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Asus Introduces the Padfone, is it Tab-ception, or Phon-ception?

One of the popular topics to discuss stemming from today’s announcements at the Mobile World Congress, is the launch of the Asus Padfone. A slickly designed device that fits snugly right into a tablet docking station, giving the tab 3G capability and plenty of processing power to browse the web and stream media. The phone itself has a 4.3″Super AMOLED display, runs Ice Cream Sandwich along with the tablet, and sports a speedy 1.5GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor. 

If a phone that goes inside your tablet which can connect to a keyboard wasn’t enough, the Padfone also features a stylus that doubles as a microphone and speaker. No more fumbling your devices when receiving that important business call. The whole package will become available in April according to Asus, but there is no say on a price. Just for fun, take a wild guess at how much the Padfone will run here in the US. $500? $800? $1000? The better question should be, whatever the price is, would you pay it?

Via: Pocket Lint

  • Bill Mitchell

    Why in the world are you getting off about this? We’re all Android fanboys here, but that doesn’t mean we have to be blind. That’s really just sad. I love Android and everything it is, I love that there are cheap products that come from it, and I love how it looks. I’d never buy an iPad, but I refuse to let myself succumb to bias, that’s idiocy.

  • Kaibus333

    I am actually looking forward to finding out more about it, the price might be worth it. 

  • William_Morris

    If they don’t skin it, it could be a winner.

  • Kuboo99

    500-600 would be all I would pay

  • Taglogical

    Just got the LapDock 500 for my Bionic… But this is novel! Just sayin…

  • Lane252

    im just saying 500 dollars on the big red im there 600 maybe if the wife doesnt find out

  • MKader17

    I find it a little odd they are going to make this compatible with the TF101 Dock and not the TF201 dock. It seems like making it thin would be super easy since the thickness is in the phone. 

    This should have an amazing battery 1800 in the phone 1500 (estimate, could easily be more) in the tablet and 3300 in the TF201 dock  = 6600mAh!

  • Bprokosz

    What network…

  • Ronald Johnson

    i would be hot if you could root it so your can triple boot 3 brands (ios,android{ubuntu},win 7 or 8) on all three device models and make the ultimate mobile device

  • Calculatorwatch

    Do they all three have batteries? My god I hope so that would be awesome!

  • CeluGeek

    “Yo dawg, I heard you like Android! We put a phone in your tablet and your tablet in your keyboard, so you can laptop on your phone and make calls on your tablet.”

  • Tetis

    nice to see on screen buttons. have yet to see an LCD screen with on screen buttons, perhaps manufactures want to see true blacks with AMOLED

  • The real question is how much more will you have to pay for tethering you don’t really need…  And how crippled will the carriers insist on it being.

    • MKader17

      Tethering??? Its going to be the same device no matter what it’s connected to. Therefore $0.

  • It’s a shame that apple will try to sue for the overall shape, even though it appears to be a teardrop profile and the layout of the ports is in no way similar to an Iphone. It sucks that they’ve got copyrights to the rectangle with rounded edges. Otherwise this phone looks awesome. I think the specs are just fine as long as the S4 turns out to be as awesome as the benchmarks say.

  • bakdroid


  • Raven

    Being that ASUS is rather new to the phone market, I will certainly have to wait and see, but since I already have the original Transformer and keyboard dock, this would certainly be inviting if it comes to Verizon and is compatible with the original keyboard dock as the copper/brown coloring seems to indicate.

    • AlexKCMO

      What’s even better, they said in a video that this tablet docks into the TF101 dock.

      How awesome is that?  My wife could take the TF101 if this comes to VZW.  Biggest downside is the processor that will be weak by the time this gets released in the US… assuming it comes to VZW (I read elsewhere it will be a LTE phone).

  • neither its Dock-ception

  • tjpeco

    This is what should have happened with the Galaxy Nexus.

    What a better way for Google to demonstrate the unification of Android under one OS version than to launch the Nexus that can be used as both a phone and a tablet?

    • Michael Franz

      I couldnt agree more.  I love this idea and trust me if it had LTE, and on VZW I would jump on it in a hearbeat.  Let it be unlocked and if the CM9 team can get a build this would be the device to reckon with.

      All it would need is a decent camera and great battery, It would be nice if it had the ability to have a battery built into it which could be wall charged but then would charge the phone when the phone is docked.  I dont see why not….bvut thats just my 2 cents

      • Noyfb

        Need a universal tablet that will allow any phone to slide inside and plug into the tablet. All you would need is a slide adjuster to adapt to the size of the phone device inside to prevent movement, and a 1 to 1/2″ plug that matches the type of phone and plugs into the tablet just like the padfone tablet but with a cover on the back. 

        • Gwalker5

          a universal pad that covers all phones, and just needs an interchangeable plug from phone to tablet while the phone is inside. I like that, I would love a tablet that would magnify my phone’s screen.

      • DerekJ

        this is exactly what i’d like. Or a tablet that has a dedicated phone inside it so I don’t need to have a separate phone. I can just use a bluetooth to talk, dial the number on the pad or use contacts, and 4g.

  • If this had ubuntu or google chrome OS and worked like a ful laptop, I’d buy it up to $1000.

    • Tweekex

      They are working on Ubuntu for Android. If you plugged this Android phone into the tablet and full version of Ubuntu came up, I could see this being big.


      • Especially with gnome (a choice of desktop interface for ubuntu) being really touch friendly.

      •  Yep, saw that and it was exactly what I was referring to. I want a real phone, laptop/tablet, multi-media device. I want it all without any loss of features and I want it now!

        Though, while Android may be first to market with a similar device, unfortunately I think Microsoft or Apple will be quick to counter and probably do it better. That’s when I may have to try out a WP8 device. (please Google don’t make me want to…)

        • AndroidUser00110001

          Hopefully Windows8 will not be the droids that we are looking for 😀

          I have a feeling that Windows8 will be a real game changer for phones, tablets, PCs and the way we share our data between devices.

          • Windows 8 will be the game-changer for laptop/tablet integration/replacement but it won’t affect phones so much. Windows 9, however, is when that happens – so that will take a few years still.

          • MKader17

            The next version of Windows is always what we are looking for. If you ever look at any windows forums everyone gloats about how the next version of Windows on your mobile device will be sooo good. They’ve been doing this since the beginning.

            Aka: Windows is always behind the curve, and I won’t for a second believe otherwise until I see it.

          • Before the GNex dropped, weren’t we all excited about ICS? Now that we have the GNex, aren’t we all excited about the HTC One X? And now that the Transformer Prime is available, aren’t we looking for the Transformer Infinity?

            You just described: *everything in technology*, including Android.

          • MKader17

            Sorry, that’s not what I meant. What I mean is we are waiting on Windows and hoping they will integrate the desktop experience and FINALLY be a game changer. With Android, we are witnessing the evolution right now. With Windows we are hoping for it 2 revisions from now.

            When I was in the market for a phone over 2 years ago I chose the TouchPro2 because I liked the look and feel better and was sure that I could tweak the software anyway I wanted. After a frustrating 3 days to get just Pandora on my phone I got fed up and switched to the OG Droid. I had Pandora setup before I got home.

            With ICS we have most everything available to us now. It may not be perfect, but there are so many different areas that Android is making tremendous strides and with ICS you have a beautifully polished basic phone.

            With Windows, we are waiting for Windows 8 to finally be that next step where Windows is finally great; just like we did with 7; just like we did with 6.5; just like we did with 6…

            I, for one, think Metro is ugly. And if I wanted Metro styling I could mimick 97% of it tonight on my Android device. On windows I’m stuck with it.

            Sorry for the ramble but I feel like Android made brought themselves to the future alongside Apple. Windows is still stuck in yesterday, With the way Android is evolving, and with Apple offering the so simple a 4 year old can use it OS, I don’t really see room for Windows, nor do I have faith they can step up to that level.

  • zanderjh

    Being a transformer user myself, this idea sounds amazing!

  • We heard you liked phones & tablets!
    So we put your phone inside your tablet so you can phone while you tablet!

  • DanSke

    Eh, sounds like a good idea in theory, but I’m not sold on it. I’d much rather have a phone that is in the 5″ inch size range than this combo, which undoubtedly will be expensive. (200-300 phone + 400-500 tablet)

  • JustAnotherGuest

    If it comes to Verizon, I MIGHT be interested…

    • JustAnotherGuest

      I take it back, I WILL be interested, but I’m not sure if it’ll will be enough to pry me away from the GNex…

  • Korey Page

    If it will be available for Verizon (which I see no news saying it will be) I would get it. Thank god for multiple upgrades this year.

  • Jeremy


  • Pghsteelertime08

    That phone looks like a cobblestone with a camera. Not impressed…

  • Does anyone else feel like the padfone text on the back of the phone is a wild iphone ripoff? 

    Shameless, Asus. Shameless.

    • Michael Forte

      I thought exactly the same thing when I saw it.

    • DanSke

      Agreed. Not only that, but the whole phone looks like an iphone 4 ripoff. Check out the aluminum sides on the phone displayed in the top picture. What a waste. 

    • AndroidUser00110001

      did apple patent the concept of putting product name on back of phone?

      companies have been doing it for a long time before apple but I guess with Apple fan boys history started when apple dropped the iphone.

      • Now, now. Don’t get huffy. I am a HUGE Android fanboy, but the name engraved on the back in Helvetica Neue Pro font with the word phone bold and the prefix not bold. That’s pure Apple, and pure ripoff. 

        • Bill Mitchell

          Agreed, that’s the first thing I thought of when I saw it. I don’t particularly care though, it looks really nice!