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Google: 850,000 Android Devices Activated Each Day, More than 300 Million Total – 450,000 Apps Available Too

Andy Rubin took to the Google Mobile blog this morning to announce the next milestone in Android’s growth. As of today, 850,000 Android devices are activated each day, bringing the total in the wild to over 300 million. Back in December, you will remember that this number stood at 700,000, so you can clearly see that the platform is still in full-on growth mode. The year-on-year growth sits somewhere around 250%.

In related numbers, Rubin also dropped app growth on us. In one year, the number of apps available in the Android Market more than tripled to 450,000. At last year’s MWC, Google announced that there were 150,000 available. Impressive, to say the least.

Via:  Google Mobile

  • Jdub

    And still only one OEM making any money from Android 🙂

  • Google already clarified how they get this number – it’s new sales and activations through carriers.   Thus, resold phones aren’t counted, wifi devices aren’t counted, etc.  

    • Popov

      also it seems 3 out of every 4 apps in the android market aren’t any good.I’ve seen thousands of apps copying similar apps that are complete garbage. Awful games in the market that people won’t even download. 
      But the best part of the android market is most apps average about a dollar and they at least tell you the permissions before you download so you’re not giving away your privacy, which apple doesn’t do.

  • it’s easy to be consistent when your platform basically does nothing but show a menu.

  • 1bad69z28

    I want to take a trip to Android Land lol

  • I dont care what you guys think/say, these are bogus figures. There is absolutely no way they are activating/selling 850k phones a day, the whole world would have an android phone in 7058.82 days. Not to mention the money made from the sell of the phones in that amount would be astronomical even after cost of manufacturing the product.

    • That’s about 20 years, by which time many people would be on at least their tenth Android device

      • Thats even worse lol. So multiply the sales by 10 and the number would be insane. Im not saying they arent selling phones (that is obvious by the amount of people buying new phones every 3-6 months). Its the number of “new” activations each day. That is improbable.

        • AlexKCMO

          Not when you think about it. 

          I’m sure those numbers have to be a bit skewed by people like Kellex who gets every new device for a review, so he may get 10 phones a year which I believe count towards those numbers. 

          I do remember a report however stating WiFi only devices aren’t counted.  So the 40 MotoActvs that were sold and any WiFi tablets don’t count. 

          I’ll be purchasing a new device this year, and my wife will likely be doing so as well.  There’s 2.  We’re not new customers, but repeat buyers.  The more users you have, the more “dropped in toilets” you’re going to have, there’s a bunch more as well.

          He’s not saying 850,000 NEW Android users per day, he’s saying 850,000 New Android activations per day.  Think of it like Units Shipped vs Units Sold.

      • PC_Tool


    • PC_Tool

      ” the whole world would have an android phone in 7058.82 days.”

      …that’s 19 years, dude.  Not such a stretch…

    • Jon

      The same claim has been made repeatedly ever since they announced 125,000 activations per day a long time ago. Activations per day are pretty hard to spoof or makeup. Think about it, Android phones are sold by pretty much every carrier across the globe. The are the #1 selling smartphone platform in a growing market. People go through phones much faster than once every two years. Think of all the lost, broken phones. Think of all the people like me that get new phones every 6 months. Look around you the next time your in public. What phones are people carrying? I bet ya most of the smartphones you will see in public are Android phones. I know this is true is Los Angeles. Everyone is carrying an Android phone.

    • droidman101

      after 7058.82 days, wouldn’t someone buy a different phone? think about it, thats 20 YEARS.

  • Twofourturbo

    300 Million?? Hey Google, Let everyone delete the old devices that they have sold that still come up  on the Market.Android.com site and the number might become more accurate.. Just Sayin.

    • LOL u mad? In case you didn’t know, this site is called Droid life…

      The number reflects new activations. It would be impossible to quantify the number of actual individuals purchasing devices. I’ve been through two in just the past year. At the end of the day, the number of new devices sold is the most relevant figure, because it is the number one figure that influences the bottom line. 

      • Twofourturbo

        Just like the post says, 300 Million Activations, Not sales. The only point I’m trying to get across is, I show 8 Android Devices on my Account. That is 10 activations. Out of the 10, I have 4 remaining devices in my possession and the 6 others are sold and gone. Assuming those that purchased them activated them once again that brings up 12 activations from just 6 devices. So the 300 Million devices that are in the wild isn’t a correct number if your counting 1 device that could possibly get re-activated Over and Over again from different users.

        • New activations, not reactivations. They don’t count a resale or reactivation in those numbers. If the device is activated for the first time it counts. If it’s the same device but being re-activated by another person, or even using a different rom, it doesn’t count. 

    • dieringer scott

      … They have sold 300 million….

  • T4rd

    I wonder how many of those activations are “unique” activations..?

    • EC8CH

      all of them, they count only each device’s first activation.

    • MKader17

      Well each activation is a new phone bought in a store so the used market or developer seen has no effect on the number.

      So depends on what you mean by unique.

    • pezjono

      FTA: ” 850,000 new Android devices are activated each day”
      Keyword: “new”
      All of them are unique. If I install a new ROM and re-activate, that is not included in this figure.

    • They have described how they get this number in detail – short answer, every single one

  • wait til the galaxy sIII comes out. lines and lines of people

    • T4rd

      I doubt anyone will every line up for an Android phone like people do for the iDerps.  iDerp followers only get a new phone every year whereas there’s a new flagship Android phone out about every other month.  So it kind of evenly distributes sales across the Android platform.

      • Neomastermind

        You call them iDerps, but at least they can rest easy knowing their phone won’t be outdated in a month’s time.

        • No, instead they can look forward to a marginally improved phone a year later which they can stand in line for hours and fork over the exact same amount of cash for as their last phone. 

        • G

           I know because the iphone is outdated before it even comes out

        • evltwn

          No they’re outdated before they’re even sold. Apple had been playing catch up to Android for the last 2+ years.

          • Jon

            Agreed. No 4G LTE in any iPhone…even though 4G LTE is so 2011. 

          • richlizard24

            Why would the iPhone, which markets battery life, throw in a battery hogging 4G radio?  Not to mention the fact that an all-in-one radio chip, which Apple would require for their iPhone, wasn’t even in production until fairly recently. 

          • TC Infantino

            Lol, you are so right.  Why would they?  After all Apple only cares about Apple, not about their customers.  So they produce a phone that has a tiny screen, only 3g speeds, and no customizing capability, just to keep the battery lasting as long as possible.  They are Sooo innovative!  Nevermind all the tech sites reporting how people were seriously let down with the iphone 4s.

          • richlizard24

            Jailbreaking provides plenty of customizing capabilities, screen size is a preference, and current 4G radios are horrible on battery life, not to mention the fact that LTE is hardly ubiquitous.

            The faux disappointment after an Apple announcement always occurs. This is a result of the vicious rumor mill. “Disappointing” products don’t become blockbuster best selling ones.

            Any other garbage?

          • richlizard24

            The iPhone 4S has a better GPU than the Galaxy Nexus.  Outdated indeed. 

        • T4rd

          If by “outdated”, you mean that better hardware comes along, then the iPhone 4S was outdated at launch with the exception of its GPU.

        • Neomastermind

          I love Android, I do. However, the only thing keeping me from the iPhone is the screen size. I like that I can tinker with my Incredible, but even that gets old after while. Furthermore, it’s nice to get the latest updates without having to go through other channels (XDA).

          With an iPhone you’re guaranteed consistency. You don’t get that with Android.

          • T4rd

            “With an iPhone you’re guaranteed consistency. You don’t get that with Android.”

            Sure you do.  They’re called Nexus phones ;-).

          • Neomastermind

            Wasn’t aware that the Nexus was the only android phone. 

          • T4rd

            It’s an option on the Android platform if you want consistent updates.  Stop trying to play word games. =p

  • Aww…I just spilled my apple juice.

  • Michael_NM

    Andy Rubin should change his last name to Roid. 🙂

  • ddevito

    Awesome numbers, but if I’m sitting on their board of directors I’m highly concerned that they still can’t monetize this platform yet.

    • EC8CH

      I think the main goal of Android as far as Google is concerned is to keep search traffic (and ad revenue) flowing through Google products as personal computing transfers more and more to mobile devices.

      • ddevito

        A year ago I’d agree with you. But with Google dipping into hardware soon I bet they’re going to test the waters to see how well it does (profit)

    • Android is just a tool for advertising. They aren’t losing money.

      • ddevito

        No, not losing money – their business model isn’t going to lose much money, they’re just not making much on mobile advertising. 

        • droidman101

          I dont know, they got google search, not to mention google music, google books, google apps, google maps, as well as the fact that they make it extremely easy to use google ads on android.

      • ddevito

        At most, they make around $2B a year. That’s a lot of money, but nowhere near what they make in the desktop space

    • Let’s not forget the % of sales they make in the app market. 

  • John

    It’s hard to even fathom that many activations per day. Awesome stats tho!