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Want the Galaxy Note on Verizon? There is a Petition for That.

Even with the Samsung Galaxy Note receiving a lukewarm reception from early adopters (or at least reviewers), there are still those that want nothing more than to see it land on Verizon. Once rumored to “certainly” be headed to Big Red as the Galaxy Journal, it’s completely unclear if it will actually ever arrive. Thankfully for those looking to get some 5.3″ action, a petition has been started. Wait, how would a petition help a phone get released…on…a…carrier? Yeah, I’m as confused as you are. But if this is the phone for you, Verizon is the only carrier that you want to belong to, and you think that signing a petition will help the cause, then sign away!

Petition here.

Curious, how many of you – after reading reviews across the interwebs – are still interested in this phone?

  • Elvia

    Still waiting for Galaxy Note to come to Verizon..

  • NOTEIILover

    I want the Galaxy Note II. I currently have AT&T and I want to switch to Verizon but only if they get the Galaxy Note II. I LOVE THE PHONE!!

  • Ovoronel

    I want that Galaxy Note Verizon!!!!!!! share [email protected], Sprit, and Verizon!!!!! please put the Verizon!!!

  • Foro03

    Waiting till june (end of contract) if not switching to Att or Sprint.

  • Ovoronel

    I want that Galaxy Note please come Verizon!!!!!! when?????? release????

  • Nnbadboy

    I sent this tip in. I just want it to have the exynos processor and not a slightly lower quality processor.

  • froyoman

    Didn’t think I’d be interested but then I saw demo units at Best Buy. I was stunned. And amazed. I’m definitely thinking about it now.

  • This is effin’ hysterical. 

    For starts, I’m the guy who started the petition.  Needless to say, I want the phone and I’m grateful for everyone who signed the petition (and BRING FRIENDS…yes, I shouted that).  I have to say though, this blows my mind.  I mean I know a device like this is a love-it-or-hate-it thing but MAN, srs vitriol.

    I’m still running my Droid X ver.1 with Liberty ROM (that replacement battery better get here quick) and I simply decided VZW needs to bring a little more to the table to get me to re-up on a contract.  I checked out the GN the week before Christmas, and it’s nice…just not $300-and-an-upgrade nice.   The Bionic is kinda boring IMO, the Droid Razr is too thin, and the GS3 had better do my damn laundry for all the greatness everyone seems to be expecting from it…also I’m an IT guy and I don’t want to carry Small- Medium- and Large-sized devices everywhere. 

    It doesn’t matter if it’s a Sammy, Moto, or LG; if you want/need a device this big, you know it.  I want to try and find someone to talk to as far as what type of margin it would take to make a valid business case for VZW but I won’t get more than generalities I’m sure. Will the petition work?  Hell if I know.  It was guaranteed not to work if I didn’t try though. Thanks again for everyone who signed.

  • djembeman

    Not at all interested.

  • SugaShane

    Oh, I can give you some 5.3″ action. 

  • Ror1997

    i saw the top half of this phone and tought it was the galaxy tab…

  • oneinch

    I’m definitely interested. My Droid X is to small. The Note might be just right. It has to fit in my front pocket. I would definitely like Verizon to offer this phone. I want a larger screen!

  • Josh Nichols

    A lot of the “reviews” I read about this phone, specifically iBGR, include the reviewer not even USING THE PHONE. How the hell can you review something you don’t use?

    ” You will look and feel stupid using it” Thanks iBGR, but we’re not all self-conscious like you obviously are.

    • kixofmyg0t

       You know what looks stupid? People that use a phone that’s TINY.

  • Lmbrocks

    I liked the phone I checked it out at ATT as a DX user i though it was sweet but I agree with others it needs ICS, better processor to get me through the next two years. So I will pass on it for now.. Loved the screen size was fine for me… Big hands

  • Bigredandroid

    the more the merrier! options, choice and freedom to choose whatever phone or tablet one desires. bring it on !! 🙂

  • manny108

    I’m hoping this and the Galaxy SIII come to Verizon.. My Droid Incredible is just about on it’s last leg..

  • Danajensen21

    I will buy it if Verison gets it. My boyfriend says he’ll buy one for himself and his mother.
    Keeping my fingers crossed.
    Good luck, I am actually watching and waiting for it to come.
    I check engadget about five times a day to see if there’s an update on the Galaxy Note/Journal coming to Verison.
    Please get it, alot of us want to buy it.

  • yarrellray

    Bottom line this will be on Verizon this summer either June or July. Verizon will also see the Galaxy S3 in August or September and the new Galaxy Nexus in December 2012. The Galaxy Journal will arrive with ICS count on that.

    • squiddy20

      The fact that there is a petition to attempt to get the Galaxy Note on Verizon indicates that it most likely isn’t coming, despite what you may want or like to believe. Also, the next Nexus phone will NOT be called the “Galaxy Nexus”, just like the ones previous were not named the same. Don’t you know these incredibly well known facts?

  • C-Law

    If this thing had signal like my OG Droid, I’d sell my gnex for it. I love my gnex with aokp and lean kernel but signal just blows inside buildings. Never had those problems with the og!

  • A.M.

    Looks like an awesome choice for some, but it’s too bad it’s aging. It came out in October 2011. And Samsung is getting ready to introduce its Galaxy S III, while this is an S II variant. Hopefully some other big phones with newer hardware will come out soon.

  • CIFchamp24

    This thing lags pretty bad. Have ZERO interest in going back to a laggy phone. I won’t even mention the ridiculous screen size.

  • slide83

    Obviously everyone’s taste differs but I want the largest screen I can fit in my pocket.  Smartphones are made for surfing the web, using apps and texting.  I want to be able to see as much of the website as I can at once.  I want the letters on the keyboard to be as big as they can so I don’t mistype things. 

    The only thing giving me reservation about buying this if it comes to Verizon is the Qualcomm processor.  Hopefully with ICS it will run more smooth.

    • oneinch

      You bet, I want the largest screen that fits on my front pocket. Your comment is spot on.

  • nwd1911

    This phone will not be for everyone.  Obviously anyone with a Nexus is going to hate anything that isn’t a Nexus.  While I’m not sure I would buy this phone, I love the concept and I think the pen is cool as well.  I’d like to see more options in the Phablet arena (yes LG, I’m ignoring you).  Bring it to Big Red…why would anyone be against that?


    I tried the phone out at Best Buy the other day. It felt a little too big – and when I say a little, I mean that 4.7-inch phones aren’t a problem to hold. It is a pretty cool concept though, especially with the S Pen, and it will give Verizon customers yet another option.

    If only the 4G worked.

  • Too big for a phone. I think they should work more on tablet penetration into the market and leave the phones as the smaller mobile devices they should be. Or maybe more dock/webtop solutions that utilize the quadcore cpu that phones that will be seeing.

  • kwalker23

    It won’t come to 

    • Nerdy Desi

      Keep in mind ATT got the Galaxy Note which is an LTE version and uses a non-Exynos processor. So its quite possible to get it over to Verizon, I hope!

  • Chicken13322

    I want a motorola with a 5.5″ screen please.

  • Mmoreimi

    Is there a petition to keep it away from Verizon?

    • Bill Mitchell

      Why in the world would you want that? Even if you don’t want the phone, more choice is never a bad thing.

      • kixofmyg0t

         Because when we have choices people cry “WHAAAA MOTOFIAL IS PUTTING OUT TOO MANY PHONESS WHAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!”

        • Josh Nichols

          Oh, because releasing a phone then releasing the exact same phone with a larger battery two months later makes sense? Jackass.

          • kixofmyg0t

             So releasing a phone and then releasing the same damn thing with less storage and still no SD card slot but in white makes sense? Asshat.

          • Josh Nichols

            Less storage is subjective depending on carrier dumbass, the world doesn’t revolve around the US. The GSM Nexus is only 16GB. Different colors of the same phone is not the same as the same phone with different specs. Nice try though douchebag.

          • Josh Nichols

            It’s not my fault you’re just bitter your fail Bionic was replaced a month and a half after it was released. 

          • kixofmyg0t

            Bitter? LOL 

          • Josh Nichols

            I’m not the one posting “WHAAAA MOTOFIAL IS PUTTING OUT TOO MANY PHONESS WHAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!”, in case you forgot that was you. Also, you spelled “fail” wrong.

          • kixofmyg0t

            I see sarcasm fails with you doesn’t it?

            Let me explain it for you…seeing how that wonderful Ohio public education taught you so well.

            I misspelled “fail” wrong on purpose as to emphasize the rage DL readers…AKA Motorola haters fill EVERY pro-Moto post.

            BTW you totally missed I spelled “PHONES” wrong too. Wanna correct me on that too? Here’s something that will grind your gears. GALUXEE NEIXUSSS! 

          • Josh Nichols

            I’m not sure why I’m bored enough to come back to you, but I am. I’m “from Ohio” in that I live in Ohio and attend college in Ohio. I “was born” in Chicago and happened to go to a public school that’s better than any education you received. No, sarcasm doesn’t work on the internet you dipshit.

          • kixofmyg0t

            Less storage isnt subjective dumbass. Less storage is ALWAYS a bad thing. I am fully aware that the world doesnt revolve around the US…..but you DO know youre posting on a site dedicated to Droid branded phones on a US network right? Yet Im the the dumbass. Nice try but troll harder elsewhere. 

          • Josh Nichols

            I’m from Ohio you douche, and yes it is subjective because it isn’t less storage to anyone in the rest of the world dumbass.

          • kixofmyg0t

             So wait….you’re from Ohio(I can almost hear the banjos playing) yet you’re worried about the “G-Nex” specs in other countries??!!


          • froyoman

            I think you both have tourettes.

          • kixofmyg0t

            BOB SAGAT! 

          • Josh Nichols

            Hmm, well if you want a Nexus in the US, but don’t have Verizon, you get a EUROPEAN NEXUS. Are you that stupid?

          • Rockford74

            I bought a new truck 5 months ago, this month they got the new one with a bigger engine more power and two new colors….

          • kixofmyg0t

            So using “G-Nex” fanboy logic you should be furious and complaining on every truck post on the internet about how(insert Truck manufacturer) is burning their customers for releasing a new truck. 

    • Nerdy Desi

      Why? You dislike having more choices on a carrier? Shame on you.

  • r0lct

    Now if it had an IR blaster built in then it would be an easy sell to the wife so she wouldn’t have to find out where the kids hid the remote.  Though I suppose the Google TV app does the trick well enough.

  • Sinofueramos

    I’ve been saving my next upgrade for an iPhone 5, but I would definitely jump on this if it came to Verizon. It looks like a lot of fun.

  • Austinrgoebel

    Its nice as a tab but not a phone

  • acarya

    My upgrade is years off… but PLEASE … phablet form factor, quad core, 1GB or more RAM, then throw in the latest from Canonical… YESSSSS.

  • Smooth918

    Not interested at all, first it’s just a BIG AZZ Phone, it has a Stylus, a Fkn Stylus, you know that thing we had back with the HP PDA, long before Android and IOS, why would anyone want a Stylus a BIG AZZ Phone, and an outdated OS.  Nope Not Interested, My Galaxy Nexus is just Fine…

    • 1bad69z28

       I see the point of having a stylus even though I personally don’t need one. For pointers it’s more accurate and second their are a lot of professionals that actually need a stylus because of thier job. CAD, Engineering Diagrams, etc..

      So this device might actully appeal to then if your using such technology like Autodesk for example. For the masses this is over kill 🙂  I remeber my Palm Treo 755wx that had a stylus and at times it came in handy lol 🙂

    • Nerdy Desi

      The Nexus fanboys are just as annoying as the iPhone fanboys, if not worse. Geez!

      • Smooth918

        It’s not about being a GN Fanboy, for me it’s just ridiculous to go back to a Stylus, back to Big phones, and back to an OS that is not nor will be soon updated to ICS.

        Sent From My Galaxy Nexus

        • kixofmyg0t

           I kinda like the Note. I dig the bigger size.

          Sent From My Locked but I Don’t Care Because I Have A Better Camera And Radio And Bigger Battery Droid Bionic.

        • Josh Nichols

          My Note is running ICS just fine.

          • Smooth918

            Nice! Still just to big of a phone for me, maybe a bit old fashioned but unless I’m texting or surfing in Landscape mode, the phone should be able to be used with one hand in portrait mode…

            Sent From My Galaxy Nexus

      • kixofmyg0t

         A fricken men! Seriously my next phone may just be a iPhone. The Nexus fanboys make me ashamed to have a Android phone.

    • oneinch

      Big azz? You must have little bitty hands.

      • Smooth918

        Actually I don’t, but I’m talking about phone size, phone should be able be operated by one hand, my Nexus Fits well and operable with on hand very Nicely and FYI 5’11&half, 290 lbs, straight-up Body mass, size 14 shoe, so no my hands are far from little

        Sent From My Galaxy Nexus

  • Bionicman

    i have the GNex so not interested but would be good for the wife since she would leave it in her purse anyway (and not need a holster or special carrying case). if the iPhone 5 is a dud (no 4G and/or bigger screen) then i’ll be getting her a Note or something similar. 

  • red014

    This gives me hope, and a reason for ATT being first.


  • OreoMan

    There is no way Verizon gets this phone.  The screen shot has “4G” in it…..and we all know that doesn’t work on Verizon’s network!  😉

    • +1

    • Kyle Nicholson

      4G stops working magically on Wednesday mornings. Go fig.

      • Loki

        AOTS just reviewed this phone and said the screen is like a lil bit stretched out  nexus screen, and made 1 joke about the size when held to the ear, over all they gave it 4/5, if it had ICS it might have got 5/5. Last spring I read they said it would release with ICS, wonder what happened.

    • kixofmyg0t

       Works on my Bionic…..oh wait….you must have a “G-Nex”.

      • OreoMan

        I’m sorry, please don’t talk to me until your bootloader and screen have been fixed….thank you!

    • commnavone

       4g does work on Verizon

  • Turbine Tech

    I have had the Gnex since launch. Went and played around with the Note at Best Buy and I can say without a doubt that I MUST have this device…

    Love my GNex, but something about the Note calls to me…


    Poop in one hand, petition to Verizon in the other, and see which one gets fulfilled first.

    • 1bad69z28

       So how do you like holding that Poop??  Kinda smelly isn’t??  Well let us know when you’re done waiting for Verizon’s answer.  You’ll get use to the smell 🙂

  • Erie8609

    Verizon doesn’t deserve that phone they have enough as it is with the droid line up now everyone is going to cry that we finally have something better than them? I highly doubt VZW will get it, as if they need another phone to f*ck people over with 

  • Why would I want this with the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon.  Hmm, lets see, I can either have a device that has the same res screen (though slightly smaller), direct support from Google running stock ICS.  Or I can have a device that runs an old version of Android with Touchwiz and is never guaranteed to get any updates..

    • slide83

      Oh, I don’t know, how about a f’n HUGE screen?  As long as it fits in my pocket I say the bigger the better.

      With the unlocked bootloader we’ll be able to flash vanilla ICS no prob.  Plus a lot of people actually like Touchwiz.

    • Nerdy Desi

      Oh my god, the Nexus fanboys are so annoying! You are just as bad as the iSheep!

  • I want one, but buying a last gen dual core phone in q3 or q4 of 2012 is a let down IMO. I want a quadcore exnos note! 

    • John S 4343

      Agreed.  By the time it comes out to Verizon, it will be outdated by then.  Yes, it needs to come out with quad-core instead or else, not for me.  If it comes out now, definitely I will get it, but if it waits until q3 or q4, then it’s too outdated for me, cuz there will be other quad core phones out already, such as the SG3!!

  • Captain_Doug

    I’m not that interested but the wife is dying for it. She’s been looking to get rid of her cell phone and just get a tablet. So either this or the padfone would be perfect.

    • 1bad69z28

       My wife has the Sony S, great tablet and i like what Sony is doing with updates to work with their gaming products. Synch with PlayStation and the UI is very smooth. I was skeptical at first between the ASUS and Sony but I am quite surprised with the Sony S.

      You might want to check it out for a tablet 🙂

  • dhirensavalia

    I think this is a revolutionary phone/tablet. It’s a crossover. I haven’t read many reviews, but from what I have read, it seems to have pretty good battery life.

  • ddevito

    Bring Google Wallet first.

  • I have the Galaxy Nexus now. So I’m quite content with it, of course. But a Note/Journal would be awesome as a spare…

  • T4rd

     Nah, I’ll pass on a phablet.  Thanks though.

  • RedPandaAlex


  • Michael Forte

    By the time Verizon gets it, the SIII will be out I’m sure.

    • r0lct

      But by the time Verizon gets the S3 the Note 2 will be out…

      • choe

        by the time THAT phone is out THIS phone will be out

  • signed..

  • shdowman

    Not the slightest bit interested. (kinda stuck for a bit with my newer phone)