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Comcast Launching Movie and TV Streaming Service Called Streampix, Headed to Android Devices Later This Year

Comcast announced today a new video streaming service that will launch this Thursday, called Streampix. It’s essentially like Netflix or any other streaming movie and TV show service with a fee, only it can be bundled with your existing Comcast service (if you have Triple Play) or added on for an additional $4.99 fee to those that are unbundled. For now, Streampix appears to only be available from within a browser or on TV, but they have plans to launch separate Xbox360 and Android apps within the year.

Via:  Comcast

  • Ed

     Another smack in the face for Galaxy Tab 10 users, who still can’t even watch their (paid-for) current Comcast services on the device.  More and more for Ipad, and more and more “promises” for Android.  So will the rest of us be getting a proportionate reduction in cable bills to account for the services we can’t access?

  • Lindagray73

    I am ordering it now- upped my internet speed and it is free- dropped Starz  no one watches it and I saved $5.00 a month plus the $12 when I get rid of Netflix

  • I wonder if this will be available to those of us with Comcast Internet but not cable or phone.  $5/mo would be a good price for this type of service under those conditions, as long as the shows run commercial-free (which is why I won’t pay for Hulu).

  • Nathaniel Richmond

    Streampix sounds pretty cool but DISH’s [email protected] has a few advantages like disc rentals by mail and the ability to watch blu-rays and games for no additional charge! Customers can stream thousands of movies to their TV’s and PC’s and get 20 additional premium movie channels. A DISH co-worker told me that new customers are not being offered 12 months free streaming and 3 months free disc rentals. Blockbuster also receives new releases 28 days before Netflix and Redbox.

  • But doesn’t Comcast already have Hulu via NBC? {{-_-}}

    • Yes the NBC-Universal umbrella includes Comcast but only a partial ownership of Hulu. However Im sure this was made with Hulu as the backbone.

  • Troubled_Asian

    Not like my opinion has any value here, but Comcast is at the top of my list of companies that I hate. Hell, they have already tried halting Netflix because everyone accesses it using their pipes and they aren’t getting a cut.  They tried shoveling this ridiculous Xfinity crap down everyone’s throat to somehow distance itself from the bad rep that the company has rightfully earned.  They will raise your rates from month to month (they do this to me almost monthly – my bill was raised $15 this month alone and I received no additional service or “enhancements”).  Somehow we let our law makers permit them to have local monopolies, giving consumers no other cable internet choice…  I could go on and on but it would be pointless.  My point being, this “Streapix” (seriously, they named it that?!!?) is just another pathetic attempt by Comcast to try to be something other than what we consumers want them to be – A DUMB PIPE.

    • Goldenpins

      I agree. I was on there plan that included HDTV there upper channels and power-boost 2nd tier internet paying $137 a month with $20 off reducing it to the price i listed. 3 months past by and it raised to $147 .. there excuse was that they have new rates.. this is WITH the $20 deducted. Yet the gave me $20 extra a month off for being a loyal customer .. yet still pay them more than before. 

  • Towelie420

    What’s with the Comcast hate? I have them here in DC and I’ve been satisfied with it so far.

    • Goldenpins

      Its hate because its an additional $4.99 on top of there $147 + plan for HD TV, and power-boost non basic internet. triple play is phone, internet and TV which can be close to 200$ or a little more. Most other cable subscribers add this for free. TV streaming.. this is movie and TV streaming. $4.99 to stream the channels i pay for on WiFi is stupid idea.. especially when most would use this in there own home not on the go. 

  • Carlos

    If Netflix was Apple, they would take Comcast to court for having “ix” at the end of the name.

  • I’m pretty sure this is currently free. Changing the name and charging a fee sounds like something Comcast would do, unless this somehow enhances xfinity ondemand.

    • Yes it was free, I used it about a year ago before I left Comcast for U-Verse.

  • KRS_Won

    As an app, the *pad had it already, but you could only stream in home, and while on their internet. 
    Before, there was only the option to watch Xfinity TV on a laptop (current episodes only.) I’m happy to finally see this coming to Android for on the go viewing.

  • Yeah… I stopped reading at the picture of the iPad…

  • Diablo81588

    Figures it would be available on iOS out of the gate. Thats getting so old.

    • DroidDoesnt

      Not to me it isn’t 😉

  • i’m just confused on why this is accompanied with a picture of an ifad

    • DroidDoesnt

      Are u really confused??? Really???

  • TWC sucks.

    • Sonnyrock76

      Dude…..in comparison to most local cable/internet providers TWC is by far the best in most catergories. You obviosly dont have anybody to compare them to.

  • Michael_NM

    I dislike Fapple, but I hate Comcrapst.

    • But…. it’s comcraptastic. I mean Xfinity.

  • pkease do not feed comcast. they are a real life troll. 

  • justincase_2008

    i knew they bought NBC for a reason.

  • gautch

    “Add for an additional fee….” No thanks. Give us channels à la carte and ill sign up. 

    • BurkeEdwina

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    • V.A. N.

      Dude,…LOL…it’s only $4.99.  You can’t afford $4.99?

      • gautch

        No, $5 a month is no problem. Its the $65+/mo for 80+ channels (Digital Starter costs this in my area). Of wich only 5 or so are worth watching. Thats $15/mo per channel that I could then watch on my tablet. I’m saying to get that $5 service, I have to first fork over $65/mo for something I’ll only watch a fraction of.

        • picaso86

          It will be nice if we can pay only for the channels we watch.

  • What about those who don’t already have a comcast subscription or have comcast even available in their area as a cable option?

    • …You don’t get it.

    • [email protected]

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