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Bloomberg: Sanjay Jha is Out at Motorola, Google Will Appoint Dennis Woodside as New CEO

Oh, boy. According a report from Bloomberg, current Motorola Mobility CEO Sanjay Jha will be replaced by Dennis Woodside, who is a senior VP at Google and has been leading the transition of the two companies and reporting directly to CEO Larry Page.

Now that the merger has essentially been signed off on, we sort of expected there to be some shuffling up at the top. But dropping Sanjay? Did anyone see that coming? OK, be real, many of you were certainly hoping this would happen after 2 years of questionable moves by Motorola’s smartphone division and what seems to be declining sales quarter after quarter.

Neither Motorola nor Google would confirm the move, but Bloomberg seems to be satisfied with their 3 sources who of course, will remain nameless.

If you are wondering how Sanjay will survive going forward, rumor has it that he will make somewhere around $66 million extra thanks to pushing this merger into the lap of Google. I’d say he should be able to put dinner on the table for a couple of years.

And yeah, I’m dying to hear your thoughts on this one.

Via:  Bloomberg

  • Unkcomi

    This situation is very curryious.

  • Taglogical

    Hobbyist and  PC enthusiast here. This comment is not in response to the article, but in response to the majority of posts here: I returned “the atrocious” Galaxy Nexus and went back to the Bionic and couldn’t be happier. Fantastic screen, smooth, functional device. The Razr would be my perfect phone, if only it had the Bionic’s screen.

    I have no desire to ‘ditch blur’ because quite frankly, I like it in it’s current state.

    (I have used the Rezound, Razr, Razr Maxx and several Galaxy Nexi)

  • Guest

    WoW ! 
    He was the master of lay-off !…. and Google sending him home !
    May be they want real CEO not just the one who only lay-off ppl !!!