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Bloomberg: Sanjay Jha is Out at Motorola, Google Will Appoint Dennis Woodside as New CEO

Oh, boy. According a report from Bloomberg, current Motorola Mobility CEO Sanjay Jha will be replaced by Dennis Woodside, who is a senior VP at Google and has been leading the transition of the two companies and reporting directly to CEO Larry Page.

Now that the merger has essentially been signed off on, we sort of expected there to be some shuffling up at the top. But dropping Sanjay? Did anyone see that coming? OK, be real, many of you were certainly hoping this would happen after 2 years of questionable moves by Motorola’s smartphone division and what seems to be declining sales quarter after quarter.

Neither Motorola nor Google would confirm the move, but Bloomberg seems to be satisfied with their 3 sources who of course, will remain nameless.

If you are wondering how Sanjay will survive going forward, rumor has it that he will make somewhere around $66 million extra thanks to pushing this merger into the lap of Google. I’d say he should be able to put dinner on the table for a couple of years.

And yeah, I’m dying to hear your thoughts on this one.

Via:  Bloomberg

  • Unkcomi

    This situation is very curryious.

  • Taglogical

    Hobbyist and  PC enthusiast here. This comment is not in response to the article, but in response to the majority of posts here: I returned “the atrocious” Galaxy Nexus and went back to the Bionic and couldn’t be happier. Fantastic screen, smooth, functional device. The Razr would be my perfect phone, if only it had the Bionic’s screen.

    I have no desire to ‘ditch blur’ because quite frankly, I like it in it’s current state.

    (I have used the Rezound, Razr, Razr Maxx and several Galaxy Nexi)

  • Guest

    WoW ! 
    He was the master of lay-off !…. and Google sending him home !
    May be they want real CEO not just the one who only lay-off ppl !!!

  • jdrch

    He’ll resurface elsewhere soon enough. Pretty sure LG or Sony Ericsson would like a “veteran” (note the quotes) mobile industry ex-CEO on their team.

  • Sean Bello

    that’s what happens when you make empty promises for years on end and don’t deliver on any of them.

  • WickedToby741

    Google needs to run Motorola kind of like Apple. Apple releases one phone a year and one tablet a year. In Motorola’s case, it would be 2 phones a year (one slate phone, one keyboard slider), but employ the same strategy. Launch one keyboard phone, one slate phone, and one tablet per year and make them available on at least the big 3 carriers but maybe T-Mobile too. Make the phone really good and back it up with legendary support. Still allow other manufacturers to make Nexus phones and offset the Motorola phone releases with the Nexus releases and you’d have excellent Android phones year-round. I know they said they were taking a hands off approach, but I wish they wouldn’t. Putting a Googler on the inside is a start though. Google doesn’t have to directly run Motorola if they just inject Google employees into the company until it’s almost 100% Google anyways.

    • jake creed

      excellent idea, and they should all be stock.

  • E A butler

    Lets change the crappy designs!!!

    • fanboy1974

      The design (look wise) of the Razrmaxx is fine.  It was the damn bootloader issue that we’ve been living with since the Droid X days and not matching or exceeding features with one flagship phone.  Instead we got minor feature after minor feature.  
      The perfect phone from Moto would have been the Razrmaxx with 720p display, faster 13MP camera and unlocked bootloader. Blur is fine as long as the bootloader is fully unlocked.  Moto should not release another high end model until Fall to battle iphone 5.  I don’t want 5 freaking models before then.  Concentrate on getting your phones up to Ice Cream Sandwich.  

  • RW-1

    Too little too late, but good rid ness! Bye bye big ears, you really don’t deserve the $$$ you have.

  • Dan

    Maybe we can get rid of Blur.

  • Rob Becker

    Cya. Time to supercharge Android.

  • I’m having a tough time understand MOTO.
    The Droid was their best selling phone in a while in fact, it might have save the company. It’s a beautiful rectangular slab with thin bezels and lots of screen space.
    Everything else since then is a fugly non-rectangular, thick a*% bezels, crappy screen piece of you know what that’s 180 degree from a product that saved the company. Homer Simpson would probably do a better job.

  • PowerofPicture

    All the negative comments about Blur are hilariously outdated.  The version on the D3, D4, Bionic, Atrix 2, and Droid RAZRs are minimal, smooth and lightweight.  Moto certainly has stuff to improve on but the UI is on the right track.

  • dqw

    I hope motocast gets put into stock android

  • Please, I beg of you, quit drinking the MotoHate.

    They are a company just like any other.  They make decisions as a group.  To blame one man for all of a company’s shortcomings is ignorance at its finest.  I can absolutely guarantee there is more to the bootloader locking than one man saying “Nope, no, no no no no no no no, you kids can’t play with your toys”.  Corporations have agreements with business partners, and if that agreement states that they will abide by the carrier’s decisions regarding the security of their network, there is absolutely 0 Motorola can do about it except try to renegotiate, and that takes a crap ton of time.

    The only promise Motorola made regarding bootloaders is that they would unlock the International Razrs where they could.  They flat said Verizon wouldn’t allow it, so they won’t do it.  If an unlockable bootloader is make-or-break for your device decision, you chose the wrong device.  If you bought a Droid Razr hoping it would be unlocked, you were wrong, and read into something that didn’t exist in the first place.  Enjoy the device you have, or sell it and move on to another device that you’ll be happier with.

    If you choose to leave Motorola, best of luck to you, and don’t let your bootloader hit you on the way out.

    • TC Infantino

      Actually I believe they actually said-
      “We completely understand the operator requirement for security to the end user, and as well, want to support the developer communities desire to use these products as a development platform.  It is our intention to enable the unlockable/relockable bootloader currently found on Motorola Xoom across our portfolio of devices starting in late 2011, where carriers and operators will allow it.”
      Now, in that statement, it seems to me, and probably anyone who reads it carefully, that Moto is promising to allow unlockable bootloaders to all their phones, starting late 2011.  Though they do put in the caveat “where carriers and operators will allow it” which would make you think that it must be Verizon that is not allowing Moto to have the unlockable bootloaders.  If it isn’t Verizon the Moto would have done it already right?…except…HTC, Samsung, apparently LG as well, all have unlockable bootloaders on Verizon.  So the conclusion seems to be that Moto is blaming Verizon when it was Moto’s choice not to unlock the bootloaders. 

  • I want to see Google/Moto designed and branded phones that are on the same level as a Nexus device. How great would it be for every flagship phone they put out to be an instant standard. I know this reeks of Apple-ism, but their success has as much (if not more) to do with their consistency than the actual quality of their hardware and software.

    • Every phone motorola has released for android in the past year has basically out shined the iturd 4s in every single benchmark, except for the screen hardware, and camera software.  If they swap out the screens for SuperAMOLED and fix the god-awful camera software, they’d instantly have all of the business from every iphone user who isn’t an apple superfan…now if we just had a plan for the superfan zombies…

  • Guest

    I’m fine seeing sanjay gone.  Back in 2009, when I got laid off from one of motorola’s (at the time) few profitable groups because their mobile devices business was dragging the whole company down, he was one of (if not the) most highly paid CEO.  He certainly deserves to be fired, though I don’t think he deserves 60M for causing the company to lose so much value that google could afford to buy it.


    Why would the Googorola deal still need approval from China, Taiwan and Israel?
    “Though both the U.S. Department of Justice and the European Commission warily signed off on the transaction, Google still needs approval from China, Taiwan, and Israel before they the deal can be finalized.”

  • Sporttster

    Blur is fine. Remove some of the bloat. Biggest plus could and should be unlocked, open system. Someone at the top had alot of gonads to keep persisting on a wrong headed course in the face of MUCH criticism from customers. Open things up. Wanna keep Blur? Go ahead. Want a totally new ROM? You can have that, too. CHOICE!!!




    With a Google Exec taking over at Motorola, I’d have to say bye bye blur, hello unlocked bootloaders.  We will probably start seeing the Android OS has Google intended it.

    • Blur is here to stay.  Motorola will never go pure stock for their devices, unless Blur turns into AOSP.
      On the bootloader, it really depends on how air-tight the agreements Moto has made with carriers are, and if those carriers are open to renegotiation.  A merger does not free Motorola from agreements and obligations made prior to that time.  Open them for renegotiation perhaps, but that will take time.

      • MicroNix

        So why would Motorola promise to unlock the bootloaders in the “2nd half” of last year if they couldn’t in the first place?

  • thajack

    Hopefully BlurBoy doesn’t let the door hit him in the ass on the way out.

  • Sk102704

    Replacing the CEO with one of your excecutives, so much for treating their acquisition as a seperate entity. Good news for Android.

  • Liderc

    Well I hope they really change some things.  Moto is really capable of being the top if they’d get some interesting designers and use better screens.  I just worry that this change won’t affect anything that we’re interested in.  Most likely they’ll just fire a lot of people and reduce the quality of their product to make more money, it’s crazy to say, but that is usually what happens when a company is losing money and they need to turn it around.  The consumer doesn’t gain anything and the company just gets streamlined. 

  • Seanfranchise6

    Na, na, na, na, na…..Na, na, na, na, na…..hey, hey, hey…………GOODBYE!!!!! 

  • Seems only fair… Get Google a massive company, get $66MIL!!! Also totally expected Google to put their own person in place. If you didn’t expect it, you haven’t seen many mergers/acquisitions.

  • kfath1978

    I got the Bionic when it came out and was promised ICS by the end of Q1 2012.  Not going to happen until Q3 (maybe).  Called Verizon up and after some doing they were able to get me the Nexus for the restocking fee.  I am done w/ MOTO for now.  We will see what Google does with them in the next few years.  MOTO screwed me over one to many times….That being said the Nexus is the s**t compared to the Bionic…..

    • When were you promised ICS by Q1?  And by who?  Because they seriously lied to you. Not something you can really blame Motorola for, but I guess you needed to blame somebody.
      Motorola made no promises about ICS, other than it was definitely going to be built for the Razr, Bionic, and RazrMaxx.
      And fwiw, I love my Bionic, and have no idea what the appeal is of the Nexus beyond ICS…which I also have thanks to dhacker29 and hashcode.

      • kfath1978

        verizon/moto said it was due out by the end of q1.  look i had the D1,D2 and the bionic.  i was in desperate need of a new phone when the bionic launched.  given moto pleanty of my time and money, time to give another company a try.  i have had the nexus for a week and it blows the bionic away rooted or not.kfath

        • I played around with the Nexus, and I have to say I hate it, personally.  I wish my bionic had a screen that pretty, but other than that, I love my bionic.  The nexus just doesn’t feel right in my hand, but then i’ve never really been a fan of samsung phones. 

  • richardsonadm

    This is the best news all week.

  • Colonel_Awesomesauce

    He will not be missed

  • Naergoth

    Good riddance. Though before he goes, I certainly hope he releases 4 new phones in a 3 month period. :booooooooot:

  • N8shon


  • Ecrunion

    I believe this is going to take a while to happen.  The Google/Moto acquisition isn’t even 100% complete yet.  It will be months if not a year or more before we see any results from leadership change.  Just don’t give your hopes up for a quick turnaround.

  • I won’t pretend to know everything about moto’s corporate situation. But I guess we’ll find out how much he was responsible for in a few months.

  • fanboy1974

    Best news since the original Droid. Moto fans were to blind to see the screw up’s this guy was making.

  • Best thing for Motorola EVAR. (other than dumping BLUR)

    • fvqu

      They didn’t dump blur, the just stopped calling it that.

      • Actually, they did dump Blur.  Their entire interface was rebuilt from the ground up.  About the only thing that stuck around were a few colors.

  • chad917

    Yes my dreams are coming true
    Thank you Goof

  • threefootpony

    *summons up TRON’s voice* Google FIGHTS for the USERS

  • tutaina

    Thanks jha for all your work at motorola..you will NOT be missef

  • shdowman

    Good Riddance. 

  • Alain Mutricy

    Hopefully that sleeze bag Marc Rothman is gone as CFO too…

  • DroidDoesnt

    But wait….I thought that Google wasn’t gonna mess with the business operations? I thought this was ONLY about patents???

    • TC Infantino

      If you really believed that, then you are even more stupid than the majority of your posts suggest.

      • DroidDoesnt

        I never believed it fandroid….I knew from day one that Google was the lying, backstabbing IP thieves that they were….

    • F*CK OFF TROLL, and Google said that MMI wouldn’t get preferential treatment on software…that’s how the merger has gotten approved.  They still are going to OWN motorola mobility…

      • DroidDoesnt

        Uh, no, Google made it very clear that this acquisition was not going to affect in any way Motorola Mobility’s business operations…you bought that lie, aGoat….lol

  • imronburgundy

    I highly doubt that this guys first point of action as newly appointed CEO is too unlock the bootloaders. I am interested, however, if Google and Motorola are going to team up to develop some tight knit phones that work extremely well with the software.

  • jake creed

    OUTSTANDING!!! Now kill blur, make more stock androids (drop a major update that removes BLUR from current phones too!), unlock the bootloader and give 2011 moto’s ICS… After the Legendary Droid1 Moto went down under Jha’s greedy leadership…

  • Paul


  • Leroybrute30

    Closed source coming! Googlorola vs apple vs windows! Think about it. android users lose!

    • Bionicman

      not necessarily. if Google and Moto can make a strong, powerful phone with an end to end design/solution similar to an iphone but still allow other manufactures to release their own version, sounds pretty awesome to me. its the best of both worlds! it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

      • No other manufacturer would use Android in that situation.  It would be impossible to compete with something that well built/optimized.  Any other OEMs would turn to another solution, most likely WebOS or WP8.

  • bakdroid

    Oh my!  MotoNex???  DroidNex???  Unlocked bootloaders???  The possibilities could be endless…

    • CORYK333


  • Google is King

    Google needs to take control of Moto unlock, improve, and reduce number of phones. Its not like Samsung or HTC are really going to stop using Android as bases if Google favors Moto, it makes them to much money. 

  • fvqu

    Good riddance

  • Chris Ozoniak

    Apparently you can post on Motorola’s Facebook wall without liking their page.  Win for me considering I can’t bring it upon myself to “Like” them after their abandonment of great hardware like the Droid 2, Droid X which they crippled with bug-ridden Gingerbread software (and certainly no ICS in site).  To top that they duped Droid Razr purchasers with the Droid Razr Maxx 2 months later, nice one Motorola.  My next phone will most certainly NOT be a Motorola.

  • Na na na hey hey hey goodbye.

    • balthuszar

      isnt his name spelled Sanjay? so wouldnt that make it san san jay jay jay good by…

  • I see a lot of comments about unlocking the bootloader.  I am pretty sure this was not 100% Jha’s idea and that he is not solely to blame.  There are going to be other people moved or shifted and I am still willing to bet it will be a while before we see unlocked bootloaders.  The one thing that they may be able to control though that Jha would have had a direct influence over is rolling out 8000 phones a year and barely supporting a phone as soon as the next one dropped.  If they can slow down their output of phones and really focus on making the phones they do have stellar that will be easier for them to make a turn around.  Less R&D and manufacturing of so many random parts and all that fun stuff.  Plus they might be able to build some better brand recognition.  When the original RAZR was king motorola wasn’t putting out phones every 7 weeks.  You were lucky to see a new device every 6 months and usually it was just a new version of the RAZR or things like the KRZR that failed miserably.

    • I agree that a bootloader unlock will not arrive as soon as the merger goes through officially, unless there was something in the works already.  But people will still cheer for Google, and poor Motorola will get nothing but more FB and Twitter spam.
      I also agree that they released too many models this year, but that is something that could be said for every one of the three top OEMs.  Luckily they have all realized this fact, and are committed to releasing more devices.

      As for the support, I must wholeheartedly disagree.  HTC and Samsung have historically been the worst with providing device updates.  I honestly don’t see where people are getting the “Motorola doesn’t support their older devices” argument from.  If anyone can provide a useful link, I’d appreciate it.

      • Yo

        Here you are… Look at this:
        Defy December 2010 From eclair to froyo (eclair was too old when phone was released)–> No more updates
        Defy+ June 2011 —> No update (remain 2.3)


    • I loved my KRZR! sorry, had to throw that out.

      Regardless, You’re completely right, and I agree with your whole comment (except the dig at the KRZR, it wasn’t bad just underrated!)

  • srh12

    I think people may think that this is all wonderful, but I think the timing was a bit off. Motorola, while they have continued to  crap out device after device with incremental upgrades, has been getting its act together.
    Blur got toned down, the hardware and radios have been well respected, they really set a tremendous precedent for battery life, and the new leaked blur-on-ICS looks to be one of the lightest and most unobtrusive skins weve seen thus far.
    They are bad with updates and too many devices and blur WAS bad. I just think the timing was a little too late for this move.
    Or its just a power move from google to get one of their own steering the ship, yeah actually thats probably it.

    • balthuszar

      far as battery life…just got 29 hours out of a single charge on my razr

      • sgtguthrie

        did you even touch it during that 29 hours? or are you actually talking about the razr maxx…

        • balthuszar

          it was only being unused for 8 hours while i was at work and 4 while i was sleeping…


  • moelsen8

    best move for motorola in 2 years.  i applaud google for giving him the boot.


  • This calls for a sexy party!!!

  • Guest

    Makes perfect sense really…and likely the reason Sanjay pushed for the deal in the first place.  He gets a nice ADDITIONAL bonus of $66M  How much will he make total?  How much MotoMobility stock does he own????

  • EC8CH

    Micheal_NM… this one’s for you

    • +1

    • Michael_NM

      I went to buy a lottery ticket as soon as I heard the news. 🙂

    • CORYK333

      HA!!!!!! Beat me to it, well played.

  • Letz_Shake

    Gentlemen, it has begun.

  • He’s leaving the position, but not leaving the company he will just a lower position, but hey at least it has changes. Hopefully we will see really good products come out of this new moto/google merger. 

  • New_Guy

    It’s about friggin time…

    Does Google just know how to get it right or what…

  • skubadoo

    I have a strong feeling Moto is making the next Nexus device!! 

    • fvqu

      Its very likely

  • I’m just going to leave this here…


  • GCurry

    Depends a bit on his replacement, but without knowing anything on that front …

    1. changing the guy at the top makes it easier to change policy, which is owned by the guy at the top

    2. replacing the guy at the top with a Googleoid ought to mean better integration of the two organizations, both architecturally and culturally

    So, I think it’s appropriate.   Difficult to pull off, but appropriate

  • Lgreg64

    Google needs to be very careful or HTC, LG, Sam and the rest will be very upset. 

    • And do what?  Go to WP7?  Its hard to differentiate your product when you have such strict hardware and software requirements.  Not to mention the licensing fees.

      • ddevito

        And do what?  Go to WP7?”

        Yes. They already are.

        • True, they do make WP7 devices, but they have too much invested in Android to just drop it.  Besides, being unhappy with a platform’s originator doesn’t mean they will overlook all the money they’re making from it.

          • ddevito

            I think it all comes down to sales and how much Google’s incentive was to jump onboard (the “less than free” model they sold them on). MSFT has Nokia now so perhaps it’s a moot point, especially since MSFT makes money off (almost) every Android phone sold.

          • Excellent point on the MS licensing Android.  Though, I’d be be interested to see if those fees are less than the WP7 license fees.  The MS – Nokia partnership I think was a bad move for MS, as they are guaranteed to show preferential treatment, something that Google has specifically stated they would not do.  If they can uphold their software neutrality, Android will continue to flourish.  If they can’t, the platform will fall as soon as there’s something to replace it with (WP8 is a likely candidate, as could be WebOS).

          • ddevito

            Couldn’t agree more

        • Lgreg64

          what did  HP CEO Meg Whitman say

          • ddevito

            Of all high tech leaders, she’s the last person I’d listen to. HP had a golden opportunity with WebOS and they completely screwed the pooch. They’re just pissed at the world.

            I’m sure Google would love HP onboard. And with Intel and Google becoming BFFs in 2012 I’m sure HP is watching. 

          • ddevito

            I can’t EVER see Android be closed. It’s a perfect niche for them while iOS and WP7 are closed.

          • sgtguthrie

            I think Whitman is wrong too, but check your facts. She wasn’t ceo then. She was hired after the webos/touchpad debacle 😉

          • ddevito

            Yes, I know. I didn’t say she was responsible, although I’m not sure how much better she is than Leo Apotheker was (whatever his last name was). 

  • Moto Hardware & Google Software – the end.  There were a couple nice features of “Blur” on my Droid-X, which have almost all be included in ICS on my Galaxy Nexus.  

    • Yeah, I wouldn’t count on seeing any stock Android devices from Motorola anytime soon.  The new UI leaked for the Razr will probably stick around for a while.
      My reasoning: if Motorola goes vanilla, what point is there in even having a Nexus device?  All Motorola devices would be Nexus devices.

      • srh12

         The what would all the nexus fangirls do? Theyd need something else to prance around “brag” about on droid life!

        • EC8CH

          I think everyone would benefit because there would be more choices available for people looking for stock android devices.

        • They’d brag about how much better the True Nexus is, rather than the MotoFail knockoffs, of course!


        • riteshk

          And the compulsory fanboi arrives.. 

      • ddevito

        “All Motorola devices would be Nexus devices.”

        ^+10000 to that!  :p

  • This is a great day for android!

  • Nate Davidson


  • r0lct

    The first step in Google running Moto independently. 😉

  • sgtguthrie

    All I have to say is “oem fastboot unlock”!!! Do that moto, and I’ll buy your phones again 😉

    • Deltaechoe

      * “fastboot oem unlock”

      • sgtguthrie

        Ha, guess I’m a little dyslexic… LOL Good catch 🙂

  • Don’t let the door hit Sanjay in the bootloader on the way out!!! Jha Jha Jha!

  • enigmaco

    YES!!!! Change has begun!!!!

  • BoozeRob

    About time.

  • MergenBaller

    very smart decision

  • RaptorOO7

    Jha knew it was going to happen . . . right.  Seriously glad to see in infusion of Google mindset there and hopefully it means better things for Motorola, more consistent hardware, (hopefully dropping) blur and ultimately unlocked devices.

    • Why do people dislike Blur? My D2G on 4.5.608 has awesome stability and the Blur email client is so far the best I used on Android. All those fancy CM7s and CM9s still lack IMAP4 push support.

      • PC_Tool

        Some folks immediately vomit distaste for anything non-AOSP, regardless of merit.

        It almost seems like a reflex-action. 

        Someone mention as *any* of the manufacturer skins, in any kind of positive light, and that person is immediately swarmed by dolts who appear capable of a total vocabulary of about three words.

        Look at any comment regarding TouchWiz ports for the G’Nex on XDA or rootzwiki for some prime examples of this.

        • It would be of course great if the user could choose between the skinned version and AOSP.

          And the statistics. For AOSP vs “skinned” Android users.

          I’m almost sure a lot of people would still use something like Blur. I really find it more convenient for actual use and not constant tinkering. I love the fact that with Blur I got an email client that informs me whenever I get a new message in my IMAP4 mailbox. Instantly. Without that “check for new mail every 5 minutes” stuff.

        • srh12

           Look at any comment to any post on Dlife and youll see prime examples.

        • I think all of the manufacturers’ skins have something in them that I like, but I don’t like the whole things, and I especially don’t like being forced to use them when they usually do slow the phone down.

          I don’t have a problem with manufacturers putting skins on their phones. I do understand that as the hardware of the phones can only be so different (basically just a casing for the stuff that goes behind the screen), making what’s on the screen look different is how they get a lot of people to choose one phone over another. I just think that users should have the option to uninstall any piece or as much of it as they want and use AOSP instead, without resorting to rooting and ROMing.

      • I agree with the Blur e-mail client.  The usual argument is that manufacturer skins just get in the way, slow down the handset, break the software, etc etc.
        However, all OEM skins are built from source just like CM9/AOKP/MIUI.  The manufacturers just can’t send out builds whenever they want like the ROM community can.

        • Deltaechoe

          Um, yes they can?  Custom roms are made by single people or small teams of hobbyist coders while the OEM skins are made by full teams of professional programmers.  I suspect that the problem isn’t the coders, per se, but instead the project managers and executives who don’t know anything about coding except that it makes the cpu do things and the screen display things.

        • islandak

          I’ve owned (or own) a OG Droid, D2G, Thunderbolt, and GNex. My wife currently has a D4. I feel I can offer a fairly educated opinion from a user standpoint.
          far and away prefer the stock android experience.

          The Blur launcher is very slow. There are some positives (I LOVE the Blur Alarm Clock), but nothing compelling enough for me to keep it as my UI. My work email has a Google backbone, and the gmail app works quite well.

          Sense does a lot of great things too. HTC’s proprietary apps can be awesome. I would (and did) trade those for aosp.

          I think all the OEM skin “hate” comes from the limitations on the ability to modify the phone as the user sees fit. If there were a way to freeze or eliminate skin features that are unwanted, I believe the rooted-public would be a lot less hostile.

      • Because they (1) look terrible. The only decent looking skin is Sense 4.0. But I’d much rather have Android 4.0 shine through with NO manufacturer UI touches at all. They are hardware manufacturers, not UI/UX designers and should stop acting as such. (2) They are resource hogs. No reason to have them running on top of a perfectly good OS. 

        The email client is a rare exception, though by itself is no reason to have an entire skin installed. Pull the email client out, kill BLUR and we’re all happy. 

        • But I like Blur. It survives for 32 hours on a single charge. CM7 and CM9 barely hold out for 16.
          It also doesn’t slow anything, at least on my device.

          • If you honestly think BLUR is smooth, you haven’t used a “smooth” device. I’ve used every single mid to high-end Motorola device since ’09 and 0 of them have been smooth out of the box. Also, never gotten more than ~16 hours of charge on any of their phones either. I’m a pretty heavy data user though, more than most people I’d say, so that factors into it. 

            My other big gripe as of late is their insistance on using crappy displays. The Droid 4 is a sad disappointment. Awesome keyboard combined with an atrocious display. 🙁

          • I use a D2G and it does feel fine to me.

          • Go use an iPhone or any Windows Phone and then come back to your D2G and tell me how smooth it is. :p

          • An acquaintance of mine has an iPhone 4. Feels about the same. Although Android Browser felt faster than Apple’s.

          • Sleepy

            Here’s the difference.  If you install a custom ROM it is expected that you know basic optimization procedures for battery performance.  If you were having lower than optimal battery life out of CM you didn’t adjust the settings correctly.  Note this is THE argument against skins.  User customization.  I can make a custom ROM do what I want it to.  Blur comes as is.

          • 16 hours is with SetCPU at 300 to 800MHz.

            Instead of 1200.

          • Bobukcat

            Every time my wife (who had an 3GS and now uses a 4 everyday) uses my Bionic she comments on how fast and smooth it is. It lags occasionally on some things but so does her iPhone.

          • kixofmyg0t

            I have a D2G(as well as 6 other Moto phones ) and it runs smooth. Well just as smooth as my iPhone 4. 

            Maybe you had a broken one. 

          • PC_Tool

            “If you honestly think BLUR is smooth, you haven’t used a “smooth” device.”

            …or you haven’t used the RAZR MAXX.  One of our sales-critters has one, and even though Blur is not my fave, it is nice and quick on that device.

            I think the problem here is that most folks are basing their opinions on really old versions of these “skins”.  A prime example would be TouchWiz…

            Ver. 3.0, on Eclair/Froyo/Gingerbread *sucked*.  It was slow, laggy, and had little to nothing going for it over AOSP in terms of functionality.  It was bad.  Really bad.  I hated it..and my phone because of it.

            Ver 4.0 on GB or higher *flies*, due to hardware acceleration, and has many features not only un-found in AOSP, but in virtually any other launcher.  It made me like my phone again.

            When someone mentions Touchwiz, the vitriol and venom spewed by the masses can only be attributed to the horror that was 3.0.  TW 4 simply doesn’t deserve that same perception.

  • guest

    It was reported a month ago that this was going to happen. This isn’t news.

    • CORYK333

      Cool, so you wont have to post it on YOUR android site…….smh

  • Good.  I can’t believe Moto’s shareholders let him stick around for so long.  With the exception of the OG Droid and getting bought by Google, almost every other decision he had was a failure.

  • Something had to change.  Their phones, while solidly built, are a joke.  Hopefully their phones going forward will have stock Android, unlocked bootloaders, and good displays.

  • Droidzilla

    As a happy RAZR owner, I fully support this move. I’d love to see Google shake some things up at Motorola Mobility.

  • Jdstell

    To Larry Page: Sanjay is gone, only two more things to work on; dump MotoBlur and unlock those bootloaders.

    • And force Moto to use good displays in their phones.

      • Michael Forte


      • kidtronic

        That’t their biggest weakness. Motoblur can be removed. Those dismal screens can’t.

      • Chalrie

        There already are great displays made by Moto, but they are just in the wrong country!  Bring them Stateside should be the thing to force them to do.

    • Please leave Blur intact.

      There are no better email clients available.

      • RedPandaAlex

        Or. Take the good features of blur and roll it into AOSP.

        • Right! Let them install applications and change some colors around.  Just make sure people can uninstall the apps that they don’t want/need.

        • Geoff Hinchliff

           Then all phones will have these features so fewer people would buy moto.  Not the best move.

          • RedPandaAlex

            Google’s not going to care that much whether you buy a Moto device or some other Android. They just want to raise the bar for the ecosystem and get more people buying Android in general.

          • Noyfb

            KELLEX, we need a hypothetical poll for fun, who wants to keep moto blur or who doesn’t. If you could decide to change Moto blur:
            A. Keep Blur
            B.Get rid of Blur
            C.Keep some aspects of blur
            D. I don’t care

        • islandak

          +1! There are some nice apps/features in blur. But they aren’t nice enough that I kept it on my D2.

        • Deltaechoe

          What good features?

      • LiterofCola

        I agree, I like the UI.  It’s not as bas as some would have most believe.  But this can only push the dream of a Moto Nexus even closer.

    • If so, there is a GOD

    •  Unlocked Bootloaders for everybody!

      With love GOOGLE!

  • burntcookie90

    Please be true.

  • Michael Forte


    • What time does the Narwhal bacon?

      • Jeremyx237

        The Narwhal bacon’s at midnight!

  • ddevito

    I’m still fascinated to see what will happen with Googlorola. Google TV set top boxes, Google branded hardware, etc – I wonder though if a potential shift in focus will make its other OEMs look to change the way they do business. Time will tell.

    (But I sure hope Google knows what its doing) I still don’t think they know anything about hardware

    • I hope Google stays out of the hardware design and optimization, considering they have no history with such things and Motorola was built upon its strong hardware design.

      • ddevito

        If the reports last week are true, then that doesn’t look like the case. It seems they’re expanding the Mountain View campus for a hardware testing lab.

    • Greyhame

      I don’t think Moto’s set top boxes are a part of Moto Mobility..

  • Mhous Thirtythree

    buh bye 🙂 now the question is, will Mr. Woodside finally unlock the bootloaders?

    • There’s no real reason for him to do it, is there?

      • palomosan

        Yuno what you doing here, where’s Keita-kun?

        • I’m afraid I don’t know who you are talking about.

      • Sporttster

        Yea, it’s not like they aren’t already making millions and millions in profits and everything is fine and everyone wants their phones and…..  sure, no ‘real reason’, huh…

  • rals

    The merger is looking good so far. 

  • RedPandaAlex


  • kretz7

    Kellen, do you know if Sanjay will still hold a position at Moto?

  • Supercharging Android here we go!

  • Bewara2009

    The guy didn’t know what the hell he was doing, that’s what happens. So long Jhaaaaaaaaa

    • mtkregs

      I highly doubt that “The guy didn’t know what he was doing”.  CEOs are unseated in acquisitions on a regular basis and, more than not, they set themselves up with healthy golden parachutes.  He knows exactly what he’s doing.

      What do you think Motorola Mobility was worth prior to the Droid 1?  What’s happened to its stock since then?  He knows exactly what he’s doing.

      Fanboys can bash the dude…but, he’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.

      • srh12

         Dont try to teach the lemmings about corporate governance, its futile.
        They seem to think the CEO is the one who demands the phones have locked bootloaders and he personally installs bloatware on the phones.
        Its not like moto has a board of directors signing off on all of this, or the officers didnt approve of committee decisions about device security and advertising revenue.Nope it was all this sanjay dude, everything will change now!

        • yeahyeah

           Yeah he knows what he is doing i mean he was the one saying that it wasn’t blur causing issues with their phones it was “bad apps” come on get your head out of your ass.

        • I’m calling BS on this comment. Ever heard of Steve Jobs? The dude had a hand in every product Apple released for how many years??? So yes, CEOs can be a very important factor in product development and overall brand quality…..if they want to be.

          • Sp4rxx

             Yeah but he also ‘went against the grain’ or did his best at toppling the status quo.  If CEOs did more of that, I am sure that corporate structure would change.

            SRH’s comment is not BS in the slightest.  You just use the one exception that proves the rule, there skip!

          • I used an exception to the rule because I expect the exceptional from Android.

          • Sp4rxx

             ….or you expect it to be what YOU want it to be.  To most, it IS exceptional.  Just because it doesn’t meet your personal demands doesn’t mean it is not exceptional ….

            “exceptional” is subjective.

        • WickedToby741

          The CEO does call the shots though and should make the necessary moves to keep consumers happy. I don’t care how much bloatware Verizon would like to install on my phone, the manufacturer should protect my right to uninstall it or not put it there in the first place. In addition, if unlocked bootloaders is what the people want, that’s what I’d be giving them if I was CEO. They can’t shovel us BS that it was Verizon’s call because HTC unlocked their Verizon phones and the Galaxy Nexus wouldn’t be on Verizon if Verizon wouldn’t allow the unlocked bootloader. Appeasing the consumer appeases the shareholders, and they’re more important than any carrier’s demands.

        • LiterofCola

          Yeah, pretty much.  It’s always easier for the mindless to have someone to blame.

        • mtkregs

          As I read through some of these comments/replies, it seems that I have struck a chord with some of the Android hobbyists.  I think some people lose sight that, even though phonegeekyness is a hobby for them, it’s actually, more importantly, a business.  While it’s good that hobbyists have passion for their hobby, that passion can also cloud their understanding of the reasoning behind business decisions.

          It’s funny to read posts referring to Sanjay Jha’s failure to unlock bootloaders and how some consider that to be a poor business decision.  While the hobbyist considers that to be a major issue, I doubt that it’s even a blip on Motorola’s radar (from a business sense).  Why?…because hobbyist represent a minuscule % of smartphone buyers. 

      • kidtronic

        Fanboys of what? And his prodigious bank account not withstanding, Motorola made a number of terrible decisions under Jha. Since the OG Droid, and up until the Droid Razr, Motorola consistently churned out some of the ugliest phones on the market with an even worst skin. The pentile screens they’ve used have been among the most awful on the market and their cameras never measure up to the competition. Don’t get me started on the Xoom and the Xyboard. He should have been fired for those names alone. If he knew what he was doing, Motorola would have long since capitalized on the head start they had with the OG Droid instead of lagging behind the market leaders. 

        • The disaster that is the XOOM is much more than it’s name.

      • KleenDroid

        They know how to create sweet golden parachutes. But they sell products and don’t seem to understand what people want; There is no reason Motorola couldn’t be kicking some serious ass following the success of the Droid 1. But the lock down the bootloaders while plenty of other manufacturers do not on Verizon. The release phones with potential but always drop the ball. Example: There is no reason the Droid 3 shouldn’t have been 4g. There is no reason the Droid 4 couldn’t have a decent screen. And there is no reason all of their phones couldn’t have an unlocked bootloader. Now that Google has kicked this idiot out I look forward to them fixing these simple issues and I look forward to the day I can come back to Motorola. Actually by simply unlocking the bootloader on all their phones since the D1 would be a very good start.. 

      • angermeans

        I agree the original Droid saved the company and he was the CEO at the time but he was let go for a reason. The Droid was a giant success but every move since then has been questionable at best. Motorola has since declined in everything since the Droid so you can’t just look at a phone that was a success over two years ago. In technology you have to continue to make good decisions and Motorola has done everything but the right decisions. If he was as good as you said he would still be the CEO. Google did the right thing. You are right though he is a smart man or he wouldn’t have been the CEO I. the first place and like most in his position he made sure he was taken care of, but make no mystake Motorola could be a whole lot better off today if he and the company had made better decisions.

      • Sporttster

        It is absolutely disgusting what CEO’s make in relation to the guy on the floor. Not to mention they can run the friggin company into the ground AND get rich doing it! Something is really, REALLY wrong with that….

      • LiterofCola


      • BlithelyDoubting

        Crying all the way to the bank!  That is the phrase, not laughing.  That negates all of the subtle meaning.  Sigh.

  • sc0rch3d

    maybe he wants to go work on his golf game

  • i like the move. wish the best for sanjay, im sure he’ll land on his feet.

    • bob

      he’ll be fine as long as he lands on his locked bootloader

      • CORYK333

        That sounds like it would hurt, especially since its so hard to crack

  • I’m glad he is out but we need to give credit where it is due. This guy saved motorola mobility.

    • and helped android a lot!

  • Good riddence

  • Kehveltre

    Thank god.

  • Stephen

    Maybe there will finally be unlocked bootloaders…………sike

  • Towelie420

    good riddance to bad rubbish

  • zepfloyd

    Last fall Sanjay strongly signaled he’d essentially be out after the merger closed. Not surprised.

  • Fenrisakashi

    Talk to me in 6months…

  • Good, maybe the new guy will abandon Blur or whatever they call it these days. Like most CEOs though, he will probably never understand the importance of an unlocked bootloader.

    • kretz7

      I’m pretty sure Google understands…

    • He’s from Google, so hopefully no Blur, Google designed phones and unlocked bootloaders. Oh, and the Google logo on all smartphones running Android.

      • Blur will remain, of that I am certain.  Locked bootloaders are a “maybe”, depending upon how strong the agreements between Motorola and the carriers are, though those will most likely be re-negotiated once the merger is complete.

        • I wholeheartedly agree about Blur. There’s nothing really wrong with having a custom UI. You just need to know where to stop, and judging by the differences between Froyo Blur and Gingerbread Blur, Motorola is steadily improving on this.

          Bootloader unlock would be great news but I doubt it’ll happen to the older models (DROID2, DX, D2G, and such). I’m not sure if they can really be unlocked since they don’t even use fastboot…

          P.S. Finally someone who doesn’t join the bandwagon. I was getting tired of those weirdos.

  • htowngtr

    Meg was right… Watch Google go closed source, use Moto as their flagship for phones.

    • RedPandaAlex

      Nope. But I’m sure they’ll appreciate being able to tell ONE of the OEMs what to do. I mean, none of them have been running stock devices.

    • Not likely. She was just trying to scare the other manufacturers, start a media storm of speculation.

    • EC8CH

      Google cares more about Android marketshare than about how much any particular flagship phone sells.

    • if you think that then you have ZERO understanding of android…

  • Dickripple

    Nice to see him go, that guy is a total asshat. Lot’s of silly moves on his part.

    • Travisjshepherd

      No, he’s worse, he’s one of those disposable toilet seat covers. I believe I use the term ass gasket.

  • good riddance

  • Travisjshepherd

    Well now we can assume Moto will blame Google for locked bootloaders. hahahahahahaha!

    • MKader17

      “Since Motorola Mobility is no longer owned by Motorola we must approve any bootloader policies through the company’s new owner, Google. We are still discussing this policy and will let you know as soon as we find out anything about Google’s stance on bootloaders.”

      • where is that quote from?

        • MKader17

          sar·casm   noun ˈsär-ˌka-zəm
          1 : a sharp and often satirical or ironic utterance designed to cut or give pain

          2 a: a mode of satirical wit depending for its effect on bitter, caustic, and often ironic language that is usually directed against an individual

          • So that’s what sarcasm means, I am ever so glad you provided that!

            Being serious, putting something in quotation marks generally means that it’s a quote.  Had there not been any, I most likely would have ignored your statement as per usual.  You’ll have to excuse me if your “ironic language” was a bit too realistic and believable.

      • sgtguthrie

        Ya, could you link where you got that? I’d like to see the full context… Thanks 🙂

      • A good one.

  • MKader17