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Thursday Poll: Your Cloud Storage Service of Choice is?

The cloud storage space is on the verge of becoming a cluttered one. With each of the major players doing their best to grab your attention by tossing out free space, you may have trouble deciding. Or do you even have to? Box, Dropbox and Minus are the three that most Android enthusiasts use as they have the best apps and also hand out the most storage space. Is there one in particular that you use more often than the next? If so, why?

Your Cloud Storage Service of Choice is?

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  • udnaan

    You might not be familiar with it since its a tiny company which makes some niche products but I prefer them anyway. I think they spelled as something like gogole or was it google?

  • its hard for me to pick dropbox over box when i have a whole 48gb extra space. Just started using both so we will see if that changes but as of now Box has my vote.

  • It’s getting harder to choose just one. Dropbox still wins in my book, just because it offers the best interface and functionality in my opinion. With the recent addition of auto uploading photos and videos it’s even better now. 

  • TheMan876


  • + for Tonido (http://www.tonido.com). Unlimited storage. No need to worry about privacy and security.

    • thats not cloud that is remote desktop, not the same thing.

  • Chidoro

    I store what I need locally. Dislike the idea of someone besides myself owning my stuff because you will always be at their mercy if they change the rules on you. And that is something which is practically guaranteed to happen.

  • Quiem

    SugarSync the best for syncing multiple folders from my hard drive without need to move them in “special” folder.

  • 2442mike

    Spideroak for superb security.  You are the only one who has your encryption key.  Dropbox has access to the key (not that they’ll use it).  Box only encrypt for transfer, but files are open after that.
    At least that is my understanding of how they work.

  • Jerry Kay

    Get out of all the hyped version of services and opt yourself for a simple and easy to use solution. SyncBlaze is one of latest solution that offers variety of features which are really helpful. They have been in the beta version and now exclusively available through channels. Great news… They are also available in Cloud and Self Hosted version. So MSPs/VARs time to get your businesses grow.

  • xiaobao22
  • jdrch

    Dropbox because they offer free hotlinking.

  • James Friedman

    I use Minus because I got 11GB for free which has bumped up to 15 for referrals and the upload limit is 2GB. I just checked out box because of the free 50GB, but what is the point if you can’t even upload a avi file to watch a movie? 100MB is crap! So I’m supposed to just use it for documents? 50GB of documents? It doesn’t seem useful for music either so what the hell?

  • Bearguru

    I use Egnyte as my company uses Egnyte Enterprise App for cloud file storage.

  • LZMarine

    SugarSync, just wish they would officially support Linux

  • dancedroid

    Box because they just gave me 50GB of storage lol

  • Alex

    dropbox for me by far.  i dont want to go online to a website to upload my files.  dropbox does it easily + i have 8gb or so on it.  the 50gb of box is nice but the ease of use for dropbox is too great to give up.

  • skeezicks

    Another SugarSync user. The Windows and Mac implementations are more versatile than Dropbox, from what I’ve seen, and I love their Android app.

  • Kevin

    Trend SafeSync for me, as file security is important.

  • MrWicket

    I actually use all 3 but Dropbox with the desktop sync gets used the most. Minus and Box are just big thumbdrives.

  • llwang

    I’m using Wuala.  It’s not great, but at least it uses client-side encryption.

  • Hogasswild

    Tapp’n (formerly homepipe). I provide my own 1TB cloud.

  • Andrew Stargardt

    I’m a heavy user of Docs/Gmail/Google Music (not quite Picasa yet) but for my Nexus I use Titanium Backup to batch backup all apps/data every night and then combo that with Titanium Media Sync to auto sync (almost) every folder on my phone to Dropbox, including app backups!  Won’t lose a thing if I lose/break my phone.

  • Bigwavedave25

    Well I started out with Dropbox, but after today I may be switching to Box!

  • Derek

    Kellex, I must know.  What are you using to create a folder?  I tried simple text but can’t figure a way to make a folder like the one all of your photos are showing.  To say that it is driving me crazy is a bit of an understatement.

  • tomgillotti

    Cloud… What cloud? It’s sunny outside. I thought we were talking about those intellIgent telephones here…

  • Urugami

    PogoPlug (local, not cloud)

  • steve fairbourne

    Dropbox is great if you don’t need real security.  SpiderOak is the only one I’ve found that has a zero-knowledge policy.  Not as user-friendly, but I feel my files are safe…

  • I was all set to signup for Box, until I saw the 100MB filesize limit. What is the point of all that storage if I can only use it for 500 little files? I’ve rather have my 10GB on Dropbox where I can store a single 10GB file.

    Also, Dropbox’s new mobile sync is pretty great.