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Google Voice Calling Appears to be Down (Updated: It’s Back)

No word out of Google, but Google Voice calling appears to be down. A number of readers reached out to inform us that they were unable to make calls using the service and we can confirm that. I attempted to call a couple of 1-800 numbers along with some close contacts and all calls were ended. We’ll be on the lookout for some sort of official response.

Update 1:54PM:  Google is aware that there is an issue affecting the “majority” of Google Voice users – both incoming and outgoing calls.

Update 2:48PM:  Readers reporting that Voice calling services are back up and running.

Update 3:11PM:  Google agrees with our readers – service is back up.

Cheers forgiventhief, walt, and Jason!

  • Maryatajwrb

    3/1/2012 Google Voice is english is not available. Itc omes up Russian or Polish.  I can’t set up my google voice here in the USA

  • ddevito

    I think this is Google’s 2nd best service, behind gmail

  • Password123456

    Kellex, are you using GrooveIP? Any recommendations from readers? I tried using Talkatone, but it looks like they’re gonna start charging monthly. 

  • Towelie420

    I still dont get what Google voice is useful for….?

    • i hope you’re joking. i have unlimited free texting and great web texting and legit web voicemail

    • Dustinrholden

       second phone # for business etc…voice mail is awesome..give it a shot

    • Jeffrey Tarman

      For starters, if you pair it up with GrooVe IP, all calls made/received are via your data plan or WiFi, thus, never using any minutes. If you travel overseas and have access to WiFi, you can make “local” calls to the U.S. I use it for my visual voice mail which is basically unlimited and the best feature is to give it to the people you never want calling you. After they call, and you ignore their call, simply go on to the web site and block their number.  Next time THEY call you, a recording tells them your number has been changed of disconnected. 

    • ddevito

      It’s a free call exchange service. It’s  great. It’s a fake number, you give it out to everyone. You configure real phone numbers to your GVoice account. So when people call you Google Voice number, your real devices (that you specify) ring. You can set up a schedule to ring your phones of choice during certain days and times, personl voicemail greetings, etc. You have a web enabled interface that you can listen to, download, email voicemails, track voicemails, missed calls, texts, like email – you can block spammers, etc. I can’t live without it. 

      It also enables (some) carrier freedom. You keep your Google number even whenif you switch carriers without the need to port your number. 

      You can text for free, text on the web without your phone, you can even call without your phone with the right plug-in installed on your browser. 

  • Must be up now, I just made a call via Gvoice.

    • snowblind64

      Same here. Just tested it at 2:49pm and it’s working fine for voice calls.

  • Dogpooper

    Everything working fine for me! Raphine, VA.

  • thajack

    Noticed this earlier today. Bummer.

  • Mail

    The GV website has been crashing out too.  I know its unrelated.   I’d gladly pay for service with them, but they’d have to be much better on support.

  • TomZ

    Working for me in Chicago… I haven’t noticed any problems all day. Could it be isolated to certain areas?


    call an hour ago failed, but just got thru about 10 mins ago (LA area)

  • Google voice calls still use minutes correct? I remember there being a work around, but nothing has changed since then right?

    • Google Voice is not a phone line, it’s essentially a phone number. It acts as a proxy. Comparison: Using a proxy on data-capped internet still counts toward your bandwidth limit.

      Google Voice is only entirely free for all calls made from a computer through Gmail. Your cell phone company still expects to be compensated for you utilizing their network, and rightly so.

      • Agreed. I was just making sure.

      • snowblind64

        I’m don’t think Google Voice is using data. I checked the data usage for the app and it’s only used 470KB while making several phone calls.

        • That’s not what I said. I compared it to a proxy to explain why it uses minutes.

  • Greg

    I happened to be setting up Google Voice for the first time today. Imagine my surprise when I got a stranger when I tried calling myself.He sounded annoyed…

    “I must have a wrong number.”

    “Yes you do. Again.”

    Now that I see this, I wonder how many people’s GV calls are going to his phone.

  • willsours

    Just tested, and my outbound calling is borked, but I was able to receive calls.

  • Djcollicutt

    Voice calls are down. Text seems to work.

  • Mine works just fine…

    •  GV was down for a couple of hours, but now appears to be working again.

  • Michael_NM

    Looks like you want your call to be anonymous. Hmm…. 😛

  • I’ve been having intermittent problems with Google Docs and Reader all day.  On Internet Traffic Report, it’s showing North America as having a relatively high rate of dropped packets.  Wonder if that has something to do with it.

  • forgiventhief

    Not gonna lie. I feel famous for being the first tipster.

    • I’m number three. This is one of the best days of my life.

      • forgiventhief

        Yeah. I send in tips all the time… like about how the aliens are secretly using our phones to watch us… but no one has taken me seriously… until now.

    • John
      • forgiventhief

        Aww. Look. I got trolled. That you took the time to troll me just raises the level of awesomeness I feel. Thanks John.

        • John

          Hah…I do what I can 😉

  • Steven Porter

    Read here from Google http://goo.gl/rXqoU

    Wow. Sorry double post but it was slooow in updating the threads.

  • Icehunter

    I’m getting a bunch of empty voicemails as well. Seven from the same person within a couple of minutes. 

  • Skyskioc

    Off topic, Is anyone else having trouble with Google Wallet Too ? My Pre-Paid card is not working and its says something about maintanance. Hmmm

  • Parker Harrington

    Down for me…

    and all my incoming calls are going to a random number in my account that I have deleted and not associated with my account anymore. MAJOR FAIL as I use this as my business phone.

    • So something that is free is a major fail because it isn’t working? If you aren’t paying for it, then you aren’t a customer. You could complain if you were paying for it, but you aren’t. 

      Get an actual business line, and forward that to your phone.

      • Complainer

          I paid $20 bucks to have my mobile number ported to Google Voice. Am I allowed to complain? =)

        • Dustinrholden

           no cause its free

    • Your fault for using a free service instead of the one you pay for.  Don’t complain when you don’t pay.

  • Knects

    Yes there is http://goo.gl/rXqoU