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Borderlands 2 And Demolition Inc. Shown Off On Tegra 3, Coming To A Tablet Near You

You guys know my stance on seeing console games coming to mobile devices, but this information today has me at least a little excited. Borderlands, one of my favorite games ever, had its sequel announced as coming to Tegra 3 devices recently. The makers of the game, Gearbox and NVIDIA invited many people to PDXLAN 19 and many were expecting to see a next-gen GPU and most came away disappointed when all they were shown was two games. I’m obviously not one of those that was disappointed. 

Borderlands 2 Teaser Trailer


To say that I am excited for Borderlands 2 would be an understatement, although I do not want to play it on my tablet. The game is an open-world RPG based on 4 characters who have their unique set of gun-toting skills. Another game that was shown off was Demolition Inc. A fun looking top-down puzzle game that more or less functions as a demo for how the Tegra 3 will handle physics.

Demolition Inc. Trailer


Now this is more my style of games that I will want to play on my tablet. It looks like it will handle tablet interface while still being fun to play. Who can turn down exploding cows? Gaming on mobile devices is becoming more realized as we get better specs. Any games you would want to play on your tablets?

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  • I just jizzed.

  • Awesome Sauce

    Where is Zombie Driver!!?!?!?!?!  That was previewed LAST YEAR and its still not out.  Bullocks.

  • Granted

    It’s not an RPG, it’s a hybrid of an RPG and First Person Shooter.

    But man I loved the first one on my Xbox 360,I even played it until I got my full 1,000 gamerscore in it! Having a Tegra 2 device I would rather it come out on that too instead of just Tegra 3. But I’m sure it’s just a matter of processing power, and I would think the Tegra 3 would have more, so that’s a big suck. But I’m still going to play it on my 360. And in the end that’s where games like this shine and are more fun to play.

  • Anonymous

    I suppose I wouldn’t mind docking my phone/tablet to use as a gaming console on my home tv; though I doubt I would enjoy playing an fps on the go.

  • Anonymous

    How long before home consoles are phased out?

    • Granted

      Considering they are most likely going to be announcing one or two new consoles this year, not to mention the Wii U that was already announced, yeah….not anytime soon. Plus you can easily see that they aren’t going anywhere by the billion dollar game franchises that are prolific on them. I personally don’t see consoles going away for a really long if ever. Just because casual gaming is really profitable on phones and tablets, doesn’t take away the audience from home consoles. All it does it create new gamers and a portion of those gamers will actually get in to console gaming as well.

      • Knlegend1

        I’m not sure about that. In a few years tablets will be more powerful than this easily. Not only are they portable but they can also be hook up on your Flat screen via HDMI. Not to mention you can use them as game consoles with blue tooth PS3 controllers now. It also seems like everything will be going digital so no need for blu-ray. In a way they will be a sexier console, that does so much more. The current 360 can run Netflix, Espn, Hulu, YouTube etc…so can a tablet. Less of a hassle too. Now don’t get wrong I love my consoles but it won’t be too long before Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft goes all in on the tablet thing. Seeing that Sony hasn’t thrown in their hand yet, they could come out with a PS4 tablet that’s super power. Highly unlikely but I believe its coming. Think about it though, PS3 to Vita. Vita, PS3 on the go. You know they are thinking of a way to make that “one” device. A tablet that’s super charged makes a lot of sense to me. 

        • Vynoslivost

          I would go with a different, practical look to this. Consoles will probably stick around for years to come simply because it’s far less likely that someone in the house will just up decide to take a console to work and it would defeat the purpose of a tablet to leave it in it’s dock forever. That being said…if I was still single and living alone…sure, I’d probably go for it.

          • Knlegend1

            you guys make it seem like im talking about tomorrow lol. phasing out isnt immeadiat

          • ssiemonsma

            By your logic laptops should have already phased out consoles. Trust me, consoles are sticking around. And if they ever get replaced, it will not be by a low-power tablet. That’s not how you win the graphics war.

  • Guest

    Borderlands is the greatest game in history.

  • Demolition Inc looks awesome.

  • Gamecubic

    Honestly, I wouldnt be surprised if the Tegra 4 chip will outperform consoles by next year and that a lot of developers will start releasing games on consoles and tablets/phones.

    • Granted

      Yeah but you have to take into account that Sony and Microsoft will be announcing their newest consoles this year or in the next two years. And they aren’t oblivious to the tech being put into tablets. Especially in this case since they work with Nvidia in different areas.

  • Jeff Metzger

    How soon before your phone/tablet replaces your game console? Plug it in via HDMI with a wireless controller? I’d love to play BF4 on my Tegra 4 Galaxy Note 2 @ 4k via 5G LTE-Max 🙂

  • This is really incredible. It’s extraordinary

  • Chances of controls being awkward? 100%

    • Michael Forte

      Most likely. GTA3 did a pretty good job on their touch controls.

      • Todd Lower

        I found GTA3 to be very playable, until I got to the mission where you have to protect 8-ball as he tries to blow up that boat.  Now I’m stuck.

        • Anonymous

          When are we going to get a HIGH-QUALITY Bluetooth gamepad from a real manufacturer (Logitech etc?) that offers good ergonomics, battery life and build quality and charges over MicroUSB? ICS and Tegra3 are here, it’s well past time to see some quality gamepads for Android superphones and tablets, especially with the mediocre success and appeal of the 3DS and Vita.

          • Wii Classic, Xbox 360 and PS3 controllers all work on tablets. Some even with touch emulation, making them work with any game. What’s the problem again?

          • Granted

            What app are you using though to play with your controllers? I have that Joystick app and I could not get my Galaxy Tab to read my 360 controller. I have everything I need for it to work too, in the way of hardware.

          • Loki

            Can these games be played with our 1.2 g ti processors? with Razr and Nexus and Htc

        • I got stuck there too with the touch interface.

          But thanks to my ATP with dock and USB gamepad, I breezed through it. What is really awesome is that all the old PC cheat codes still work. gunsgunsguns baby.

  • Boarderlands 2 on a tablet. Epic!

    • Michael Forte

      Exactly my thoughts. Hopefully it doesn’t require the Tegra 3 and will still work on Tegra 2.

      • Granted

        Yep, exactly what I’m hoping for, I’m not buying a new tablet just for this. But I could see them only making it work with their newest tablet hardware. Last I checked, Borderlands 2 was still slated to come out around Christmas time this year. Here’s hoping it doesn’t get pushed back again.

    • only with mhl and controller or bluetooth mouae/keyboard. otherwise just annoying.

  • MattInPDX

    Kellex, just out of curiosity, did you go to PDXLan since you are in PDX? Some of my friends have been going to PDXLan for years now.