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NVIDIA Announces New Games Optimized For Tegra 3 Devices, Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 2 Included

The quality of mobile games is constantly on the up-and-up. Today, NVIDIA has announced a slew of games that will be launched optimized for Tegra 3 devices. Included in the titles are Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 2, Bucket, Golden Arrow THD, Dark Kingdom THD, and a couple others that look fantastic. Down below we have the trailers for a few of them. Looks like it’s going to be a fantastic year for gamers on Android. 

Sonic the Hedgehog 4:


Dark Kingdom:


Eden to Greeeen:


Hamilton’s Great Adventure:

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  • Great post, I enjoyed  reading it!  Keep posting good stuff like this.

  • Daniel Rowen

    Fragmenting the Android gaming market is stupid, though why don’t all these games use some OpenGL-type standard instead of optimizing for individual chips on only a few phones.  Also no matter how pretty the graphics are, if you don’t have a keyboard to put a game gripper on or some other way to achieve real, physical controls, most of the games will be garbage imo.  Virtual touch controls are awful and never as responsive or accurate as real buttons

  • Knlegend1

    Man all those games look boring, but I’m loving the advancement. I really think tablets can take over once they jump one more hurdle. 

  • ddevito

    These dumb chip specific game stores have to go. 

  • ddevito

    I’m so tired of the Tegra platform – 2 and now 3. The new TI OMAP 5 platform, which is still dual-core, runs laps around this pathetic platform. 

    NVidia needs to go back to what they were good at: video cards. 

  • Easton999gs

    Uh Guys, they created the app Chainfire 3D for a reason… So you can play Tegra games on non tegra devices

    • Michelle Lamont

      Uh Junior, you must be rooted for Chainfire and even then it has issues with certain games.

      • Easton999GS

        well if you wanna play it that bad then root your phone. If were on an old chipset were most likely gonna have to overclock anyway. And yea your right about some games having issues ill give you that. Im currently have a HTC Rezound and after seeing the new Snapdragon S4 phones i know im gonna have to rock some custom kernels and overclock to keep up

  • Looollool

    no way it takes a quad-core mobile processor to run sonic 4 e2.  my crappy iPod touch 1st gen ran sonic 4 e1 just fine

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  • fanboy1974

    Any one else have a Vita and find phone/tablet games weak now?  

    • Riley_V

      Do you actually like your Vita? Im diggin the idea of two joysticks (how gaming is supposed to be, besides PC games)

      I just can’t decide if I want to buy one or not.

  • jcorf

    So, I am often confused by the nvidia optimized games, do they only run on phones with a nividia chip or can I play Sonic on my Galaxy Nexus. 

    • moelsen8

      that’ll certainly be the question i’ll be asking when sonic 4 ep2 comes out.

  • Blood

    It takes a quad core to play those games? I bet the new s4 dual-core can do better than this.

    • Calvin Williams


  • snowblind64

    Dear Nvidia,

    Love your graphics cards, but please stop trying to fragment the android platform!!

    Seriously though, am I the only one who was upset by the Tegra only games coming out last year when OMAP4 SOC’s were/are perfectly capable of handling those games.

    • Taglogical

       You’re not alone on that notion. It certainly takes development time to optimize for certain chipsets and ‘Only for Tegra’ is concerning on the topic of fragmentation.

      ‘Playstation Certified’ devices are next..

      But perhaps a little fragmentation is a good thing? Android Gaming-centric devices vs Android Productivity-centric devices… I’d pass on an NFC chip if that money could go towards extra processing for instance…

    • Buy a Prime…problem solved.

    • moelsen8

      no, this crap is horrible.  we have the tegra zone, up and coming snapdragon store, playstation crap.  it drives me nuts.  optimize the games for your chip, but at least release an unoptimized general version for everyone else to pay for and play as well.  i want my god damn bang bang racing on my nexus.

    • Simple truth is this: It’s like Win game platform vs Mac game platform vs Linux. Or DirectX vs OpenGL vs whatever else not.

      It’s not per se Android that’s fragmented; hardware devs wants it this way on purpose. PC or not doesn’t matter.