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Dropbox With Instant Camera Uploads Lands on Market With Other Improvements

In early February, the Dropbox team released a new beta that included the ability to upload camera photos instantly after being taken. With its mass beta adoption and troubleshooting from users like you, this new feature along with other performance improvements is now available in the Android Market. So for those still running that beta, you will want to get back on the update track and install the market version once again. After all, this is still your favorite cloud service by a long shot according to our most recent poll.

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  • Roxanneminman

    I am no phone expert but some pictures I took long ago with another phone just magically appeared. I don’t want this photos as I already saved them on my computer. A lot of them are just stupid pictures I was playing around with. Can someone tell me how to get rid of these pictures pleeeeeassse

  • chad

    uses to much ram..disabled

  • jjjjjggggghhhh


  • faber

    No way, future installer.

    • faber

      un installer….

  • Samvelavich

    i swear today i was looking for an app that would do it, the next thing u know, i go on droid life and find one =] i love this site!!

  • Hugh Johnson

    Pics of my junk need at least 1GB each.  How long to upload?

  • baobao22
  • MrEnglish

    Just keeps getting better and better. I jumped on the box freebie but it doesn’t hold a candle to Dropbox, not yet anyway. DB is FAST as hell on my iPad and my Gnex and integrates directly into my iMac and my Win. Couldn’t ask for more. Well, more free space :). Instant uploads are lightning fast and I don’t see any  impact in performance whatsoever. Love that I don’t have to worry about my photos any more and I can manipulate them from my desktop instead of transferring them manually.

  • BrianWenger

    Google+ kinda already does this.

    • mjmedstarved

      Yup; it does.

    • all without going against your storage space

      • mjmedstarved

        Is this because once photos are uploaded to them, they have rights to the photo also? I know there are some companies doing that now, I know in FB you had to opt OUT of this if you didn’t want FB to be allowed to use your photos for ads and what not.

    • Michael G

      One ring to rule them all.

      • TC Infantino

        wouldn’t that be ‘One Circle to Rule Them All.’

        • Michael G

          lol  Yeah I was gonna put that but decided to stick with the phrase verbatim.  

    • MrEnglish

      Yea, but now Dropbox does it too….choice is good. Plus, I don’t my photos on G+ I hate the online interface. DB is much nicer for my purposes.

    • Droidzilla

      This. I’ve already sold my soul to Google with GMail, GTalk, GVoice, G+, Android, GMaps, and so much more, so giving them access to all of my photos isn’t a big deal.

      • John

        hah. ain’t that the truth!

  • mjmedstarved

    Am I the only one thinking “FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUK That!” on instant uploaded photos?!!!

    • allows me to erase the photos on my phone and save the memory. i’m ok with it.

      • mjmedstarved

        Well you can do that WITHOUT instant upload… and you wouldn’t be saving space if they are being instantly uploaded, now would  ya?  😉

        I don’t mean to sounds like a smart-ass, but we could upload photos before no problem; I’d like to choose which ones get sent to the cloud and not just say “Yes, please take every picture I’ll ever take and store it on the cloud.”.

        • Plastic

           Good for you.

          I’d rather not waste time on my phone and just delete the ones I don’t want to keep on my computer later.

          Anyways, you can disable the feature in settings so quit yer complainin.

          • mjmedstarved

            You’re right.

    • Eric Franca

      Not when I can get up to 5 extra gbs of space uploading hd videos of nothing in particular. More like “FUUUUUUUUUUK YEAH”

      • mjmedstarved

        Or just sign up for box, and get 50GB free.  :]

        • Eric Franca

          Except Box’s user interface (all online and for some reason unable to zip multiple files into a single download package) is annoying to me. 

          • mjmedstarved

            Is it? I downloaded it and peeked at it real quick when I got it.. but I have still only used DropBox since then.

          • Noyfb

            My girlfriend would not be happy with the instant uploads of some photos I take, hehe

          • MrEnglish

            Yup. Me too. Got all excited and now all the accounts I set up are echoing in silence. (figure that one out) :). I’m sure it’ll improve.

    • Michael_NM

      It’s an option, simply disabling it would probably work better than expletives.