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Asus Transformer Prime Receives Yet Another Update, This Time To Build Number

Owners of the Transformer Prime can start downloading the third firmware update this month for their tablets. With no changelog provided by Asus, it is hard to officially say what these updates are fixing or adding. We do know that it must be super minor given the fact that the update took about 2 minutes in total from download to installation and there’s only a minor bump in the build number from .14 to .15.

If you happen to notice anything different, let us know down below.

Cheers JayKay!

  • 63forthwith

    Just returned mine to Office Depot today.  I was so relieved they took it back.  Hos of issues like wifi I could live with but I just had enough with lagggy, unresponsive, and slow touch screen. Been playing with Sony Tablest S at Best Buy this afternoon and its screen and typing was much more fluid and responsive but it’s too bad its hardware is fast becoming outdated now that quad core cpu equipped tablets will be rolling out soon.

  • Asoos

    It needs these updates. The Transformer and Transformer Prime are very buggy. They’re so messed up, some retailers stopped selling them.

    • BigRed4X15

      What a preposterous statement! i would like to see you back that up.

      • Googler


    • Alan

      All I know the Prime still has GPS and WiFi issues. Piece of crap.

  • It’s not really a minor update. .14 has bricked a lot of devices, a friend of mine’s included. He’s waiting for .15 eagerly.

  • MKader17

    Looks like it is to fix some freeze/reboot problems.

    • Guest

      Oh thank god. I was this close to returning mine after the .14 update. Constant random reboots. It’s been unusable for the last week or so. Haven’t gotten the update notification yet, I’ll have to refresh.

  • veRdiKt

    only thing this update does is update nvidia drivers and what not. optimizes tegra 3. as long as you have voodoo ota keeper your golden. 

  • Drummer62

    And still nothing for the Galaxy Nexus…..like the official 4.0.4.  C’mon Google or Verizon, whichever is responsible for sending it out already!!!  It’s looking like Asus is faster at updating their devices than Google is!

    • MKader17

      I love Asus and all but these updates are mostly bug fixes.

  • I can’t see this update…not rolled out to everyone i guess

  • ghostrigger

    Asus WINNING

  • Roxywp

    TF101 also received a firmware update today… downloading now.

    • DigitalEnforcer

      That should be Ice Cream Sandwich…

  • LaCokaNostra

    Too bad mine won’t charge

  • garbagedick

    and still NOTHING for the Xoom LTE, cmon Verizon!