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Wednesday Poll: Galaxy Nexus Owners, Have You Used Google Wallet Yet?

After all of the drama that Google Wallet has gone through over the last couple of weeks (security issues and freezing of prepaid cards), we have yet to discuss usage of the app itself. With prepaid cards back for the most part and enough ways to get the app on your device even though Verizon is doing their best to prevent it, we want to know if anyone has actually used it.

Since carriers have asked Google to not include it on certain devices and with only MasterCard currently along for the ride, I’m personally having trouble finding places to use it at. Even at CES in Vegas, I had made it a goal of mine to use Wallet every single time I took a cab ride. Unfortunately, the only cab with PayPass functionality was the very last cab we took to the airport and the transaction failed enough times that we tossed cash out in frustration.

My first time happened to be last week as I stopped through a Peet’s Coffee here in Portland and noticed the PayPass pad. I fumbled through the transaction, expecting it to be more difficult. It wasn’t. I’m now hooked and am looking for ways and places to use it more often. NFC payments are simply put, brilliant.

Have you had the chance to use it?

Have You Used Google Wallet Yet?

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  • Wnagatani

    I can’t provision a Google Prepaid Card or a Citi card. I get the following message: Citi/Prepaid is unavailable due to planned system upgrades. Please try again soon.  Stock VZN Galaxy Nexus

  • Dave Kern

    I use it at Wawa at least once a week. I love blowing the minds of cashiers who haven’t seen it yet.

  • realfoxm

    That awkward moment when you’re standing there waiting for the payment confirmation sound.

  • Balls

    buying dutches with your phone = G

  • Bert336

    i noticed on my wallet app when i tried to re-add funds it’s asking to register with money network and wants me to put in my SS#. is this right? i dont remember seeing this in the beginning?  

  • I tried it at a local Wegmans and while my GNexus said it sent the payment the register denied it. Ended up paying with a card 🙁

  • spickle

    i wish Wallet let me use Visa.

    • dk81

      agreed. im not going to get a mastercard just to use it. if visa worked i would at least try it a couple times

      • Mossostdrauka

        I use my visa to prepay the google card. Works like a champ!!

        • yomotherandfather

          Ya but most paypass machines only support visa cards… I’ve never even noticed a mastercard paypass machine before. They’re all visa around here.

  • Tripod4

    Used it all the time (before the security issue disabled Wallet…) to pay for cabs in NYC.  Worked 4 outta 5 times I’d say.  Cabbies were generally confused but satisfied when they saw payment go thru on their terminal.

  • Simon

    I used it and it worked great but until it can be linked to “ALL” master card’s I don’t see it catching on… Who wants to have to load it up every time you want to use it.  Not to mention the statistics and billing detail you get from your CC company.  Link to all Master Card’s and I would use it move.

  • Bodhiballer

    I’ve used it 4-5 times, twice it worked great, the other times it was less successful.  

    My takeaway is that just one fail makes me not want to try anymore- if I have to dig into my pocket to pay with something I might as well just use my damn card and not risk looking like an idiot should GW fail to go through.  

    • dk81

      agreed. but 10-15 years from now your phone may be your wallet.  google ID anyone lol? 

  • xelandroid

    I have it with my free $10 and the $50 I placed in there. Only problem is now my $60 is trapped because it won’t work anywhere I try it. Circle K, CVS, and Walgreens. Any suggestions?

  • Timnorriswalton

    Used it at 7-11 and RadioShack. Easy and fast.

  • Dan Harrison

    I’ve only used it once, for the free $10. Since I am not with Citi back and thus don’t have a Citi card to use with it, there’s not too much point on always having to add funds to their prepaid card. Though when I used it at Best Buy (one of few places here that have PayPass, ironically, Meijer does too and here its right next door), the guy was confused as heck, and even clearly said “What did you just do?”, and I had to explain Google Wallet and NFC to him.

  • InvaderDJ

    Used it at a 7/11. Worked with no problems. Didn’t get any comments on it but I think the cashier was more concerned with the guy next to me arguing with what I think was a hooker.

  • When I use Google Wallet I feel like a Boss!

  • mmeiklejohn

    got the prepaid back and was green light good to go @mcdonalds, but it failed too many times so i threw the cash…

  • Anyone know where this works that ISN’T a McDonald’s?

  • Mike Johnson

    just got back from Manhattan and the card swipers everywhere have a Google Wallet sticker right on them, Duane Read, Macy’s, etc. works great and everytime I used it the cashier was wowed and said I was the first person to use it. Gnex on Verizon with sideloaded Wallet

  • feztheforeigner

    I would love to use it, but Verizon made it difficult and a lack of Visa support (my only cards) make it impossible to use this awesome technology…

    • Ben Taylor

      I’m on Verizon and only have Visa, and I use it quite often.  It has a ‘prepaid’ card option that you can load with any credit card in the app itself.  The app updates in Google Market and everything.

      • feztheforeigner

        I’m a little concerned with the prepaid option after all the problems they were having.

        It is my money after all…

  • DrAndyRoid

    If they didn’t freeze prepaid I would have definitely tried it.

  • It works pretty regular for me. The only problem is I don’t have many places to use it.

  • Evil-D

    I had to say no, but I plan to the next time I need to put gas in my car.

  • I use mine at walgreens and 7-11

  • Lakerzz

    I use it just about everyday. I didn’t try it during the “security issue”, but now use it all the time. The part I like the most is when I hand my phone to the person in drive through at Micky D’s, and tell them to just hold it over the pay pass thingy…the look on their face is priceless!!!

  • Jameson

    I’ve used it a few times at the USPTO cafeteria, it amazed one of the cashiers lol

  • I’ve used it several times. The only time it didn’t work for me was when I was trying to use the $10 Google gave to pay for something more expensive. Once I tried something under $10 it worked. I have since used it hooked it up to my creditcard and that has worked every time. I use it at the RiteAid next to where I work when I need something from there.

  • BostonFan87

    I’ve used my at Mass turnpike rest stops, Boston cabs, CVS’s and other various gas stations… Im pissed Google shut it down, I just threw 20 bucks on the prepaid card!

  • kylosma

    I’d honestly use it more but I go to college in the small town in the middle of nowhere and there are only like three places that I can use it; CVS, McDonalds and a gas station.

  • Ericbeck

    I have only been able to use it once at a cvs. The store machine readers always seem to broken.

  • I tried to use it at Best Buy, but they told me I needed to use the actual card. 😐

    • Tim242

      It worked fine for me at Best Buy.

  • LoganInTX

    I’ve successfully used it once but that was before I upgraded to the 2150mAh battery. I’ve tried 3 times since then (not at the original successful location) and it hasn’t worked. Every time the employee says that, “oh that thing doesn’t work, well wait, hang on, go ahead and try it, ahh yea, i didn’t think it worked”.
    So that leave me unsure! Does it or doesn’t it work with my new battery? What’s the point of NFC payments if there are NO WORKING NFC PAYMENT DEVICES!

    • Q

      2150mah battery?  That’s not the factory extended battery is it?  I have the factory extended battery and it’s 2100mah.  If you’re 2150mah battery isnt working, it’s probably because it’s not NFC enabled.

  • ABerry5

    Yes.. used my free $10 over 3 places… works amazing and really cool u can add notes and ur gps location.. ppl say they cant wait for apple to join to make it more mainstream.. but itsvpretty damn mainstrram now..

  • Nathan Roy

    I use levelup instead

  • I still cant get the prepaid card to work. 🙁

  • MikeCiggy

    Currently a college student with little to no credit but what i do have is good. Not really trying to apply for a card. Loved the prepaid card used it often. No more 🙁

  • Yes, I’ve used it.

  • Jim McClain

    if this phone worked as well as google wallet id be very happy,,, my god when are the updates coming

  • David Elisha

    I used at seven eleven like three times  and at foot locker for the discount……like a boss.