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Thanks To Kindle Fire, Amazon Appstore Becoming More Lucrative For Android Developers

A new report is showing that the Amazon Appstore is starting to fill the wallets of developers much more frequently since the release of the Kindle Fire. According to a mobile analytics firm called Distimo, the top 100 applications in the Appstore saw a fourteen-fold jump in downloads during the holiday season while Kindle Fires were being distributed to consumers. With the Kindle Fire gobbling up tablet market share, this should come as no surprise.

Excerpt taken from Distimo’s report:

Of all the applications that are available in both stores, 110 applications generated at least $200 each day in one of the stores during the last week of January. 42 of these applications generated more revenue in the Amazon Appstore than in Google Android Market. Of the total income these 110 applications generated in both stores, 28% was generated in the Amazon Appstore.

With so many ways to make money, it’s a good time to be an Android developer. Does anyone still use the Amazon Appstore on a regular basis unless it’s for the Free App of the Day?

Via: PC Mag, Distimo

  • Common sense

    Too bad the app store was so buggy and kept crashing both my phone and my wife’s. Ended paying for apps in Play store just to avoid using Amazon. Which is shame because I use Amazon for so many things and commonly get gift certificates for Amazon from my family. Even the feedback portion of the app would crash. Never could get any support besides reinstall, which would work for a week or so. Then home screens would stop refreshing and the spiral would start all over again.

  • Fábio Emilio Costa

    Amazon AppStore will be better when it would works on other countries (like Brazil, where I live) without needing any pasky “workarounds”, like rotating your cell IP connection via TOR or something like that.

  • Goog

    I wonder if Google hacks the web browser to install cookies even when the user blocks cookies like they do on iOS and IE?

    • Droidzilla

      What an adorable little troll.

  • SpikedRed

    Personally, it would be a lot better if Amazon got some cajones, and came out with a fully functioning Video app.  I’d really like to make some good use of my Prime account.

    • EC8CH

      they’d probably tell you to buy a Kindle Fire 😉

  • Michael_NM

    The Amazon app store is also an easy way for developers to get around Google’s in app purchasing restrictions. (e.g. Avilution aviation maps)

  • Goatweed

    My problem with the amazon store is it wants to update apps that i get from market to the amazon version, which is usually a lower version. Its very annoying, I ended up removing it from my Nexus.

    • Yeah, my main gripe is that it seems the Amazon store does not update apps as quick as they do on the Android Market. I don’t know if this is an Amazon issue as far as approving the updates slowly or developers not submitting them to both markets at the same time, but I know recent updates for Tweetcaster Pro and Swiftkey X did not show up right away on Amazon’s market after they were announced

      • Jeff Tycz

         as a developer who has an app in the amazon store and the regular market there is a delay because amazon has to approve it, then if it is approved the review it for the kindle fire but the update is available to everyone else in the mean time. They have gotten a lot better at making the whole app approval process a lot faster. typically I can get approval in about 2-3 days where before it was about a week

    • OMG!!

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  • I still haven’t installed the Amazon app store on my Nexus. I probably never will.

  • Yes, with so many ways to make money, it’s a good time to be an Android developer.

  • Leroy1983

    I’m lost, how is this helping android

    • 1. Developers make more money
      2. Developers start making more apps for Android
      3. As the market fills there is more competition and the developers need to find ways to stand out.
      4. Developers start making more high quality apps to differentiate themselves
      5. Android starts getting exclusive titles, not just crappy ports.
      6. Users get better apps.

      • The only people this hurts are those who are too cheap to pay for an app.