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Hands-on with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus Pogo Dock

samsung galaxy nexus pogo dock

On Thursday, one of our readers noticed that the Galaxy Nexus Pogo Dock was available to be ordered, so naturally, we jumped on it. Ours arrived this morning and we have already had enough time to play with it a bit and put together this video to give you guys a sense of its worth. As one of the more expensive docks we have ever seen, it must do something extraordinarily special, right? Not so much.  

The build quality is of the highest, the device fits snuggly, and it does indeed charge through the 3-pins on the side of the device. The clock app launches automatically when docked and you can plug in headphones or a 3.5mm cable to play music externally. You can hook it directly up to a PC, but it doesn’t initiate the file transfer protocol and you can’t use adb. The extended battery does fit. Cases, probably not so much. So is it worth buying?

At $90, this sucker is not cheap. With its lack of HDMI-out like the portrait dock that may some day arrive, it would be tough for me to tell anyone to jump all over this. In the back of my mind, something keeps telling me that the price has to drop when it hits Amazon or Verizon or some other outlet. While I can see myself using this by the bed or on my desk every single day, $90 is a bit much.


Video overview:

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  • Since the speakers are disabled after you connect the phone to it, what happens if you get a call and you don’t have external speakers hooked up to the dock? Will the phone ring?

  • Ncksmrt

    I am gussing that plugging a MHL adapter into the micro usb on the dock would NOT allow mirroring to a monitor or tv.

  • Greg

    I purchased this http://www.proclipusa.com/brodit-device-holder/samsung-galaxy-nexus-(verizon-google-sch-i515)/charging-holder-with-tilt-swivel-and-cigarette-lighter-adapter-512331-18882.aspx for my vehicle.  It works great as I have bluetooth in my car stereo.  Works great for phone and for Pandora etc.  It fits the phone perfectly and charges and displays it well.  Not a pogo pin cock but It was a good purchase and I recommend it for anyone looking for a solid car dock. You do have to pair it with a mount for your specific vehicle.

  • Does it charge at USB rate even when using AC adapter? I turned my Droid X car dock into a 3 pin dock and can only get it to charge at USB rate which doesn’t cut it when using navigation and streaming Pandora on a road trip. It just barely keeps the phone charged even with a 2.5 amp car charger, still testing. Maybe this is why they haven’t released a car dock?

  • Levi Wilcox

    Just got my dock… for 90$ I didn’t even get a charging cord?! I expected a 3.5mm audio cord as well as the charging cord and it comes with neither?! Can anyone else confirm?

  • Migamix

    a special for my DX. car dock, desk dock, hdmi cable, and charger… for 20 bucks… what makes you think after ive already spent about 200 on accessories and batteries ( stock battery a joke) for my gnex that im willing to yank the case off my seidio battery.. remove that battery and put the stock one back in just to use this dock that has no other functions but to hold the phone on its side… i have a cheaper solution i use at work… from some of my legos (yes, im over 40) 
    all i want is the pinout spec on the docking pins… ill handle the rest

  • Starting to make my own… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YBCW630TbC8

  • We all just want to know the hardware specs of those 3 pins. How much current can you charge with over them? What kind of witchcraft can take power in and put stereo audio out over only 3 pins?!?! (or is there bluetooth involved?)

  • Tony Romano

    Sucks because I go to bed every night watching Netflix on an awesome screen. I’ve been waiting for this since launch, but my OG dock was only $50. 

  • For everyone commenting that it’s too expensive and therefore won’t sell, some news: It’s sold out already and is on backorder.