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Middleton and Central, New Jersey Seeing 4G LTE – Anyone Else?

The last we heard, Verizon had lit up its 196th 4G LTE market. At the rate they are moving, they may cover the entire country before the end of 2013 which is currently their goal. According to a handful of readers, some areas in New Jersey that were previously 3G-only are now seeing LTE signals and speeds. Congrats!

At this point, we almost wouldn’t expect VZW to announce each of these new markets as they go live. Most of the bigger cities have already been given the green light, so many of these new ones are smaller markets. Obviously they would want to mention them in bulk at some point and we may get just that towards the middle of each month.

Have you started seeing 4G LTE in your previously untouched neighborhood?

Cheers Mike and John!

  • ElyEsq

    Wall, NJ got some 4G love!  Finally!  I just pulled down 13.02 Mbps inside, with only three bars.  Weeeeeee!

  • Got it in Monmouth County at Long Branch, NJ. At least i did before the outage…

  • Hoff16

    There sure are a lot of people from Droid-Life in New Jersey! Myself included.

  • Jay Ochs

    let’s get it down here in ocean county already!  i’m in a town that doubles it’s damn population in the summer due to all the stupid bennys that come down for the beach..you’d think verizon would want 4g here.  my boss has told me he’s also been seeing 4g flickering on and off down in atlantic city as well.

    • Jeremy Wray

      I think your boss lies. I live like 10 miles from AC and work right outside the city. I’ve never seen my phone have 4g east of Deptford

  • I am in Farmingdale NJ and have 3G only.

  • kasha

    Monroe, NJ (South of the Brunswicks) – had LTE yesterday morning when I woke up in my upstairs bedroom – carried through to downstairs then flopped back to 3G…they must be testing/getting ready to do a permanent switchover…

  • Legoturtle92

    I got it in Ewing, NJ

  • herooftimeloz

    I still have 3G in Morganville/Marlboro 🙁

    • Xrvcx88

      Like i said before Im edge of Matawan and Morganville (technically Morganville) Im on RT 34 near Lloyd Rd and  for about an hour ive had solid 4g  I tunred airplane mode on and off to refresh my service  give that a try

      • herooftimeloz

         I’m near 520 and 79, and still have no LTE there.  I do, however get LTE near the Matawan station

  • Bill Slowey

    I am getting 4G in Tinton Falls where I work, but not at home in Point Pleasant, which is about 20 miles away.

  • Still no LTE in South Jersey around Atlantic City 🙁

    • Dave Andrews

      Yep, they need to hook us up!  2 exits from the other end of the ACX in Williamstown.

    • Seriously, what’s up with the Verizon South Jersey hate? I’m 20 minutes from Philly and my GNex sees no LTE.

      • Hoff16

         However, in Philly wonderful 4g

  • Jjooeey

    Just started getting 4g over the past few days at my house just outside of Washingtonville NY… i thought it was just a hoax but it seems to be the real deal, full 4g in my area now.. hope it sticks around.  Although Verizon 4g is like a Girlfriend.. Great when it works, but HORRIBLE when it doesnt.. 

  • fauxshizzl

    Is the 4G outage over? Mine never came back.

  • John Jenness

    Concord, NH has it this morning. I think “officially” it’s in Loudon…just north of Concord, but it wasn’t there yesterday. There is now no 3g between the Concord and Manchester. 

  • Me

    Cedarburg, WI has 4G as of last night

  • Svonavja

    Yes, 4G In Aurora Ohio, and Troy Ohio. Aurora turned on one day after Troy, Looks like they are on the move!

  • weiweiweiwei


  • Dan

    I’ve had 4G/LTE service in Chardon, OH for the last 3 days.

  • Rynolda

    northern monmouth county just got it. hazlet, middletown, keyport, union beach area. still trying to figure out where the tower is. 

  • ddevito

    So…everytime they expand their LTE network there’s an outage right? Weird. No harm no foul, welcome to LTE for those who just got it

  • H20522

    It’s mainly central jersey in Monmouth County I’ve seen LTD in Middletown, Tinton falls, Eatontown, and ocean

  • MichaelH

     I’m in Monmouth County (Ocean Township area) and we started seeing 4G here around 2/13. Loving the speed!!

    • DanKemple

       that speed will drop, expect 15-20 down and 6-10 up consistent once everyone figures it out and turns their 4g radios on 🙂

    • dragonflyr

      those are the kinda speeds I get in Lexington, KY.  Insane!  And so far it has remained fast.  I hope you’ve got unlimited data.

  • NoahRHPS

    They need to seriously fix up Long Beach California. It’s pitiful.

  • James2118

    When will the most populated part of mississippi like jackson get 4G or better 3g coverage

  • Still waiting for some LTE love in Santa Clarita California

  • New_Guy

    San Diego is doing fine.

  • slayer512

    My coworker has a Charge and she’s been getting 4G LTE the last couple of days in Matawan and Hazlet. Still rocking my OG Droid, but now maybe I have some incentive to pull the trigger on something.

    • wutamofo04

      I’m in Matawan and I thought I saw it this morning on my Gnex but thought it was just a fluke 😀

      • xrvcx88

        Im on the edge of matawan and i saw this article and  i have almost full 4g  It did drop out for a few seconds but im hoping it stays strong

  • Cmrudy

    This past Sunday I had 4G coverage in my neighborhood south of Raleigh, NC for about an Hour.   I live a mile from the 4G coverage in the Raleigh area.  Hopefully this is a good sign it will be turned up in the near future. 

    • DanKemple

       most likely a test…cross your fingers, click your heels 3x and say theirs nothing like 4g….let us know what happens

  • Usty

    Sayreville, NJ. Have 4G at home where it used to just be 3G. Thought it was the 4.04 radios, but my sister’s bionic is also showing it as well.

  • My God you dont know how happy this just made me, finally my year old Thunderbolt is worth its cost

  • Dom Alegria

    They need to add more towers in existing cities first.

  • I have had 4G all day, I live close to the Milwaukee, WI market.

    • Tom Cat


      • DanKemple

         do you know another 4g on the verizon network?  just playing but if they say 4g on here, it’s lte.

  • R-Rated

    My wife and I got Razrs today. Hers is showing 4G and mine is showing 3G.

    • R-Rated

      Oh and we are located in Chapmansboro, TN

      • RadicalPie

        Steal hers

    • BulletTooth_Tony

      Go into your settings and make sure the guys at the store didn’t take it upon themselves to turn your 4G off…

  • gilmourd

    Do you mean Middletown, NJ

  • jimsis

    So what the speed test results for Verizon LTE, just curious not trying to start a debate.  I’m with ATT (unlimited) in Chicago Land,  Best result I have ever is 18,192 down, 9,364 up.  Just this second I have 13,204 down, 7,381 up.  How fast is Verizon in Chicago Land, I we don’t see a GSM Galaxy Nexus LTE next week in Barcelona, Verizon Galaxy Nexus might be on my list (though I have the unlimited data, I don’t travel much so don’t really need it)

    • kixofmyg0t

      I just did a speed test with my Bionic 40 miles away from a 4G LTE city….though I still pick it up.

    • I’m in South Carolina, and the 4g area near me I consistently get in the mid 30’s to 40’s download, and in the teens up. My highest i think was 49mbps down, and like 17mbps up.. Heres a pic of a nice one I got on my droid charge, haven’t been to LTE with my G-nex yet!   Oh this is on Verizon by the way


    hope they expand their 4g network into some rural areas.. for example the one near orlando has a repeater or something in coral springs but it doesn’t reach into parkland… wow..

  • Edwin M

    Was in Perth Amboy yesterday and I had 4g where I previously had 3g.

  • Jason Purp

    Gimme some 4G in all of New York and Connecticut, foo.


      practically there is… 

      • Jason Purp

         Not where I’m at, momma

    • and Mass

  • Galpdawg

    Been getting 4g in east Brunswick for last month. Wasn’t sure if it was a stronger radio on my rom but I like it

    • kixofmyg0t

       It’s been from the expansion of Savannah. I’ve had LTE in Hinesville for months now.

    • Unless you flashed the 4.0.4 radios separately, you are likely still on whatever you’ve been on before your current ROM.  Radios and bootloaders are always a separate flash.

      • Galpdawg

        well not sure what radio is packaged with the rootz rom im running, either way. its nice to have 4g. in certain areas of jersey

    • nice, im from there. Right now i have an international galaxy s2 running on at&t. Maybe this will convince me to switch to Verizon for my next phone 

    • brando56894

      I’ve had it since November in New Brunswick.

  • Greg

    Central Jersey – Hunterdon County – NO 4G LTE

  • DiGz76

    I checked about an hour ago and it was back on in the chicago area

  • Joemiggs76

    Come on Verizon where’s the north jerzy love. Pa and NYC have it where’s mine!!!! My nexus is dieing for some lte

    • jaymonster

      ???  Where in North Jersey are you?  North WEST?  Most areas I hit, except for Sussex, and perhaps a few small pockets of Western Morris and Passaic already have LTE.

      • zepfloyd

        Big parts of Bergen County don’t either.

        • Really, I thought mostly all Bergen was LTE? I’m from there, moved right before they launched tho.. now the closest 4g is an hour away 🙁

        • Balls

          im from bergen, its covered, but spotty

        • Hoff16

           I’m from Bergen and anywhere I travel, mainly around Paramus has all 4g, I assume its just NYC towers that spill over.

      • BigWormBigPerm

        in eastern morris county and not getting 4G here, everyonce in a while I’ll get a bar of 4G but it quickly goes back to 3G, it doesn’t start to come in until I get to Wayne when going east

      • njbuzz

        Passaic is sparsely covered, North Essex isnt, Large parts of Bergen.

  • Michael_NM

    My neighborhood was untouched by LTE this morning, and now I’ve got it… again. 😛

  • Ashburn VA, went live a week ago. Ashburn is the internet capital of the United States since it has the largest internet exchange point in the United States.

    • I’ve had some LTE in Sterling the past 2 weeks. Glad it’s finally making its way out here. 

      • yeah they lit on the base station on top of the urgent care building near regal, and one of the flag pole base stations near shoppers went live.

  • Larocka1158

    Scranton has been working all day. But im probably the only person in this city.with 4g

    • Rotn

      I’m almost an hour south of Scranton but no 4G here, almost every direction from me has 4G so I am hoping it spreads here soon.

  • kniceguy

    None for Charlottesville, VA still….sigh…

    • Dbs

      Alemarle county just approved the last 3 to Wes in the area to be raised so they can turn on charlottesville. The plan was 1st quarter but albemale Co might have pushed that back a month or so. But we should have it by the end of April.

      • kniceguy

        awesome, this is what I was hoping for

  • Thinking about getting the G-Nex this week should I or should I wait is there anything better coming out soon?

    • kniceguy

      My personal opinion, get it

    • feztheforeigner

      Don’t even hesitate, buy it now! It’s a fantastic device and I’ve loved every second with it!

    • DMBatCOFC

      Quad core is right around the corner man…. Wait! Sorry, I know I’m going to catch hell for this post!

      • Loki

        At this time it’s deffinately worth the wait to see how well the quad core phones will stand up. Plus the nexus is not going anywhere, well at least the 16 gig. But if you want a 32 gig nexus, need to act soon before they run out.

    • Jhnf

      Something new is always just about to come out.. if you need a phone, go with the gnex. no regrets here

    • No matter what the way phones come out now, your always gonna be waiting, or kicking yourself in the ass. Do what I do now, buy it.. then when something else comes out that you want, then sell it and buy retail off ebay or CL, you’ll save like $100 off full retail. you’ll end up breaking even or dropping an extra $50-100.  Plus all these new quad-core phones coming out, all GSM, no Verizon love as far as we know…

    • Get the nexus, its excellent and the frequent updates straight from google make the phone worth it. Its butter smooth. Just got 4g this week in eatontown nj, monmouth county.

  • Boronumberone

    I had 4G in east brunswick NJ since 2 weeks a go

  • MrEnglish

    Space Mountain. Up, down, around and around and ultimately not much of a thrill.

  • Choklitcow

    I check every time one of these posts pops up to no avail for Muncie, IN.  I expected it sooner, because even though we are a town of only 100k, we are within an hour of two other 4g markets plus we have a mid-sized university.