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Asus Twitter: Transformer ICS Update Starts Rolling Out Tomorrow in the U.S.

According to the “official” Asus Twitter account, Ice Cream Sandwich should arrive on your Transformer starting tomorrow. Only hours after the update was announced for Taiwan with a “soon after” timeline for the rest of the world, this is fantastic news.

Via:  Twitter

Cheers @bstag!

  • Mizeppy

    I just downloaded the update on my Transformer. So far I am seeing MUCH faster performance. I think it is going to be a huge improvement.

  • Noah424

    Just upgraded to ICS on my TF101

  • Got ICS on my transformer this morning……..going to have to take some time to play!!!!!  seems a little laggy right now though….

  • Jetidwell2

    Upgraded to 4.0.3 on my TF101 at 5:31am in Florida. Everything went smooth and I’m loving the performance boost. Things just seem much smoother and speedier compared to Honeycomb. Can’t wait until my Bionic shares the same OS.

  • Matthew Adams

    ICS is here as of 4:15 am CST

  • William_Morris


  • daniel_ohh

    The ICS dlpkgfile has been extracted and is up over on XDA… Devers, start your engines!

  • gorkon
  • Iceywyte2781

    bout time there Asus u get ics on the og transformer, well done enjoy og, transformer user’s hope u, have much fun with it as much as I have

  • Agnog


    As a TF101 owner I can now stop complaining everytime I see someone else getting ICS

    • Agnog

      Do we have an over/under on how many times I hit ‘Check for Update’ tomorrow?

  • Raven

    I am waiting to here some stories of how the upgrade goes on rooted Transformers using OTA Root Keeper.  I would honestly much rather have rooted 3.2 HC than non-rooted 4.0 ICS.

    • Raven

       And by “here” I meant see them here 😉

  • i’m on the transformer prime. i thought i might miss my ipad, but right now it’s traveling in europe with my daughter…

  • wpscompute

    My Transformer is looking for a new chrome browser.  That, and any performance increase will be enough for me.  So cool to have my GNex & Transformer on ICS!

    • MKader17

      If ICS improves the Transformer like it improved my Prime, you will be nothing short of astonished. Of course, I did here that HC was smooth on the transformer.

  • should I pick this or prime or xoom ?

    • lamenting

      Prime > original Transformer > Xoom

      • EC8CH

        I checked your math… you’re correct.

  • 9host99

    still hoping an announcement is coming soon about the Galaxy 10.1 upgrade to ICS…

  • Michael Forte

    What’s with all the Transformer news? The site should be renamed Transformer Life!

    • Mack

      That joke got old after the first time it was used…

  • hldc1

    This is the reason why I’m glad I own an Asus tablet, and when I upgrade my tablet, I’ll be buying another Asus tablet.

  • viewthis74

    i just dig that fact that my phone and tablet have essentially the same OS. 

    • Inbred Republican

       Yup, ICS on my Nexus and my 4G Xoom.

      • Sprint Rep

        how’d you get ics on ur 4G xoom? by rooting? cuz i have the same thing but thought we were still in motorolas “evaluation and planning” stage.

  • Sven Enterlein

    I am very excited! Although ICS is very similar to HC I hope to gain some neat features like swiping to remove recent apps from the list, freezing apps etc. Might not be as big a jump as for phone users but hopefully there have been some significant changes “under the hood”. Go ASUS!

  • Bionicman

    this is awesome news! Honeycomb is nice but ICS improves on it a lot. You would know the difference if you’ve used ICS before.

  • EC8CH

    What do tablets gain going from Honeycomb to ICS?

    I can see a pretty big jump for phones coming from GB, but how big of a deal is this for tablets?

    • palomosan

      Oh! it’s a big deal, trust me, HC is really sluggish, this will make fast and steady.

      • EC8CH

        So people are looking forward to performance improvements more so than any added functionality?

        • bakdroid

          At least from the Xoom’s standpoint, yes.  Really their doesn’t seem to be too many new features between the two, one of the biggies is the browser performance is light years ahead of HC.

        • MKader17

          I think the menu’s are much better designed as well.

    • Josh Groff

      Idk, might have better app support? 

    • From what I’ve noticed, my XOOM runs so much smoother now. The added little things here and there are just fantastic. +1 for ICS on tablets. 

    • MKader17

      The difference in my Prime between HC and ICS was pretty big. It worked a lot smoother and I think that the menus are well designed.

  • AlexKCMO

    About time!

  • Alias


  • how much are these going for and is it any better than hp touch running cm9?