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Google Music Not Living Up To Expectations, Hoping Implementation Of Hardware Strategy Can Boost Numbers

A recent report filed by CNET, shows that Google has had better expectations for their music service than the numbers they are seeing so far. The Google Music service has been available for only a short time, so no one close to the project is scrambling quite yet. But the music industry is looking into it and making sure Google has plans of making them money.

Managers at Google have told record executives that they hope a new ‘hardware integration’ strategy can put a boost in sales and downloads. As we have been following, Google does have intentions on releasing a home entertainment system based around the Android OS which will sync with your phones and tablets. When we can expect to see Google put all its weight behind the music service is still in question, but be assured that Google has plans on making it a serious contender for music buyers.


  • Let me play FLAC audio (not transcoded 320kbps mp3 bullshit…what are they, apple all of a sudden) and I’ll use Google Music. 

  • CeluGeek

    This is what you get when you make a service for US customers only. I know it’s not necessarily Google’s fault but the stupic RIAA and MPAA who haven’t gotten with the notion that the Internet is global and keep restricting paying users in other countries and pushing them into piracy.

  • Smeckle

    They could do a better job of organizing their music store, for starters. For example, back when they were giving away a bunch of free tracks, which it appears they have now stopped doing, they would advertise like 400 free tracks or some huge number like that. Then you click it and it gives you like three genres with 20 free songs each. How many people are going to go searching through the entire music store to track down all the free tracks? It was a terrible implementation. “We have a bunch of free songs for you to download…NOW GO FIND THEM!!!!”

  • Ufuck

    Google music SUCKS badly!   Because of the stupid way it was implemented, now I can’t sign into the manager because there are other people with the same MAC address as my NIC card??? STUPID google!

  • I use Google Music a ton, but not to buy music.  I just upload my own music.

    • autoverse

      I love it. Music anywhere on my Droid Incredible and Music anywhere on my….. *sigh* Ipad2….

      It’s too bad about the poor implementation of the store. here’s why – I’m an avid music user and I’ve never seen the music store (seen the emails, ignore them). Plus, the Safari Interface is “look at music only” essentially.

      It’s probably 70% promotion and 30% development. Get on that, Google! I won’t mind, seriously!

  • U Mad Bro? No But Your Mom Is

    I for one love and use Google Music!!! 

    • U Mad Bro? No But Your Mom Is

      I mean, I can buy the music (granted, they need to add more music), play it from my phone, tablet or just the internet. I can download in onto my iTunes if I need to. I just love it! It’s not perfect, but it’s really good. Although, Google should consider advertising and letting the rest of the world, besides us geeks, know about Google Music. 

  • Thanassi

    I think the larger problem is that people are less and less inclined to adopt a new Google product simply because of the “Google” brand. Over the last few years, they’ve come out with some good products. Gmail, GVoice, Chrome are second to none, but what about all the failed Google endeavors? Wave, Buzz, etc. Now Google+ and Music are “not living up to the hype”. Regardless of whether a minority of the population loved those services or not, they are not being praised like Twitter or Facebook.

    Google is acting alot like ACME these days; by slapping their name on a wide array of services that frankly lack the polish of other brands with narrower focus on their products. “Oh, you’re doing well with that facebook thing, huh? We’ll make one too. And we’ll make it a little bit different, but it’ll pretty much be the same, but crappier… 
    Oh, you’re doing well with that twitter thing, huh? We’ll make one too. And we’ll make it a little bit different, but it’ll pretty much be the same, but crappier…”Does anyone else feel like the “Google” name should stick to the products it excels at? I understand they want to have their hands in everything. And that’s cool. That’s how business works. But perhaps they could just leave the “Google” off the product name the next time they launch something with tech from a smaller company they just absorbed. I for one would much rather subscribe to “superdupermusic.com” if there were just a tiny logo at the bottom of the website that said “powered by Google”.


    • “Oh, you’re doing well with that facebook thing, huh? We’ll make one too. And we’ll make it a little bit different, but it’ll pretty much be the same, but crappier… ”

      I truly hope you’re not suggesting Google+ is crappier than Facebook.  That quite far from the truth.  The truth is quite the opposite actually.  Facebook has become a bloated, confusing, ugly mess of a website.

      • summit1986

        Exhibit A: Timeline

      • CeluGeek

         And Google+ is a crappy ghost town only Google fanboys care about. This links perfectly illustrates the reality of Google+

      • Thanassi

        I truly hate to crush your hopes, but I’m not just suggesting it, I’m saying it.

        • Dlokey22

          Are you saying facebook is better because more people uses it or functionality/presentation?  I agree with the previous comment, facbook is a bloated mess right now.  If it wasn’t for their enourmous user base, I would switch to google+ full time.

  • Rbobbydray

    I love Google music so far but it has been tricky downloading individual purchased albums / songs. The interface on Music Manager is much to basic and limited. Also, although it reads and copies my iTunes, it can’t seem to distinguish between music and podcasts. When you are jamming to your “shuffle all” and “Stuff You Should Know” or “TED Talks” comes on, it blows your groove. I don’t want to take up room in Google with podcasts that I have already downloaded, become dated, and I don’t have time to listen to anyway.

  • Mallahet

    Can the stock player just get updated to actually do useful things? Like gapless playback, crossfade, and a better mixer? Then I’d use it more often and actually think about using the streaming service..

  • Charles Lee Gough Jr.

    When I buy complete albums I like to buy the CD so I can rip to lossless quality.  When I want to buy only 1 or 2 tracks, I buy from the Google Music store because I appreciate the 320k mp3s they sell, but of course, Google doesn’t yet have every artist on the store, so I settle for buying the tracks from somewhere else.  If Google gets around to adding more music to the store that’ll surely get them more sales!  I also wish the Google Music Manager app was smarter and I REALLY wish they’d open up the cloud-stored music to other Android apps like my favorite, PowerAMP.  Get to it Google!!

    • Smeckle

      I feel the exact same way about everything in your post.

    • I think they are probably running into the same problem here as things like Hulu and even Netflix…

      In order to get more music on the store, they have to convince more record companies (or whatever) that it’s a good idea to let them sell their music. In order to do that, Google has to show them that they can make a profit. How? Lots of users buying music! But the users, justifiably, feel the way that you do – they want more music before they invest heavily in the platform.

      Here’s to hoping that somehow, someone tips the balance towards Google Music surviving.

  • Kris Brandt

    They need to work on the site UI and the ability to stream the music from other players without opening up the browser.  If you have thousands of songs, most not sorted the way you want, it becomes quite a bit of a hassle to go through and create new playlists.

    I’m using Google Music and I love it, but I cringe at the thought of managing my music because the UI isn’t the easiest to work with.

  • Doesn’t this also hinge upon phones and manufacturers getting on board with ICS? You can download the stand alone app, but once it is the default player for 4.0 Android devices the usage should soar. 

  • summit1986

    I love Google Music and use it daily, but it could really use a better UI.  Ability to sort more easily would be a good start.  The reason I was on iTunes for so long was the simplicity to the user.  Now I use Google Music because I can access all my music on my GNex via the cloud.  Just my two cents.

  • JayEvans

    My wife’s new Razr Maxx with MotoCast allows her to stream or download any music, playlists, photos, videos or documents stored on our home PC. 

    Why would she need Google Music?

    • Kris Brandt

      You’re going to use Motorola’s software across all future phones?

      • JayEvans

        Well… she will for the next two years at least. And by that time I sure there will be several quality apps that do the same for all phones. 

  • PC_Tool

    Unlimited access to their entire catalog on any connected device for a small subscription fee.

    Sure, they’ll get trolled for “copying Zune”…but it worked.

  • Desktop program with CD burner and podcast support. That’ll KILL iTunes. {{-_-}}

  • Honestly, Google Music is the one Google service (aside from Android) which I have the MOST faith in. {{-_-}}

  • jdrch

    The best thing about Google Music, IMO, is the track quality: 320 kbps is better than Amazon or iTunes. That said, not only has the marketing been poor but the site design is awful. Also, Google does a very poor job of explaining how it all works. It took me a while to figure out that I could actually download the stuff I bought as opposed to just streaming it. They can’t be surprised it’s not doing well, you only get what you put in.

    • Smeckle

      Seriously, I have to search forever to find out how to do things sometimes. I had to scour the internet just to find out how to download the damn Music Manager because I couldn’t find a link for it anywhere on the Google Music site.

  • Jwhap

    Well I have stopped using itunes with g music coming out…..but they have to !remember that they came to the game very, very late! They can win this game but they need to be in it for the long haul!

  • Marcus Reid

    have you compared the cost for music on google music to itunes.  Big difference in price.  At least offer the same amount or cheaper…I’m just sayin’

  • It needs better music quality. “Amp’d by Beats” or something. AAC audio files will make that service competitive.

  • Liderc

    I think the problem is no good music is even released anymore.  I have all the music that I’d ever want already, there is literally not a band or singer out there worth spending money on anymore.

    • TC Infantino

      Well, that is certainly your opinion.  I actually purchase quite a few new songs from artists that I happen to hear on Slacker or the radio, then I use Soundhound to get the info so I can buy the song.

    • Dr_Buttballs

      It depends on what you listen to. My problem is I can never find the artist I’m interested in. I get that my choice of music may not be remotely mainstream and sort of hard to come by, but I usually have good luck finding it on Amazon.

    • Dliuzzo110

      Ha ha ha wow! It must be nice to have heard every single song by every single artist in the world on a daily basis. What a silly statement.

  • ddevito

    Answer this question:

    How many iSheep have asked you to help restore their music onto or off of an iPod or iPhone? HAHAHA. Now they have the magic iCloud and have to pay for it. Suckers. 

    (And over half my music collection was downloaded from Napster in the 90s so how would that magically work in the iCloud??

  • rohicks

    I actually like google music. Not to buy music, but to sync and play my music 😉

    • ddevito

      +1. Exactly. Google’s great at being what they are. Geeks. Not a media sales company.

      •  But soon they will pwn at that also. Just as soon as they get the formula right. {{-_-}}

      • summit1986

        Problem here is they are offering a free service.  I’m backing up 14GB ob music on their servers.  They need to pay for that storage somehow.  I have faith Google will step up their game though.  They need to distinguish themselves as having something Apple doesn’t.  I’d hate to turn this into another Goovle vs. Apple matchup, but let’s face it, everyone uses iTunes.

        • 4 degrees

          i dont use itunes anymore

          • summit1986

            Me either, but you and I used to, and many people have a hard time breaking routine and venturing outside their comfort zone when something new arrives on the scene.  They need to hype this up more but don’t go too overboard.

          • The way to beat itunes is so simple – make something lightweight and easy to use. Itunes is a processor/RAM hog that makes you bend over backwards to use it their way. It seriously can’t be hard to beat.

            But you’re right – it’s not itunes’ great interface that Google has to beat, it’s people’s inertia.

          • thebluegod

            I’m on a Mac and really iTunes is the only way to organize your music, simply because it is so well-integrated across the OS. However it is a resource hog on Windows.

        • The Race To Die

          hell no, been using media monkey for years and it surpasses itunes in every way for me

  • ddevito

    I believe ICS finally introduced low latency audio support (I think it’s in the NDK), which was a first step in better audio quality. 

    As far as buying music, Google Music is okay, works with the rest of market, I don’t have any complaints. Wish they had all the major labels but it’s just the beginning so I imagine this will improve.

    As far as organizing music, I don’t think there’s a better music service. Having the ability to listen to your music from ANY device is pretty f’ing sweet, and even makes the iSheep jealous.