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Leaked DROID RAZR Ice Cream Sandwich Build Shows What We Can Expect in the Next Version of Blur

razr ice cream sandwich update


And here is your DROID RAZR bomb for the week before it even really gets started. A DroidRzr forum poster by the name dragon974 posted a massive screenshot session of his RAZR running what appears to be an almost complete Ice Cream Sandwich build from Verizon and Motorola. We say “almost complete” because this thing includes all of VZW’s bloatware, the special sorting options in the app drawer that were included in previous Blur builds, and skinning in some specific places like the lock screen.

The Android version is 4.0.3 and the Blur build is 6.7.407. What has us confused though, is the fact that Motorola left off all of their Verizon devices from their ICS timeline that was released last week, yet this thing looks close to completion. Is that because both companies are working tirelessly to push an update well before Q2 or Q3 to phones like the RAZR? Wouldn’t that be a treat. It’s definitely odd that all of those devices didn’t make the initial cut, so maybe there is something to them releasing updates to select phones even sooner. This build in particular looks to be coming along quite nicely. Jump past the break to see it all. 

Home screen with VZW bloatware and an updated app drawer with new options:


New Ice Cream Sandwich gallery editor and the Blur camera app:

New Blur dialer, in-call screen, and incoming call screen:


ICS folders and the Blur’d settings menu:


I can’t say that I’m the biggest fan of the mix of ICS theming and Blur theming as the colors don’t mesh all that well (the icons for example). But the new dialer, lock screen and incoming call screen tweaks all look solid. I also love that they have kept it ICS enough for you to know that it is definitely ICS. This could all change of course, and it could be more Blurred than ever as it gets closer to a release.

The actual ROM has not been released, but RAZR devs are doing everything in their power to try and get a hold of it.

And, your thoughts?

Via:  DroidRzr

Cheers @Ravenloves69s!

  • Rick

    So ugly…damn

  • Mscaduto

    Toss Nova launcher on top of this with a ICS icon pack and its pretty much stock. Only thing that bothers me is the icons. I like it. Maxx might have to be my next phone (once it drops in price).

  • Gotta admit kinda shocked considering moto’s update timeline that was posted like last week. if this is legit it seems like we might get ICS abit earlier which would be nice.

    Im creating the new nick name for ICS and Blur. Blur Cream Sandwich sounds about right?

    • Droid Lifers have already coined “Blur-wich Project”

  • Anonymous

    Ice cream sandwiches are cool and all, but me wants jelly beans now.

    • Papapau

       or key lime pie.. ^^

  • droidian1441

    What’s odd is that the current build for the RAZR is 6.12.173 and this is 6.7.407.
    Depending on build dates it could be possible this was being built before the RAZR was even release.

    • I just mentioned that.  maybe they have been messing with it for a while or they never set the build # to reflect where it would be in their hierarchy…  OR Maybe they just put a bunch of build numbers in a cap and draw them at random 😉  

  • I like it. It’s a big improvement and seems less intrusive then previous versions of blur. It’s definitely better than sense 4.0 in my opinion

  • Anonymous

    So the new Moto phones will have physical ICS buttons? 

    • Who knows, it’s not a REQUIREMENT, in fact, the only phones on the horizon that I’ve seen do NOT have the on screen buttons, like the Nexus does.

    • Existing phones, like the RAZR, when upgraded will still use the physical buttons. Who knows about future phones.

  • Kinfolk248

    and once again i say, vanilla unlocked, vanilla unlocked, vanilla unlocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ddevito

    Off topic here, but (besides the two people that replied) is there anyone running Google wallet on the recently leaked 4.0.4 LTE GNex ROM? I get stuck at the ‘initializing device’ screen, which then crashes the settings menu app when I press ‘More’. Weird.

    If you are running it would you tell me what the build number of your ROM is? Thanks!

    (I’m on IMM30B)

    • Pdiddy187

       Wallet is working for me. Same build as you.

      • ddevito

        Thanks. It’s strange.

        • Pdiddy187

          Did you link the app to the market and get the update via the method that was posted here? That’s the only thing I can think of.

          • ddevito

            I did – perhaps I need the update first? I’ll try again. Thanks!

    • Bob

      I thought Android was the amazing OS that’s better than Apple’s? Crashes!!! That doesn’t sound like a professional OS to me. Then again, fandroid zombies like you will follow Android to the fragmented grave. Good luck flashing ROMs. Fixed your GOD phone yet?

  • So doesn’t ICS have an option to completely disable apps?

    So, we can essentially disable all the bloatware from starting up, ever?

    • ddevito


    • Anonymous

      Yes, provided Verizon and/or Motorola didn’t banish that feature from ICS. I wouldn’t put it past either of them.

  • I wonder what their version enumerating system is because I have a Razr and I just updated it to 6.12.173.xt912.verizon.en.us and it’s Android 2.3.6

  • Anonymous

    i like my dialer better

    • I don’t, too plain.

    • Anonymous

      Nah. Looks good, but the above would look better to the average Joe.

      • Not an average Joe, brother. Rooted D1 and have been theming, flashing, and running different kernels for years. 

        It’s far too plain, it’s just plain black background with white over it, I like my dialer to have what resembles actual buttons and not just numbers on a background.

        • Anonymous

          I meant his was too plain. I think it looks good. But the actual RAZR ICS dialer would look better to the avg Joe. 

    • Anonymous

      black exodus theme……supposed to be simple

  • sk102704

    Anyone else notice the data icon says 4g and not 4glte? Hmm.

  • Anonymous

    looks alot worse than vanilla ics. why would they change the dial pad? it was gorgeous as is

  • Mark
    • beta builds, I’m sure they’re all very likely to change before release.

  • ES

    Has ICS been updated to include speed dials, if not, I hope blur solves this problem.  

  • There is a massive update coming to an accessory that launched the same time as this phone. The Motoactv and the Razr have been getting updates pretty close to the same time even if the updates don’t cross at all. Here is hoping to see this in early March…

  • dshizzel

    I recall how long it was between the leaked GB build for the Droid 2 and the final release.  IIRC it was about 6 or more months, wasn’t it?

  • Theriem3

    HThis looks absolutely amazing. As mentioned before, this new “blur” fits ICS perfectly. Unlike Massive and Dated Sense or Cartoonish and ugly Touchwiz, ICS is clearly noticeable and relevant on the Razr.

    If it was any better than this, it would be stock. Add Smart Action, MotoCast, the fantastic build, the sleekness and battery (Maxx ) Razr is the best phone out once ICS hits it

  • Wow, I’m never been more glad to own a Nexus.  

    • Anonymous

      agreed lol

    • angermeans

      Yes yes now if Verizon will just keep bringing nexii to their wireless network. After this release I have a bad feeling though that the galaxy nexus is the last we will see in the nexus line. I hope I’m terribly wrong though .

  • Anonymous

    The Blur icons are ugly and extremely clashing with the ICS look. Not just the icons in the app tray but also the icons on the incoming call screen.

    But other than that, it’s better than I thought it would be.

  • Anonymous

    Whoa.  Pleasantly surprised.  Seems like they didn’t just destroy ICS.  Don’t like the look of the settings menu, but do like most of the rest of it.

  • Wish this had of dropped a couple of weeks ago, got a Galaxy Nexus Warranty replaced for my Razr last week….

  • Anonymous

    I almost asked why the software buttons are not in the screenshots.


  • Pbsmizz

    Is it just me or does the app drawer look odd? The Stock ICS launcher doesn’t have a settings menu in the upper right hand corner and this one does. It almost seems like someone took a custom ROM for ICS and themed it to pass it off as RAZR ICS.

  • Anonymous

    So its a theme?

    What are all the OS level changes that people keep jabbering about that do not allow for it to simply be “turned off”?


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  • Anonymous

    But does it have face unlock?

  • Th

    I like it…. Motorola is leading the pack for sure.

  • Anonymous

    Hm, they didn’t stay too far from Stock ICS. Fucked up the call screen and the lockscreen, but everything else… Good job moto.

  • Anonymous

    Hmm. What’s that blacked out google app in the last pic? Between currents and docs…. I have no idea what it could be

    • Nice catch.  One would assume its an app that would go a long way in identifying the person who posted all these.  It’s listed alphabetically, and I can’t think of a single GApp that’s between Currents and Docs.  Maybe an announcement being made at MWC?  You know they’re prepping for something big…..

  • Anonymous

    Blame VZW for not having a timeline.  That is the reason that there is nothing on Moto’s site about releases because VZW won’t give a testing timeline to Moto.  As usual, it is the carrier’s fault.

  • Anonymous

    well I always liked that about android over the iphone. It isn’t a “one size fit all”. We have different size phones, with different features, skins, and even different price ranges. I’ve never understood the reasons to bad mouth someone else’s choice. If you don’t like one, choose another. It doesn’t make one better or worse than another, just different. There will always be people that feel the need to put someone or something down to justify their choice, guess it makes them feel better???

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Looks fine by me.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    The current version of blur on my razr doesn’t bother me at all. It will be interesting to see what the final version will look like with ics. The screen shots above look ok I guess. I’m probably in the minority though, I really could care less about ics. If it never came to the razr I would be happy, so no need to rush 🙂

  • Anonymous




    • Anonymous

      HTC…..pay attention to this post….

  • Anonymous

    So the Droid 4 will have this version of ICS? Hmm, maybe I wont tell my brother not to get it after all. He “needs” a keyboard.

  • turdbogls

    whats with those icons.  if they just left the stock ICS style icons it would be 10x better

    • Anonymous

      1,000,000x better.

  • Nate Davidson

    Well, at least it is an improvement.

  • Anonymous

    Man! Change that hideous wallpaper and you got yourself a nice looking phone from Moto.

  • Anonymous

    For all the hating on Blur icons, people seem gloss over the fact that the ICS stock icons are fugly as they come.  

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    You shut your dirty whorish mouth right now! don’t give them ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • EC8CH

    Thank God VZ Nav is still preinstalled

    • Sp4rxx

       Please tell me you’re kidding.

      No one should use that app – especially when you have to pay for it.  Use Google Maps or Waze.  Both are a TON better than VZNav.

      • EC8CH

        i’m kidding

        • Sp4rxx

           WHEW!!! lol

          • Anonymous

            I just wish voice commands would die.


            Lol. Hilarious.

      • angermeans

        I’m pretty sure he was kidding