issues with Verizon at all.

  • My brain hurts

    Maybe Verizon should take down the webpage the promotion is on…..

  • richardsonadm

    I just called and got to talk to (not sure his title) but he asked me to forward the email to him. Then I told him it was link that a friend of mine gave me, then he said that was different, he made seem like it was for people who didn’t have smartphones. Blah blah blah.

    Funny thing is, I get a different story every time.

    • richardsonadm

      Now I was told to fax the article, hmm, then I called again, and they said it was for new customers, that I could add a line and switch the lines.

    • N8shon

      Same here. I was told by three different people that it didn’t exist, and by three others that it DID exist, including a retail store. Every source passed me off to the other. Ridiculous. I have since emailed Verizon directly. I don’t think this is fair at all to limit people from being included in promotions like this when they already meet all the qualifications. 

  • Uncle Paul Hargiss

    I just got off the line with executive relations after sending a corporate email bomb.
    OFFER NOT VALID – She even Said, “DROID-LIFE”
    Last night my sales person confirmed my address, I bought the $50 accessory package and my wife was so excited to replace her dead Droid X. Until I never received confirmation.
    The offer is not valid unless you were specifically targeted. 
    How you are made eligible for these “special” offers? Who knows. Its like a lottery prize or 
    its something marketing comes up with to try and boost sales in low sale areas. 

    I know for a fact Verizon Never sends me any good offers like this normally for a 3 line account.

    The second part is hopefully this will get Verizon to get customer service to communicate.
    Every time you call and get a different rep its always a different story and its ridiculous.I Verizon and Myself both wasted hours on this stupid “promotion” only to finally get confirmation from the executive level.I did however FINALLY get them to discount a network extender after 2 years and like 5-6 trouble tickets with promises of a new 4g  tower when I live in a 100% roaming area within 15 miles and no signal improvements.

    • Uncle Paul Hargiss

      The bad part on this was the CSR i dealt with left us hang out to dry. No email response when i emailed him back, No return phone call when I called his direct extension. NOTHING. 
      Atleast tell me its a bogus offer..  

    • On our plan, we have 8 or 9 lines, and have been with VZW for about 7 years, I never get offers like this, I have no idea who they are targeting. If I’m not a loyal customer I don’t know who the hell is.

      • N8shon

        I’m with you there, why would an email not be sent to me when I’ve been a customer for 7 years? 

  • naterecording

    “Stop calling Big Red”
    So they were unclear about a promotion and now they have to deal with some phone calls about it?  Poor Verizon.  There’s already been several people who claimed to have received the promotion due to the confusion, so I’d say a chat or phone call is very much worth even the remote possibility of saving $300.  Not to mention, it was indeed DL who caused much of the stir in the first place. 



    • N8shon

      Verizon plays favorites with their customers apparently, even if other customers qualify under the same conditions for the same promotion. Such BS. 

  • Higher_Ground

    So what is VZW waiting for?  If people are clamoring to sign new contract extensions, what is stopping them?  Give the phone away – people who want free phones at upgrade time will always choose the free model, even if it is a step below the current one.  People who want top of the line (let’s face it – these are poised to fall pretty soon) will pay for it when it comes out.

  • Hmmmm…live in Georgia…..been liftetime with verizon startng 1988 with Alltell…..I have not received a notice from Big Red……four lines…..2 are up for renewal in 4 months……..I have no idea how they determine loyalty?????

  • Just threaten to leave them for discrimination. “Oh, so your company promotes regionalism eh?” *trots off with a f*ck you glare*

    Maybe it’ll get someone to cooperate. But on second thought, nah.

    • N8shon

      Such BS. 

  • DJyoSNOW

    Yeah I’m not shocked I live in WI and they often do IL promoting like this … pure BS.

    • Drummer62

       I’m in IL and have never gotten any offers like this, ever!

      • Philip A. Kaiser

        When 4G opened up in Chicago, they sent out coupons for $199 off towards the purchase of any 4G device. It was a standard mailer ad. They even featured one here on Droid-Life. You could have printed the one off this website. I don’t live in Chicago but I happened to be there on business when that happened.

    • JoshDroid

      I am also in Illinois and have had Verizon for almost 20 years.  Still haven’t every received a notice like this.  And my renewal is next month…

  • Jayrod718

    I’m in TN and i aint got jack from vzw except for a loss of 4g on or around the 21st of every month.

    • David Davis

      I live in North Alabama – I get the same vzw gift every month too.

  • TimXer

    Cincinnati a no go – last time Chicago got the love

  • TimXer

    Cincinnati a no-go.  Last time it was Chicago that got the toast


    WAIT A SEC. Why is everyone pissed at Verizon because of the word “LOYALTY?” Verizon never claimed it to be a loyalty discount. GUESS WHO DID? Droid-Life.

    Misleading Title: “Verizon Offering Significant Discounts to “Loyal” Customers, How Does a Galaxy Nexus for Free Sound?”

    Misleading Article: “If you have been a long-time Verizon Wireless subscriber and have an upgrade available in the near future, checking your inbox would be recommended. Big Red is sending out emails under their loyalty program that are significant.”

    Explains the whole “stop calling Verizon” because of our mistake.

  • Verizon basically owns the northeast….from Maine on down to DC….so we never get any special offers…

    the trick is the following…

    1. You have to be OUT OF CONTRACT
    2. You call up and you tell them that a friend of yours got it and they have only been with vzw for 2 years and bill less than you (this only works if you bill at like $90 a month or higher).
    3. When they tell you they can’t do anything…you then ask to speak to a supervisor and you rant and rave about it 
    4. When they don’t immediately cave, you ask to be transferred to the disconnect department.
    5. When you get on with them….magic happens. Explain everything again…use words like loyalty, retention, unfair, bad business, etc. Ask them why its reasonable for someone thats worth less than you to get an offer, and that you feel you should get the same thing or something close to it. Typically they can find these offers and make them happen, or you get a nice discount.

    I did not use this to get the nexus free, I did however use it to get the special $20 off unlimited data promo they ran for the midwest…which I still have even after upgrading to a Nexus…so it can work. I also got an extra $75 off my Nexus when I bought it…

    • jaggy

      i did the same thing.  i got $150 off my nexus and used the $50 livingsocial deal, and i also used the same method to get the $20 off unlimited data+texting.  combined with my 20% access credit (corporate discount applied incorrectly to cover voice and data) I pay less than $60/mo for 450 min, unlimited text, unlimited data.

      • Philip A. Kaiser

        I pay 150/mo for 3 lines w/t unlimited data, text, video/pic messaging, and 650 mins. Got it doing the same thing and I kept an old Alltel plan. I stagger the upgrades on the lines too. That way I “can” get a new device every 8 mos.

    • Dogpooper

      I talked VZW into several discounts off my Gnex: One supervisor gave me an immediate $30 credit to partially offset the no longer “new every two” discount. A loyalty dept. rep gave me $20 more to add to the $30 credit to complete making up for the “new every two” discount, and he also credited me for the next month’s service, in the amount of $59.99. Lastly, the rep I ordered the GNex from gave me a $100 credit after my GNex had been activated for 15 days. All the credits came through as promised!

    • John Galt

      I got escalated to Retention and they basically they told me to ‘suck it’. they also tried to steer me away from using Wirefly.

      Also I got offered an ‘early upgrade’ discount last year and passed on it to wait for the xmas launches, but do you think they offered me anything today. Not even 30 bucks off and this was the retentiion department.

      I have known people who havent ‘even paid their BILL for months on end without a disconnect but can I get some incentive to not switch carriers? nope…


  • I called. I’m in Florida. They said they couldn’t give me a free phone but I managed to get a Droid RAZR for $99. Not bad all in all. I would have had to wait until January 2013.

    • I am also in Florida… Gainesville to be exact. I received both the card and the email. I went to the local store an hour ago and the reps there didn’t see anything on my account regarding it. I called VZW direct and forwarded the email to the rep. I shall find out shortly with the supervisor if they will honor it….they better…

      • Dude

         Are you a heavy data user? How long ago did you get the email?

        • I am pretty heavy user. I listen to a lot of Lex & Terry and Gator games. I received the email on the 24th and the post card a week or so prior.

  • Too late already called.  I’m in Western NC.  No joy.

  • Someone got  a firm finger wagged at them.

    • Biflic23233

      Yeah one of the boys here at DL

  • Not South West (CA).  Wth?  Who decides these things?  Loyalty = Not You

  • Does this “South” include the Atlanta area?


       What about “South”ern California?

      • lacokanosta

        No no no stop trolling

    • Stephen Morrison

      In NY, I’m hoping for south of Canada.


    “Basically what I’m saying is, stop calling Big Red.”
    It’s okay for companies to call us at dinnertime to push their products when we don’t want it but we can’t call them to say “shut up and take my money!” when we do? got it.

    • DJyoSNOW

      Ditto. ..as in I had to use insurance on my cracked screen vs giving vzw money for a new 2year again pure bs .

    • phaded

      Calling to get a free device is different. He’s telling you not to waste your time. Ffs

      • Uncle Paul Hargiss

        Calling in for a free device IS a waste of time. atleast in this case, unless you win the special Verizon promotion lottery.. or spend MEGA bucks a month etc. 

        • phaded

          Oh Uncle Paul

          • Uncle Paul Hargiss

            I even Offered the customer service goil to play turkey foot with the littel ones. uhut uhuhut.

          • phaded

            Goddamn liars!

          • Uncle Paul Hargiss

            “Goddamm Rich C*NT!”  thats who probably got the offer, lol

          • phaded

            Tss tss rich? probably rich like chocolate or sumptin tss tss

  • RobbyG

    I guess you’re only considered a “loyal” customer if you live in said region. Great. More amazing customer relations from Verizon.


      Why is everyone pissed at Verizon because of the word
      “LOYAL?” Verizon never claimed it to be a loyalty discount. GUESS WHO
      DID? Droid-Life.

      Misleading Title: “Verizon Offering Significant Discounts to “LOYAL” Customers, How Does a Galaxy Nexus for Free Sound?”

      Misleading Article: “If you have been a long-time Verizon Wireless subscriber and
      have an upgrade available in the near future, checking your inbox would
      be recommended. Big Red is sending out emails under their LOYALTY
      program that are significant.”

      • lacokanostra

        How much does Verusing pay an hour? I’ve been looking from a part time job.

  • AlexKCMO

    So whats the criteria?  What regions?

  • Rob Haney

    I say, still keep calling them to complain. These “select offers” are so unfair.  Communications companies (like Comcast, Verizon, DirecTV, etc) have gotten away with this crap for too long.  While I’m on my rant: Giving new customers a Galaxy Nexus for $99 when someone who has been a good customer for years has to pay $300 is BS too.  I understand why they do it, but that doesn’t make it OK.  Not that these companies give a hoot.

    • KevinC

      do you also call car dealerships to complain when people get ripped off on new cars?

      • Rob Haney

        Not really the same thing exactly, but yes that practice is (kind of) crappy too. First off, cars are much more costly to distribute than a tiny phone. They have to be moved over long distances by giant energy consuming vehicles, etc. So the further a car is sold from its place of assembly, it stands to reason it would be more expensive.  Plus, there are so many other factors. I can’t even begin to go into it here. I don’t have the time. 🙂

        • Philip A. Kaiser

          Here’s where you truely get ripped off. If you buy a phone on contract, you get a discount and basically subsidize the true cost of the phone in your service plan. But….. If you buy a phone for full price and activate it, the plans are not any cheaper. In other words, you are still subsidizing someone’s phone, just not your own. If you buy a phone outright, or don’t buy a new device when you get a line of service, you should get 10% off per month. just sayin

    • AlexKCMO

      Seems to me that Verizon marketing just flat out dropped the ball.  They’re obviously targeting a very specific group of users; they wouldn’t be giving away the G-Nex for free to the masses.

      The biggest issue here is the way they went about it.  E-Mail is not private.  If you send that to users, it’s going to get leaked.  They should have went with a mailer to make it more exclusive, and not something anyone can click on.

      There also should have been a company-wide email informing reps about the offer.  It’s completely ridiculous to call and have every representative herpady-derpading when you inquire how to get the offer. 

      This should be in college marketing textbooks.  Some people will hit “the lottery” by getting the supervisor who thinks this is legit and just gets you off the phone.  Most of us will not. 

      If only I wasn’t grandfathered in to unlimited data; I’d be screaming at the disconnect department right now.

  • Hrm, I live in Houston. I’ll try to score one and let you know how it goes. Though I’m pretty sure I’m going to come up empty handed 

  • Michael_NM

    Dear Droid Lifers,

    We already have your money and a contract with you. No free Galaxy Nexus for you. Now, leave us alone and don’t be late with your next payment.

    VZ double-screw

    • John

      You forgot the part where vzw says: ‹^› ‹(•¿•)› ‹^›  to us

      Oh wait….

      • Uncle Paul Hargiss

        I forgot that part too, I DID get that, but atleast I will able to be use my phone in the house now and not spend $249 for that luxury on top of a $177 a month bill. 


      ON SECOND THOUGHT. Why is everyone pissed at Verizon because of the word
      “LOYAL?” Verizon never claimed it to be a loyalty discount. GUESS WHO
      DID? Droid-Life.

      Misleading Title: “Verizon Offering Significant Discounts to “LOYAL” Customers, How Does a Galaxy Nexus for Free Sound?”

      Article: “If you have been a long-time Verizon Wireless subscriber and
      have an upgrade available in the near future, checking your inbox would
      be recommended. Big Red is sending out emails under their LOYALTY
      program that are significant.”

      • Lmrojas190

        I never knew Verizon paid trolls

    • Jdstell

      So VZW is discriminating against me?

    • You’re not being screwed. I don’t understand the entitlement complex
      here. You signed a contract to have a phone for a couple of years. They
      can’t just give away a ton of phones for free.

      Besides, maybe they’re rolling out slowly by region. Free phones nationwide isn’t exactly a great idea for them.

      • Thank you, the entitlement complex is making this site unbearable

        • It’s almost getting as whiny as the iPhone crowd. 

          • cooksta32676

            Between bragging about a Nexus and unlimited data, this site has paralleled itself with fan boys in many ways of annoyance.

        • Tex Paier

          Not just this site, TB, it’s making America unbearable.

      • Michael_NM

        Entitlement? It’s a half witted attempt to poke fun at VZW. Nothing less, nothing more. 🙂

    • Ck_29_2000

      Face it, these companies could give you everything, and you’d all still find something to bitch about. Who said companies aren’t allowed to make money from the products and services they provide? If you saint like it, don’t buy. Its that simple. You all sound like a bunch of left wing whack jobs. When will you all move out of your parents’ basements and come to grips with the fact that unlocked bootloader or not, your telephone will never take the place of a real woman?

      • Hey, I’m all about making money. All I want is for a company to honor what they sent me… and they did. Besides, I have a real woman so my whack jobs are fewer and far between than yours.

        • Ck_29_2000

          If you received the offer, then of course it should be honored. My comment was directed at those who feel that they should be able to simply call and demand a like offer.

      • LiterofCola

        I lol’d

  • Select regions generally means not Boston right?  Our loyalty is no fun.

  • South region is what I was told

    • justincase_2008

      I’m south and haven’t seen anything yet.

      • TROLOLOL

         Yeah, I’m in the south region of California, and haven’t seen anything yet…

        • lacokanostra

          Hey troll, south is not Californi!

  • pubasnacks77

    So calling Big Red Sunday around dinner time was a bad idea? But that’s the time they would most likely be home.

  • So have we figured out what region this is? 

    • Tommy Thompson

      The Verge said the South