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Asus Releases Bootloader Unlock Tool for the Transformer Prime

Keeping to their word, Asus has released the bootloader unlock tool for the Transformer Prime before the end of February. After catching more than a little flack for launching the product it locked, the social media and consumer outrage was enough to get them to turn to the good side of the Force. It took two months, but that’s actually not that bad if you consider that Motorola is almost at 2 years.

There aren’t instructions per se, but you should be able to simple download the .apk file below and run it to unlock.

Download:  Unlock_Device_App_V6.apk

More info:  Asus Support

Cheers Bill, Tony, FAL_fan, tjhrulz and everyone else!


    I haven’t even had it for two months. There is no way I’m gonna void the warranty…yet.

  • >Asus TFP Bootloader Unlock
    >Other tools wipe phone data and requires PC

    What is world coming to

  • I really gotta get me one of these…

  • Now I don’t know if I should buy this Transformer Prime or wait until the newer Transformer Prime comes out in Q2. 

  • meta96

    asUS is like nexUS … asus FTW

  • Sporttster

    Think it’s time once again for another round of harrassment to Moto for not keeping their word and unlocking. TO FB!

  • Destroythanet

    ASUS probably wants Prime users to void their warranties by using this.

  • BigRed4X15

    So if I am reading the Asus site correctly, installing and using this app will void your warranty and keep you from receiving any updates from Asus. Not sure if its worth it, maybe after cm9?

  • Scott Willenborg

    ICS for the original Transformer or I will drive this blog off a cliff I SWEAR TO GOD!

  • I’m going to wait to flash this until I hear about whether or not it voids the warranty.

    • QtDL

       Unlocking voids the warranty. It is clearly stated on the Asus support site above. Select Android for OS>Utilities>Unlock device app.

      •  Well I know that rooting, unlocking, etc voids the warranty but there is option to revert to stock if needed to still claim warranty.

        but i read that on the prime your s/n gets sent to them and they void that s/n from warranty.

  • MKader17

    I’m sending in my Prime today for the RMA. Hopefully by the time I get it back some Devs can crack the app and make it possible to return to the “Original Product”


  • Rob

    Haha, I’m in the same boat buddy!!!

  • Okay, wait. Am I the only one seeing the real story here? You can do this with an app straight on the device?? Unless Asus specifically put a hook into their software, this has to say something about a lot of other devices.

    • Taglogical

       It might ; )

      (say something about other devices)

  • bob

    Will this wipe everything like it did to my GNex when you unlock it?

  • Goldie Dog1

    They promised the same plus ICS for the Transformer this month too.  Hope they keep their word.

    • AlexKCMO

      Damn right.  They actually promised it at the end of January.  Now I’m hearing March. 

      Asus – we love people who buy our newest products, to hell with early adopters.

    •  According to eternity ago twit, it’s being approved by Google, wasn’t it?

      Time to start poking Google I think, folks

  • Edwin M

    Again, where is Motorola with loyalty to their customers? For shame Moto.

  • EC8CH

    +1 ASUS

    • EC8CH

      correction +9000 ASUS

      that one’s for [email protected]:disqus 

      • TheMan876

        Just one mare and it’d be OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAND!

      • +1 ASUS -1 Motorola translates into: +9000 ASUS -9000 Motorola. it’s the perfect system

        • And God forbid it go over nine thousand. I’ve only got one scouter left and i refuse to break it 

  • Michael_NM

    ASUS: 1, Motorola: 0

    • EC8CH

      Think you’re being too gracious with Moto’s (sure we’ll unlock the bootloader in the most inconvenient possible way) score.

      • I like how you always think of things in terms of 9000’s. It really is the best unit of measurement

        • MKader17

          It’s a little ridiculous that the “like” system isn’t on the 9000 scale.

    • Azndan4

      Lol more like Asus 10 and Motorola -100

  • nice!  now I am even happier I got my Prime 😛 

    • TomAce7

      This thing is going to be an absolute monster! Prime with Gummy? This shouldn’t even be legal..