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ClockworkMod Recovery Released for the Transformer Prime

Within an hour or so after Asus released their bootloader unlocking tool for the Transformer Prime, devs had already released a custom ClockworkMod Recovery for it. It’s available now and will require a set of adb or fastboot commands in order to get it up and running. A flashable .zip version will be available shortly for those not comfortable doing it the manual way. Time for ROMs! Instructions at the source links.

Via:  AndroidRoot, XDA

Cheers @kejar31!

  • Towelie420

    There will be custom kernels that over clock the CPU and the GPU on this beast. Need more reason than that? Cyanogen mod 9 on this thing will be tits.

  • Good man, taking that picture with a Nexus…

  • tjpeco

    Maybe the tablet wont suck now 😛

  • Sruel3216

    does this work also for the asus transformer eeepad?

    • Call me crazy but I’m going to go with no.

    • There is its own version on XDA…

  • I’m glad to have rooted my TF201 but unlocking seems premature. I don’t see the logic behind it until stable quality roms (ala CM9) are released. Asus ICS is fairly nice.

  • Chris G

    Not trying to be a smartmouth or anything, but why do i want to root the tfp?  I find the asus os just fine.  I get it on the phone, not seeing the need on the tablet.

    • wolvepk

      I personally don’t think that’s a bad question at all.  I have a rooted bionic and can’t imagine running it without root, but agree with you on the Prime, I think it’s much more questionable. Part of it will depend on what developers come up with that’s worth trying.  One thing to note is that ASUS has said that use of the bootload unlock app will void the warranty.  There’s currently no way to relock the bootloader, so ASUS will be able to tell if the warranty is voided or not (as opposed to the phones which can generally be unrooted and put back to factory state if a hardware issue requires warranty replacement).  I’m hesitant for that reason alone, but will see what the dev community comes up with.

      • DanKemple

         part of the unlock process is sending your serial # to asus for them to log that you did infact unlock it.  no way around that even if you could relock it.