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AOKP ROM Developer Hits 1 Million Pageviews Goal, Releases New Galaxy Nexus Build

Android Open Kang Project has become this massive beast of a Galaxy Nexus ROM. I’m not sure how many users it has now, but it is certainly racking up numbers on the conversation front. Last night, the developer behind it (@romanbb) told his followers that if his AOKP ROM thread hit 1 million pageviews, that he would release build 25. He was around 20K shy when he announced this bounty, and it only took a short time before the goal was reached. Build 25 is now live thanks to many of you.

Just felt like sharing the success story that is AOKP, since I know that many of you run it.

Download Build 25 here.

Cheers Mike!

  • pm83

    I apologize in advance if this is a stupid question, but what exactly are the benefits to installing AOKP on my Galaxy Nexus right now?

  • Hip hip…


  • Jeff J

    After flashing this one, I can no longer video chat in Google+ or messenger. It force closes every time.

  • InvaderDJ

    AOKP is awesome. I’m not running it now (running the leaked rooted 4.0.4) but I loved it when I was running it.  It is really, really awesome.

  • Rooted my GNex and flashed AOKP today.  First time rooting ever! Went smoothly thanks to numerous tutorials and videos 🙂

    But one of the things I was looking forward to was getting rid of the Google search bar at the top, and I see no way to do that.  I DO like using it, but would rather bring it up via the soft key search button (like my OG Droid used to do).  Disabling it in Apps also disables it from being called by that search button.

    Any advice?  I know Nova Launcher can get rid of it but I’d rather not have to use it.

    Also, is there a one-stop place for themes?  I’ve found a bunch scattered here, xda and rootz but if there is a consolidated list that I’m not aware of, could someone point me to it?


    • Try “Go Launcher EX” It has so many themes and built in widgets already. You can long press the google search bar and drag it to the trash can or X at the top of the screen to remove it.

  • Mustang5Oh

    100% without a doubt THE BEST ROM on the GNex!

    Beware for imitators and know they can copy the features but not the quality!

  • James Friedman

    Just installed 24 last night…..loving it!

  • Brandon Dellos

    AOKP has been my tried and true rom and kernel. The AOKP roms and kernels have had the best battery life, stability, most options for customizing and themes.

    Recommended for sure!

  • Tim242

    I love AOKP! Build 25 has built in the option to toggle soft keys on and off. It has so much customization, I can’t imagine how much more CM9.could offer.

  • Pookie2

    Three cheers for special unicorn porn!

  • Uncle Paul Hargiss

    I dont think CM9 will be as good as AOKP. I cant see it having HALF of its features. 

    Roman & Team hit it big. 

  • Phil Austin

    i love this ROM.  i believe this to be the best out there for my Dinc and GNexus.  

  • Firelight

    I’m thrilled running TranQuil Ice 7.0r from P3Droid & DroidJunk. Been constantly updated without any weird demands or embargoes and it’s just damned functional, fast & purty.

  • It was ridiculous last night… There were people with 10 browsers open auto refreshing to hit it. Great milestone nonetheless, but I felt that took away from it just a little bit.

    With that said, I use AOKP and love it

  • psuturtle

    Am I the only one that had trouble getting my apps to restore with AOKP?  I tried letting google restore my apps via the market after flashing the ROM, and it would only see the apps I paid for, not the free ones I had installed.  I tried using Titanium Backup, and I ran into dozens of “acore” errors.  I’ve read the acore problems can be fixed by only backing up apps+user data, but I’m not sure this exists for the free version…is that something that’s part of Titanium Pro?

    I like some of the features of AOKP, but don’t feel like starting over from an app perspective to use it.

    • James Friedman

      Just use the first option missing apps + data. Not really sure if that option is available on the free version though. The “acore” process errors are when you try to reinstall system data. I had this exact same issue last night 🙂

      • psuturtle

        Thanks!!  This solved the problem.  Still wasn’t the cleanest restore possible, but it was better than losing everything.  I’m a bit of a Titanium Backup newbie, and I find their GUI rather confusing.

  • Teng247

    yes right when i flash B24… oh wells looks like if im coming off of B24 no wipe needed

  • fartbubbler

    the best rom I’ve ever used.

  • Stephen D

    I just got my GNex an hour ago and just flashed AOKP a few minutes ago. It’s very awesome so far.

  • ragnarok180

    What version of android is the latest AOKP released based on? 4.0.5? Can’t seem to find it on the change log…

    • It’s based on 4.0.3. Roman said he’d update AOKP as soon as Google releases source for 4.0.4.

  • TLW

    I’ve a ROM flashing whore and I’ve never had a problem with Google Wallet.  I think you guys mess with it too much…   

    Flash.  Sign into wallet.  Forget.  Swipe phone at nearest NFC capable payment station and walk away like a boss…

    • Tim242

      Right now, re-adding prepaid cards is disabled. They only allow provisioning of new cards as of right now. Google told me via email it should be back up within two weeks.

  • Jason Purp

    I just flashed B24 but I want some of that unicorn porn. Do I have to wipe my data if I flash the new build, or can I just flash over this one?

    • r0lct

      flash over, can’t hurt to reflash gapps too

      • The Race To Die

        you always have to reflash gapps on the nexus

    • Fozzybare

      no need to wipe if on 24

  • Greyhame

    Was running AOKP til I tried Liquid beta3. Haven’t looked back as Liquid paired with Imo’s kernel has been a killer combo for battery life and gives me all the customization options I could need. Maybe it’s time to take another try at AOKP?

    Btw, anyone hear when El Goog is planning on dropping the next update? I’ve been holding off on spending too much time flashing til the newest source is released. When that happens, I plan on reverting back to stock (wiping my device), and trying it out.

    • Jam120992

      I’m on beta 5. Thinking about trying aokp but this just runs way to smooth with awesome battery life.

  • Im confused by the pic in this story. why does the galaxy nexus on the right, have the soft buttons and then more buttons on the bottom? is this a new phone lol

    • Franzie3

      thats the Nexus S, the ROM is supported on multiple devices..

    • Thracks

      It’s a Nexus S.

    • angermeans

      Its the nexus s (basically the galaxy s with vanilla android) aokp works with Google experience devices like the Xoom, gal nexus, and nexus s

    • Jacob

      because photoshop.

  • Weaponx

    Running AOKP 4.0.3 on my rooted, debloated, bootstrapped and insanely fast Razr…this is the most stableICS rom out there

  • James_C_L

    I’m currently on tranquil 7r, but I’m dying to try this out.

  • By far the best build I’ve tested so far. Best battery life 

  • John

    It’s going to be hard leaving AOKP for CM9, once it becomes available for the Galaxy Nexus

  • Dmillerzx

    I’d use this and other custom roms if I wasn’t afraid of the secure element error and possibly ruining NFC functionality…. 🙁

    • Balls

      all you need to do is reset the app from the settings menu within gwallet, back it up and nandroid, youll be fine

      source: ive done it and tested it

      • Dmillerzx

        Once you have the secure element error there is know known way to fix, aside from getting another device.  Flashing roms/kernel, combinations of the two could possibly be the cause.  Last I checked the devs haven’t figured out the culprit.  Many people flash rom after rom and never have a problem.  

        You’ve restored google wallet, sure; but I don’t think you’ve been prompted with the secure element error and then recovered…

  • ddevito

    I’ll wait for a 4.0.4 based custom ROM. It’s sooo much faster!!!

    • zepfloyd

      With you here. Perfectly fine with 4.0.4.

      …even if the only thing that jumps to mind is Page Not Found.

      • ddevito

        My only complaint is I lost Google Wallet, but that’s not a 4.0.4 issue. 

        (I did take a Titanium Bkup so perhaps that will work)

        • zepfloyd

          If you’ve lost provisioning then probably not. Google still has prepaid card reporovisining turned off I believe. (new cards and add money work)

          • zepfloyd

            I am aware, but even when done wiped and removed correctly before switching ROMS many people are still having trouble with reconnecting to their prepaid cards, that didn’t before they took it down. 

          • Tim242

            Google told me via email that prepaid for previous users would be back up within two weeks.

          • Tripod4

            Still not working for users that had legacy money on the pre-paid card before ‘security issues’ arose.  I think it’ll be a few more days before it comes back on.

          • ddevito

            If you’re using the same app that you backed up or if it’s the first time you use it I think it works fine.

        • Dmillerzx

          If you update google wallet through the backdoor method using the browser you should be able to auto restore the app… And keep it up to date 🙂

          • ddevito

            I did install it using the backdoor method, but still stuck at ‘initializing device’ 

            It looks like the device can’t be registered more than one using a diff unique “ID” (I believe the term is secure element).


          • ddevito

            …which I believe isn’t an issue if you restore a backup from titanium

          • Dmillerzx

            If it’s giving you the secure element error this can not be fixed.  Your only option is a new device, if you want NFC/Google wallet to work again.


          • ddevito

            thanks for the link, I filled out their form. 

          • ddevito

            I did a bit more reearch and I’ve FINALLY found someone with the same exact issue:

            Comment 10 by nat…@chasen.name, Feb 3, 2012New aspect of Secure Element problem

            I do not get the “secure element is not responding error”. My secure element actually locks up my entire NFC chip.

            Buggy Behavior:
            -Google Wallet will get stuck either initializing(the first time after installing) or just a black screen thereafter.

            -The “more…” option in settings(where NFC is located) will freeze the settings program.

            -NFC tag reading does not work.

            -Uninstalling wallet does NOT restore functionality to the NFC, even after reboot.

            – -a android.intent.action.MASTER_CLEAR_NOTIFICATION command with wallet still installed gives the following logcat readout

            -master clear once wallet is uninstalled RESTORES NFC tag reading function. logcat readout is here

    • Balls


      • ddevito

        Not trolling.

        I was running Bugless Beast, based on 4.0.3, but heard so many things about 4.0.4, trust me, it’s a huge upgrade

        • Balls

          im just bustin on ya, ive herd many good things about 4.0.4 also, im very excited for it

          but for the meantime, i really enjoy this developers work

          • ddevito

            I hear ya. Enjoy

  • EC8CH

    mmmm fresh butter

  • D3fault121

    I have really considered trying out this ROM but Gummy has been running flawlessly so no real motivation to switch.

    • dk81

      im in the same boat. i want to try something else but gummy is just so damn awesome i cant bring myself to do it. cant wait till google releases the source code for 4.0.4 so kejar can update it

  • Pengwn

    Flashing now!!

  • KleenDroid

    Unicorns need love too.


    • dreadnatty08

      Running 25 right now. Love it! Paired with Franco’s kernel app my Nexus is quite happy.

      • Tripod4

        Same here.  Between all these new build and Franco’s updater app, I’m flashing something new at least once a day.  very happy with performance too.

  • loving aokp. so smooth, just enough customization to make it great but not bloated.

  • Androider4Life

    AOKP is by far the best rom I have ran on my Gnew to date.

    • I could probably say it’s the best rom I’ve ran on any phone to date.

      • evcon


        • fartbubbler


      • James Payne

        Couldn’t agree more.

      • Fozzybare

        i liked axi0m 🙁

        • ph0oky

          just imagine it’s called a0kp, i’m sure you’ll like it much better that way.

  • What is beneficial about the AOKP ROM compared to stock? Can someone enlighten me?

    • The newest version offers the best battery life I have EVER received on my Galaxy Nexus with Sync, GPS, 4G, etc. on. It is streamlined without junk and adds nice features on top of that. I doubt I will jump to CM9 from AOKP, it is just solid.

      • EC8CH

        you’ll at least tip your toe in the cm9 water though won’t ya…

      • Walter White

        One more question from a custom rom NOOB; why do custom roms have such better battery life than stock?  What is wrong with the ICS team that they fail to optimize battery life?

        • r0lct

          Optimization Google has made that hasn’t made it’s way into the stock rom yet (once Google/Verizon release the new version it’ll get those) and others are just tweaks to settings to produce the best result.

      • ddevito

        did you try 4.0.4 yet? It flies and I see a comparable difference in battery life.

        • KleenDroid

          I have been on almost every rom except those new 4.0.4 roms. I have been tempted to try one but when I read comments I decide to hold off. Which one would you recommend? And how does it really compare to the other roms? I guess when it first showed up and P3Droids name was connected I got a bad feeling… But I am on the new radios and bootloader…

          • ddevito

            As far as I know, there is only one ROM for 4.0.4 and it’s the leaked version found on XDA (on Feb 6th). I believe that’s why there isn’t a custom ROM yet because the 4.0.4 source code isn’t available yet. It’s stock 4.0.4 for the LTE version only

          • bassman418

            Ive been using that Rom from XDA since it leaked and it works great. reception and all. the only problem i have experienced is my phone will ocasionally vibrate quickly 3 times in a row, then read a pop up screen asking me which method i would like to use(showing me mail/message options). i would just hit the back arrow. then one day i went into my pics and my screen shot folder was loaded with like 30 screen shots of my locked screen. But other than that bug Nothing else at all……..

          • The Race To Die

            theres a few devs that have different 4.0.4 tweaked roms, all based off of the ota update

    • Michael Forte

      Very customizable. Plus if you like unicorns I guess that’s a plus too.

    • Azndan4

      Customizable toggles, customizable soft keys, long press home key for recent apps, lockscreen customization, built in kernel control, Nova launcher installed by default, power menu customization, and more.

  • Kiter86

    I heart Unicorns