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LG Announces the Optimus 4X HD Ahead of MWC – Tegra 3, 4.7-inch HD Display, and Ice Cream Sandwich

So much for one last surprise from LG at next week’s Mobile World Congress. After announcing both the Optimus Vu and Optimus 3D Max, they went ahead and officially outed the Optimus 4X HD as well. The phone is everything that has been rumored so far, so let’s recap quickly and then get to your thoughts.

The LG Optimus 4X HD will rock a 4.7″ IPS HD display, 1.5GHz quad-core Tegra 3 processor, 1GB of RAM, 8MP rear camera, 1.3MP front camera, 16GB internal storage, 2150mAh battery, and will run Ice Cream Sandwich. Not bad, right? And with the Tegra 3, don’t automatically assume that this device will suffer from battery life issues either. As we have written a number of times now, the quad-core architecture that NVIDIA uses, includes a 5th companion core that they are calling “4-PLUS-1.” This companion core allows the phone to idle and save battery during activities that do not need heavy processing. This device should exceed your battery life expectations.

The device will ship to Europe first some time in the 2nd quarter. U.S. rollout has not been announced, but if we go off of last year’s similar device from LG, the Optimus 2X, T-Mobile was able to grab it and rename it the LG G2X. LG G4X HD this time around, anyone?

Sooooo, your thoughts? Being an LG device, does this interest you?

Full press release.


  • taglogical

    Good looking phones, pretty girls!

    I’ll try to explain the backlash in the comments: The backwards American reader-base would prefer that these fine (looking) young ladies put on more clothes (snowsuits?) and fire bazookas at buses full of white men; bloody appendages flying about and people crying in horror, while selling these cell phones. THEN there would be no controversy (state-side anyway).

  • Guest

    Will it run on the carrier voted “best in the country” year after year:  Verizon

  • Ta

    Not after the “world’s first dual core” aka “world’s least updated phone” which I rushed to get (I’m Italian), never again LG, never again
    – I loved you! You were my brother! *removes sim card*
    – I haaaate you!!

  • Ches Ter

    Back to the topic and in all seriousness….they look too old to me.

  • JJ69Chev

    the UI overlay looks like crap, looks nothing like ICS

  • me

    are lg phones that bad ? my flat screen lg tv is great plus its have the price of others.are there any people on here that owned one,and not people who heard on some forum that heard that it was uncool to like lg?

  • J Dub

    Are they trying to convey a business woman and a young girl both use the 4X to target that demographic or are they just using women for men. 

  • The older sister on the show Modern Family could pass for 15 easily and she is 23 going on 24… That said, these girls look very young…

  • 11knives

    I’d like to see more close ups of the phone, but it looks pretty sweet from the press photo.

  • Christopher Riner

    on a serious note, I am definitely digging this device.  It’s actually the first LG that ive ever seen that I wouldn’t mind owning, at least for a little while.  

  • Tabe

    “LG displays new phone with 12yr old girls”

  • Futbolrunner

    That girl on the right has some big chompers. Either that or the rest of her teeth are still growing in.

  • Haywood_Jablomi

    i’d put it in her balloon knot

  • shdowman

    Funny, came here to comment on the milk carton models. Looks like I was very much beaten to the punch.

  • dontdoubtthedel

    Why are people so upset about young ladies holding phones. There is nothing wrong with the ad photo. Whether or not they are 12, 18, or 25 shouldn’t matter because they are not advertising sex they are advertising phones. And if you are one to think otherwise, then maybe something’s wrong with you.

    • Dliuzzo110

      Thank you. Someone finaly said it.

  • Some people like huge phones, that’s fine.  But if they keep getting bigger (bigger than the note), they might as well begin making them with two holes so you can join them to a chain and wear them like FLAVA FLAV!  I can’t believe phones are going to have quad cores…  These phones look nice, it’s too bad they have to put that skin over it. It should be an option a user chooses when they add their account to their phone.

    • Nate Davidson

      I want a neck clock phone. That would be awesome. It’d be like 90’s phones again 😀

  • BadLG

    Not cool LG, whether the women are 14 or 34, you were looking for women that looked like 14 year old girls to sell your phones.  I know it happens all the time, but it’s still disappointing and disturbing.  

    • Dliuzzo110

      Why? I don’t get it. I personalty wouldn’t buy my teenager a smart phone but I don’t think its morally wrong

  • Bmuenter

    I will never get am LG if they keep using their “touch whiz” or whatever its called. In the picture you can’t even tell its ice cream sandwich because of the software over lay!!! LAME!! I told them that at CES too and the guy showing me the spectrum wasn’t too happy with that….

  • TheScreenIsTooDamnBig

    The screen is too damn big!

    The children advertising this are too damn young!

  • JohnPA2006

    I feel dirty for having seen these pictures, Someone please tell LG
    the “Lolita Marketing” campaign is not a good idea.

    • CaliOne

       Why?  I just pre-order 2 because of it.  Would you have preferred two boy scouts?

      • JohnPA2006

        Samsung and LG are both South Korean based companies
        Samsung always uses young slim women in their press photos’
        LG appears to be “importing” their models for the phones.
        These 2 girls are obviously not South Korean.

        Thats all I am saying, I am not the “morality police” by any means.
        But you can see from all the comments here this morning, there are some crazy people out there. Oh well why do I even bother, someone is just going to flame me for having an opinion on things anyway.
        (walks away, crying, sad music playing in background)

        • Butters619

          Samsung usually has good looking South Korean women.  No offense but these girls look a little not put together (kind of trashy).

          • Jack Hamma

             Yes, and the negatives are…..

          • Butters619

            I guess I prefer well put together Asian women over trashy white girls, but to each their own haha

    • Christopher Riner

      In LG’s defense, these girls said they were 18..

  • A 4.7 is like a mini tablet, ill stick with a 4

  • BTLS

    Where are the buttons?

    They are Russian… 21 & 23 yrs old….

    • Turbomonster

      Are you sur
      e? I was more exited when I thought they were 14-16 year olds. Yeah, I know Im twisted.

      • BTLS

         no… not sure at all… Just convincing myself that to feel less twisted

  • kixofmyg0t

    Noone is excited that LG is releasing a phone that is superior to the “G-Nex” in every way. WTF.

    Oh wait they all got distracted by the 17 year old model go figure. 

    • Not stock Android, will take months to get future updates if it gets them at all, and whether or not LG’s custom Android 4.0 skin is good or a pain is still uncertain.

      Knowing that your phone’s software will stay relevant in 1-2 years is worth whatever sacrifices you make for the Nexus.

      • kixofmyg0t

        True. But thats what unlocking bootloaders are for. Once unlocked it becomes everything the Nexus is supposed to be about but better hardware wise. 

        Im not a LG fan but I can appreciate this phone. Id take this over a “G-Nex” anyday. 

      • Droidzilla

        That said, LG does seem to get some good devs on it at XDA, and they always have unlocked bootloaders. This looks like the G2X all over again; don’t early adopt it, but once the bugs are worked out (and devs jump on it) it’ll be a beastly phone.

  • John Jenness

    Geez…these phones are a little overkill for listening to Selena Gomez. 

  • MotoRulz

    The phones look good and specs are first class. That being said I wouldn’t be first in line to buy one I’d let a few weeks with the early adopters and multiple reviews help me make my choice

    • Droidzilla

      Smart move, considering how the LG G2X fared. Great on paper, horrid in practise (for a little while, at least; the bugs have long since been ironed out).

  • JP

    Peeps, please get a clue.
    1. Plenty of teenagers have jobs.  It’s no big deal if their job is just holding phones.
    2. My girlfriend is 28, is 5.3 and weighs like 110lbs.  She’s small and looks a lot younger than she is, but that doesn’t change her age.  These girls could easily be in their 20s.

    Ok so what’s this post about again??

    • DroidzFX

      If you think these girls are in their 20s you may need to check your GF id card. 

      • kretz7

        If you’re questioning whether or not they’re in their 20’s you haven’t seen a girl in high school in years. 

        • Officer Mulroney

          What are you doing?  Hanging outside of high schools in your van?

          • PC_Tool

            What?  Is there a law against FREE CANDY now???

          • Dliuzzo110

            Lol with wizards on the side, a couch and no windows

          • Bee Rad

             Or like Karl’s van on Workaholics.

      • Jake

        What are you talking about?  I’m 20 and there’s no way those girls are younger than 23. They’re just rocking those pony tails, which make them look young.

    • Tabe

      Yeah, and they could also easily be tweens…

  • weiweiweiwei
  • LG is using the small, young ladies so the phones look bigger. “It looks bigger in my hand.” Sad but probably true.
    As for the phones, no LG for me.

  • Mirswith84

    I want a phone, not a tablet that I can talk into, quit with the giant screens!

    • Haywood_Jablomi

      then go get an iphone

      • Mirswith84

         Hey, just because I dont want giant does not mean I want an inferior device!

  • wonderfull

  • droidftw

    those girls look too young, remove them them.

    • Adam Metzner

      Why should he remove them? Can’t handle looking at young girls? They have all their cloths on. Maybe its you that should just learn some self control.

      • Linda Mars

         Maybe he would prefer two young boys.

    • HooHoo

      Yo ftw, you should get that stutter checked out.

  • Fredflinstone

    I hate to make another comment relating to the booth girls, but something just seems very odd. They appear Caucasian, but I get some weird feeling that they’re not white, not even mixed with it. It’s a crazy theory, but I’d say by the looks of it these are Korean women who’ve altered their appearance in order to look white.

    Someone please drop a brick on my head and bring sense back to my mind.

    • Topsitee

       They look russian to me

      • thedonxr

        I’d buy one… the phone is ok too….

  • The screen on the right looks so slick…LG/Sammy/Sony should have the best screens IMO w/their involvement in television/monitors etc…

    It’s so freaking crisp!!  Best you could use that thing with the sun glaring right on it!

    I been dying to use my upgrade (2 more months) to get the gnex or rezound but I’m kinda glad I have to wait.  Too many amazing phones are on the way!

    • Droidzilla

      LG makes the iPhone 4/4S screen, which a lot of people praise. They’re nice for LCDs (though Samsung has their IPS LCD beat with the PLS units they use in the GTab), but I won’t be paying for anything less than sAMOLED these days. Still, I bet a lot of people will like the screen on this one.

  • I’ll go with the one on the right, I think underage is ok in Europe, so I’ll take my one time Jailbait card!!  As for the phone, Sounds like an amazing phone to me.. But being the first kid on the block, its going to be littered with bugs.. But if it was on Verizon with LTE I’d consider it!   

  • MrEnglish

    That’s a huuge bitch. Tasty. Might have to actually look at it. Nice to see normal looking people in the advert for once.

  • superdry

    I sure hope nvidia gets their act together when these phones are released.  The Transformer Prime has been plagued (maybe too strong of a word?) by random reboot/freeze issues on varying ICS firmwares that point back to nvidia (supposed issue is problems handing tasks to the companion core and back to the main four-cores).

    • Droidzilla

      I don’t have too much faith in nVidia right now; the coming big.LITTLE processors look much more interesting to me.

  • I will take lefty anyday.

    • Guest

      You’re a southpaw, eh?

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    LG Optimus 4X HD? Wtf is up with these names

  • Jeremy Morrison

    Sweet. But there’s only 1 problem neither of those phones look like their running ICS and its LG.

    • Colin Zack

      notification bar does. color is very ICS-esque. the rest of it…not so much. 

  • This is like facemash all over again.  The one on the right!

    • snowblind64

      Jailbait. The one on the left is her mom.

      • Popov

        A lot of European girls 18-20 look like 14-16 when I was over in eastern Europe from Poland to Austria, to Czech, & Romania. They don’t like to use  growth hormones on cows and other animals over there someone said. I think that has something to do with it.

        • William_Morris

          Anyone notice the wedding ring on the one on the left?

          • Mclovin

            It’s a promise ring. Lots of girls in high school get them.

          • Buffy Johns

             Yours probably fits pretty tightly by now.

        • Droidzilla

          That or the teenage girls just told you they were 18-20. How do you say, “but your honour, she looked 18” in Russian?

  • Benjamin Mackie

     Any other manufacturer, Id be super jealous. But LG… did anyone use the dare? Aweful

  • Jason Purp

    The OEM skin that LG has for the phone on the right, I like it a lot, actually. I’m gonna take whatever I can from the system dump of that phone to replicate it.

  • I actually hope LG can start to make some kickass phones, they aren’t a bad company.

    • Josh Groff

      I’ll wait to see what kind of Quad core beast Sony unleashes.

    • Michael G

      In the pre-smartphone era the best phone I ever owned was an LG.  Tough as hell.  I dropped it from a 40 foot ladder and it took it like a champ.  lol

  • droidrev71

    Very sweet looking (the specs)!! Can’t wait for a Sammy or HTC with these specs.. There are going to be some awesome phones coming out! I can’t wait…

  • Is it a bit odd they used 13 year olds to peddle their product…..eerie….

    • nwd1911

      Was thinking the same thing. Pretty funny that no one can seem to concentrate on the killer specs of this phone.  I’ll assume it’s because no one wants an LG and has nothing to do with Lolita and her mom.

    • Uncle Frank

       Houston, we have wood!

      • shdowman


        • Uncle Frank

           If love is wrong, then guilty as charged. 

          • Droidzilla

            15 will get you 20 . . .

          • Barry Samson

             Then I’ll take 15 of them.

    • Tabe

      Haha I was posting the same type of thing and then saw yours! WTH LG?! lol

    • Christopher Riner

      me likey.  nyuck nyuck.  Call me chester.  

      • Christopher Riner

        G* dammit my friend typed that, I swear to God!  Not to say I wasn’t known for dating younger chicks.. when I was like 19.  

        • Moelarry Cheese

           Whatever you say, Chester.

    • Guest

      Yes.  Very creepy.

  • Qbancelli

    How about rounding up the edges of your phones a little bit LG?

    • Josh Groff

      Apple has rounded rectangles patented, duh. 😉


    I’ll take the one on the right…. phone that is… errrrmmmm o_O

    • Droidzilla


      • Rod Ramstein

        Pillow biter.

  • droidftw

     those babes look a bit young? MOD?

    • Liderc

      It’s not like they’re naked. 

      • Buckeye71086