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Android Team Releases Commercial to Show Off the Diversity of the Platform and Their Nifty Pins


Remember that must-have set of Android pins that were unveiled last week just before MWC? The Android team made a commercial to go along with them, that includes kids who were asked what they would want to be when they grow up. Good stuff.

  • GinoSylum

    How about if Google does an ad that shows a person pull out a phone with a screen bigger then 3.5 inches, hop online to find a store with 4G speed, use turn by turn navigation to get there… then use the NFC chip with Google wallet to pay.  ALL THING YOU CAN”T DO WITH THE IPHONE!!!

    Just about every adroid related commercial is just an embarrassment. Show what the product can do, its cutting edge and NO ONE outside the android community knows it.

  • (^_^)

  • Goog4evah

    So… How does it show anything about Android?

    • Plastic

       You didn’t get it? All the kids wanted to be an android when they grew up.


  • Googles marketing really has a way of inspiring me

  • Pmagent2013

    Anyway to buy these pins if we r not are mwc?

    • jgabler5025

      Don’t think so. Which is annoying.